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Long Island EFL 2023 Week #2 Scores

Long island EFL

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longislandelectricfootballleague2020logo.jpg.b90b1e19da73a4533b5e238a19b6018f.jpgFALCONS RIGGS RUNS INTO RECORD BOOKS WITH HIS 239-YARD FIVE TOUCHDOWN WILD PERFORMANCE IN OVERTIME OVER EAGLES 34-28!


abhellLIEFL.jpg.689fc98065ffebf8fd1a2ce368eec13b.jpgLIEFL Atlanta Falcons superstar (42) Gerald Riggs broke Keith Byars single game 7-game season rushing record with 239 yards with five touchdowns! The Falcons went on to beat the Eagles 34-28 in OT! 


Week #2 Summary by Kevin Mac, Paddy Brannigan, and Joey Pizz.

Falcons 34-Eagles 28 (OT 5:25)

(Long Island, NY) In trying to be more informative and helpful for new coaches, the Long Island Electric Football League is made up of professional, mostly retired organized people, which help us all to stay on the same page communicating. SeveraSauravNAV_Weekly_Digest.jpg.a0a65c49071985b0faf005d8bbae20b3.jpgl spent their careers in law enforcement (Thus the Nicknames), trades, business, and education. Keeping accurate and up-to-date running historic statistics and records is critical to our league, and it makes this league so much more fun. We use a program called "Be-Funky" to turn our photos into cartoons. Coaches set goals for their plastic players, and they strive for excellence in breaking those league historic records, and we play for money.

We are huge fans of the National Electric Football Game Museum and Chris LeMay's innovative way to celebrate our beloved hobby. OIP(10).jpg.72ed40135b899a13519644c650bff1a2.jpgBeing on the Board of Director's is beyond an honor. Electric Football has influenced millions from our Baby Boomer generation and it's important that we inspire our tradition to those who may not know about the game. Billy O'C said, "I tell my college students about the game and although I have just a year left before retiring, I plan on showing a demo of the game to capture the interest of our youth."   

A sidebar interesting tid-bit of information about the LIEFL. The past two LIEFL Super Bowls were played in Coquina Key, Florida at the home of a guy readers probably never heard of, Ray Negron,  who is originally from the burning down South Bronx of the seventies. Negron was the New York Yankees Special Advisor to the late George M. Steinbrenner III, for nearly 40 years before the Boss’ death. Negron just celebrated his 50th year in Major League Baseball with the Yankees this year, and coach Billy O’C is also a documentary filmmaker who is doing a documentary on Negron’s life called Batboy “The Ray Negron Story”. O'Connell wrote, filmed, edited, did the voiceovers, and produced the entire documentary. And to be working side-by-side with Ray's friend, actor and Executive Producer, Chazz Palminteri, star of, "A Bronx Tale" it is an amazing experience for O'C.  Billy O'C said, "I am not a Yankees fan, but I am a Ray Negron fan, who the world will soon be learning about through the doc. The New York State Assembly recently announced a Ray Negron Day for his work with the youth in so many crumbling communities. When Ray spoke at the United Nations for the third time, and was presented with another International Humanitarian Award, as an educator I was blown away, considering the life Ray comes from in his youth living in the inner city of the South Bronx, New York. with 14 people living in his house." Joe Bino, our alternate coach, will be playing lots of games for Billy O'C as a result of the documentary. LIEFL Coach Bobby Biggs said, "I mean come on' Ray is the guy who pushed Reggie Jackson from the dugout to take the curtain call after Reggie's three-home runs to win the World Series? Ray is like a made-man for one of the greatest Sports franchises on the planet, but when I learned that he had a similar life to mine, being abandoned by my father, I connected."


Who knows, maybe we will make a few dollars to contribute to this game and hobby. Negron is a fan of the LIEFL through Billy O'C, who is doing his part to carry on the legacy of the game. The LIEFL will close it's doors in 2025. Negron said, “This is really a great game. It’s almost like the people who play this game have the magic to bring these figures to life in a ‘Toy-Story’ imaginative way. I can’t believe these guys still play the game and that there is a long network of kids, now men, who have transformed the game.” Billy O’C said, “Ray’s story is incredible, and it’s been three years in the making of this documentary on his life. We have big stars in the documentary and never before told stories that our baseball audiences will never forget. And here we are in this world of electric football, but also connected to baseball in a small and humble way.” Take a peek at the documentary trailer.


Okay, back to football!

