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2020 Long Island EFL WEEK#6 Chicago Bears (3-2) vs. Minnesota Vikings (1-4)

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589503352_efllogo.png.c06fc4f2486acd5e38dc839c59b1a54c.png.44bcebc179f5a1c3ec5798aeea73b1ea.png                                 bears.png.8e15efd651ed453932fb94552a4b7289.png nupV2ZP.png.4add4aac490351ecd9d690548b208c94.png5223_minnesota_vikings-helmet-1961.gif.0385390bc13ef085373668651a6dc9e0.gif  LIEFL.jpg.55733fa9000d7699f152aaf30f9cdc18.jpg.76b02fe022fcf9e1a00ab7e138117b58.jpg

 Picture15.jpg.8687f89d5b5f9303f60e3c1dfb2874f0.jpg                         Chicago Bears (3-2) vs Minnesota Vikings (1-4)


Picture12.png.5909f8d93cce1d0f345199ae9ff46cec.pngLIEFL LEAGUE MAIN PAGE: https://forum.tudorgames.com/files/category/39-2020-long-island-efl-standings-coaches-current-rankings-schedule-2019-leaders-and-liefl-all-time-wins-loss-records/


bears.png.8e15efd651ed453932fb94552a4b7289.pngChicago Bears (3-2)

Coach: Paddy Brannigan (11-13)


This is a huge test for the Chicago Bears against division rival Minnesota Vikings in an outstanding Long Island Electric Football division rival matchup. Leading the way for Chicago has been Willie Gault, who's had a spectacular season for the tough Bears. Gault has 18 carries for 1048 yards with five touchdowns, three of them 100 yarders. He is currently ranked 5th and NFC in all-purpose yards, and he is ranked forth in the NFC in kick returns with 15 carries for 896 yards and three touchdowns. The Bears started this rebuilding journey two seasons ago when they got lineman Don Hampton, Willie Gault, and Mike Ditka in the 2018 Draft, and those players have made a world of a difference, igniting the Chicago offense! Hampton is a great team player, who along with veterans Richard Dent and Wally Chambers, play very well together.
Coach Paddy Brannigan said, "This team is my bread-and-butter. I've worked really hard to get them to be as competitive as possible and we still need to fill a little bit of avoid at linebacker. We are close, but we're nowhere near being a Super Bowl Champion yet. It's going to take a lot more hard work with this team and I'm focusing on them in this year's draft. We're not allowed to go out and buy our own bottoms. Everything comes through the league purchases from our dues. Everybody works together for two days during the Draft, and if I'm lucky at the end of the barrel I'll get a couple of good players. The teams who have the worst records go first. I love Willie Gault! He's a great player and everything right now revolves around him and Ditka, who nobody talks about in the league. We're coming at Minnesota today for sure." Ditka leads the NFC in receiving with five catches for 243 yards, with four touchdowns!
Long Island Sports Hall of Fame Inductee Andrew Slawson, the LIEFL Analyst, said, "Chicago began their season with a historic game on July 28th losing to Detroit 34-28, but there was a combined 904 all-purpose yards in that game with nine touchdowns and 62 points scored. It was ranked the second best game of all time for these Monsters of the Midway in the LIEFL! In WEEK#2, the Bears beat the Giants 16-10 in overtime, in another great game. But, Chicago opened eyes in WEEK#3, when they beat Atlanta in Atlanta in overtime 21-14. And, on September 11th, they beat a very tough Indianapolis Colts team, 21-17. Walter Payton had 97 yards rushing against one of the best team's in the LIEFL in that game! Last week they lost to division rival Green Bay, 13-7, and this is where they stand today. They Face another division rival in Minnesota. They will finish the season at home against Green Bay next week at Soldier Field!  Bring your popcorn and watch a great game! Don't forget this is a team that has battled on the road in three of their 6 games, and they have won three and lost two. It is very hard to win away games in the LIEFL because home team always gets the ball first as a league rule."
5223_minnesota_vikings-helmet-1961.gif.0385390bc13ef085373668651a6dc9e0.gifMinnesota Vikings (1-4)

Coach Joey Pizz (10-12)


Coach Joey Pizz said, "I love my Vikings. We have been in the post-season six times in this league, and it's time to rebuild. I love Adrian Peterson! He got off to a very slow start this season, but in the last three games he's put up some yardage."

