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Long Island EFL (Week #5 First 8 Game Scores) (Completed Additional 8 Games Completing Week 5 to Follow with Coaching, Leaderboard, Standings)

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longislandelectricfootballleague2020logo.jpg.7caaf260413d3eac00b01600de973c0a.jpg(Long Island Electric Football Week #5 Completed). November 7, 2023. Written by Levi Vick and Joey Pizz.

SauravNAV_Weekly_Digest.jpg.950a77959d940d04b3c0a74d4d8771c6.jpgThe Long Island EFL has some epic division matchups this Week #5. In reflecting to our tiny reader base, when the LIEFL closes its doors in 2025, several teams will close-out with historic records to pass forward. Playing in the LIEFL was a terrific run, and all of our coaches gave committed to creating a great league with fierce competition. We pride ourselves on making our own best-practices and rules, and we intensely vetted 352 playmakers through the annual February draft in the league. In addition, we have enough years of football experience to decide what rules and regulations works best for us. Of course, playing for a $3200 dollar prize is great!

This week in LIEFL inter-conference play, the Chicago Bears will battle the defending LIEFL Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs for the Bears 100th win in the league! The Buffalo Bills (3-1) remain the top offense in the league, and the Minnesota Vikings (1-3) have allowed the fewest points. We will soon learn the top seven playoff teams from each conference, but the playoff picture could bring many teams into the mix who have not qualified for the LIEFL playoffs in years.  It is exciting and we'll bring you all the action.

The NFC West will go to battle between the Rams (3-1) who play the 49ers (1-3), and it's do or die for the 49ers. The Rams can come closer to ensuring they win the division with a victory today. If the Ravens (2-2) upset the Browns (1-3) in the AFC North today they have a great shot at winning the division. Cleveland was banging on the door in 2022, but this season's draft has every team battling for life to make the postseason. And another great division rivalry in the AFC North is the Bengals (2-2) at the Steelers (1-3). Both teams have improved on both sides of the ball. Ickey Woods for Cincinnati and Lynn Swann for Pittsburgh are having an impressive season. Another huge pivot game is in the NFC South between the Panthers (2-2) at the first place Buccaneers (3-1). What a war that game is going to be! The Panthers tandem of stars Greg Jones and Deshaun Foster pack a nice one-two punch for Carolina, and watch out for Tampa Bay's Jimmie Giles. Giles is ranked 6th in NFC all-purpose yards with 16 touches for 830 yards with four touchdowns, two of them, 100-yard returns! He can sink a defense fast, but this game will be won on the line between Carolina's Kawaan Short and Tampa Bay's Leroy Selmon and Warren Sapp. Enjoy the ride with us! 





longislandelectricfootballleague2020logo.jpg.7caaf260413d3eac00b01600de973c0a.jpg OIP(2).jpg.4f619e2e8da5bacab5d6605a15e8a841.jpgKansas City Chiefs (2-2) at bears.png.5d3641a3e96411310367ba1c4f869e9a.pngChicago Bears (2-2) This is a classic AFC-NFC battle between two historic and legendary competitors. Defending LIEFL Super Bowl XVII Champion, Coach Matt Zoo-York’s Chiefs (2-2) will have their hands full with Coach Paddy Brannigan’s rising Bears (2-2) as Chicago chases their 100th career win in the LIEFL. The Bears have one of the most explosive offenses in the NFC and we already know what the Chiefs are capable of. It's the pivot point in the season and with both teams having tough schedules, so they can't afford to drop this game at this point in the season, but it's all about progress.  Can the Chiefs make it back to the LIEFL Super Bowl Tournament after the magical season they had in 2022? Coach Matt Zoo-York, the tough South Bronx Native said, "Making back is not something I am thinking about at the moment. I Am playing one play at a time to exhaustion and I believe this Chiefs team is good, and each week a team should improve.  We aren't there yet. The Bears are a good football team but I think I can find their weakness.  Matt Zoo-York said, "This game is such an important game, so we have to bring out the big guns and win the game in the trenches against a great team and coach. This game is going to come down to the clock and like all games, how the players execute on the field."  

Coach Paddy Brannigan said, "I think that to win 100 games in any league is great. What is more scary is how fast time has passed.  I remember the old player figures and how different the details were for each team.  I love how lifelike we have made the league. These are proven teams who would be respected in any league. My Bears are having a great season because of the draft picks I won, and I have to show that they are capable of making the top seven in the NFC Playoff Bracket by beating this Kansas City team. I am relying heavily on Payton, Gault, and a tough Don Hampton, Wally Chambers, and Richard Dent with those Tudor TTC player bases, to get the job done in the trenches. We keep getting better, but the league gets better too. It won't be easy. I'll have to earn every inch of the field because Priest Holmes and Tyreek Hill are two of the most electrifying plastic players in the LIEFL who can destroy a team with their offense. Zoo knows how to move his team around. It will be a war."

