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2020 Long Island EFL Week#5 Chicago Bears (3-1) vs Green Bay Packers (4-0)

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1842576475_OIP(1).jpg.9f1b111eef6d69e44d1e2d58e46c2670.jpgchi-spt-05523-hof-sayers-20130522.jpg.9d9e659986f8d6521b9a895cb6eb56f7.jpg          bears.png.96745f46bf5612b64702e9d3638bf7ad.png Coach Paddy Brannigan (8-10)   Packers.jpg.d01366923dc13c16a74a9db9af303f49.jpgCoach Ed Viggs (11-8)


589503352_efllogo.png.c06fc4f2486acd5e38dc839c59b1a54c.png1401891236_OIP(2).jpg.ab3d43148014730f652c5cf2472f1fa6.jpgOctober 8, 2020. Green Bay Wisconsin. Lots of excitement happening in the Long Island Electric Football League as we light the torch in our 2020 LIEFL season Week#5 wind down. https://forum.tudorgames.com/files/category/39-2020-long-island-electric-football-league-ratings-all-time-wins-coaches-standings-and-schedule/

The Long Island Electric Football League mourns the loss of NFL Hall of Fame Inductee Gale Sayers, and in his spirit, the Chicago Bears (3-1), couldn't be more anxious to prove they're for real this season. They have been just as spectacular as the Packers, almost flawless. The Bears won three amazing draft picks in the 2019-LIEFL Draft, changing the entire dynamics of the team and making them fierce competitors. Lineman Don Hampton, tight-end Mike Ditka, and Willie Gault have had an amazing year. Gault has been super, with 13 carries and 779 yards, with three touchdowns, all 100-yard kick returns. Stopping the Bears is going to be a big challenge for the undefeated Green Bay Packers (4-0). The Bears have been nothing less than competitive. The Bears now have three offensive weapons, each with four touchdowns, which shows the equal distribution of how they move the ball around. They are flat-out dangerous! Walter Payton, Mike Ditka, and Willie Gault are the triple threat for the Bears. They have won three straight games against tremendous opponents. Chicago opened the season with a 34-28 loss in overtime to the Detroit Lions. Then they beat the New York Giants 16-10 in overtime, and the Atlanta Falcons 21-14, in overtime, and then last week they beat the AFC playoff contender Indianapolis Colts 21-17 giving them their first loss of the season. What was big about last week is Walter Payton rushed for 97 yards with two touchdowns! His setup man Willie Gault had 157 yards in kick returns for this sizzling-hot team! It's a huge challenge to win in Green Bay, but the Packers know that they need to do to stay ahead of Chicago. They must shut down those offensive weapons of the Bears.

Green Bay is well coached and well schooled. Coach Viggs has taken these Packers to two LIEFL Super Bowls, but this season the Packers have only scored five touchdowns, and their biggest intimidator is their defense. They've been vicious. The league talk as we mentioned a few weeks ago, is that the Packers haven't played anybody. They beat Minnesota 7-0, then they beat Detroit 14-7, New Orleans was next, and they beat them 14-10 in New Orleans, and then last week they shut down the high-octane Atlanta Falcons 10-7 in overtime! This week is a different story. They're playing a team with a lot of heart who knows how to finish. 
Coach Viggs thinks it's going to be a very close game, but he's not making any predictions. He said, "I think we're about as ready as we can be to play this team and you have to love what you see in the Chicago Bears. We have a lot of respect for them, but today we have to get our offense going because this team in Chicago can score 30 points a game. I have been very impressed by Patty Brannigan's shenanigans (laughing). He seems to know how to play very well with this team, and we still have to play them again in the last game of the season in Chicago on their home field, so it won't be easy. My goal is to get ahead early and keep this a close game." Brannigan is in a zone, and he had no comments before the game.
img_530455.thumb.png.aa81897ed45f4a063c9bbb921e10eda8.pngTHE PLAY BY PLAY:1894469303_OIP(7).jpg.2f09a45930b684c038977e3be5918fa8.jpg   bears.png.96745f46bf5612b64702e9d3638bf7ad.pngChicago Bears (3-1) Packers.jpg.d01366923dc13c16a74a9db9af303f49.jpg Green Bay Packers (4-0)


What an exciting game! On the opening kickoff Packers return specialist Sterling Sharpe, ran the ball back 41-yards to open the game for Green Bay. On the first run of the game Packers running back, Terdell Middleton ran for a 15-yard first down to the Chicago Bears 44-yard line, as Bears Coach Paddy Brannigan made some immediate changes to the front line, switching people around to stop the Green Bay surge. On Green Bay's next first down run, William "Refrigerator" Perry stuffed Middleton, holding him to a 2-yard gain, with second down coming up. So far this game is going a bit different than expected.  Packers Coach Viggs game plan is clear, run the football and tire the Bears defense out! When it comes to division rivalries, one never knows what can happen! And on second down, Green Bay picked up one more yard on the run, forcing a third down. On third down Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, threw a great strike on the numbers to receiver Sterling Sharpe, as Sharpe broke free for a stunning 43-yard blazing touchdown run into the end-zone to give Green Bay the lead, 7-0, with 6:53 left to go in the half!