The Vikings lost to Carolina at home last week 27-21 in overtime, but the Vikings with coach Pizz, played great electric football. Then the week before that, they lost in Houston 24-21, and of their four losses, two of the games have been in overtime, and that has been the difference in their season. Adrian Peterson has rushed the ball 26 times for 237 yards- with five touchdowns. On special teams, Peterson has 11 carries for 667 kick-return yards with two touchdowns. He currently ranks 8th in NFC All-Purpose yards, with 39 carries for 965 yards and seven touchdowns, two of them 100 yard kick returns! Also worth mentioning is Jim Marshall. Marshall is having an outstanding season for the Vikings on defense. He is in the running for All-Pro with six tackles. The Vikings have to come up big today against the hungry Chicago Bears team.



NFL-Logo-flickr-RMTip21.png.db7e4b9cc76f1f11f79ac1dbad50448f.png img_530455.thumb.png.2849290e368896e8e6f69ceb516253cc.pngPLAY BY PLAY bears.png.8e15efd651ed453932fb94552a4b7289.png  CHICAGO VS  MINNESOTA 5223_minnesota_vikings-helmet-1961.gif.0385390bc13ef085373668651a6dc9e0.gif

Minneapolis Minnesota, October 30, 2020.

On the opening kickoff Adrian Peterson took the ball back 65 yards as he ran into Don Hampton on a great kick return for the Vikings, and as you read in the countdown don't underestimate this Vikings team they can be pretty shifty. On first down a ferocious Bears defense pushed the Vikings back eight yards with Don Hampton leading the charge on defense for Chicago. On the next play Adrian Peterson scampered around the right side of the field with no one there as he walked it in from 35-yards away to make the score 7-0, Minnesota with 9:34 left to go in the half!

What a kick return for Willie Gault! He ran it 97-yards on the opening kickoff for Chicago. Two plays later, Walter Payton ran the ball into the end zone behind Wally Chambers to tie the score 7-7, with 4:24 left to go in the half in a very exciting football game. Chicago better not count on anything with the way Minnesota is playing though.
Adrian Peterson ran the kick return back for 31 yards for Minnesota. Then he ran an 8 yard play and an 11-yard play for a first down, bringing the ball midfield to the 50 yard line as the Minnesota Vikings front line performs with 1:24 left to go in the half! It's quite a game! As the half came to a close the Bears defense pushed the Vikings back for a 10-yard loss as Steve McMichael and Brian Urlacher teamed up to make a huge tackle on Peterson. On two more failed runs by Peterson Minnesota was forced to pass the ball and quarterback Fran Tarkington found an open Chris Carter, who ran the ball upfield 63 yards into the end zone to give the Vikings the lead 14-7, with 12:43 left to go in the game! Wow! The Vikings are scoring some points, going all out against their division rivals. it is very possible that the Bears playoff hopes can still be spoiled. The war in the trenches for both teams battled hard!
Willie Gault took the ball back 42-yards for Chicago on the kick return. On first down, Walter Payton ran for 9 yards, but then he was stopped on 2nd down and lost three yards, bringing up a third down for the Chicago Bears with 9:15 left to go in the game. On the next play, quarterback Jim McMahon threw a 25-yard first down catch to the big tight end Mike Ditka for a first down at the Viking 26-yard line. And on the next play, Walter Payton ran the ball into the end zone for a 26-yard touchdown to tie the game 14-14 with 4:51 left.
Peterson returned the ball 56 yards for Minnesota, with 2:55 left to go with the game and the Vikings had the ball at the bears 44 yard line. The excitement was building as the clock was running out of time. What a great finish for Minnesota as Tarkington threw a 23-yard first down to Sammy White to set up the close-range field goal for Minnesota!  And from 22 yards away, the Vikings kicked the game-winning field goal to win their second game of the season, potentially spoiling a magnificent season for the Bears.
It is hard to win games on the road in this league and the Bears (3-3), have to live up to the pressure next week at Soldier Field in Chicago, for a date with the undefeated Green Bay Packers (6-0), and a chance to make the playoffs! Bears Coach Brannigan walked away extremely dejected, but there was no denying the Minnesota Vikings (2-4), today. The Vikings played a great game last week and they came back this week to play just as well, with the same intensity they had against Carolina. They have scored 38 points in two games and the normally reliable Vikings have made a comeback in their last two games.  They will be on a tear trying to spoil opponents playoff hopes. Coach Pizz said, "That was one of the best games that I've been in all year and I've never stopped believing in the Vikings. We are tough and we come ready to play no matter what win or lose."
Minnesota's Adrian Peterson  had 54 yards rushing with a touchdown, and 152 yards on special teams, totaling 10 carries for 206 yards, with a touchdown, and Chicago's Willie Gault had two kick returns for 139 yards! 





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