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2020 Long Island EFL WEEK#6 New England (2-3) vs. Miami Dolphins (3-2)

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589503352_efllogo.png.c06fc4f2486acd5e38dc839c59b1a54c.png.44be03529b56bb1383c962cd30483f2d.pngpatriots.jpg.82e66853af9ac84111c3178d9fe4a502.jpg(2-3)nupV2ZP.png.b82fe22aced39060a19a133c22ee1bd9.png1c8cbaf3c93acd5009c237d9615fda3c.gif.591a76a36742c032c019a64d697cf4f6.gif (3-2)LIEFL.jpg.55733fa9000d7699f152aaf30f9cdc18.jpg.f616268d943352bf5e075fa0157ff0bf.jpg



patriots.jpg.82e66853af9ac84111c3178d9fe4a502.jpgNEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (2-3)



Patriots head coach Levi Vick is safe for now. Vick was the center of controversy at the beginning of the season when the rookie coach lost his first nine games in this league after playing super in the Nassau County League, just 16 miles away. The New England Patriots have had a rocky 2020 season, but they had a tough schedule. The shinning star in the line-up is LIEFL-All-Pro, Rob Gronkowski. Gronk has 16 carries for 910 yards with two touchdowns. Filling the trenches for New England is John Hannah, who's also having a terrific year for the Patriots, almost single-handedly keeping them in games.

Looks like New England will be looking for a few linemen and linebackers in the off season, and they will be getting updated uniforms as well for the start of next year!  Running back Lawrence Maroney may be in his last season for the Patriots. Coach Vick is making this team his own. Maroney has had a challenging season behind an under-performing line with only 182 yards and three touchdowns. It's not like the LIEFL 70's, when Sam "BAM" Cunningham bested defenders in this league. The Patriots are coming off a really tough loss to Arizona who beat them on their home turf, 21-14. In WEEK#1, Miami also beat the Patriots on their home turf, 17-10. This is a must win situation for the Patriots in order stay alive for a playoff spot, but for the division rival Miami Dolphins, they could be in sole possession of first place with a victory here today. Miami's last home game is on the road at Buffalo against a very angry Buffalo Bills team. Coach Billy O'C is always ready for the big game. He said, "I have been in games like this before, but on the opposite end at my opponents home field.  Being at home today, we have to come out here and fight the battle!  Levi is a very good coach, and he is going to have to stop Morris today who is due for a big game.  Today has to be our day because if my guys play like they did the last two weeks, it will be very difficult to win a division title."

1c8cbaf3c93acd5009c237d9615fda3c.gif.591a76a36742c032c019a64d697cf4f6.gifMiami Dolphins (3-2)

Coach: Billy O'C (15-8)


The Miami Dolphins are the winningest team in the Long Island Electric football League, with six super bowl trophies, with 143 victories, for Coach Billy oc. Last year they were AFC Champions after losing 18 games in three seasons.

The Dolphins are coming off of a very difficult 14-10 loss to the brutal Seattle Seahawks of the NFC West, last year's winningest division in the LIEFL! Then Miami lost to the Jets the following week 20-14, in overtime. Miami has struggled. Running back Mercury Morris put up a solid 84 yard performance rushing, with two touchdowns against New York, but the Dolphins really needed to excel was in special teams, but opponents are on to Super Duper. Mark Duper has had just an average year after exploding for 520 yards in last year's Super Bowl against the Rams which Miami lost 44-41 in OT. Opponents have watched Duper very carefully, and they figured out his running patterns. It similar to opponents figuring out league sensation Harold Carmichael of the Philadelphia Eagles. The guy who everybody's talking about is Jason Taylor. Taylor is the spark in the Dolphins defense. He is on fire, exploding off the line for eight tackles coming into this game. He not only was an All-Pro last year but he looks like he's in the running for the best Lineman award this year. Coaches have noticed!
The Dolphins need to find the spark plug in today's game with lots to prove still, especially if they think they can take on the Chargers in the playoffs, or the Colts, who have both dominated the AFC!
593960730_OIP(6).jpg.168d1e8b770d0eeaa8a53c1198808d52.jpg   img_530455.thumb.png.562a74be2197f572ba559dc93a8476f7.pngPLAY BY PLAY:patriots.jpg.82e66853af9ac84111c3178d9fe4a502.jpgNEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS   AT    1c8cbaf3c93acd5009c237d9615fda3c.gif.591a76a36742c032c019a64d697cf4f6.gifMIAMI DOLPHINS
Miami Florida, October 29, 2020.
On the opening kickoff Miami's Mark Duper returned the ball around the right side of the field for a 56-yard kick return. After running two plays for eight total yards, Mercury Morris plowed his way through the New England front line with All-Pro Jason Taylor leading the way opening a hole for a huge 36-yard Miami touchdown as the Dolphins take the lead 7-0, with 8:54 left to go in the half!
Patriots return specialist Rob Gronkowski, returned a 38-yard kick return and then on first down Laurence Maroney was crushed by Miami All-Pro lineman Larry Little, for a 5-yard loss at the New England 33 yard line. On second down AJ Duhe made a fantastic tackle for another 5-yard loss to the 27-yard line of New England with third down approaching. On third down it was all Miami as Tom Brady took a quarterback sneak to the 39-yard line for a 12-yard pickup, but short of the first down by 8 yards. New England kicked a beautiful 61-yard field goal to make the score 7-3, with 3:50 left to go in the half!
And on the return kickoff Miami's Mark Duper exploded for a gorgeous, blazing 100-yard kick return to make the score 14-3 Miami, with 2:19 left to go in the half! What a run by Duper!
New England stormed right back with a 66-yard kick return by the Rob Gronkowski to the Miami 39-yard line as the first half came to a close. There was great excitement and energy! Miami completely shut down the running game of New England and on the first two runs of the second half, the Patriots found big trouble on third down at the Miami 42. They needed 20 yards to go for the first down. Quarterback Tom Brady lit up the scoreboard with a great pass to All-Pro Kevin Faulk, who took it 42 yards into the end zone for the touchdown to make the score 14-10, with 11:12 left to go in the game!
On the ensuing kick return for Miami, Mark Duper ran out of bounds so that the Dolphins could work the clock. They put the ball in the hands of Mercury Morris. Morris had three beautiful runs in a row with Jason Taylor just blasting through the Patriots defensive line for a 9, and then five yards, bringing the ball to the 42 of New England on 2nd down, with 5:39 remaining in the game as Miami coach, Billy O'C kills the clock! Jason Taylor was relentless as he pushed Morris through for eight more yards, and then 14 yards for another first down to the New England 19-yard line, with 2:54 left to go in the game with the clock running.
And the Dolphins ran out of time, but managed to kick an 18-yard field goal to beat the New England Patriots (2-4), 17-10, as Miami take's soul possession of first place in the AFC East! Miami's Mercury Morris ran the ball 10 times for 98 yards with a 36-yard touchdown. Super Duper had three carries for 193 yards, with 100 yard kick return as the Dolphins trounced New England by the exact same score as their first encounter in week one!












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