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2020 Long Island EFL Week#5 Los Angeles Rams (3-1) vs. San Francisco 49ers (0-4) "Gale Sayers Week"

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Levi's Stadium is an American football stadium located in Santa Clara, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area. It has served as the home venue for the National Football League's San Francisco 49ers since 2014. The stadium is located approximately 40 miles south of San Francisco and is named for Levi Strauss & Co., which purchased naming rights in 2013.

1584549146_OIP(2).jpg.1fffeb544440f44274417830eba283cb.jpgTHE COUNTDOWN: October 3, 2020. Santa Clara, California.

In the Long Island Electric football league we are learning that the Los Angeles Rams (3-1) are a very unique and distinct team as Week #5 has illustrated just how important these games are. The battles are heating up in the journey to make it to this year's playoffs. This Rams team is one that coach Billy OC has working in synergy, in running, special teams, defense, and an offensive line to talk about. He builds winners. Did it in Miami for years, and in Buffalo, and now the Rams in the LIEFL. The fabulous five Rams front line is special because they've won two consecutive Long Island Electric Football League consecutive Super Bowls. The Miami Dolphins are the only team in this league's 49 year history who can say that!

At the beginning of the season we thought this was going to be a playoff making or breaking game for both of these teams because the 2020 winless San Francisco 49ers, coached by Ed Viggs were the favorite to win the NFC, but they were upset by this Los Angeles Rams team, so this game is a game of pride! Since the 49ers have the advantage at their home field, the uphill battle today will be on the Los Angeles Rams.
Coach Viggs said, "Losing that game last season against LA, is something I really don't want to think about, but I have to because I cannot seem to figure this Los Angeles Rams team out. Electric football is unique in that each coach and each league develops their own representation of what they think is a strategy. We don't know if our teams are really that great until we compete against other teams from other leagues, but we do have to say, statistically the league is driven by good hard data. Last year Ricky Watters rushed for 925 yards, which is a Long Island Electric Football League record. I'd like to see that Watters back on the field here today competing. It's all I want from my teams, win or lose, but at least complete. This is an embarrassment being 0-5 with a very good football team. I know it doesn't sound right but I know that I can play anyone in the country with this team. We have had horrible brakes. I'm playing the same type of football with the same players and for some reason I'm not getting the same results. That tells me how strong this league grows every year and what we had last year almost becomes obsolete. I am not saying electric football will ever be the NFL of course, but it is sort of like an NFL mentality, because the draft has become such a popular and important thing in our league that it allows our league to keep getting better and better. Today, my plan is to get Ricky Watters and Jerry Rice more involved in the game. I feel like I have not given Rice the ball enough. He's a proven track player who can put on the after burners and contribute more to the team. Rice seems to be the only one having a decent season for my 49ers.
Coach Billy O'C on the other hand said, "This Rams team is hungry! We're battling every week against some great teams in this league and amazing coaches, and this game is special because it's a division rival and records don't matter, Viggs will be in the game until the last second, so I have to get them into overtime. My guys have really performed at a different level this season and the reason I say that is because we've won some games on the road! Beating the Buffalo Bills on their home turf was a huge motivation booster for us. Coach Bino played with my Bills that day, but I know they are a great test for this Rams team. But we're not finished! This is really just the beginning, and that's the way my guys are looking at every game. You can't call a team a dynasty if they win one Super Bowl. I'm not even sure if you can call a team of dynasty if they win a second Super Bowl, but a third Super Bowl? That would be what I would consider a dynasty team, and that is the aim for my team. We're going to un-turn every stone and every team viciously until we get what we're looking for. That's true about life too, because goal setting is a very important part of life, and while this is just a hobby, electric football and the attitude I play with filters down to the way I feel as a professional. I am never satisfied with my position in life, and rather than blame the world, I take the world on and always strive for excellence! My friends are my hero's!"
There are some real Stars playing in this game today with the hopes that they will all rise to the occasion and make this a tremendous game to remember in Week#5.
THE PLAY BY PLAY: Los Angeles Rams (3-1) vs San Francisco 49ers (0-4)

What a buildup of excitement to this game as Jerry Rice took the opening kickoff back 40-yards, and one play later Ricky Watters showed why he's an All-Pro, regardless of the record of the team. Watters stormed down field with a blazing 60-yard touchdown run to make the score 7-0 49ers, with 13:13 left to go in the half! WOW, what an electrifying run by Watters!