After an exciting Week #1 in the Long Island Electric Football League this week opened with the Philadelphia Eagles against the hosting Atlanta Falcons, both (0-1). It seems every year something new can be pinpointed about the league. Like your leagues, this season the teams seem better, the scores are higher, the speed seems faster, the defenses have a greater presence, and the coaches’ skills seem more focused.

What we do in our league because decaling new players every year would be a major undertaking, instead we put our best 11-men on the field picking the “Best-Ever or All-Time” type player roster from each team, making for an inclusive and popular, memorable team. So, if you see the old names in the lineup, they are the legends of the LIEFL gridiron.

As for statistics and photos, each coach is responsible for submitting statistics and photos after their game to Long Island Sports Hall of Fame Inductee, Andrew Slawson. Slawson then puts it all together and Levi Vick posts it.

It's top coach Matt Zoo-York against Johnny Freeport in this one. And boy it's a good thing the plastic Gerald Riggs backs up Johnny Freeport's talk because it was a record-setting day for the LIEFL Superstar back who would be a guaranteed major go-to star in any League. With the Steve Miller song "Space Cowboy" playing in the background it seemed to fit the mood of the day. Johnny is imposing. The retired homicide detective with ponytail, is 6’4 250 pounds of mouth.

If there was any doubt about the Falcons and their return after playing a great game last week, losing a tough one 27-21, to the rising Chicago Bears, Gerald Riggs, the biggest back in the league, made it clear, he is shooting to break his own all-purpose yard record as the only player in the LIEFL to break 2,000 yards in a single 7-game season. In 2019, Riggs had a record-setting 78 touches for 2,339-yards with 21 touchdowns! It is the best season ever for any player in the seven-game season in the LIEFL.

Coach Johnny Freeport, who coaches the Dirty birds said, “It’s nice to see these records, but my goal is to win a LIEFL Super Bowl with this team for Riggs.” Although the Falcons have been to the LIEFL Playoffs five times, in 2000, they were Western Division Champions, but they fell short in the NFC Wild Card Game losing to Dallas, 56-52 in the second highest scoring playoff game in the history of the LIEFL.


Gerald Riggs opened the game with an incredible 100-yard kick return for a touchdown, 7-0 Atlanta! The Blockbusters are going off! Johnny Freeport yelled, "It's going to be a long day for you Zoo."

Eagles kick returner Harold Carmichael showed signs of improvement running back a 54-yard kick return to open Philadelphia's first possession. Carmichael has been through several player bases in the past two seasons. Two plays later running back Keith Byars launched his way into the end zone with a 36-yard touchdown run to tie the game, 7-7! When Byars and Riggs get hot, watch out! Byars is a streaky player. In 2022, Byars finished as the #1 NFC running back, with 38 touches for 704-all-purpose yards with 11 touchdowns, including a 74 yard touchdown run!  

Atlanta turned on the heat after Gerald Riggs returned his second kick return to 39-yards on the kickoff. One play later Riggs broke free on the left side for a bustling 61-yard TD scamper with blazing speed, with 7:00 minutes to go in the half to put the Falcons ahead 14-7!

PHILLY1ART.thumb.jpg.09e3a0c66dfc59272e228a21863fbcf2.jpgOn the next possession, Harold Carmichael ran the ball back 55-yards on the kick return to set up the Eagles and Keith Byars. In one play, Byars exploded for a 45-yard touchdown run right through the middle of the field to tie the game at 14-14, with 3:46 left in the half!

The Atlanta Falcons and the Philadelphia Eagles were in beast mode! Someone is going to walk away a loser in a hard way in this one.

Gerald Riggs returned the ball 42-yards on the kick return, and it only took Riggs one play to run 58-yards into the end zone for his third touchdown of the game to give the Falcons the lead 21-14, as the first half came to a close! There is a feel of greatness in the air! Both of these offensive machines are relentless.

After Harold Carmichael's 41-yard kick return, Keith Byars had breakout runs of 10, 13, 29, and finally a 7-yard touchdown run into the end zone to tie the score at 21-21, with 8:31 left to go in the game! What a game! It will be tough to match the excitement of this game after watching Gerald Riggs score his fourth touchdown of the game to give Atlanta the lead 28-21, with 2:23 remaining in the game!

It was Harold Carmichael who nearly broke free at the 30 for the 100-yard touchdown return, but Carmichael was turned by his own man for a 75-yard kick return. One play later with just 30 seconds remaining Eagles utility player Rudy Ford tied the game with a beautiful 25-yard touchdown catch for the Eagles who tied the game at 28-28! We are going into overtime! It’s anyone’s game!

The Falcons had the luck of the draw, winning the overtime coin toss!

