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Long Island EFL 2023 Week #2 Scores (-Continued-)

Long island EFL

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LIEFL.jpg.e7f02c82e98316bcf6b112ba54121e4b.jpg         LONG ISLAND ELECTRIC FOOTBALL LEAGUE WEEK #2 CONTINUED

SauravNAV_Weekly_Digest.jpg.63f023e2fede11ccf69cae209a8262a5.jpg(Long Island Electric Football League, Long Island, NY).

LIEFL Reflection: Before the Bengals-Broncos game, there was a lot of talk between Bengals Coach Johnny Freeport-Chucker and his best friend Paddy Brannigan. Brannigan's Denver Broncos (1-0) and LIEFL All-Pro Terrell Davis are a hard bargain to beat at home. The Broncos bring with them one of the most historic teams in the LIEFL with seven LIEFL Playoff appearances, four-time finalists, but no cigar at the end. Johnny-Freeport's Cincinnati Bengals (0-1), have to find a way to compete at a higher level. Johnny Freeport says not to worry about his team, just write the article he told Levi Vick.

We remember when the Broncos first came into the league in 1977. That season a young coach Paddy Brannigan took his Denver team to the Conference Championship. At that time the 19-team league was structured differently. Denver was in the NFC, and they won the division. They beat the Raiders 20-17, in the first round of the playoffs, then lost to a tough Green Bay Packers team 14-10, in the Conference Championship Game, and Minnesota (13-1), was upset by Green Bay 14-2, that year, but something enlightening came out of their loss that season. As kids, the Broncos earned so much respect from the coaches by snapping a 66-game win streak of a dominant Miami team, beating Miami in a baseball score 8-5, with a huge argument ensuing between Billy O'C and Brannigan. Billy O'C was sore with that loss against his Dolphins, and it became a hot topic of discussion for a long time until O'C and Brannigan buried the war between the two teams! 

LIEFL 1978 Standings

AFC CON I                              W       L         PF       PA     TDS               

Miami Dolphins 





Dallas Cowboys  




Baltimore Colts 




Kansas City Chiefs 





AFC CON II                              W       L         PF       PA     TDS               

Chicago Bears 





Tampa Bay Buccaneers 




Atlanta Falcons 




Seattle Seahawks 




Los Angeles Rams 





  NFC CON I                             W       L         PF       PA     TDS               

Denver Broncos 





Green Bay Packers 




Cleveland Broncos 




Houston Oilers 




San Francisco 49ers 





  NFC CON II                            W       L         PF       PA     TDS                

Minnesota Vikings  






Oakland Raiders  






St. Louis Cardinals  






Pittsburgh Steelers  






Washington Redskins  






Revenge causes all kinds of problems. The Broncos had what seemed like a sure chance to win a Super Bowl. They are the only other team to go undefeated in a LIEFL regular season (14-0), when they won the division in 1983, but the Broncos were upset by Billy O'C's Buffalo Bills 28-27, in the AFC Divisional Championship Game. Paddy Brannigan went ballistic with the loss! This is why record keeping is so critical to our league. Our league is rooted in history. We had the savvy to keep pristine records, which are the constant focus of progress in the LIEFL. 

Fast forward to 2023, the Denver Broncos (108-68-1) are the LIEFL #3 Ranked Team of all-time, and they still have not won a Super Bowl in the league.

Granted the competitiveness of the league with the Draft has drastically improved the league but we all cheered for Brannigan's Broncos when they made the playoffs for the first time in nearly 30 years, in 2020 for the first time since the 1991-92 season, when the Broncos went (9-5) losing to the Cleveland Browns 28-17, in the AFC Divisional Championship Game. The Draft changed everything because the entire league has been rebuilt into a highly competitive league.

