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2020 Long Island EFL Week#5 Seattle Seahawks (2-2) vs Philadelphia Eagles (3-1)

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1687447234_OIP(8).jpg.8f8b99b90d4dd3294067a894a79ee10a.jpg                 990079936_OIP(11).jpg.5763466a8bf7355f70ef17e138878bcb.jpg  Paddy Brannigan (9-11)   eagles-helmet.png.fd7b2c8e96cc6cc68b433061f0b34764.pngMatt McQueen (8-11)

589503352_efllogo.png.c06fc4f2486acd5e38dc839c59b1a54c.png   Picture2.png.7d9b7379fa5e0b4dff668f0ea00436ac.png 754775459_OIP(2).jpg.a4a5bfa996f385934a581bf9d274900f.jpgTHE COUNTDOWN: No team is safe in the Long Island Electric Football League as Week#5 comes to a close with a team you can't go to sleep on, and that's Coach Paddy Brannigan's Seattle Seahawks (2-2). Seattle competes in the toughest division in the league in the West. Today, they face one of the best teams in game. We say that because these Philadelphia Eagles (3-1), coached by Matt Zoo-York McQueen, beat the two-time defending Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams in Week#1, but today they are playing a team who has come out of nowhere as the most improved team in the league, capitalizing on last year's draft. The Seahawks have been winning quietly, but it is hard not to notice. They lost their opening game to Atlanta 17-14, then they beat New England 17-14, and Dallas beat the Seahawks on their home turf 21-14, but this is where Seattle said, No mas" when they beat Miami at home, 14-10! Seahawks running back, Marshawn Lynch has been super!  

Of all the dangerous teams in the league the Eagles have emerged as probably the most dangerous because they have the leading return Man in The League last year in Harold Carmichael, but defenses have figured Carmichael out on the kick returns and he's going to have to rise to the occasion today against Seattle.
img_530455.thumb.png.39ed19fef49fe71e336ea8ba66737cdb.png THE PLAY BY PLAY: 990079936_OIP(11).jpg.5763466a8bf7355f70ef17e138878bcb.jpgSeattle Seahawks (2-2) vs eagles-helmet.png.fd7b2c8e96cc6cc68b433061f0b34764.pngPhiladelphia Eagles (3-1)
On the opening kickoff All-Pro return man, Harold Carmichael ran the ball back 56-yards to the Seattle 44-yard line, as Seattle tried to recapture the magic in their huge upset performance over the AFC Champion Miami Dolphins 14-10.
On first down Philadelphia running back, Keith Byars lost three yards. On second down the Eagles were stopped again by that Seattle front line of Darryl Trapp, Ray Willis, and Cortez Kennedy. These guys are starting to open eyes around the league as the Seattle defense makes a statement early on! On third down down, Seattle stopped the Eagles from getting a first down and they're forced to kick a field goal to take the lead 3-0, with 8:53 left and a half! 
And on first down for the Seahawks, after a 41 yard kick return by Marshawn Lynch, he ran for a 27-yard first down on the first play from scrimmage. What a battle on the front line! On the next play Seattle lost 15-yards as Philadelphia's Hugh Douglas and company stormed into the backfield with Jerry Sizemore making his 7th tackle of the season! This is definitely a defensive game as we watch Lynch pick-up 10 of the 15-yards he lost on the previous run, making it third down with the Seahawks forced to pass the ball. Hugh Douglas is having some game as he is blasting through that offensive line of the Hawks. Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson, made a beautiful pass to Lynch to give the Seahawks the lead as the half wound down with Lynch scoring a 38-yard touchdown on a great pass from Wilson! Seattle took the lead, 7-3!
To start the second half Harold Carmichael exploded for his fifth hundred yard kick return of the season to put the Eagles up 10-7 with 14:34 left to go in the game on an amazing run by Carmichael! Wow!
On the next kickoff, Marshawn Lynch silenced the crowd by roaring right back with the scorching hundred yard kick return of his own, and all the sudden we have a game, 14-10, Seattle with the lead coming from that West division with 13:24 left to go in the game!
Philadelphia went right back to work as Harold Carmichael was one man away from running his second touchdown back of the game, giving the Eagles incredible field position with a 59-yard return! On first down, Keith Byars exploded around the Left end for a 27-yard first down with 10:47 left to go in the game! The excitement was growing. The Seahawks look more and more like a playoff team every week
as they battle to stay in the hunt just like the Eagles! On first down, Byars ran for 8-yards. On second down, the Seattle Seahawks stopped the run as well as third down, forcing another fourth down situation on Philadelphia at the 10-yard line. And on fourth down Carmichael caught a nice pop-pass for a 10-yard touchdown play! The Eagles take back lead 17-14 with 4:16 left to go in the game, and the clock is running!
On the kick return Lynch took it back 68-yards on a spectacular return! What a game with 3:13 left to go! The Seattle Seahawks set up for the pass play to go for it all! The Seahawks gamble paid off BIG with a blazing 33-yard touchdown into the end zone by Joey Galloway, as the Seahawks take the lead 21-17, with just 1:29 left to go in the game! Amazing! Unbelievable!
The Eagles could not set up on time, so they kick a field goal, and they end up losing the game in a huge upset to Seattle 21-20! Brannigan jumped all of his 6'4 frame into the air!
Is anybody feeling like Seattle's going to the playoffs? They walk out of Philadelphia beating the Eagles at home in an incredible game as the Seahawks head back to Seattle to play the Washington Football team in another clash of the titans! Watch out for Seattle, they are an outstanding football team and they pulled off another upset and they go to (3-2), just like the Eagles who are now in a four-way tie in the NFC East as this league just raised the bar of competition!

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