Chicago was anxious for the return and on their first play, their star player Willie Gault ran back a beautiful kick return for 77-yards, tackled by Packers defensive lineman, Willie Davis at the Green Bay 23-yard line with 5:31 remaining and a half!
On the Bears first play from scrimmage, running back Walter Payton got turned back and denied by that LIEFL-NFL League leading Green Bay Packers defense! The Packers have given up only 24 points! And on second down, Payton was again stopped, and brought back to the 30-yard line as Don Hutson made a great defensive play from the outside for Green Bay!  That is the thing about the Green Bay defense, they hit you from all sides. 
And on third down for Chicago, the Bears made their first huge mistake of the game. They received a ten yard penalty for not turning their quarterback around on the pass play, losing out on the down, and forcing a fourth down pass play at 40-yard line with 27-yards needed for the first down. In this league the quarterback must be turned in the opposite direction when passing, and Brannigan failed to do that. Paddy Brannigan may have cost his team big on this one, as the clock wound down to end the first half.
On fourth down to start the second half, Chicago fell short of making a first down, and another costly mistake by Coach Brannigan turned the football over to Green Bay!  Quarterback Jim McMahon's 19-yard pass to tight-end Mike Ditka wasn't enough for the needed 27 yards as the Bears fell well short of the first down on the play. Chicago turned the ball over to Green Bay. That's one thing coaches cannot afford to do against Coach Viggs, is make mistakes.
Things are not quite going the way Chicago Coach Brannigan planned. He had a very disheartened look on his face, and let's see if Green Bay can capitalize on Chicago's mistakes. 
On first down Green Bay's Terdell Middleton ran for 8-yards! The Bears looked stunned as their front line was mowed down, not what we expected, but the momentum shifted back in Green Bay's favor. On second down, this time Middleton exploded for 19-yards after being tackled by lineman Don Hampton and linebacker Brian Urlacher, as the Packers advanced close to midfield with 11:08 left to go in the game!
Green Bay took charge with a huge gain by the Packers for 20-yards by Middleton to the Bears 31-yard line, for another Green Bay first down, with 9:38 left to go in the game! That Green Bay Packers front line has dominated the game! The Bears have tried to switch the line around three different ways, but the Packers have stepped up their game, exposing the Bears weakness in stopping the running game.  
The key to this game for Green Bay was to keep the ball out of Willie Gault's hands, and they have succeeded at that as we watch the Packers chew away at the clock. This time Richard Dent threw Terdell Middleton to the ground on first down, and the Packers lost a good 12-yards on the play. Green Bay played hard today, and don't forget these two teams will meet again in the final week of the season at Soldier Field in Chicago. On the next play, Middleton was turned back again by the Chicago defense, forcing a third down! The mental errors that Coach Brannigan made in this game have been the turning point for Green Bay. Coach Viggs has taken full advantage of the mistakes!
On third down, the Chicago Bears came up huge at the 45-yard line, and the Bears force Green Bay to kick a 45 yard field-goal, making the score 10-0, with 4:20 left to go in the game! Green Bay has a date with Carolina next week in a rematch of the NFC Wild Card game last season in which the Packers lost 42-20!
When Chicago got the ball back after a 40-yard return by Willie Gault, on first down the Bears quarterback Jim McMahon, dumped the ball off to Gault, who ran a scorching 60-yard touchdown into the end-zone to make the score 10-7 Green Bay in the lead, with 1:19 left to go in the game!
On Green Bay's last possession, Sterling Sharpe ran the kickoff 42-yards as the Pack ran out of time, but not before kicking a 58 yard field-goal right through the center of the goal post, making the score 13-7, as Green Bay wins another one!
The Green Bay Packers(5-0), put the Chicago Bears (3-2) to the test as Green Bay remains undefeated! Anyone who doubted the Packers in the league may want to rethink how they play this team. Next week will be another test for the Packers, as they play the Carolina Panthers (3-2), with a chance to remain undefeated!  Terdell Middleton played great today as his 65 yards rushing allowed the Packers to consume the timeclock. Green Bay' s Sterling Sharpe had 3 carries for 126 yards, with a huge 43-yard touchdown play! The Bears Willie Gault ended the day with 177 total yards and a gorgeous 60-yard touchdown!  






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