In 2020, Denver placed 2nd in the division. They lost in the AFC Wild Card Game 27-10 to Indianapolis, but they regained respect because of one man who carried the team, Terrell Davis. Davis was ranked #2 in all-purpose yards in 2022, with 67 touches for a impressive 1,708 yards with 10 touchdowns, including four 100-yard returns for touchdowns. In 2020, Davis was a beast as the #1 guy in all-purpose yards with 58 touches for a impressive 1,924 yards with 15 touchdowns, including eight 100-yard returns for touchdowns!  Brannigan has the chance to do something special with the Broncos. 



On the opening kickoff Terrell Davis returned a spectacular 100-yard kick return to start the game with a touchdown, 7-0 Broncos with 14:44 remaining in the half!

Johnny Freeport’s Bengals were held to a field goal on their first set of downs, 7-3, Denver took command to end the half.

The Broncos drove four plays downfield after a 35-yard kick return by Terrell Davis. Davis had runs of 23, 38, and finally his second touchdown of the game from 4-yards out to make the score, 14-3 Broncos in the lead!

Cincinnati stormed right back on a gorgeous Chris Collinsworth 100-yard kick return down the left sideline perfectly executed by Johnny Freeport, to make the score 14-10, Denver still in the lead with 14:33 remaining in the game. BENGALSART.thumb.jpg.0cde9809f1ab7e404d027e647987a7ba.jpgCollinsworth comes through again in the clutch for the Bengals! Johnny-Freeport decided to give Collinsworth the ball more because of the results he brought to the Cincinnati offense last week with his 100-yard kick return touchdown against Cleveland. There are other positive signs for the Bengals. Rookie defensive tackle Trey Hopkins made his fourth tackle of the season. The Bengals will be bringing back the Vintage seventies uniforms next season. 

Denver's turn again on the ensuing kickoff. Terrell Davis ran back another high velocity big run of 70-yards. Then Davis exploded for runs of 10 and 19 yards, until Cincinnati's defense kicked in to stop the Broncos on the next two attempts rushing. But on third down Broncos fullback Rob Lytle broke Free in the end zone for a 13-yard touchdown catch to make the score 21-10, Denver in the lead with just two-minutes left in the game.

Cincinnati finished strong on a speedy 48-yard return by Chris Collinsworth who put on a show for the Bengals. The Bengals wasted no time Collinsworth caught a 34-yard pass, bringing the Bangles to the 13-yard line of Denver where Collinsworth again caught a great pass from Johnny Freeport for a 13-yard touchdown, and the Bengals just ran out of time losing to the Denver Broncos 21-17, in a stunner!

Terrell Davis for the Broncos had 11 touches for 299 all-purpose yards with two touchdowns in the game. Chris Collinsworth had four touches for an explosive 195-yards with two touchdowns for Cincinnati! The Broncos face the Titans next week in a war and the Bengals have their first home game of the season against the LIEFL NFC Champion 49ers. 



The one team that had an impressive Week #1 is the Washington Redskins who beat the Giants 17-6, after losing three straight to New York in 2022.

The Cardinals are a rising team who battles tough like the rest of the teams in the LIEFL, keeping their games close in see-saw battles. Redskins running back nd LIEFL All-Pro Tony Green the super back, started the game with an electrifying 100-yard kick return for the touchdown to put the Redskins ahead 7-0, with 14:42 remaining in the half.

There was no quit in this tough Frontline of the Arizona Cardinals. It took them 10 plays to get into the end zone on a 3-yard run by OJ Anderson to tie the game 7-7, with 14:40 remaining in the game! Anderson knocked over his own man on the play. The Cardinals have one of the toughest schedules in the LIEFL. Arizona faces Seattle and the LA Rams away in Week 3 and 4, and then they play Dallas at home. Those teams have some bad hombres! 
On the ensuing kickoff it was Tony Green again in the spotlight who grabbed his third 100-yard touchdown run of the season with back-to-back 100-yard touchdown returns in the game for the Redskins! Coach Ed Viggs (6-1) has this team fine-tuned and ready to put the time to ready this team for a playoff run. Redskins in the lead 14-7, with 13:07 remaining in the game! The reliable Green has established himself as one of the greatest players in the LIEFL.
There is no quit in Coach Kevin Mac's Arizona offense today. With 5:07 remaining in the game tailback Terry Metcalf took a beautiful pass 65-yards into the end zone to tie the game 14-14!
In a great battle, Tony Green ran his final kick return back 48-yards and after one more run the Redskins kicked the game-winning field goal from 50-yards. Washington beats Arizona 17-14, in a tight game! Green finished the the game with a whopping 248 all purpose yards on just four touches, including the two 100-yard kick returns for touchdowns. Arizona's Terry Metcalf caught two passes for 96 yards, including a sweet 65-yard touchdown pass.

