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2020 Long Island EFL Week#6 Houston Texans (1-4) vs. Indianapolis Colts (4-1)

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553755155_nfl_gameday_logo_hero(2).jpg.9c96a20d73089871930f0774ed9d8d79.jpgTHE COUNTDOWN

October 15, 2020. Indianapolis Indiana. Week #6 of the Long Island Electric Football League is underway with two extremely competitive teams in the Houston Texans (1-4), coached by rookie coach Levi Vick against the veteran coach Billy O'C's Indianapolis Colts (4-1). These two teams will battle regardless of their records because this is an epic division rival. The Colts never count the Texans out! Coach Billy O'C said, "Coach Vick has done a great job this year. It's very tough to come into a new league that you know nothing about other than how to play the game, and perform against guys who have a lot of experience, and nobody likes to lose. And I believe I have learned just as much from him as he might from the whole league. None of us think that we're better than each other, that's the beauty of the league, we just love to play the game and the game loves us. To think that we started this league 49 years ago when my Mom showed me how to play her way, is amazing that I've stuck with it all these years. Houston running back, Ron Dayne is no one to be fooled with. He's a great player and one of the top runners in the league and if it were not for the Texans tough schedule on the road, they might be in a different position right now, so I expect my running back to keep the ball on the ground and try to secure our fifth win of the season."

Houston Coach Levi Vick said, "I love my Texans. I think they're very exciting football team and in this league you're always one game or sometimes even one play away from winning or losing. I'm really happy to be a part of this league and the guys are just amazing and the teams are fantastic. I'm playing my heart out so that I can at least experience the postseason with hopefully one team. I just have to try to stop Joseph Addai today and that is not going to be easy. He's so explosive and I just have to score points and keep up with the Colts and look for linebackers in the draft for this team. We don't need a running back. I think Ron Dayne is a star that I inherited when I took over. I need to get him a line that can compete on every down, and I'll be looking for linebackers who can step up."
Long Island Sports Hall of Fame Inductee, Andrew Slawson of Slawson's LIEFL Corner said, "Ron Dayne ranks 5th in the AFC in all-purpose yards, with 957 yards and five touchdowns, with two 100 yard returns! And Joseph Addai for the Colts ranks 4th in the AFC with 55 carries, and 1127 all-purpose yards with seven touchdowns, but 39 of those carries and 451 of those yards, and all of those touchdowns are from rushing, ranking him #2 in the AFC in that category behind Los Angeles' LaDanian Tomlinson. These guys will put on a show! This will be no easy victory. Either way you look at it these are two teams are extremely competitive. They do their own thing on the board and I am seeing lots of improvement in coach Vick who I was hard on early in the season. It's time for the Colts to make their move in the AFC. They have been pressing the competition during the last three seasons, but have fallen short of an AFC title. They have two terrific receivers in Marvin Harrison and Raymond Berry, who can both turn on the afterburners at any time!"
img_530455.thumb.png.93b13ccc4c963da455a17c77f5a2f73a.pngPLAY BY PLAY: Houston Texans (1-4) vs Indianapolis Colts (4-1)
Picture12.png.30d29e46e8e7109ddf664a8c1d08cbb8.png  TEXANS.jpg.da5694210390c6eb8859c5e491d3ee5b.jpg   LEVI VICK (7-12) COLTS.jpg.711fda06e7ac22ea6528d139ad08708c.jpgBILLY O'C (13-7)
The game opened with a beautiful kick return by Indianapolis All-Pro running back Joseph A d d a i, who ran the ball back  65-yards to the Houston 35 yard line.  On first down the Texans drove that front line of Indianapolis back for a huge 15 yard loss, but on the very next play coach Billy O'C made three or four adjustments on the Colts front line and then he watched his running back A d d a i take charge with an explosive 34-yard run to the one yard line of the Texans! What a brutal matchup! After being stopped on first and second down by the Texans defensive line the Colts were forced to pass on third down with 8:14 left to go in the half. On a great play by quarterback Peyton Manning threw a pass to the lightning fast Marvin Harrison who took the quick pop pass into the end-zone for the touchdown from 7 yards away to give the Colts the 7-0 lead, with 7:44 left to go in the half!
Houston's Ron D a y n e returned the Texans first kickoff 40-yards until he was turned around by Andre Johnson of his own team, and the Texans peered 60-yards downfield toward the end zone. After two failed rushing attempts, stopped by a brutal Indianapolis defensive front line led by Bubba Smith, the Texans were put in a predicament after losing 25-yards, and they were forced to pass on third down. Coach Billy O'C's  Colts are being primed for a playoff run, yet again. And on third down, Houston quarterback, Deshaun Watson failed to find an open receiver, and that spelled trouble for the Texans as they turn the ball over to the Colts.
And just like that, on an explosive run by Joseph Addai, the Indianapolis Colts take the lead 14-0, on a scorching 100-yard kick return by Addai to end the first half! Wow!
The great coaches take advantage of the opposition's weakness and that third down stoppage by the Colts of the Texans blew the doors open for Indianapolis who has put up some numbers this season, but it's their defense that keeps the balance! This is a very good football team, even improved from last year!
On the ensuing kickoff Ron Dayne took the ball back 39-yards and he was clobbered by Addai head-on, as the Colts continue to perform and battle to clinch the division title today, working hard for home field advantage in the playoffs. The Los Angeles Chargers are (5-1), and they will battle it out with the Colts the two best teams with the best records fight for the advantage. Dayne ran the very first play after that 39 yard return, around the left side of the field, exploding for a 56-yard touchdown run! The Texans fire back, making the score 14-7, Colts in the lead with 11:15 left to go in the game! What a spectacular run by Dayne!
When the Colts returned their next kickoff Joseph Addai exploded to the 54-yard line with defensive tackle Eric Winston coming up big, making his third tackle of the day! On first down, Addai again, bullied his way 22-yards down to the Texans 25-yard line with 8:04 left to go in the game! This league has not seen the best of Addai yet. On next first down set, the Colts were pushed back 13-yards on a great defensive surge by the Texans front line, with lineman JJ Watt leading the way. And after another failed attempt on first down, Indianapolis were forced to pass. On third down Colts quarterback Peyton Manning threw a bullet to Raymond Berry this time, who dashed downfield 45 yards into the end zone to make the score 21-7, Colts jump ahead with time running out in the game at 2:45 left to go! Wow!
Ron Dayne ran a spectacular 63-yard kick return back! Dayne wasn't about to quit! He was turned just 40 yards short of a touchdown run and a wide open field great play by the Texans with two-minutes left to go in the game! The Colts are going to clinch a playoff spot and get home field advantage in their first game of the playoffs! This team just keeps getting better and better each week. They might be the best coach team they ever put on the field! And, with time running out, Houston kicks the 37 yard field goal in a 21-10 thrashing from division rival Indianapolis Colts.  The Colts (5-1), play the Jacksonville Jaguars (1-4) next week, and the Houston Texans finish with Tennessee!
Colts running back finished with 56 yards rushing on seven carries, and he had 219 kick return yards with a 100-yard touchdown, totaling 275 yards on the day!  Ron Dayne had 142 kick return yards, and an explosive 56 yard Touchdown scamper, totaling 203 all-purpose yards!



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