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2020 Long Island EFL Week#5 Kansas City Chiefs (1-3) vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-3)

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Raymond James Stadium

Raymond James Stadium, also known as "Ray Jay", is a multi-purpose stadium located in Tampa, Florida. It is home to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League as well as the NCAA's South Florida Bulls football team and the Tampa Bay Vipers of the XFL. The stadium seats 65,618. With the addition of temporary seating, it can be expanded to 75,000 for special events.

1066386416_OIP(2).jpg.4b6864d9e1b2006d17e8ef70d42cc55c.jpgMatt McQueen (8-10)      bucs.jpg.3d806f8920d060a94b7ab8b5e2df603e.jpgJoey Pizz (9-11)

589503352_efllogo.png.c06fc4f2486acd5e38dc839c59b1a54c.png1365721941_OIP(2).jpg.73de8957d6ae54b54fe68da86b3e01ff.jpgOctober 6, 2020. Tampa, Florida. Week#5 Long Island Electric Football League is hard pressed to find a game not meaningful as we have witnessed some huge and playoff-impact upsets this week!  This game between Coach Matt Zoo-York McQueen's Kansas City Chiefs and Coach Joey Pizz' Tampa Bay Buccaneers will decide how to proceed moving forward in 2021 for both Kansas City and Tampa Bay. The Chiefs haven't found an answer to winning. They are (67-86 All-Time), and they are (14-21), in the seven game season format of the LIEFL. They haven't seen a playoff game in this league since 1982, when they lost to Miami 28-3, in the AFC Divisional Game. In 38 years, that's the best they've been. The problem is they have league stat leaders who at times have outperformed the best players in the AFC, so it doesn't add up. They went from the Joe Delaney's of the world to Ted McKnight, to Christian Okoye who ran for a career 2966 yards, to this amazing back, Priest Holmes, with little to show for the team other than stats.  

Through years of rebuilding each division, it is so difficult between the AFC West Raiders, the Broncos, the Chargers and for this Chiefs team to find the winning combination. Coach Ed Viggs Chargers have been in it! The goal for Coach McQueen's Chiefs moving forward, is to be fierce competitors each week. Each time the Kansas City has rebuilt, the challenge has become more difficult in the League because the League is rebuilding. After the 2019 season, Kansas City received the first-round draft pick in Tyreek Hill. Hill has played well, but it isn't enough. Hill has 369 yards and a touchdown. McQueen has to get him more involved in the game.

Tampa Bay has been to the playoffs three times in their history, most recently in 2016, when they made it all the way to the Divisional Championship Game and lost to the Detroit Lions 28-24! The Bucs have played hard with great coaching. Normally Bucs running back Ricky Bell would be ranked higher in rushing, and that is where Pizz needs to focus to get this team back into the post-season. Bell ranks dead last in the NFC in rushing with just 167 yards. The highlight of the team is the amazing Jimmie Giles. Giles has been stellar! He has carried the ball 13 times and he has totaled 703 yards with three touchdowns. Giles set a record this season with an 86-yard touchdown play against Denver in Week#3. 

chi-spt-05523-hof-sayers-20130522.jpg.caffe0fc1eb8224338186eca53e4c2d0.jpg    578538560_hall-fame-running-back-gale-sayers-dies-77(1).jpg.337f7765bc2388ab96d6101d855b0b73.jpg

840109824_OIP(1).jpg.cacc29213fe824acfc32ea2238f8c304.jpg960757033_OIP(1).jpg.d43a6cb7c42602e6d4c75ac7904b8ff3.jpg (1943-2020)


img_530455.thumb.png.a333760925d96b8ce18af0fd3c7388db.pngPLAY BY PLAY: 1272082493_OIP(7).jpg.8042564c407b58aa58080094aca15343.jpg 1066386416_OIP(2).jpg.4b6864d9e1b2006d17e8ef70d42cc55c.jpgKansas City Chiefs (1-3) vs bucs.jpg.3d806f8920d060a94b7ab8b5e2df603e.jpgTampa Bay Buccaneers (1-3)

On the opening kick-off Tampa Bay All-Pro return man Jimmie Giles took the ball back 39-yards. On first down, Tampa Bay running back, Ricky Bell ran for two-yards with 13:04 remaining in the half. On second down, Bell exploded for 38-yard amazing run for the first down, and he didn't stop there! Bell burst ahead for another 14-yard run to the Kansas City seven-yard line with 9:50 left to go in the first half!