Chicago has the number one offense the NFC with 86 points and Kansas City has given up 72 points on defense in the AFC, and we already know what the Chiefs are capable of as the defending LIEFL Super Bowl XVII Champions. It's the pivot point in the season and with both teams having tough schedules they can't afford to drop this game. With Tyreek Hill from Kansas City matched against Willie Gault from Chicago, this ought to be a great game. Gault is having a year, ranked 4th in NFC all-purpose yards with 13 touches for a career high 872-yards with six touchdowns, including four 100-yard returns for touchdowns.  chiefs2(2)ART.thumb.jpg.da2156f56e4e3eb0bf16394e07f9e3fe.jpg

With Tyreek Hill from Kansas City matched against Willie Gault from Chicago, this ought to be a great game. Gault is having a year, ranked 4th in NFC all-purpose yards with 13 touches for a career high 872 yards with six touchdowns, including four 100-yard returns for touchdowns.  


The Bears came out roaring against an excellent Chiefs team with intensity. Chicago's Willie Gault returned the football on the opening kick 50-yards. Surprisingly, the Bears front line anchored right into the trenches with two Walter Payton runs worth nine yards against a hefty Kansas City defense. One yard shy of the first down, running back Walter Payton exploded for a 41-yard touchdown run to give the Bears a 7-0 lead! Wow! Chicago brought their "A-GAME", what a run!

On the Chiefs first possession, Kansas City's Tyreek Hill ran back a 41-yard setup on the kick return. Chiefs running back Priest Holmes did what he does best behind a massive front line led by Willie Lanier, Buck Buchanan and John Alt. Holmes ran 58-yards to the right-side line down to the Chicago one-yard line. One play later Chiefs Lineman Bobby Bell set a trap on William "Refrigerator" Perry, and Holmes slipped in for the touchdown to tie the game at 7-7, on a great run! (We never alter players for the photo. It is taken as the play is happening).chiefs1(1)ART.thumb.jpg.bf5a3a7525482039653613b37b2800c1.jpg

In the second half it was Willie Gault returning the ball again. Gault did his job well, running back a 41-yard kick, and one play later Walter Payton was a beast. Payton ran for four yards behind that tough Chicago offensive line. The Bears showed playoff calibur football. It's no wonder they have why the number one offense in the NFC with the tenacity they're playing with.

With a commanding 24-yard first down by Payton, Chicago's offensive line showed their stuff! Wow! On the next first down, Walter Payton exploded around the Left end for 35-yard touchdown scamper into the end zone to give the Bears the lead 14-7, over the defending Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs, with 11:25 remaining in the game! Payton is having the best season in seven years!chiefs4ART.thumb.jpg.bbe20ac0d743f96d7a06544431c5b58a.jpg

Tyreek Hill was crushed at the 39-yard line on the ensuing kickoff by Chicago tackle, Steve McMichael. But the Chiefs offensive line won the battle in the trenches on this set of downs with runs from LIEFL All-Pro running back Priest Holmes for six-yards, four yards, and then the whole right side opened, and Holmes exploded down the sideline 51-yards into the end zone to tie the score at 14-14, with just 4:54 remaining in the game!

It's been a tremendous battle and almost a Super Bowl like atmosphere with lots of coaches at the game to see Matt Zoo-York's Chiefs and Paddy Brannigan's Chicago Bears. Brannigan has his Bears running game back.

Chicago came storming right back on a 47-yard kick return by Willie Gault. After trying to advance the ball on two straight runs Paddy Brannigan made a long field goal attempt from 60 yards away, giving Chicago their 100th historic LIEFL win in dramatic fashion!  Brannigan put it right through the middle of the upright to give the Bears their third win of the season over a formidable opponent 17-14, in a huge win for Chicago!

Unbelievable! Sometimes double and triple coverage on Tyreek Hill. It makes Hill look like he's having issues but in reality, the league is catching up. Hill had two returns for 80-yards today. Priest Holmes had five touches for 120-yards and two breakout touchdowns for the Chiefs. But it was Walter Payton and Willie Gault the tandem who shined. Payton behind that amazing front line of the Bears really proved themselves today at 113 yards rushing on nine touches, plus two touchdown runs. Willie Gault gave the Bears the setups that they need with three touches and 138 yards on kick returns to give the Bears the victory in an excellent battle! Congratulations to Paddy Brannigan and the Bears! 

The Chiefs play with their backs against the wall now at (2-3) at the Jets next week and then they host Green Bay in the final game of the season. Chicago is at Denver next week and the they host the Seahawks for a shot at the LIEFL Super Bowl XVIII Tournament!



longislandelectricfootballleague2020logo.jpg.7caaf260413d3eac00b01600de973c0a.jpg Raiders (2-2) - Dolphins (3-1) 

(Long Island Electric Football League Week #5 Completed). By Coach Levi Vick and Coach Kevin Mack.

