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Long Island EFL SPOTLIGHT: Week #7 Green Bay Packers (4-2) vs Kansas City Chiefs (2-4)

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SB-XVIII_1024x1024(2)officialsblogo.jpg.fb99c315b86812c3ab9f24ba41b0dcba.jpgEFLLOGO.jpg.85be6dd2463dc13b494cc4cc16dbabb1.jpg LIEFL PREPARING FOR THE SHOW!                             

(Long Island Electric Football League) December 2, 2023. Written by Levi Vick. We settled the venue location for LIEFL Super Bowl XVIII. As we continue our articles, we are a bit behind this week in the writing but the write-ups are coming!

This year's LIEFL Super Bowl is locked out and will be played at JF-Johnny-Freeport's house on the water in the beautiful Nautical Mile, on Saturday, December 30, 2023 with the LIEFL Pro-Bowl being played on December 29th. Coaching that game will be Joe Bino for the AFC and Joey Pizz for the NFC. We pick the coaches from the AFC and NFC Championship Game Finalists from the previous season to represent the Pro-Bowl teams.

nautical.jpg.4d27fd1abe92fe1cf808475b28337dec.jpgSince our Super Bowl host will be Johnny-Freeport, he makes the house-rules for the day at his home. Freeport is claiming one of his team's will be in the LIEFL Bowl, but we are setting the scene for the big $3200 dollar event to the winner regardless of his claims! JF Johnny-Freeport is the only coach in the league making these claims that his Lions or Falcons will go all the way, but for Detroit, that reality will be settled in JF's game on the road at the Raiders this week. Raiders Coach Kevin Mack said, "The Lions haven't even clinched a playoff spot yet Johnny-Freeport is already making these claims that his team is going all the way. It's crazy, especially to defy my Raiders, who beat the Packers from his division. I am coming at his Lions regardless, and I've been practicing kick return setups all week waiting for this game. They still have to stop one of the best players in the league, Dave Casper, so we'll see how that goes for his Lions!" On the other end of the ball, the Las Vegas defense has to find a way to keep the ball out of Lions running back Dexter Bussey's hands too, so it's a great matchup.

Dave Casper is the #5 all-purpose yard player in the AFC with 24 touches for 1,239 yards with six touchdowns, three of them 100-yarders! Playmaker Dexter Bussey is the #2 all-purpose player in the entire LIEFL behind Atlanta's Gerald Riggs, with 60 touches for 1,444 yards with 10 touchdowns, including four 100-yard touchdown returns! He's a beast! The Lions may have to get the Raiders in overtime to win this one.

The Falcons and his Ravens might be Johnny Freeport's only strategic chance to pave the way to the SHOW. Technically, the only JF team out of the playoff picture at this second, is the Bengals, so anything can happen in Week #7.

Long Island Sports Hall of Fame Inductee and former All-Suffolk Wrestler, Andrew M. Slawson said, "Don't believe a word of Free's garbage. None of his teams are going to the Super Bowl, but I'd love to see Gerald Riggs of the Falcons make it to a Super Bowl. He is really a special player ... He's magical! Freeport's Ravens will never beat the Chargers, Dolphins, or Bills in the AFC Playoffs, and his Falcons and Lions are good, but they won't be beating the Redskins, I don't think, because Viggs will take the big games intensity up a notch and confuse Freeport with speed and skills. So, that is why Viggs Redskins are my clear favorite pick to go all the way in the Tournament. Viggs mental preparation and toughness for football,  and his ability to make the big plays under pressure, is second to none by the Wall Street Guru. Viggs does it all, the deep-pass accuracy, his running game setups, his defense, and his mental aptitude for football in general give him the advantage over his opponents."

Coach Joey Pizz said, "It will be a nice setting at JF-Johnny-Freeport's place, and that's as far as Free will go in the Tournament. He made have played big during his days on the field, but in electric football, we take him down to size. He goes from 6'4" to "46" in the LIEFL by entertaining the league.  The Stadium will be transported, set up, cleaned and prepped for the big game. We also bring the Rose Bowl Field to play the LIEFL Pro Bowl Game on December 29th!"