There was already a feeling that this was going to be an explosive matchup with a lot of pushing and shoving going on by San Francisco's offensive line. Looks like the 49ers are finally tuned up after four straight weeks of losing. Something is bound to give, and it looks like this coach and his team are taking their frustration out on the right team in LA. The Rams as usual, are very poised. Coach Billy O'C complimented Coach Viggs on a great run by Watters, who took it right through the center hole of the Rams line, while the clock ticked away.

On the opening kickoff for Los Angeles, "The Reverand" Isaac Bruce collided with San Francisco's Dwight Clark at the 50-yard line! Clark has been making great plays the entire season on special teams for San Francisco. On first down  Rams running back Wendell Tyler took over, as we watched the "Fabulous-Five" offensive line of the Rams go to work, which consists of Deacon Jones, Rosy Grier, Jackie Slater, Chris Long, and Merlin Olsen. This beautiful looking team was originally painted two seasons ago when the Rams won their first LIEFL Super Bowl.

On first down, Harris Barton made a great tackle for the 49ers on Tyler. On second down the Rams gained 5-yards of the 8 yards they lost on first down, with 8:43 left to go in the half, bringing up a third down for Los Angeles. On the next play, Los Angeles quarterback Jared Goff threw a rocket to Isaac Bruce over the middle of the field and Bruce took it 53-yards on third down into the end-zone to tie the score 7-7, with 6:50 remaining in the half on an outstanding play by the Rams!
For Coach Vigg's 49ers, it's not so much that they've played bad football. They've had some bad breaks and in this league in 2020. You need a little bit of luck especially when you're in four overtime games. These 49ers started the season out on the wrong foot losing their first game to Arizona 17-14 in overtime, and it all went downhill from there. They just collapsed, leaving Coach Viggs to find the answer to getting this team to perform up to par.
Jerry Rice's second kick return for 46 yards put Rice at 86-yards for the day, with 5:15 left to go in a half. San Francisco couldn't get anything going on first down as Ricky Waters was turned around at the line of scrimmage for a one yard loss past the line of scrimmage.
On the next play, the 49ers front line opened a beautiful hole for Watters and he exploded 20-yards to the Los Angeles 34-yard line, with 1:59 to go to end the half. Somehow, Coach Viggs had his 49ers rise to the occasion here on a beautiful run by Watters, who already has 80 yards rushing on the day. Watters ran for three straight first downs as the 49ers advanced the ball to the Los Angeles 18-yard line with 32 seconds left to go in the half! This is the best San Francisco has looked all season long as the first half came to a close with the score tied at 7-7!
To open the second half, Ricky Watters ran the ball to the two-yard line as he hit 112-yards rushing in the game! Coach Viggs 49ers front-line beat up on the best team in the league! You know what they say, "on any given day" it's anybody's game, and that's the definition of a great League, which seems to be the case today. We have a winless team performing against one of the best teams in the league. Coaching matters! On the next play, this time on first down, the Rams defense did their job, stepping-up and stopping the running back Ricky Watters, for a huge 15-yard loss, bringing the ball back to the 17-yard line of San Francisco with 12:03 remaining in the game. In any League the 49ers would be a contender! We haven't seen the best of them this year, but today is a different story.
And on second down, Ricky Watters was turned around again to the 11-yard line, forcing a third down pass play for quarterback Joe Montana, and this is where the Rams can be really tough, but we could already see LA's Coach Billy O'C's strategy was to get this game into overtime to gain the chance to beat San Francisco. And on a poor play by Coach Viggs, Los Angeles All-Pro Free-Safety Nolan Cromwell sacked Montana on third down at the 40-yard line, making a tremendous play, giving San Francisco a 28-yard loss on the play! This is exactly what we just talking about with the Rams, mistakes lose games. The 49ers were forced to kick a 40-yard field-goal as they have to settle for a 10-7 lead, with 7:50 remaining in the game!
