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2020 Long Island EFL WEEK#6 Detroit Lions (4-1) vs Tennessee Titans (2-3)

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589503352_efllogo.png.c06fc4f2486acd5e38dc839c59b1a54c.png.3ff57151a1bb1c2cf5db96b96d8e3313.png            lions.jpg.3911e4dd5603457fafbd3d71ea894518.jpg  (4-1) nupV2ZP.png.81aca0b5129a35d5d941e677ba7ce4fe.pngtennessee-titans-helmet-logo.thumb.png.84c6115dac75a6858fcc0969335b6655.png(2-3)     



lions.jpg.3911e4dd5603457fafbd3d71ea894518.jpgDETROIT LIONS (4-1)

Coach Johnny Freeport-Chucker (12-7)


This WEEK#6 Long Island Electric Football League game between the NFC North Detroit Lions (4-1), and the AFC South Tennessee Titans (2-3) is a tremendous matchup for several reasons. Detroit comes to the board always ready, with one of the best running backs in the game Dexter Bussey. Bussey has 25 carries for 274 yards with six touchdowns, a 70-yard touchdown catch, and five 100-yard kick returns for touchdowns this season. Bussey is #3 in the LIEFL in all-purpose yards. He has totaled 1044 yards in kick returns and this guy has totaled 41 carries 1388 yards with 12 touchdowns this season against some pretty hefty competition! That's not to mention that he is backed up by two of the best receivers in the league, in three-time All-Pro, Herman Moore and two-time All-Pro, Calvin Johnson. One thing is certain about Detroit, they have been roaring! They began to season with fireworks as Bussey set an LIEFL-NFL record with 499 yards and five touchdowns in the opening day game versus Chicago, which the Lions won 34-28 in overtime. Then the Lions lost the Green Bay 14-7 in week two, beat Arizona in week three 20-14, beat New Orleans in week four 21-14, and last week they beat the Houston Texans 17-10, for their 70th franchise win! The Lions have had a terrific season! It is not impossible for the Lions to make it to another NFC Championship Game because the Chucker is unpredictable!"