COLTS1(2)ART.thumb.jpg.c72bc8d0c4b0d1270ee5d13bf0dbbc3d.jpgThis was an impressive matchup between Billy OC's Indianapolis Colts (1-0) and Coach Kevin Mac's Cleveland Browns (1-0).

LIEFL All-Pro sensation and big-play running back Joseph Addai, is of the best in the league. Addai can really burn a team. The speedster ran back a strong 50-yard opening kickoff return matched by a 50-yard touchdown run from scrimmage on the first play for Indianapolis, who took the lead 7-0, with 13:21 remaining in the half! Addai had 199 all-purpose yards last week against the Texans, so he's on the hunt for more as last year's AFC Offensive Player of the Year!
On the ensuing kickoff for the Cleveland Browns, Jim Brown ran back a 50-yard return.  The Cleveland Browns in eight plays bulled their way into the end zone on a 10-yard pass play to Mike Pruitt to tie the game at 7-7 as the first half came to a close.
The battle was intense in this game, watching two very progressive LIEFL teams earning respect in the league to a respectable level. BROWNSart.thumb.jpg.61e36ae3c11803f1d52cc3851c9888d6.jpg
  After a 75-yard kick return by Joseph Addai, the Colts wasted no time getting busy. Addai exploded on first down for a speedy 25-yard touchdown into the end zone to give the Colts the lead, 14-7 over the Browns with 13:22 remaining in the game!
The Browns are in the house! They came storming right back after a 62-yard kick return by Jim Brown. It took Mike Pruitt two running plays of 10, and 38-yards to get into the end zone to tie the game at 14-14, with 10:15 remaining in the game. This was a brutal battle for Coach Kevin Mac. Billy O'C has his Colts moving and on the rise. They are looking to get back to the playoffs for the fifth time in their history! In 2020, Indianapolis made it all the way to the AFC Divisional Championship Game where they lost in a heart-breaker 30-22 to the LA Chargers. Billy O'C said, "I am not all about the statistics for Addai. This is a hard working Colts team. We have weapons too that I am ready to break out in Raymond Berry and Marvin Harrison, when we need them. I love the Browns too. They can play some hard-hitting electric football." The Colts are ranked #15 in the LIEFL at (77-94) all-time. The Browns are ranked #14 in the LIEFL at (80-77) all-time! 
On the Colts last possession with 2 minutes left, Indianapolis managed three plays and kicked a 20-yard field goal to win the game 17-14! Joseph Addai had seven carries for a bruising 98-rushing yards with two touchdowns, including an early 50-yard touchdown run. He finished the game with 10 total touches with 286 all-purpose yards! The Colts (2-0) play the Steelers then the Panthers at home in Week 3, and 4. The Browns (1-1) have a huge rematch of last year's AFC Wild Card Game against Miami in Cleveland!