With Coach Kevin Mack’s Raiders coming into this game at (2-2), facing a tough Miami Dolphins team, LIEFL Alternate Coach Joe Bino said, “The Dolphins will take care of themselves. Not much coaching has to be done when you're playing with this team, especially when they are working on all cylinders. I have a quadruple threat on offense, with two amazing weapons on the corners between the Mark’s Brothers, Mark Clayton and Mark Duper, and then I got Larry Csonka if I needed him, but Mercury Morris is one of the best in the league. Duper is ranked 9th in the AFC with 12 touches for 717 all-purpose yards with three 100-yard touchdown runs.DOL1ART.thumb.jpg.8bb6598015e6baa6f0e3fdd76de3c858.jpg

Last week Miami lost their first game of the season in a hard-fought battle, losing to Dallas 17-14. And the Raiders are coming off a tremendous win where Dave Casper had 302 all-purpose yards in a tough game against the Chicago Bears, 28-24 in Week #4! Casper is ranked 3rd in the AFC in all-purpose yards with 18 touches for 1013 yards with five touchdowns, including three 100-yard touchdowns for the season. 

On the opening kickoff Miami’s Mark Duper ran back a speedy 51-yard kick return into traffic with Raider’s tackle Howie Long making a hard hit on Duper. It only took one play for Miami to get in the end zone on an end around with a 49-yard explosive touchdown run by Mercury Morris to give the Dolphins the lead, 7-0.

Las Vegas fired right back at Miami with Superstar LIEFL All-Pro Dave Casper returning the ball on a blazing run down the left side line for 92-yards! After Las Vegas' offense was pushed back by a nasty Dolphins defense a good 20-yards, Raiders coach Kevin Mack aired it out, connecting with Casper on a 30-yard touchdown play to tie the score at 7-7! What a play!DOL2(1)ART.thumb.jpg.8aea440bb0c6e9f1c6ba193abcf27155.jpg

Before the first half ended LIEFL All-Pro Mark Duper returned a speedy 72-yard kick, and after picking up five yards on a few runs, it was Mercury Morris again exploding on a 21-yard touchdown run into the end zone for his second of the game, 14-7, the Miami Dolphins regain the lead with the first half ending!

The Raiders came for battle with Dave Casper again on the ensuing kickoff, returning the ball 40-yards. On the next three runs Las Vegas running back Bo Jackson picked up 30-yards, bringing the ball to the Dolphins 47-yard line after a huge loss delivered by the Dolphins defense. On second down, fullback Mark Van Eagan broke free on the right sideline running 47-yards on a pass connection by Kevin Mack to tie the score at 14-14, with 7:57 remaining in the game. Mack is a talented passer under pressure and his precision has kept the Raiders offense in games.DOL5ART.thumb.jpg.9c259eed39ef0b754c2c2522ff18a29c.jpg

LIEFL Alternate Coach Joe Bino (5-2) used his Dolphins weapons to kill the clock. Miami’s Mark Duper ran back his third return kick return of the game, this time for 41-yards. Bino ate up the clock by running four straight plays to his key guy, Dolphins running back Mercury Morris, who put on a 52-yard rushing clinic which brought the Dolphins to the 15-yard line as the ran the clock down, crushing the Raiders hopes for coming back to tie the game.

It would be the Miami Dolphins who kicked the game winning field goal from the 15-yard line, 17-14 in dramatic fashion! Wow!

GAME RECAP: The Dolphins played big against a hot Raiders team. The Dolphins running back Mercury Morris finished the game with nine rushes for 127-yards with two touchdowns, including a 49-yard launch! Mark Duper had three touches for 164 yards for Miami. Miami (4-1) will host Philadelphia next week in Week #6, and then then finish in a war at Buffalo in the final game of the season to decide the AFC East Division title.

Raiders star Dave Casper had three touches for 162 all-purpose yards with a 30-yard touchdown reception. Las Vegas will have a rough go at Green Bay next week, and the Raiders finish against an unpredictable Detroit Lions team at home in their season finale.



longislandelectricfootballleague2020logo.jpg.7caaf260413d3eac00b01600de973c0a.jpg Falcons (3-1)Texans (2-2).

Coach Johnny Freeport’s Falcons (3-1) can really use this game on the road against a team that is not going to back down. Coach Levi Vick’s Houston Texans (2-2) are an interesting story this season. They lost their opener to division rival Indianapolis 24-14 in a blowout. Then Vick went to work and started finding leftover player bases he felt could play. Vick said, “Really, you don’t know until the base is on the field in live action as to who can play or not, but I want this team to make the playoffs.”  The changes made the difference with the Texans winning two consecutive games in the road. Levi Vick has his team playing at a different level on defense.

The last time Houston made the playoffs in the LIEFL was 2018, losing to New England in the AFC Divisional Championship 28-21, but in 2017 they made it all the way to the AFC Championship Game where they walked away losing to the LIEFL Super Bowl Champion Buffalo Bills that year, 43-26!

Players like Texans running back Ron Dayne don't come every day. This is one of the most explosive runners in the league, but the problem is he's streaky, so maybe the Texans will get things going on their home turf today. Regardless of the outcome of the game, the Texans are improving.

We looked at the record books and it is possible that the Texans have not played the Falcons. We all know that Atlanta’s LIEFL All-Pro running back Gerald Riggs will be difficult to stop but Ron Dayne will match the energy and skill set if the Texans can put up a battle on the front line.