Detroit has done it all for coach Johnny Freeport Chucker, and he's proud to brag about it. He's the showboat of the league and the biggest trash talker in town, standing 6-4' 230 pounds. He said, "I'm not saying much about today's game. I have to stay focused and get this team ready for war. I'm going to take it one second at a time and just let Dexter magic, and do his thing. He would be a star in any league, just put a line in front of him and we will score points. I am praying his player base lasts for the life of the league. I take immaculate care of my players. That is the key to their longevity," the retired police detective said. He continued, "It's like Bussey's got a mind of his own, and I know one thing, we're coming to play today. It's starting to get a little cooler in New York and the football feeling is here. Somehow we've managed to win four games against some great competition, so I look very much forward to this game today because the Titans are unpredictable and a big challenge for us."
Coach: Kevin "Mac" Maloney
And speaking of those Titans, they too have had a very good season, although they got beat up by the Indianapolis Colts their division rival last week, 14-3. The Titans began their season with a loss to Denver 24-21, then they beat Jacksonville in WEEK#2, 10-3, and in WEEK#3, they lost to Minnesota 17-14, but they recovered in WEEK#5, by humiliating the Pittsburgh Steelers 14-0. The Titans in their season finale will face division rival Houston next week. One shining Star for this team has been their offense. They've improved with Eddie George rushing for 256 yards with four touchdowns this season. And All-Pro Brandon Jones has played very well with Eron Kinny on the other side of the field, who has been spectacular with 375 yards and three touchdowns, including a hundred yard kick return period Bruce Matthews has anchored the line for the Titans . The one problem for Tennessee is you never know which team is going to show up. They seem to play awesome against the tougher teams in the league, but lose to the struggling ones.
Andrew Slawson of Slawson's Corner said, "This is going to be a hard fought game for Detroit, but the Titans defense is a mysterious one in the league. They seem to appear and reappear in flashes. An example of this is beating up a decent Steelers team, 14-0! They just make big plays when they need to, and that is what this Lions coach needs, an awakening by a tough defense, but with Bussey, we can expect an explosive game as always! The Freeport-Chucker has one of the best weapons in the league in Bussey, and he throws that smokescreen out there with his trash-talking, but when the game starts, especially with these Lions, they work on their own. Bussey might be having one of his best ever seasons this year. I 've been impressed with the consistency of Detroit and the loudmouth coach as well. To win four games is hard to do in a league that keeps getting better, and just when you thought you built your team the way you wanted, the ever-changing talent in the league forces the coaches to keep up to speed with the changes. The teams they beat last year are beating them up this year. The founders of the league have done an amazing job growing the league and making it fiercely competitive. Like the NFL, each team has a life of their own. A 32-team league is an incredible amount of work to run, and we do it as well as anyone in the country because we are organized!"
img_530455.thumb.png.d764485f8ab798bf161bf56a6b4f32f0.png Picture12.png.08aff8321735e72ed9d134137bae0445.pngPlay By Play lions.jpg.3911e4dd5603457fafbd3d71ea894518.jpg    Picture15.jpg.388285b7f9bcbd87b386be69c80836c0.jpgtennessee-titans-helmet-logo.thumb.png.84c6115dac75a6858fcc0969335b6655.png
 On the opening kickoff for Tennessee, return specialist,  Brandon Jones ran the ball back 35-yards. It's crazy how anytime Dexter Bussey plays everybody in this league shows up to watch. We should sell tickets! There is a great energy in this game. It's definitely felt that the Lions and Titans are contenders this year. On the first down the Titans lost 17-yards and they're going to have to come up with something better. They'll try one more run. The Lions have been very diversified on offense and defense this year and they've improved the defense quite a bit. On second down, Tennessee running back, Eddie George gained 8 yards towards the line of scrimmage after the loss, but it still forced a third down as George was hit hard by Titans tackle Zack Pillar! The Lions brought the ball back to their own 27-yard line where they needed a good 19-yards for a first down with 10:51 left to go in the half ! On a huge  down play, Tennessee quarterback Ryan Tannehill tossed the ball to Lorenzo Neal who took it 27 yards for the first down, on a beautifully executed play by the Titans to the Detroit 47-yard line with 7:48 remaining in the half.
Tennessee tried to run on first down and they were brought back 13-yard line by the Detroit defense with 6:15 left to go in the half. On second down, Eddie George picked up five yards, forcing a third down pass play once again for the Titans with 4:39 left to go in the half. The Detroit Lions defense played very well on all cylinders. On third down, Eron Kinney broke free at the 43-yard line and took it across field for the game's first touchdown with 2:54 remaining in the half as the Titans take the lead, 7-0!
Absolutely unbelievable! Detroit's All-Pro running back, Dexter Bussey ran a scorching 100 yard kick return back for a touchdown on the Lions first possession to tie the score 7-7, with 1:11 left to go in the half! Wow! These coaches love Bussey's heart! If the Titans could hold Bussey back from touching the ball, they have a chance.
To begin the second half the Lions shut down the first two running plays by Eddie George and the Titans as they lost a good 13-yards, pushed back to the 44-yard line from the 32 yard line, forcing a third downplay for Tennessee with 13:05 left to go in the game. On third down, Tannenhill passed to George over the right side of the field as George took it down field 44-yards into the end zone to put the Titans ahead 14-7, with 11:35 left to go in the game! What a play!
On the kick return for Detroit, Bussey ran it back 27 yards and was hit hard by Eron Kinney! On first down, Bussey  went to work with a 19-yard first down run, with 8:22 left to go in the game. After the set-up, with the clock running down to 5:06 remaining in the game, Bussey exploded for a 43-yard first down run to the five yard line of the Tennessee Titans! And from 5 yards out on the very next play, Bussey ran his seconf touchdown of the game into a end zone with no one there to tackle him. Detroit tied at 14-14, with 3:58 left to go in the game and time running out perfectly for Coach Maloney's Titans to take full advantage of the opportunity!
As the clock ran down and out of time, Brandon Jones took it back 51 yards on the Titans last kick return to the 49-yard line of the Lions. On first down, Jones again, came up big with a 21-yard first down bringing the ball to the 27-yard line of Detroit where the game ended on a dramatic field goal by Tennessee, who won the game 17-14, handing Detroit and the Freeport-Chucker's Lions their second loss of the season! What a game! The Detroit Lions (4-2) Dexter Bussey had 200 yards total with 127 yards in kick returns, with his 6th 100-yard touchdown of the game, plus he had 73 yards rushing 0n four carries with a five yard touchdown run, giving Bussey touchdown's 13 and 14, for the season, and a total 1588 yards! Detroit plays Minnesota at Detroit next week in the season finale!
The Tennessee Titans are now (3-3), and very much in the playoff hunt in the AFC! Brandon Jones was spectacular, as was Eron Kinney, two stars in this league.  Jones had three kick returns which were pivotal in the game, as the speedster had 154 yards! Kinney had a 43-yard touchdown catch, and Eddie George added a 44-yard touchdown catch from Tannehill as the Titans will have a major battle at Houston next week to compete for their parting shot at a playoff attempt!  







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