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2020 Long Island EFL WEEK#6 Seattle Seahawks (3-2) vs. Washington Football Team (3-2)

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 589503352_efllogo.png.c06fc4f2486acd5e38dc839c59b1a54c.png.319696f5f91fc6c796294d29ca402bb2.png       1545652326_OIP(11).jpg.a79cd18c3fa23cf0c95afe5a84a84fb6.jpg    (3-2)        nupV2ZP.png.79021ccd896aecbaeb2cfd2c08d2812e.png           WASHINGTON.jpg.6fefa7f95ad78322d34786f4548c0598.jpg     (3-2) LIEFL.jpg.55733fa9000d7699f152aaf30f9cdc18.jpg.5d42dfdf366bc52b49e8d90cf9e06c2a.jpg                                                                                                                           


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1545652326_OIP(11).jpg.a79cd18c3fa23cf0c95afe5a84a84fb6.jpg (3-2) Seattle Seahawks

Coach: Paddy Brannigan (11-12)


The Seattle Seahawks might be one of the nicest hidden gems who have prospered from the draft in the Long Island Electric Football League this season. Coach Paddy Brannigan has them motivated and climbing the league ladder with respect by their opponents. Seahawks running back, Marshawn Lynch has been explosive! He ranks #3 in the NFC in rushing with 27 carries for 421 yards with six touchdowns, and he has 1008 total yards with 9 total touchdowns, which is 6th best in the NFC all-purpose yards category! Lynch and the Seattle Seahawks defense has played beyond even their capabilities with two consecutive weeks of massive upsets, beating the AFC Champion, Miami Dolphins 14-10, two weeks ago, and last week they defeated the high-octane Philadelphia Eagles, 21-20, sending the league into a spin! That opened eyes because to beat those two teams on their home turf is something special!

Nobody knows where the Seahawks will land up, but you can count a war here today in Washington. It will be no easy task stopping Tony Green. Green and the Redskins have had a decent year as they battle for an NFC East playoff spot. Seattle coach Paddy Brannigan said, "My team is well prepared for this game in Washington. We've been on the road for two weeks and we've come closer together as a team. Since the league in October slows up a little bit because of the fast pace, I'm not going to look too far ahead, but I think my team will be in the playoffs. This team for years was on the losing end when I was younger, and I have never given up on them since I have been their coach in the 70's! In the last five or six years using the seven game season format and the draft, I've been able to make some great choices and fix a lot of things that were broken about this team. In the 70s and 80s we didn't have such a great running game, but in that first big draft I was able to create Lynch and he's now one of the most premier elite players in the league."
Against a great Miami defense, Lynch had 134 yards with a touchdown, and then last week he had 274 yards with two touchdowns. He's as good as any back in the league and he's got a front line who's getting the job done. Seattle marches into Washington with confidence and swagger!

WASHINGTON.jpg.6fefa7f95ad78322d34786f4548c0598.jpgWashington Football Team (3-2)

Coach Eddie Viggs (14-8)


The big question is can the Redskins stop Lynch? They seem to be able to tame even the best teams. The Hawks face stellar Washington running back Tony Green, and an intense offensive line today. While Green has not put up big numbers in the running game with 32 carries for 179 yards, with three touchdowns, he has been explosive on special teams, where he has done most of his damage!  He is #8 in the NFC in all-purpose yards with 951 yards, and 750 of those yards are on kick returns! Washington beat Philadelphia 13-10, on opening day, then they lost to Arizona 17-14,  beat Cleveland 10-0, beat a tough Ravens team 24-21, and then they lost to division rival Dallas 14-10 last week, which gave the Cowboys the advantage in a four-way tie in the NFC East. Coach Viggs is the master of preparation as you know by reading these articles. He refuses to think negative about his team's chances today.  He said, "This Seattle team is the best I have seen in a long time. You can't just beat Miami and Philly back to back not not get some attention. I got to watch the Eagles game, and what makes me nervous is #24 Marshawn Lynch. It's crazy how he lives up to the NFL's version of Lynch. It's like he came out of nowhere and carried this team to where they are. Kudos to Brannigan. It will not be an easy game. In fact, no game is easy in this league, and we have to be playing on all cylinders today to win so I need to think with a clear mind and not get stuck in the hype. Tony Green has to have a big day, but I am thinking that Taylor and Monk will be a little more involved as well. I will save the Diesel (Riggins) if I need short yardage. We need to win this game to stay in the hunt." 
img_530455.thumb.png.69d10387684382c5bbafa4a4006da9f8.png  Picture12.png.51f5625c3831749ff03ddec599db011b.pngTHE PLAY BY PLAY:1545652326_OIP(11).jpg.a79cd18c3fa23cf0c95afe5a84a84fb6.jpgSEATTLE SEAHAWKS (3-2) vs WASHINGTON.jpg.6fefa7f95ad78322d34786f4548c0598.jpgWASHINGTON FOOTBALL TEAM (3-2)