The kickoff to Houston saw Ron Dayne taking the opening kickoff for the Texans 44-yards. The Falcons defense led by LIEFL All-Pro Nose Tackle Bill Fralic, stepped up and stopped the Texans running game and passing game forcing a fourth down which Houston could not convert, and they were forced to turn the ball over to Atlanta.TEX2(1)ART.thumb.jpg.b2c8141fe9890e8f7427cbd05c5f51f3.jpg

From that point it took Atlanta five plays to get into the end zone because the Texans defense stopped one of the best backs in the game Gerald Riggs, holding Riggs to just 11-yards on the Falcons first set of downs. But on third down, Johnny-Freeport connected with his favorite target, Julio Jones on a crossing pattern, and Jones came away with a huge 27-yard touchdown score on a 27-yard catch beautifully thrown by Johnny Freeport to give Atlanta the 7-0 lead, ending the first half. That was Jones forth touchdown of the year.

What a defensive battle this has turned into! Ron Dayne returned the next kick 79-yard kicks, and again both the passing and the running game for Houston was shut down by the Atlanta Falcons. The Texans could not complete a pass or run for a yard against this “Dirty Bird” Falcons defense. Houston kicked the field goal to make the score 7-3 with Atlanta in the lead.

Gerald Riggs returned a speedy 57-yard kickoff on the next ensuing kick return. After running for a first down for 15 yards the Falcons lost 20 yards against this Texans defense which has been notable in the last three games.

With 4:04 remaining in the game the Falcons and the coach Johnny Freeport worked on killing the clock, and with time running out Johnny found Julio Jones again who dashed 40-yards for his second touchdown of the game, and fifth of the season to give Atlanta the victory a crushing defeat over the Houston Texans 14-3, with a dominant performance!

Atlanta travels to the Panthers next week in a huge game that could decide the NFC South, and the Texans are at the Bengals!




longislandelectricfootballleague2020logo.jpg.7caaf260413d3eac00b01600de973c0a.jpgChargers (3-1) - Jaguars (1-3). The Los Angeles Chargers are also chasing history in the LIEFL. The powerhouse team is searching for win 97! After the Chargers went (3-4) in 2018, they never looked back. Since then, Los Angeles is (23-5) in regular season play, and they’ve qualified four straight times for the LIEFL Super Bowl Tournament, losing some incredible battles. The Chargers face one of their rivals in Buffalo next week in LA. One of the most disputed battles came in 2019, when the Bills beat the Chargers 49-48 after LA went (6-1). A huge argument that the clock had ran out of time was overruled by our League Rules Commissioner, giving Buffalo the win!  Coach Ed Viggs was livid, but his Chargers (3-1) are on a roll now, and so are the Bills for next week's matchup. Viggs said one game at a time. Today, they face Bobby Biggs Jaguars (1-3). Jacksonville has to win this game to stay alive in contention to make the playoffs. It's been a rough road for Coach Biggs at (3-9). Biggs never quits and Viggs LA defense has been relentless. He’s the Belichick of the LIEFL.

Opponents have to earn the trenches and passing game against Coach Viggs, and even though the Chargers have played great LaDainian Tomlinson has been double teamed by opponents who have learned how to play against him. We are not implying that Tomlinson has lost his thunder, but what we are saying is he's not having the year that he had for the last two or three or even four seasons. The numbers prove it. Viggs said he is going to go with Lance Alsworth on kick returns today and that will change the focus on Tomlinson. Alsworth’s 100-yard kick return won the game against division rival Denver.


The opening kickoff by Jacksonville's Fred Taylor was explosive for 60-yards with Taylor almost breaking free from Los Angeles defenders, but he was hit hard by Chargers tackle Corey Clark. That was the only offense that the Jaguars could muster up on the first set of downs. After three runs, Jacksonville and Bobby Biggs went to the air only to have the quarterback be sacked for a huge 40-yard loss when Biggs lost his focus to a speedy Lance Alsworth who sacked the Jags quarterback by their own 18-yard line. What a disaster of a play.  That set of downs went downhill from there.JAG1(2)art.thumb.jpg.5106abf9acac8a55fb267d320ece6dd9.jpg

The Chargers took over! On their first possession LA could not score against the Jacksonville defense, and Jaguars LIEFL All-Pro Ronaldo Wynn did a great job putting the barricade up at nose tackle stopping LA running back LaDanian Tomlinson, and forcing the Chargers to kick a field goal as time ran out in the clock killing first half, Chargers take the lead, 3-0!

Fred Taylor bolted on a 45-yard kick return to end the first half.

The Jacksonville Jaguars turned things around in the second half on some great nifty running on the duo of Taylor and Alan Hearns at receiver. On third down, coach Biggs connected with Alan Hearns after the Jaguars lost 18 yards. Hearns exploded for the 62-yard first down, bringing the ball to the Los Angeles seven-yard line. One play later, Fred Taylor exploded around the left side into the end zone to give the Jaguars the lead on a fantastic blocking play by Ronaldo Wynn, 7-3 Jaguars take back the lead!