Tampa Bay was on fire with lots of energy in the first five minutes, then they were stopped on the next two running plays, but on third down Jameis Winston threw a lob pass to Ricky Bell, who ran into the end zone for the touchdown to make the score 7-0, with 4:51 left to go in the half, and the Buccaneers strike first!
Kansas City return-man Tyreek Hill returned a 51-yard kickoff to the Tampa Bay 49-yard line and the suspect Chiefs offense rolled in. The offensive line went to battle with the Tampa Bay defense as running back Priest Holmes blasted through a hole for a 25-yard run on his first run and on second down, as the first half came to a close, Holmes was stopped at the line of scrimmage.
To start the second half Kansas City picked up where they left off as both of these teams battled hard for a playoff spot. If the Chiefs win this game they will be tied with the Raiders and the Broncos the second place in the battle for a possible Wild Card spot. On second down the Chiefs closed in the Tampa Bay lead as Priest Holmes ran the ball over right tackle with Tony Gonzalez following him to score the touchdown from 24-yards away, tying the score at 7-7, with 13:55 left to go in the game!
Wow! What an answer by Tampa Bay All-Pro Jimmie Giles exploded with a hundred yard score to make the score 14-7, with 13:33 left to go in the game and the Buccaneers take the lead! There are some amazing players in this league just like Jimmie Giles! He came to play!
Tyreek Hill ran the kickoff back 46-yards on a nice return for Kansas City. On first down, Priest Holmes got turned around as the Tampa Bay defense came up big, pushing Holmes back to the 40-yard line leaving them in their own territory as Kansas City looks 60 yards down field to to the end zone with 8:50 remaining in the game. On a beautiful running play Holmes blasted through the inside of the field for a huge 23-yard run for a Kansas City first down as Warren Sapp made a huge tackle at the 33-yard line for the Bucs stopping Holmes from breaking free into the open field. And after a loss of yardage on their next run, Holmes ran a blazing 29-yard run for another first down for Kansas City, bringing the ball to the 3-yard line of Tampa Bay! The chiefs haven't looked this good running the ball all year! Holmes kept pushing forward, as he did regularly in 2019. He ran the next play right into the end zone on first down for his second touchdown of the game! Win or lose, Kansas City has brought their game back as they tie the game 14-14, with 5:11 left to go in the game!
Week#5 has been incredible! There have been some amazing match-ups with these two teams battling right to the end!
Jimmie Giles took an amazing kick-return back 59 yards with 4:09 left to go in the game, giving Tampa Bay excellent field position to score. Nobody likes to end their season early, especially in this league. With the clock running out of time, on first down Ricky Bell picked up four yards. One more first down and the Buccaneers can close in on a victory with 1:59 left to go in the game! Ricky Bell was stopped behind the line of scrimmage at the 43-yard line, with third down coming up. The Bucs had just seconds left to kick a field-goal as they run the clock down to win the game 17-14 by a field-goal!
What a tremendous game and what a tremendous setback for the Kansas City Chiefs (1-4), who played their best game of the season even in the loss. Tampa Bay (2-3), does have a shot at the playoff. Tampa Bay had a great win! Jimmie Giles had three carries for 198 yards with a hundred yard touchdown, and Ricky Bell had 63 yards rushing with a touchdown!  Tampa Bay plays division rival Atlanta in their last two games, and Kansas City is at New Orleans.



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