EFLLOGO.jpg.85be6dd2463dc13b494cc4cc16dbabb1.jpg(Packers (4-2) - Chiefs (2-4) It was one of the best flowing games of the year between the Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs. Even though Coach Matt Zoo York's Chiefs were eliminated by the Jets, that did not stop Kansas City from being locked and loaded to blow off the fireworks in this game and send Coach Ed Viggs and his Packers a message that the refuse to quit. Of course, KC had the home field advantage in the game playing at home where they have been tough.CHIEFS6ART.thumb.jpg.6e31d704782f01a90f0c54653aa88fb4.jpg

Green Bay came prepared and the two coaches had their game-faces on matching the speed of the clock with intensity. On the opening drive for the Chiefs it was Kansas City who came out on fire. Even though Tyreek Hill had a 35-yard kick return to open the game, the Chiefs Frontline took over in the ground game with a powerful 31-yards Priest Holmes scamper on KC's first running play from scrimmage. On the next play, Holmes bullied his way on an outside 29-yard run into the end zone to give the Chiefs the early lead 7-0, with 11 minutes left to play in the first half!

That last play might be one of the best executions the Chiefs pulled off all season long, and not to mention against one of the top defenses in the league!

When the Green Bay Packers ran back there first kickoff it was Sterling Sharpe who exploded on a 51-yard return! The impressive Frontline of the Green Bay Packers marched their way downfield with a 24-yard run by Terdell Middleton behind Lineman Cullen Jenkins, followed up by a 25-yard touchdown run to tie the score at 7-7 in a fast paced game with a lot of hard-hitting! It's a beautiful matchup between two elite teams and coaches!
CHIEF5ART.thumb.jpg.f039bcf3fbe2c30b98bb839f767bc184.jpgThe two teams were perfectly matched in what seemed like a playoff atmosphere game. On the ensuing Chiefs kickoff, Tyreek Hill looked phenomenal on a speedy run down the middle of the field, following his line into the end zone for a stunning 100-yard kick return to give the Chiefs the lead 14-7 in dramatic fashion! Wow what a fireworks of a game!
The Packers were not ready to submit to the defending Super Bowl Champion Chiefs. Green Bay's return man Sterling Sharpe's next kick return was just 40-yards. It only took the Pack one play though, for Terdell Middleton to explode for a 60-yard touchdown run blazing into the end zone to tie the score at 14-14, bringing the first half to an end, in what became an electrifying game!
It was Tyreek Hill's day on this final regular season game that the Chiefs prevailed. Hill wasted no time on a 52-yard kick return followed by a 26-yard run by Priest Holmes.  Suddenly, the Chiefs were stopped by that fury Green Bay defense led by lineman LIEFL All-Pro Willie Davis. And one play later on a 29 yard missile to Tyreek Hill by Matt Zoo-York, Kansas City took the lead 21-14, in an incredible action-packed game!
With time running out, Packers star Sterling Sharpe exploded for an 80-yard kick return, which would be his last of the game. It only took two more plays for Terdell Middleton to get into end zone for his third touchdown of the game to tie the score at 21-21, leaving less than 1:30 to go in the game. The intensity in unreal! CHIEF4REID.thumb.jpg.64a24e6672a2d325e49edb171234c126.jpg
Coach Zoo took full advantage of the day. Tyreek Hill launched a 66 yard return on his last kickoff run of the game! After being pushed back their last running play, Zoo called for a 49 yard field goal attempt.  One play later, the Chiefs kicked the 49 yard field-goal to win the game in a glorious victory over the Green Bay Packers 24-21, putting the Packers positioning in grave danger for the NFC playoffs! What a game! Coach Viggs fell short on this one on the road where the Green Bay Packers have been great at (2-3).
Could Kansas City spoiled the Packers shot at the higher seeding? The Chiefs finish the 2023 season (3-4), with a positive ending, and all of the sudden, the Green Bay Packers (4-3) will have to battle for a slot in the NFC Playoffs with this loss after the Packers lost to the AFC Raiders in a huge upset battle last week 10-7.
Tyreek Hill had a huge game with five touches for 282 all-purpose yards with two touchdowns, including a 100-yard touchdown return. On the plus side, the Packers have brought back their running game with Terdell Middleton finishing the season rushing into the Top 10 in the NFC, with 674 yards on 46 carries with 12 touchdowns! Sterling Sharpe had 171 all-purpose yards in this game, and Packers running back Terdell Middleton had five carries for 129-yards with three huge touchdowns!  
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