JAG2art.thumb.jpg.3080589bdb00629f9917db79c149eb53.jpgWith 10:07 left in the game the Chargers got the ball back!JAG4art.thumb.jpg.7bd5e256c5a607826463a6ec0d35c74f.jpg

The Chargers offensive line took over after 37-yard kick return by Lance Alsworth. Alsworth played a great all-around game. Coach Viggs switched it up by making a brilliant move when he went to Alsworth. It was like magic. The Chargers found their mojo! Lineman Earl Faison took control on the line leading LaDainian Tomlinson who exploded for runs of 8, 15, 27, 1, and finally a 12-yard touchdown run into the end zone to give the Chargers the lead 10- 7, with the clock running at 1:13 and almost out of time.

What a thriller in the clock killer! Jaguars All-Pro Fred Taylor ran back almost clinched the victory with one more kick for 82-yards, just shy of keeping the play inbounds at the Los Angeles 18-yard line where the Jags would run out of time, suffering their fourth loss of the season. Jacksonville is mathematically eliminated from the playoff picture. Bobby Biggs was crushed. You could see it in his face.  Coach Viggs upsets another team on the road. Viggs has won 13 games this season as the leader in the LIEFL.

The play-calling from coach Viggs was incredible, and Bobby Biggs loses his tenth game of the season.



longislandelectricfootballleague2020logo.jpg.7caaf260413d3eac00b01600de973c0a.jpgWhat a matchup this is between the undefeated Green Bay Packers (4-0) on the road versus Coach Joey Pizz' New York Giants (2-2). We've been waiting for this game since the summertime when we saw the first schedule put out. The thing is, we didn't know where these two teams would be at this point, but it seems Green Bay has a destiny. Packers Coach Ed Viggs has his team playing on all cylinders in every single game, and their defense is respected. The Pack only lost two games last year. They were upset by the San Francisco 49ers 38-35, in the NFC Divisional Game, and the Giants went all the way to the NFC Championship Game in 2022, losing to San Francisco 51-44! Before that, Big Blue last qualified in 2018, losing to the LA Rams in the NFC Divisional Championship Game, 34-31.


With the Long Island Electric Football League Offensive Player of the Year Ahmad Bradshaw returning the opening kick for New York, Bradshaw exploded 63-yards, nearly clearing an open field for a hundred yard kick return before he was met by Packers tackle Colin Cole who made a huge hit at the Packers 38-yard line. Wow! After being stopped on first down, Giants running back Saquon Barkley ran a 37-yard blast into the end zone to give the Giants the lead 7-0 with 10:31 remaining! The power of the Giants outmatched the Packers on the opening drive!
Coach Ed Viggs Green Bay Packers will regroup in his second straight game today, after his Chargers beat the Jaguars, 10-7. The Giants defensive rose to the matchup and hit hard in the trenches with New York's LIEFL All-Pro George Martin leading the way, but the Packers moved the ball down field slowly with the Giants pushing the Packers backs against the wall on 4th down. Coach Viggs hit Don Huston on a beautiful pop-pass for an 18-yard touchdown catch to tie the score at 7-7, with 12 minutes left in the game. 
In a game like this you can't expect huge kick returns but Ahmad Bradshaw ran back a 73- yard return. On first down Green Bay slammed the Giants running attack with four white jerseys around Saquon Barkley who lost 13 yards on the first run in the second half. What a set of downs for the New York Giants. This game would come down to managing the clock. NYG3ART.thumb.jpg.fd0a40bce6b6ee6aa33a6a64a9b9bff1.jpg
The Packers were running out of time on Ed Viggs and Joey Pizz. After several more runs by the Giants, Pizz went up in the air, connecting with tight end Mark Bavaro on a 22-yard touchdown pass that gave the Giants the lead 14-7, with only a minute left in the game.
In the hurry-up offense the fastest set up man in the league, Coach Viggs put the ball in the hands of one of the most clutch players in the game, Sterling Sharpe. On the Packers last possession they had a fighting chance with Sharpe to work his magic, but the tides turned today on the Green Bay Packers who fell just short of the upset, returning the ball 81-yards!  It was a nailbiter between these two teams and they may see each other in the playoffs as the New York Giants (3-2) hand Coach Ed Viggs and his Packers their first defeat of the season 14-10!  Viggs shook hands with Coach Joey Pizz, telling him fantastic game.
The Giants held Green Bay running back Terdell Middleton, to just three rushes for 48 yards on the ground.  It was Sterling Sharpe who had the great setups for Middleton, but the Giants defense rose to the occasion today with Giants tackle Osi Umenyiora leading the way with two tackles. 
Green Bay held Saquon Barkley to just 37-yards on five rushes, so it was a game of execution and the Giants with home field advantage struck first as they play at Dallas next week in their chance to upset the Cowboys. It won't get any easier as the Giants host one of two undefeated teams remaining in the LIEFL in Ed Viggs Washington Redskins (4-0). The only other unbeaten team is the Indianapolis Colts (4-0) as of this game. 

longislandelectricfootballleague2020logo.jpg.7caaf260413d3eac00b01600de973c0a.jpgTitans (1-3) - Bills (3-1)

This year's Buffalo Bills team has opened eyes in the league, just like the Titans opened eyes last year by qualifying as one of seven conference teams to make the LIEFL Super Bowl Tournament playoffs. Unfortunately, for the Titans they've lost three out of four games which has Titans Coach Kevin Mac scratching his head for answers. Mac is trying to figure out what he can do differently in this game to hang with a ferocious Buffalo Bills football team.

