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2020 Long Island EFL Cleveland Browns (1-3) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-4)

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589503352_efllogo.png.c06fc4f2486acd5e38dc839c59b1a54c.pngJAGS BEAT CLEVELAND IN FIRST WIN OF SEASON!



TIAA Bank Field

Football Stadium
TIAA Bank Field is an American football stadium located in Jacksonville, Florida, that primarily serves as the home facility of the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League. The stadium opened in 1995 as Jacksonville Municipal Stadium on the site of the old Gator Bowl Stadium, and included some portions of the older stadium. Located on the St. Johns River, it sits on 10 acres of land in downtown Jacksonville.

countdown1.png.82108293df02549b9a4839b48652e4dc.pngTHE COUNTDOWN: As Gale Sayers Week continues in the Long Island Electric Football League tonight's matchup pits the brutal Cleveland Browns (1-3) defense against the winless Jacksonville Jaguars (0-4). It's time for Jacksonville to start playing some serious football in their jungle and win a game at home. They have already secured the #1 Pick for the 2021 upcoming draft. It's been a strange season for these two teams. Both of these teams are struggling to survive! The Browns are coming off back-to-back losses against Washington 10-0, and Dallas 14-10, and they've had one of the most challenging schedules in the league. Cleveland Coach, Matt Zoo-York McQueen has picked up his pace on the field. He made a few offensive adjustments by giving Mike Pruitt the ball and it changes the way opposing defenses have to play the Browns. The Browns want to make a deal with Carolina for fullback Greg Jones, but that is yet to happen because both teams are run by Coach McQueen (8-9), and he doesn't want to jinx his possible playoff bound Panthers. He mentioned that he may ask Levi Vick to trade up Cleveland for Jacksonville.

Jacksonville Coach Levi Vick, has faced lots of criticism in his first year playing in the LIEFL, but Vick remains steadfast about playing hard, learning the league, the coaches, and the players. Vick said, "Any new league takes time to adjust and get through these growing pains too, but they will go away.  I won two Super Bowls in a league I played in for ten seasons, but won no money. This league has it all, money, ring, trophy! But it is like going from Double-AA to the big leagues with this league. The coaches and the teams are so close to what I would consider, a Hall of Fame League. The records are mind boggling and the level of each figure player base has spent countless hours getting the teams to perform at this level on every team. There is a process before a game and you have to be there 15 minutes before and be on schedule. The players are treated professionally. The bottoms are dipped in water, the game fields are properly prepared and cleaned with brand new football's every game, the schedules are accurate and on point, and there is this, the Tudor Forum amazing informative outlet. We have serious responsibilities. You lose, you write in the Forum, you win, you get rewarded. Years of organization and guys who invest in the hobby. I am getting my butt handed to me. There is a lot at stake and I can't even believe how amazing a fantasy league like this is run. It is beyond organized. Not a single coach in my old league, which I thought was awesome, would win three games in this league and I told the league about the Tudor Forum. I have won six games here, and I need to get better. They replaced me already in the old league, and they play a ten game season. The winner of this Super Bowl may play the winner of my old league." Vick (6-12-33% games won), coaches Dallas, Houston, New England, and Jacksonville. Vick's best shot is going to be Dallas to make the playoffs this season, but more than likely as a new coach, the fold is inevitable coming down the stretch.


THE PLAY BY PLAY: Cleveland Browns (1-3) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-4). October 1, 2020. Jacksonville Florida.

Coach Levi Vick's Jacksonville Jaguars came out here on a mission and they opened the game with a beautiful Freddy Taylor 90-yard kick return to set the Jags up beautifully on first down. Jacksonville found out how tough that Cleveland Brown defense is as Kam Wimbley went right through the line of the Jaguars on the first two plays, forcing a third down pass play. On third down Jaguars quarterback Mark Brunell threw a rocket to his receiver, Jimmy Smith over the middle for a Jacksonville Jaguars touchdown, giving the Jaguars the lead 7-0, with 9:57 left to go in the half! WOW!