This has been a fierce battle and you can see that these two coaches are intensely focused. Billy O'C jumped in the air on the sack and these mistakes are not common for a coach who has earned the reputation as "The master of preparation" in this league in Coach Viggs. Viggs looks very upset. 
On the kickoff to Los Angeles, Isaac Bruce took the kickoff back 40-yards and he was hit hard by Harris Barton, for Barton's second tackle of the day on a great return with nowhere to run for Bruce. The Rams have not been able to run the ball at all today. The only person who has had considerable yardage in the game for Los Angeles is Isaac Bruce, and that's why he is so invaluable because when the machine is broken down, he is the only guy who's going to pick up the pieces. The synergy and teamwork for these Rams is incredible. They are far from a great team, but they play great together!
On first down, Wendell Tyler finally exploded for 21-yards for the first down, carrying the ball to the 49ers 39-yard line, and this Rams offense was showing their worth. They're at the point in the game where this is when they need to transform the running attack. 
Coach Viggs switched things around on his line because he knows he cannot afford to give up huge runs like that. Billy O'C was trying to control that clock and that might be a difficult thing to do, but he is at his best. On first down for LA, Tyler was stopped at the line of scrimmage at the 39-yard line. On second down, 49er's defensive tackle Chris Doleman made a beautiful play for an 11-yard loss, forcing a third down play coming up for the Rams. The San Francisco 49ers have played a terrific football game today. They've had a very impressive outing with lots of compliments by O'C to Viggs with 1:05 left to go in the game! And on the last play of regulation, running back Wendell Tyler grabbed a beautiful pass from Jared Goff for a 31-yard gain to the 19-yard line! This is Rams football, teamwork! The Rams ran out of time and they were forced to kick the game tying field-goal to make the score, 10-10! We are going into overtime!
Unbelievable! The Rams won the overtime coin toss! Simply unbelievable!
The expression of humiliation on Coach Vigg's face said it all as his team was looking at a winless record going into week six. Coach Viggs lost his cool a little bit.
On the overtime kick return Isaac Bruce took the ball back 51-yards on a beautiful run as he was met by 49ers lineman, Randy Cross and Ken Norton Jr. Coach Viggs had a few choice words for the Rams. As alternate coach last year, Viggs played with Billy O'C's Rams against Billy O'C's Dolphins in the LIEFL Super Bowl, which Viggs won $750 and a Super Bowl ring and trophy. Viggs called the Rams traitors. O'C has taught this Rams team how to win. If they win this game they are an amazing 21-5 in their last 25 games. 
On first down Tyler picked up eight yards, bringing the ball to the San Francisco 40-yard line, as the front line for the Rams went to work
on a worn down 49ers defense. On second down, Tyler ran for another nine-yards to the 31-yard line for another first down for the Rams.
Tyler picked up another four yards carrying the ball to the 27-yard line, and the 49ers will not quit, as the 49ers front-line did a spectacular job stopping a prolific running back. What always amazes us about a league is how when it comes to division rivals they play almost like they do in the NFL, with a grudge! It's just a tremendous battle between these two teams regardless of their records. On the next play the Rams readied the pass. The 49ers set up their defense man to man as Isaac Bruce pulled off an electrifying play, breaking free from the 49ers coverage for a Los Angeles Rams 27-yard game-winning touchdown to make the score 16-10 in 7:30 overtime! WOW!
The Los Angeles Rams (4-1) win the game! What an incredible game for Isaac Bruce who finished the day with six carries and 268 total yards with two touchdowns!  The Rams are on fire as they eliminate the San Francisco 49ers (0-5), from the post-season! Coach Billy O'C pointed the one finger! Coach Viggs was dejected. Los Angeles plays the red-hot New York Jets (3-2) at home, and San Francisco travels to play the red-hot Dallas Cowboys (3-2)!

No team is safe!  We are running a league on all-cylinders. The competition is only getting better each week!


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