The Titans have to spark some offense against a challenging defense like the Buffalo Bills. Bills alternate Coach Joe Bino, has been a beast in his relentless offense attack with no mercy against opponents. Bino said, “Hey this is football, whether it’s electric football or whatever, I am a competitor. I am not into the emotional thing, I am just trying to win each game and whatever comes from it, I know I played my heart out and left my soul on the battlefield.”

The Bills have found exactly what they need in return man Jay Brown. Brown has worked hard in his three seasons with Buffalo. When Coach Billy O’C believed in Brown, it opened the door for Brown to take over as their kick return specialist. Coach Bino said, “That’s a big move because I will never forget Simpson’s record setting LIEFL Super Bowl XIII game against a really tough Detroit Lions team in 2017.” In the Bills 49-35 victory, Simpson demolished the Lions with 21 touches and a historic 621 all-purpose yards with seven touchdowns! It wouldn’t have mattered who the Bills opponent was that year. They blew out every team in the tournament! OJ Simpson had an epic tournament, and Simpson was unstoppable. He seems back to that form this season with a high-octane motivated Electric Company front line plowing the way.  That makes the Bills dangerous.

Jay Brown is one of the best players in the league right now. With Brown productive, it eases the pressure on OJ Simpson who no longer has to run back kick returns. Simpson is a master of the inside game, and he knows exactly how to follow the tune of the Electric Company.BILLS1(3)ART.thumb.jpg.dcc9c4ae0282d035eb3301e988c11af8.jpg


On the opening kickoff Buffalo's Jay Brown returned the ball 55-yards right down the heart of the Titans defense, setting up OJ Simpson at the 45-yard line of Tennessee. Already the Bills had great field position. It took OJ Simpson four runs behind a wall of powerhouse blocking machine led by Buffalo’s LIEFL All-Pro Marcell Darius who paved the way for Simpson for the Bills first touchdown of the game. Simpson ran for 10 yards 24, 9, and then into the end zone on a 2-yard burst to draw first blood for Buffalo, 7-0!

On the Titans first possession Brandon Jones ran back a beautiful 47-yard return down the center of the field. The Buffalo Bills defense played huge stopping Derrick Henry after his 10-yard game. They just closed the door on the Tennessee offense limiting Henry after that first gain. Henry couldn't break away from that defensive line of the Bills. Tennessee was forced to throw the football and they failed there as well. Buffalo Coach Joe Bino did a great job setting up his defense to stop the pass and the run. The Titans kicked a field goal from 62-yards away, dead center, to make the score 7-3, Buffalo in the lead with 12:25 remaining in the game.

BILLS4ART.thumb.jpg.4a114aa67099638a8473442d1de39929.jpgOn the ensuing kickoff Jay Brown again took it straight through the middle, this time for 49-yards on another great setup for OJ Simpson and the Electric Company. The company blasted through the line and Simpson again spanned his way downfield on runs of 10, 38, and finally into the end zone for his second touchdown run of the game on a four-yard play, giving the Bills the lead 14-3, over 2022 playoff contender Tennessee Titans.

That front line for Buffalo is extremely impressive. The AFC’s Number two ranked rusher OJ Simpson, just ran in his tenth touchdown of the year!

With 5:15 remaining in the game the Titans would get the ball back again. On first down the Titans failed to make a reception and it went downhill from there as the Buffalo Bills eliminated the Tennessee Titans from this year's playoff picture. They ran out of time trying to get their offense going against a relentless Buffalo defense. The Titans went from qualifying for the 2022 playoffs last season, to receiving the crushing blow dealt by the almighty Buffalo Bills, 14-3! The entire game it was a Wall of Blue Buffalo Bills jersey's dominating a Titans team to the likes they have't experienced. This was no contest for Buffalo who is dominating the AFC. Could the Bills make a second run at the big show?

The Bills are (4-1) and in a two-way tie with the Miami Dolphins (4-1) who they will meet in the final game of the season. They are one of the most dangerous and exciting teams in the LIEFL AFC East! Next week Buffalo has their biggest game of the season against the LA Chargers (4-1), and what will be a Segway to the postseason. The advantage goes to the Chargers at home, but the Bills can play on the road as well as anyone in the league!



longislandelectricfootballleague2020logo.jpg.7caaf260413d3eac00b01600de973c0a.jpgJets (1-3)Redskins (4-0) 

The New York Jets have improved vastly, especially on defense, but so too, has the league all-around. Facing the undefeated Washington Redskins (4-0), who have been blistering this year against every team will needs a better-than-good effort by New York. Redskins Coach Ed Viggs is priming his team for the 2023 post season like no other team. It won't be easy for the Jets, but they seem to have some magic in them by keeping games close. It's unpredictable what the outcome of today's game will be but one thing we know is that the Redskins look better than they have in the last five seasons.

