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Long Island EFL SPOTLIGHT & FLASHBACK: Week #7 PRE-GAME for Green Bay Packers (4-2) vs Kansas City Chiefs (2-4) "Coaching with an Attitude"

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(Long Island Electric Football League) Written By Levi Vick. Thursday Night is a big night in the LIEFL. We play at least six games.

This week we will summarize several games. Coaches have to coach with an attitude. Here is the Pre-Game with the article of the featured games to follow.

The Packers (4-2) versus Chiefs (2-4) game is #98 of the season. This is one that could cause problems for the Packers if they lose. Beating the Chiefs at home is a mighty task, and it can change the order of Seeding Cards in the NFC Playoffs for Green Bay should they lose. Then we have the sizzling-hot Panthers (4-2) at the Texans (3-3), who are battling for the #7 spot in the AFC Playoff Bracket, and in LIEFL Game #100 for the season, it's the Broncos (5-1) versus the Patriots (3-3), who are an outside long shot to make the tournament. What a game that should be defensively! Then we have the tough Jets (2-3) against the Eagles (1-5). Jets running back Le'Veon Bell is ranked #3 in rushing for the AFC, with 36 rushes for 493-yards and 8 touchdowns! Bell has had a great year for the New York Jets, but so has Harold Carmichael for the Eagles. Carmichael is ranked #8 in NFC all-purpose yards. He has 1,059 yards with three touchdowns, including two 100-yard touchdown returns! Finally, in this article, we have the Browns (1-5) at the Cardinals (1-5) in a game of pride. Most like the loser will get some of the top hopefuls in the upcoming February LIEFL Draft as they rebuild.

Also, at the end of this week we will be announcing  All-Pro recognition, voted on by the coaches!

The question? Is it too much pressure to be the Top Seed in a Tournament? Your vote _______________________. Who is the best under pressure in your leagues, even solitaire in dealing with the emotion of two best teams playing, considering you are the coach for both? 

Coach Joey Pizz gets philosophical and breaks the game down. "Electric football is so interesting when it comes to the actual players themselves. We do a lot of predicting in the LIEFL based on of course, performance. The phenomenon of the player seems they become the "Toy Story" of the ages for us. How do these plastic players appear to have a mind of their own and do what they do, or is it just our imaginative childhood creativity that has us thinking this way? Are we delusional? And, some of the things that they do ... sometimes are nothing short of spectacular. That's what we have to teach the kids, the aura of the game in order to popularize it."

WORTH MENTIONING: In 2017, the Bills had a season to remember because it was historic in the way Billy O'C took down one of his loudest opponents, Johnny-Freeport Chucker in one of the most dominant performances in LIEFL history.

That 2017 season, in the matchup of the year, the league and the Bills had an amazing run in the Super Bowl between the Buffalo Bills (8-2) and Defending Super Bowl Champion Detroit Lions (8-2) that can't be explained in terms of magical performances, but the Bills totally dominated. Their playoff run began with a crushing defeat against a good Bengals team 42-28, in the AFC Wild Card Game. Then they embarrassed the Browns, who were the top defense in the league, in the AFC Divisional Game 45-14, until they dismantled the Texans 46-26 in the AFC Championship Game! They went on to give the returning LIEFL Super Bowl XII Champion Lions team a beatdown and romp 49-35, in LIEFL Super Bowl XIII with OJ Simpson having a record-setting historic performance of his plastic life! The Bills scored 182 points in the tournament versus their opponents 103 points. There wasn't a team that could keep up with the most explosive running game in the league at the time. It was OJ Simpson's second 100-yard touchdown of the game that made us go wild wild in that Super Bowl against Detroit. Buffalo had the perfect playoff run that we talk about in the league. Simpson missed defenders like he was alive as he whizzed into the end zone for his record-setting seventh touchdown of the game. Can the Bills rise to the challenge? Inspiration will come for alternate Coach Joe Bino when he watches this performance below.