There are a few great matchups worth mentioning. Jaguars defensive tackle Rob Meier, who has a LIEFL leading nine ten tackles this season faces Browns offensive tackle, Ricky Bolden. Meier has been All-Pro three straight seasons. Win or lose the Jaguars have been thinking about switching him to the lineman spot at center.
On the opening kickoff for Cleveland, Jim Brown took the ball back 60 yards on a beautiful run to the Jaguars forty-yard line.
The Browns have changed the way they are playing in the backfield. Jim Brown agreed to be the kick returner and Mike Pruitt will be their guy who runs the short yardage game. Pruitt picked up five-yards on first down with 6:42 left to go in the half with the clock ticking.
On second down Pruitt picked up another four yards, taking the ball to the 31-yard line, bringing up a third and one situation. The Jaguars were sporting those beautiful black jerseys, and the Cleveland Browns have been completely redone bringing to life that old traditional uniform. On Pruitt's next run he was stopped again on third down with one yard to go for the first, as Cleveland were forced to pass the ball on fourth down. The Browns were working on killing the clock like they do every game, trying to ensure an overtime game on the road.
On fourth down, Jim Brown came up big with a beautiful 31-yard touchdown catch from Teddy Bridgewater to tie the game at 7-7, with 1:46 left to go in the half in this week five matchup!
On the next kick return Freddie Taylor returned the ball 71-yards to the Cleveland Brown 29-yard line as the first half came to a close, with the score tied!  Coach Levi Vick had to get a running game going for these Jaguars.
The second half began with a freak play on first down, after being pushed back by the Cleveland Browns defense Jaguars running back Fred Taylor hooked on to his teammate who then spun Taylor forward 10-yards for the first down! That play brought the ball to the Cleveland 18-yard line! Beautiful play! It hasn't all been pretty for either of these teams this season, but this game was an all-out battle for respect! Freddie Taylor found his way out of a pile of players in the middle of the 18-yard line, as Taylor tumbled for the first down at the 18-yard line! Finally, on the next play, Taylor took it in from 18-yards away as Coach Levi Vick's Jaguars took the lead 14-7, with 12:39 left to go in the game what a battle! 
Cleveland left it in Jim Browns hands to run back a yard gainer. Brown silenced the crowd with a 65-yard kick return and the Browns, giving running back Mike Pruitt plenty of room to get busy. On first down, Pruitt ran for one-yard, taken back by a ferocious Cleveland front line. On second down Pruitt ran 17-yards for the first down, bringing the ball to the Jacksonville 18-yard line, which seems to be the lucky number of the day. Cleveland consistently has had a running issues, but it wasn't like that in the eighties for this team when Mike Pruitt ran all over teams, making the playoffs in 1978, 1991, 1992, and 2017.  The Browns have not been able to match that caliber play since, but the league has changed so much and the speed of the game has changed.
And on the next play Pruitt ran for another first down for 13-yards, down to the 5-yard line with Rob Meier coming up with his 11th tackle of the season. Meier just sliced through the whole center of the line! He has a great year, beating his opponents off the football.  The Jacksonville Jaguars lack a triple threat. Coach Levi Vick is going to have to go back to the drawing board after the season and make that #1 pick a good one! He has to figure out where he needs to help most as Meier comes up with another tackle, with 5:50 remaining in the game, with the clock ticking. The Browns were flirting with the clock as time ran down on Cleveland.
On second down Mike Pruitt stormed the ball into the end-zone for a beautiful 4-yard touchdown run to tie the game 14-14, with 3:58 left to go with the clock ticking in another exciting football game!
This week is going to be a very difficult week to select a game of the week because almost every game has been exciting a battle!
On the kick return Jags, Freddie Taylor was crushed at the 36-yard line by Cleveland's Ozzie Newsome. Newsome has played fantastic on special teams, making his second tackle of the day!
With 39 seconds left to go in the game, receiver Allen Hurns took the ball to the 49-yard line for Jacksonville. That was enough to put the Jaguars in field goal position as they kick a 49-yard field goal to win their first game of the season 17-14, beating the Cleveland Browns (1-4). Coach Vick said after the game," I never doubted these Jaguars (1-4). We've had a really tough schedule and I've gotten to learn the team. I think we'll be back strong next year, and that was just a great performance by my team. We seem to have been in every game this year, but luck just didn't go our way and in this league sometimes you need a little luck!" We caught up with the losing coach Matt McQueen. He said, "The Jaguars are a great football team and Coach Vick played a great game today, and so did his team."
Jacksonville plays at Baltimore (4-1) next week to face another elite LIEFL team. Jags running back Fred Taylor had 7 carries for 225 total yards with an 18 yard touchdown run. The Cleveland Browns plays the New York Giants (3-2), next week in a great match-up at the Meadowlands in New Jersey.




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Finally Levi Vick’s Jaguars score!!! They deserve it with the hustle they brought onto the field!! Great job boys ❣️

LI EFL 4 EVAAAAAAAAA❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️🏈🏈🏈🏈🌶🌶🌶💥💥💥💥💥💫💖💖💖image.jpeg.d1665d88348c7f63187d39b79a131698.jpegimage.png.c333f843dcbe84ddddd2ee7b10656cfd.png

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