Rookie Coach Bobby Biggs Seattle Seahawks (0-1) have been a cutting edge team for the past two or three seasons. Biggs inherited a team that just that needs direction.  The Seahawks are the first team to pull off a major upset against the LA Rams who at the time were fighting for their third consecutive LIEFL Super Bowl title which looked evident in 2020, before the Rams met Seattle and lost 51-45 in OT in the NFC Wild Card Game! Seattle would go on to lose the war to Washington 24-22 in the NFC Divisional Championship Game. But, Seattle is on every coaches radar because they know running back Marshawn Lynch is a huge threat. The unpredictable Lynch finished as the #3 Rusher in the NFC last season with 42 touches for 629 yards with nine touchdowns.
Playing a huge offensive lineman-type Paddy Brannigan and his Steelers (0-1) on their home turf poses its own problems. We often wonder how Brannigan sets up so fast with the size of his hands versus the size of the 67-Big Men. The Steelers should improve with the player bases they picked up in the LIEFL Draft. "The Bus" streaky Jerome Bettis and Lynn Swann carry Pittsburgh, period. Swann ranked #11th in all-purpose yards with 21 touches for 894 yards with four touchdowns in 2020, and Bettis was ranked #6 with 52 touches for 497-yards, with seven touchdowns. Brannigan is retired too so he has plenty of time to work with his hobby teams.
It took us a while to get to this game because of people coming back from their vacations, but we committed to completing another exciting season and we are back to our regular flow of completing games so that we meet the LIEFL Super Bowl XVIII December deadline. The last time the Steelers touched the field was in their 21-14 loss to their division rivalry Ravens on August 24th, so Paddy Brannigan says he's been working with the team. "My team deserves a shot at the Super Bowl, but it's my job to get the best draft picks and know the talent of what is going to help this team compete in a money league playing at a high-level. I haven't quit on this team, and won't. We've won 92 games in this league and we have been to the playoffs eight times. Not a lot of teams in this league can say that. We have to find a way to win games because a seven game season gives us just a little bit of breathing room to win."
The Steelers are chasing history in the LIEFL as the #6 Ranked team in the League at (92-77). They are just eight games from becoming only the fifth team in LIEFL history to win 100 games, but with this fierce competition it won't be easy to do considering 2025 will be the last season.

An intense looking LIEFL rookie coach Bobby Biggs met up with Paddy Brannigan for a big game. Steelers Lynn Swann ran back a 40-yard kick return to open the game. Two plays later on a 55-yard run from Steelers running back Jerome Bettis around the right end, the Steelers took the lead 7-0, with 11:58 remaining in the half on a spectacular run by the Bus!