In the Video below, you can hear Johnny Freeport and Billy O'C as they watched in disbelief, OJ Simpson scoring that 7th touchdown of the game! We think these runs are special, but they are just one of thousands of great plays in the league. How does this happen? (Watch the Video Replay Below of tremendous runs by Dexter Bussey (Opens the Video) and (OJ Simpson at 2:59) in LIEFL Super Bowl XIII between the Bills and Lions). It's plays like that that we captured on film that is the fascinating part of this game. The performance, speed and the accuracy of all of us who play this on a high level. "I'm not against Madden or any of those games, but with this game you really have to think quick in a different way because you're putting the play together and being strategic as a critical thinker requires a different mindset on a vibrating board. It's fascinating to us that all of the great coaches around the world who play Electric football, have stayed with it all these years. We salute you," said Coach Kevin Mack.

We only wish we had California's best, Lonell Powell around to film our games again. He was the best at filming these small players bringing them to scale in a lifelike performance, as you can see by what he produced here in the lens.


Coach Billy O'C said, "Going back to that great moment when I started playing this game, it was really my mom who was enthusiastic about it. She just was incredible now that I look back because if not for her I wouldn't have known anything about this game. She was a tremendous athlete in her sport internationally as a volleyball player from Cuba, but she played and coached basketball, and softball. She started it all here."
Coach Paddy Brannigan said, "It's okay to dream as a Manchild because one thing we never want to lose is this piece of our childhood, and electric football does that. When we all rethink or reflect back to the time when we got our first electric football games, never in a million years would we have imagined we'd be at this point today with the hobby. As a kid we used to dream about having a huge tournament with every kid in the world who played and it might have taken years to finish the tournament, but everybody would have had so much fun sharing our hobby and journey because our LIEFL legacy will forever be on the Tudor Games Forum, however long that may be. They say all good things have to come to an end and that may be true, but the memories never have to end we can relish and treasure this super game."
Packers (4-2) - Chiefs (2-4) It will be huge game for the Packers on the road because the game still has playoff implications in terms of their positioning in the NFC Playoff Seeding Bracket. Chiefs Coach Matt Zoo-York doesn't care about any of this playoff talk after being eliminated last week from a shot at participating in the LIEFL Super Bowl Tournament. They will come to play today at an attempt to unhinge the heart of the Packers. Green Bay stands at an all-time record of (108-81) for the 4th ranked team in the LIEFL. They started the season on fire winning four straight against the Saints, Panthers, Bears, and Lions. Then they dropped the last two against the Giants 14-7, and in a major upset, they lost to the Raiders 10-7! Running back Terdell Middleton, and return man Sterling Sharpe have a combined 1,587 all-purpose yards, with 8 touchdowns on 62 touches for the Packers. Green Bay's front line must show up in playoff form for this game.
The Chiefs might be one of the biggest disappointments in this LIEFL season. They were (8-3) s a Wild Card LIEFL Super Bowl Champion last season. The magic and force was with them, rolling over everyone in the league with great coaching by Matt Zoo-York, who was LIEFL Coach of the Year in 2022. At (78-95) ranked 19th in the LIEFL, Kansas City will fall just shy of their 80th win in the league this season. They started the season with a huge win over the high-octane Buffalo Bills 38-35, and after that they didn't win another game until Week #4 against the Steelers who they beat 14-7. With a schedule against the Lions, Chargers, Bears and the Jets, who eliminated the Chiefs from the AFC Playoffs last week 21-14, on the road in New York, it proved to work against this unique team. So, Coach Matt Zoo-York would love nothing more than spoiling the Packers comfort zone in the playoffs. Zoo said, "I thought for sure my Chiefs could repeat a championship, but what can I say. At this point I just have to play for pride. I am not the top dog and I lost my bragging rights, but not my dignity and pride. For anyone who thinks the can just walk in here and win a Super Bowl, they are delusional." The Packers have to stop Priest Holmes and Tyreek Hill who have a combined 1,553 all-purpose yards with 12 touchdowns on 51 touches. That's a lot of damage against opponents.
The NFC Playoff Bracket is so fierce this season that we think the NFC could be in the power position this season to win the title, but we we shouldn't speak too soon.  LI Sports Hall of Fame Inductee, Andrew M. Slawson said, "The league is at the point that you don't want to see anyone in the NFC Playoffs lose, but the Packers, who I love because they beat Miami, will not get past the first round. That's my prediction. They have lost their touch, and Ed Viggs, one of the best coaches out there, has lost control of his team when it comes to performance. You can't make mistakes against the good teams in this league and it will kill you in the NFC Playoffs. They'll whoop you everytime."
Time will tell how Green Bay will fare, but they should use this game as a primer to the upcoming tournament.
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