October 27, 2020. Washington DC. The opening kickoff was exciting as Coach Viggs played his traditional "Hail to the Redskins" before the opening kickoff as he did his traditional march regardless of the new Washington Football name! This tradition with this team has gone on since 1984 for Washington after winning Long Island Electric Football League Super Bowl VII in 1984, beating Miami in overtime, 34-31!

With the fight song winding down, Washington's Tony Green took it back 70-yards, helping himself to the Seattle 30-yard line. In one play, Green ran around the left side of the Seattle Seahawks defense and into the end zone to make the score 7-0. Washington storms ahead with the lead!

Wow! On the Seahawks first kick,  Marshawn Lynch took it back 80-yards until he was tackled by Dexter Manley who stopped Lynch from scoring a 100 yard touchdown! And boy, did this Washington defense go after Lynch as he was turned back for a 15-yard loss on first down with 9:39 left to go in the half.
After being stuffed by the Washington football team's defense on first and second down, the Seahawks went to the air and Steve Largent picked up 17 yards, bringing the ball to the Washington 15-yard line, forcing a fourth down running play. Washington's Dave Butz put a stop to Lynch for an 8-yard loss as Washington stopped the red hot Seahawks on fourth down! Washington takes over at their own 23-yard line.
With 3:46 left to go in the half, Dave Butz, who was having an enormous game blocking and on defense, opened a hole for Tony Green on first down. Green was stopped on the next two plays, forcing a third down pass play for Washington. On third down, Charlie Taylor took the ball 45 yards to the Seahawk 29-yard line on a great pass by quarterback Dwayne Haskins to set up a first down on a beautiful play executed by the Washington Football Team! Coach Viggs came prepared as his team took charge by shutting down a very tough Seahawks team with 11:20 left to go in the game!
Coach Viggs ran the clock down as Washington moved forward with the 26-yard field goal to make this score 10-0 with 5:59 left to go in the game!
What a surprise this game has been by the ferocious Washington Football Team. Washington dominating on the line with Seattle collapsing on offense. The Seahawks kick return was taken back by Lynch 36 yards, and on first down quarterback Russell Wilson connected on a beautiful pass to Joey Galloway who broke free for scorching 64-yard touchdown pass to make the score 10-7, with 1:30 left to go in the game, Washington in the lead!
As the clock wound down with just seconds left Washington kicked the field goal to win the game 13-7. Seattle's streak is snapped and the Redskins win their fourth game of the season putting them in great position for the playoff hunt as Seattle after two amazing weeks looses their third game of the season. Washington played tremendous, holding Marshawn Lynch to two kick returns, shutting down the Seattle's offensive running game.
After the game Coach Brannigan said, "Coach Viggs is one of the best of the best, and I just have to give him credit for playing a great game against my team who was red hot. We just couldn't seem to get anything going because they controlled the football and I don't think Washington should be underestimated. They're very good football team. They have been one team in this league that has always been a wedge in everybody's side and they remind me of the Rams, they play great together!" Washington (4-2), plays Philadelphia on the road next week to battle for the division title!







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