The intensity stepped-up when Seattle returned the football. Marshawn Lynch had a 37-yard kick return, but  on the Hawks first run from scrimmage, Lynch blew between the #1 and #2 hole of the Steelers defense for a 63-yard touchdown run to tie the game at 7-7!SEAHAWKS1ART.thumb.jpg.ffe8eea8fa40af33de8736b3cb2d243c.jpg
But the Steelers came right back on an electrifying 100-yard touchdown run by Lynn Swann to put the Steelers in the lead 14-7, with 7:05 remaining in the half in a terrific game! Brannigan's Steelers came to play against rookie coach Bobby Biggs, and Biggs was sharp, and angry with that kick return. Biggs thought he had his men set up exactly where they needed to be, but the positioning proved wrong for Biggs and his Seahawks. There's a lot of pressure on Biggs to perform, especially when it comes to these Seahawks. The Seahawks might be Bigg's only chance for the playoffs so every single play counts.
It was Marshawn Lynch who returned the football 47-yards this time. After two great runs for 16 total yards, Lynch exploded down the right sideline for a 37-yard touchdown run, and man he is dangerous. Seattle 14-Pittsburgh 14, with a minute left in the half!
SEAHAWKS2ART.thumb.jpg.680d26b522d4d006ef8193a24e7e6a61.jpgHoly cow! Lynn Swann ran back his second consecutive hundred yard touchdown run of the game to put the Steelers ahead 21-14! Branigan sure has worked with these Steelers!
Marshawn Lynch did it again! Lynch went into "Beast-Mode" with a 65-yard kick return. Then one play later from scrimmage, Lynch exploded 35-yards for his third touchdown of the game to tie the game at 21-21, with 13:17 left in the game!
Pittsburgh answered right back and took then steam out of the Seahawks momentarily as Lynn Swann returned his third 100-yard touchdown play of the game to put the Steelers up 28-21, with 12:04 remaining in the game! Oh Lord! The room got loud! Never in a million years would we have thought this game would have already scored 49 points!SWANN2ART.thumb.jpg.71788d6e95d5a39a4b3b97e1376e7345.jpg
Bobby Biggs had such a surprise look on his face, like what next?  The Steelers offense stunned! Swann is already at 348 yards in the game! Biggs said, "Unreal that this guy has three on me, three!"
Biggs has Marshawn Lynch, and he is a weapon himself. Biggs loves Lynch and what he does as he watched Lynch return a 50-yard kick return on the ensuing kickoff. Bobby Biggs has not been able to stop the special teams unit of the Steelers and you have to wonder why. He switched it up quite a bit, but to no avail. Nothing that his Seattle team did could stop Lynn Swann and Brannigan's special teams game.
What an incredible game. The Seahawks offensive running game is intense. Marshawn Lynch ran 12-yards into the end zone for his fourth touchdown of the game, tying the game at 28-28! The Steelers cannot figure out how to stop Lynch with the clock ticking and 7:04 remaining in the game.
STEELERS1ART.thumb.jpg.4dd690a201ac1992e157cbdead249014.jpgWhat an incredible ending to the game. Lynn Swann made a key 25-yard first down play to bring these Steelers to the 40-yard line on the kick return. With just seconds left in the game the Steelers kick the field goal to win a dramatic 31-28, playoff like game against a roaring team in Seattle!
It's hard to win on the road in this league and Seattle will go with their backs to the wall (0-2), but they have three straight home games. The Seahawks play some tough customers in Arizona, Washington, and Philadelphia. This is one of the best games the Steelers have ever played and they will be (1-1) on an electrifying performance by Lynn Swann. Swann finished the day with six touches and 418 all-purpose yards, with three touchdowns!
Pittsburgh plays at a red-hot Colts turf next week and then they face the defending LIEFL Super Bowl XVII Champion Kansas City Chiefs. After 59 points scored, over 800 yards watched, and eight touchdowns later this game turned into an amazing historic game between the Steelers and the Seahawks. Marshawn Lynch rushed for a record 201-yards with four touchdowns becoming only the sixth player in LIEFL history in the 7-game season to rush for over 200-yards in a game. Lynn Swann had 413 yards with three 100-yard kick returns for touchdowns in an amazing game! Hats off to both of these coaches.

As the season unravels it's hard not to be embedded in the integrity of the league and the power of performance that really has nothing to do with the coaches, but rather the execution of the plays that these plastic heroes make on the field.