Already a very good team, the Skins picked up four drafts that have elevated their performance not just on the line, but at linebacker. Having LIEFL All-Pro Tony Green at running back doesn't hurt. The Redskins strategic coach Ed Viggs said, “You can bet that these Redskins will be ready today. I’ve studied the Jets and I know who to watch out for. I love Le’Veon Bell and what he brings to our league. Just when you think you have him under control, he explodes on defenses. We have to prepare for the Jets threat at tight end Don Maynard who's had a very good season returning kicks.”

Jets lineman Joe Klecko is having an All-Pro season for New York, but he might be overrun by Washington’s Dave Butts, Dexter Manley, and Charles Mann who are fierce at the inside game in the trenches. The question is, could this be the Redskins year? The last time the Redskins won the Super Bowl in this league was in 1984 in LIEFL Super Bowl VII, when the Redskins beat the Dolphins in overtime 34-31!

Jets Coach Joey Pizz said, “This game isn't going to be a walk in the park for Viggs Redskins today. We're going to put up a fierce battle. We have to contend with the speed of Tony Green and the ferocious Frontline of the Redskins. But I think we can hang with them and keep it close and if we can drag the game into overtime, we have a shot of upsetting this team and saving our season.”

Coach Viggs said, “Pizz is an awesome coach and I love the way the Jets play so we know this isn't going to be an easy game. My big guns have to do their job today like they've done in the last four games and just be consistent as we've been. We don't care about statistics, we care about winning, the “W’s”!”


Before the game Viggs played the traditional Redskins tout song ... Hail to the Redskins!!! Coach Viggs and his Redskins wasted no time on the opening kickoff. It was all business for Viggs.

Tony Green then blasted off a 68-yard electrifying return. Two plays later the Redskins took the lead, 7-0. What a set of downs for Washington. Green ran for a 17-yard first down, and then on the next play Green burst into the end zone for a 15-yard touchdown for a powerhouse Washington touchdown! JETS1(4)ART.thumb.jpg.e2439032b70f3df7127d69b9f1ed1056.jpg

The Jets fear no one but reality speaks otherwise against this LIEFL #2 All-Time ranked Washington team at (114-71). On the ensuing kickoff Jets tight end Don Maynard ran back of 50-yard kick return colliding head-on with hard hitting Redskins linebacker Lavar Arrington. The Jets battled on every play. At first the Washington defense stopped the Jets running game, and they were forced the Jets to pass on third down, but nobody was open for New York. That play forced a fourth down decision for Coach Pizz. Pizz decided to go for it on 4th down with six yards to go for the first. Boy did the Jets come up huge! That Jets front line exploded in the trenches on the next play with Jets running back Le'Veon Bell dashing 22 yards for the first down bringing the ball to the Redskins 25-yard line with 2:22 remaining in the half! Bell, in his third season is having a great year for the Jets! That was the best play of the game for New York!

The Redskins would answer with their huge defense as Charlie Taylor caught Le'Veon Bell in the backfield on a huge loss and big play for Washington. The Jets, on 3rd down had a long way to go, stuck at their own 43-yard line with 42 yards to go for a first down with 13:26 remaining in the game. Coach Pizz missed an opportunity and struggled for the first down on a pass that sailed over the head of receiver Don Maynard. On 4th down the Redskins would come up huge again, with defensive lineman Dave Butts tackling Le'Veon Bell behind the line of scrimmage on 4th down resulting in a New York Jets turnover. The Redskins offense took over with 10:52 remaining in the game.JETS2(6)ART.thumb.jpg.031813877619df0cab06c6a7a8db46ee.jpg

Washington went right through the heart of the Jets defense and 23 yards later on two plays, Redskins star Tony Green and the Powerhouse Washington front line went in for the score, taking the lead 14-0, with 6:16 left to go in the game! It's been all Redskins football!

Jets Returner Don Maynard went right through the middle of the field on a 44-yard kick return, hit hard by "The Diesel" John Riggins, who made the tackle. With the game winding down, on first down Le’Veon Bell was spun around in the opposite direction by a ferocious Redskins defense led by Dave Butts. Washington has been perfect!

The Redskins (5-0), shut out the Jets (1-4), with a crushing blow 14-0, and the Skins remain unbeaten! No one wants to jinx the Redskins attempt to make history in their 5th win of the season, but nobody has gone undefeated in the seven-game LIEFL season format. Only two teams have ever gone (9-1) using the seven-game LIEFL format, the then Oakland Raiders, who won LIEFL Super Bowl XI in 2008, and the Green Bay Packers who won LIEFL Super Bowl XVI in 2020!

