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2020 Long Island EFL WEEK#6 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-3) vs. Atlanta Falcons (2-3)

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LIEFLLOGO.jpg.4078e8048dd52f63d348aee461050a59.jpg                 bucs.jpg.7fd4c1f3ce67678ce4e82bc91beafd07.jpg     nupV2ZP.png.7eadc0f0a68bfdad4f6fc8498ed04abd.png     FALCONS.jpg.cf05ad57cc130d85744947d272f8f6b7.jpg       LIEFL.jpg.55733fa9000d7699f152aaf30f9cdc18.jpg.793414514aa333a54ef1fd3109965095.jpg

                                              Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-3) vs Atlanta Falcons (2-3)


Picture12.png.3e64661474186e9463bf6dec11626516.pngLONG ISLAND EFL MAIN PAGE LINK: https://forum.tudorgames.com/files/category/39-2020-long-island-efl-standings-coaches-current-rankings-schedule-2019-leaders-and-liefl-all-time-wins-loss-records/


bucs.jpg.7fd4c1f3ce67678ce4e82bc91beafd07.jpg (2-3)

COACH: Joey Pizz (11-12)


The Long Island Electric Football League's NFC South has been up and down for a few seasons. The only consistent team has been Carolina, and these Buccaneers (2-3), still have a last ditch chance to make the playoffs if Coach Pizz can coach them to victory here today. The bright star in the mix for Tampa Bay is Jimmie Giles. Giles has ramped up the yards and acting more like a Superhero than a plastic electric football hero. His consistency has landed him in the #10 spot in the NFC in All-Purpose yards with 16 carries for 901 yards, with four touchdowns!  

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers come into the game in a state of disarray at (2-3), but they can turn it around here against Atlanta with the hopes of competing in the playoffs. They too have dropped several opportunities to capitalize against division rival Carolina, and they're going to play these Falcons for two straight weeks, so they're going to have to come up big!

FALCONS.jpg.cf05ad57cc130d85744947d272f8f6b7.jpg (2-3)

Coach: Johnny Freeport Chucker (12-8)


Both of these teams have had a very difficult season, but the Falcons in particular, have really had a difficult disappointing season. With one of the best running backs in the game in Gerald Riggs, if not the best running back, they have underperformed and suffered several heartaches this year, finding themselves with only two victories instead of challenging Carolina and stepping up. Riggs is a monster back who needs to have a front line in front of him that can play both sides of the ball.  We only allow an 11-man roster in the LIEFL. It's sort of a mystery to see Atlanta lose the way they have with the talent they have. They lost it home to the Las Vegas Raiders 24-21 in OT last week at home. The week before the Falcons lost to undefeated Green Bay 10-7, again in OT, and they lost the week before that as well, upset by the mean Chicago Bears 20-14 in OT! It has been a crazy season for Coach Johnny Freeport-Chucker's Falcons.

180px-NFL_gold_logo.png.5cdee3bdccbe36c603d9e9bf79d32396.png img_530455.thumb.png.9fc9065d2d582816d7511db4c243cc42.pngTHE PLAY BY PLAY:       bucs.jpg.7fd4c1f3ce67678ce4e82bc91beafd07.jpg  Tampa Bay vs. Atlanta  FALCONS.jpg.cf05ad57cc130d85744947d272f8f6b7.jpg


Atlanta's All-Pro running back, who ran for 2,339 all-purpose yards with 21 touchdowns in 2019, Gerald Riggs had a beautiful kick return for 55 yards for the Falcons. Two plays later, Riggs was 31 yards downfield to the Buccaneers nine-yard line with 11:16 left to go in the half! The Falcons were threatening to score first. On first down Riggs, the biggest Tudor Games running back in the league for the 67' Big MEN, picked up another nine yards. And on the next play he ran in from the 6 yard line to score Atlanta's first touchdown of the game making the score 7-0, with 9:04 left to go in the half.
Jimmie Giles did it again for Tampa Bay! Giles keeps the Bucs in the game with a blazing hundred yard kick return for a touchdown as he smoked past Atlanta defenders 7-7, with 6:27 left to go in the half! The Bucs are not going to go down that easy! One of these teams may get into the playoffs but in the end game, it will be whoever fights till the last man, will win. 
The Falcons have been impressive in four runs from scrimmage after a 38-yard kick return. Gerald Riggs took charge. He had a 10-yard run another 10-yard run and a 14-yard run has the falcons take the ball to the buccaneer 27-yard line and the first half comes to a close. Tampa Bay's defense suddenly came to life, blasting through the core of Atlanta's front three taking the Falcons back 20-yards, almost to the 45-yard line! Atlanta lost another 15 yards after the 20 yard loss, and the Tampa Bay defense has spoken!  Atlanta found themselves at their own 40-yard line, forced to pass the ball. The Freeport-Chucker is not happy. Sometimes he throws his men on the field like he just did. it  Rules Commissioner Peter Porcelli had to be called via ZOOM and he tacked on a ten yard penalty for the insubordinate Johnny Freeport-Chucker. Each coach can just dial in to Porcelli so that he can discuss the situation, and make a ruling on the field, as the game is delayed. It's third down for Atlanta. After a fifteen minute delay, on third down Riggs caught a 24 yard pass from Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan as Riggs runs the ball to the 35 yard line where Atlanta came up short of the first down!  On fourth down, the Falcons were forced to kick a field goal to make this for 10-7, with 11:05 left to go in the game as Atlanta takes the lead. 
After a week kick return for 26-yards by Jimmie Giles, Tampa Bay running back, Ricky Bell got pushed back 14-yards, but on second down the elusive Giles broke Free from cornerback Deion Sanders and Giles ran a stunning 88-yard touchdown downfield, almost breaking his 98 yard touchdown record set against the Houston Texans by Giles on October 22, 2019, almost a year to the day later. The Buccaneers take the lead 14-10, with 7:24 left to go in the game.
Gerald Riggs returned the football on the ensuing kickoff 42-yards. On the Falcons last drive, the offensive line for Atlanta was relentless with runs of 13, 10, 10 by Riggs, and then with time running out on 2nd down Jamal Anderson caught a pass from Matt Ryan for the game winning 24-yard touchdown pass to give the Atlanta Falcons (3-3) the victory, 17-14! Wow! Tampa Bay's Jimmie Giles had quite the day as did Gerald Riggs. 
Next week in the season finale, The Dirty Birds play Tampa Bay again, this time in Tampa Bay!  Tampa Bay (2-4), may be able to spoil the Falcons playoffs with a victory.

b04ac59ea1f7ca27c72e20073f8ca8be (2).jpg



OIP (2).jpg






bucs1 (1)art.jpg

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