Its been a struggle for veteran coach Kevin Mac. Mac was winless before this game at (0-4). The Titans performed beautifully last year, and they will be challenged this year with their schedule. The Ravens had a come from behind the year with Coach Johnny-Freeport at the helm. He came into the game running his mouth as usual as one of the biggest trash-talkers both on and off the field, and in electric football he's best known as the dramatic-intimidator at best. We'll just see about that in this game. ravensmasonart.thumb.jpg.84decbf50e948965effa8e00139deb19.jpg
Apparently Johnny-Freeport's Ravens came to play. We have nothing against the Ravens. After an 62-yard kick return by Titans return man Brandon Jones, Baltimore stopped last year's Rookie of the Year Derrick Henry, on the first two runs. Then on third down Henry caught a pass but was way short of the first down, forcing a field goal from 43-yards to make the score 3-0 Tennessee in the lead!
On Baltimore's first kick return of the game it was their star player Derek Mason running back 100- yard kick return for the touchdown to make the scores 7-3, Ravens! Wow!
The Titans running game struggled against that Baltimore Ravens defense led by the "Goose" Tony Siragusa, who had his fourth tackle of the game! And after three failed runs the Titans put the ball in the air to Brandon Jones who glazed 40-yards downfield with the score 7-3, Tennessee over Baltimore with 9:42 remaining in the game.
TITANS2art.thumb.jpg.c7aa3ba92fe79cec82f62a3c6203a631.jpgOn the ensuing kickoff Derek Mason returned another explosive 100-yard touchdown return, his second of the game, after running to the middle of the field through traffic. Mason found a way to seep through for the score, 14-10 Ravens! The sixth time LIEFL All-Pro is having a game. Ravens take the lead with 9:18 remaining in the game!
On Tennessee's next possession, the Titans showed their Titans form of last year with the front line earning their way to the Ravens 40-yard line on several runs by running back Derrick Henry. Finally, right tackle Dave Stewart opened a hole for Henry who dashed 40-yards into the end zone to make the score 17-14, and all of sudden events turn in the Titans favor with the lead, with 2:52 remaining in the game, and the clock is running!
The Ravens just couldn't get it done. Baltimore had a weak kick return when Eddie George collided on a great play crushing Derek Mason at the Baltimore 35-yard and out of field-goal range. That play stopped the Ravens momentum from scoring and after an incomplete pass by Johnny Freeport, that crucial mistake gave the Titans and coach Kevin "Mac" Maloney a 17-14 victory, giving Mac his first win of the year!  Tennessee beats the Ravens in a huge win! Sore loser Johnny-Freeport reacted with vulgarities and finger pointing calling Kevin Mack a cheat.

How much bigger rivalry can there be? Coach Ed Viggs takes his 49ers into hostile territory against Levi Vick's Dallas Cowboys. Viggs took these 49ers to the LIEFL Super Bowl XVII here the 49ers lost to a tough Kansas City Chiefs football team who had the momentum. But another great part of the story was that Viggs 49ers were (0-7) in 2020.SF2ART.thumb.jpg.4ba27a280849ea81530c9cdb1cf29ff7.jpg

The Dallas Cowboys played a great first week one game beating the Jets in overtime. Terrell Owens, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irving, and Tony Dorsett fuel the offense behind Larry Allen.
On the Cowboys first possession on the kickoff Terrell Owens had a 62-yard kick return. After two runs Dallas decided to pass and Levi Vick connected on a pass to a wide open Tony Dorsett on 3rd down to score a touchdown a 35-yard touchdown for the Cowboys 7-0, with 8:04 remaining in the half!

It seems coach Viggs put a play in that we've never seen before as the battle against these two teams defensively exploded. On Ricky Watters first three runs he gained only 5-Yards and even the past play on third down didn't work out for the 49ers and Coach Viggs decided to go for it. He used what he calls a cross run making an arrow with his three backs in the backfield, and the San Francisco backfield pushed Ricky Watters to the right side where San Francisco tackle, Harris Barton opened up the #4-hole, and the 49ers on 4th down completed a first down as the first half came to a close. Beautiful call by Viggs!
The second half was a defensive battle with Dallas going back and forth making big plays on defense and killing the clock on coach Viggs. Jerry Rice finally came up big with a 15 yard touchdown reception to tie the game, 7-7, with the clock winding down. On Dallas possession the Cowboys on third down made a great pass play to Michael Irvin for 42-yards and enough to put the Cowboys in field goal range to win the game in a dramatic 10-7 win for the undefeated Dallas Cowboys! 
What a Week #2 in the LIEFL it was!  Standings and Stats to come!

SKINS 2art.jpg





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22 hours ago, Long island EFL said:

Paddy Brannigan went ballistic with the loss! This is why record keeping is so critical to our league. Our league is rooted in history. We had the savvy to keep pristine records, which are the constant focus of progress in the LIEFL.

I don't know Paddy, but I can empathize. 🤬 

I know from your posts that your league is rooted in history, but I suspect it is also deeply rooted in shared values. The values help you stay on track. For example, your rapid style of play and 30-minute games. My games take 6 hours. 

I enjoy your narratives and the artwork you post. Thank you for sharing your history.

Enjoy the Journey   T43   🏈♾️

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