The Washington Redskins hosts an aggressive New England Patriots team next week, and then they finish on the road against division rival New York Giants to closeout the 2023 season as they look for an opportunity to make LIEFL history. The New York Jets have been eliminated mathematically from the playoffs so the best they can do is be spoilers! 



longislandelectricfootballleague2020logo.jpg.7caaf260413d3eac00b01600de973c0a.jpg COWBOYS (3-1) CARDINALS (0-4)

Coach Levi Vick's Dallas Cowboys have a chance to improve to four wins today with a victory over the Cardinals. Vick is in his third season coaching in the LIEFL, and he's played well this season. What has improved is his game preparation on both sides of the gridiron in addition to how he has managed the clock. It's clear that since his (0-10) start as a rookie coach in the LIEFL Levi Vick has done greater planning with a more strategic approach to his game. He has also become close with Coach Ed Viggs. Vick said, "It took me a while to get the hang of the fast pace in this league. I think this league has the best rules for the game because the long setup delays are totally eliminated and the rules force quick thinking and readiness in setups. We have all played in tournaments and love these rules of the LIEFL. To me, a coach feels a bigger part of the game as a one-stop league with no pivots after the catch, and countdowns to set-up, and other delays. The game moves fast. Dudes aren't falling over the place. The speed dial is perfect, it's great! There is uniformity to an organized, productive performing league. It took much transitioning to get used to the pace of the game. When Billy O'C retires the game and league I have my own 32 teams for my own league, or solitaire league." 

With the Dallas Cowboys anything can happen. When a team has players like Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, and Terrell Owens it's hard to ignore that level of talent in preparing against Dallas. Vick just has to execute the plays and not fold in the final weeks. He full well understands that there is never a guaranteed victory in this league. 

Arizona Coach Kevin "Mack" Maloney has a bone to pick with the Cowboys, and he'll be playing for pride today with his winless Cardinals. Every game Mack's Cards have lost has been close games, and with no chance for the playoffs, the Cardinals cannot afford to go winless, but they would love to be spoilers to Dallas. Is Coach Mack in denial? "My teams are as good as anyone else in this league.  I have made some very costly mistakes and in this league that will overrun you every time. I am embarrassed, but today we won't be, I promise you," said Coach Mack. The Cards shouldn't be mistaken for a weak team. Arizona lost in Week #1 to the Panthers 14-13, the Redskins in Week #2 17-14, and Seattle in Week #3, 17-14, all playoff contenders.  Last week they took a beaten though by the Rams 21-7 in a game riddled by Mack's own mistakes against Coach Joe Bino. Mack said, "I made some big mistakes in that game and against a team like the Rams, one mistake can cost you a game."

The schedule has been brutal and Arizona hasn't moved the football when the opportunity arises. Arizona is (23-26) since we began playing the seven game season format in 2008, and they have had two five win seasons in that time. What is missing for the Cards is the play of Mel Gray who was ranked 6th in the NFC with 25 touches last season for 1,335 all-purpose yards with six touchdowns, and that production is a key to the Arizona offense. This LIEFL season Gray has been figured out by opponents with just 11 touches for 541 all-purpose yards with just two touchdowns.

cards1(1)art.thumb.jpg.3a114ee795428b03062f9a93bd8a88b0.jpgTHE GAME: 

The Cardinals came out fighting with a gritty performance! On a 36-yard kick opening return Mel Gray was hit hard by Cowboys Michael Irvin! The Arizona ran the football well as Otis "OJ" Anderson took off for 10-yards for the first down on the first run of the game. Anderson then ran for four more yards before exploding for a 49-yard touchdown run to give the Cardinals the lead 7-0! Arizona looks ready!

On the opening kickoff for Dallas, LIEFL All-Pro Terrell Owens was clobbered at the 32-yard line, met by Mel Gray. The Cowboys wasted no time. They drove right down field with that explosive offensive line led by center Larry Allen. Allen and Company paved the way for an explosive Emmitt Smith. Smith had runs of back-to-back 10, 10, and then finally, Smith ran an electrifying 46-yard run to the 1 yard line. On the next play Emmitt Smith ran in the touchdown to tie the score 7-7, to end the first half! Wow!cards4art.thumb.jpg.33178aca316ae5a46769370000181b97.jpg
The second half was explosive for both teams. After Mel Gray returned a 41-yard kickoff, it was OJ Anderson who got to work with a 21-yard run and then an 8-yard run. On third down Coach Mack decided to air it out connecting with Larry Fitzgerald on a 37-yard touchdown pass reception to give the Cardinals the edge 14-7!
Dallas impressed with Terrell Owens returning a speedy 56-yard kick return on the ensuing play. Two plays later, Emmitt Smith was in the end zone for his second touchdown of the game on a 43-yard touchdown run right through the center, and heart of the Cardinals defense to tie the score 14-14 with 312 left in the game!cards5(1)art.thumb.jpg.430eb77277af5360056c179275b8220a.jpg
On Arizona's last kick return of the game Mel Gray was clobbered by Emmitt Smith for 26 yard kick return. Smith had a game! WIth less than a minute to go in the game, Arizona went to the hurry-up offense. Cardinals LIEFL All-Pro Mel Gray broke free on the right side of the line, bolting through the middle of the field to score the game-winning touchdown on a 73-yard reception play giving the Cardinals their first win of the year over a mighty Dallas Cowboys football team! The Cowboys flatlined on the play and they will have their backs against the wall in the NFC East which is unpredictable! What a game! 
Dallas (3-2) will regroup and host the New York Giants (3-2) next week to battle for the advantage and chance to qualify for the 2023 LIEFL Super Bowl Tournament in December. The Arizona Cardinals (1-4) ignited their offense today with Mel Gray winning the game, 21-14! Gray had four touches for 176-yards with a 73-yard touchdown! 



long island electric football league 2020 logo.jpg


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