ATLANTA4(1)ART.thumb.jpg.37cf5e6bfb2e0e8f3a487e1e5eebc2bf.jpgAtlanta’s Gerald Riggs had a wide-open field, but he was turned at Atlanta's own 30-yard line on the kick return in overtime. That did not stop the superstar. Riggs turned it up running for 10, 12, 33, and 15 yards into the end zone in overtime running for his fifth touchdown of the game!


The Falcons walked away with this one 34-28, in a Week 2 tremendous victory!

This was a career day for an already fantastic running back, and credit to the Eagles, another power team! 

Gerald Riggs was chasing Keith Byars single game rushing record in a 7-Game Season. Today, Riggs had nine rushes for 239-yards with four rushing touchdowns, setting a new LIEFL rushing record in the game, breaking Byars 2018 record of 224 yards. including a 61-yard-long touchdown. Riggs ran the ball back five times on kickoffs for 261-yards, including a sensational 100-yard kick return for a touchdown.

Gerald Riggs had 14 touches for 500-yards with five touchdowns in the game! Keith Byars rushed for 150 yards on 7 carries, but he had three touchdowns including a 45-yard touchdown run. Harold Carmichael ran back the ball four times for 225 yards in the game!

There was an amazing 62 points scored with 775 yards and nine touchdowns between the two teams! That's what we call an incredible matchup and a heartbreak for the Eagles who begin this season (0-2).


These two teams are heavy rivals and with a pair of coaches who love to win in Packers coach Ed Viggs who won LIEFL Super Bowl VXI, and Matt Zoo-York winning LIEFL Super Bowl XVII, so anything can happen.

To open the game, Green Bay star Sterling Sharpe had a beautiful 68-yard kick return. It only took two plays for a rejuvenated Terdell Middleton, who played great last week, to score on a 16-yard run to give the Packers the lead, 7-0. Middleton has 7,080 career all-purpose yards, with 59 touchdowns for Green Bay, but this is a new game, new vision, with Drafts, new player bases, and competitive coaching here in the northeast with our own competition just like other great leagues around the country.

The Panthers wasted no time, tying the score on a 38-yard touchdown run by LIEFL All-Pro Deshaun Foster to tie the game 7-7! Foster is a beast!

GREENBAY1(1)ART.thumb.jpg.e48b7b642a8a94df08193f9a70b89f9b.jpgIt was Green Bay's Terdell Middleton and Sterling Sharpe who were key on the next set of downs for the Packers. Sharpe set up the offense with great returns in the game, and Middleton exploded for runs of 42 yards, and then he had a 21-yard touchdown run right through the right side of the Panthers defense! The Packers took the lead 14-7, with the first half coming to a close!

Panthers star kick returner and Big Man Greg Jones ran back a speedy 40-yard return. He was hit hard by Terdell Middleton. It only took three plays for Deshaun Foster to run his second touchdown into the end zone on an electrifying 41-yard run through right tackle, tying the game at 14-14!

 On the next set of downs Sterling Sharpe returned the kick 81-yards giving the Packers phenomenal field position. It was Terdell Middleton again who would get into the end zone from four yards with 3:45 remaining in the game with the Packers in the lead 21-14 in a great game!

With time running out on the Carolina Panthers, in a miracle Greg Jones returned a hundred-yard kick to tie the game 21-21, with 2:16 left to go in the game in a nail biter! The pressure is on for Green Bay!

On the ensuing kickoff Sterling Sharpe shined with an amazing run up the middle for 71-yards, but Sharpe was hit hard by LIEFL All-Pro lineman Kaa’wan Short with a little over a minute remaining in the game. The Packers delivered in Championship form.

Green Bay had less than a minute to go in the game to pull off a run for four yards and then the Packers were forced to kick the field goal to win the game 24-21 in a stunner! The Packers and Panthers look super! Green Bay is (2-0) on the season and the Panthers played great at (1-1). These two will meet again!

The story of the day was Packers Terdell Middleton's three touchdown runs for 118-yards, were electrifying, and his partner in crime Sterling Sharpe was a terrific setup man in the game with four kick returns for 257 yards in the win!


It is one of the strangest games we’ve seen in the LIEFL. After last week’s pouncing by the Indianapolis Colts 24-14, Houston Texans coach Levi Vick wasted no time in regaining control of his Texans and going into the more than 1,000 player bases sitting in the barrel who are free game in the league. With a player like Ron Dayne on offense it would be an injustice to not give Dayne the blocking he needs to succeed. Dayne is the one shining light that Houston has. Dayne performed hard last week against the tough Indianapolis Colts and their dominance over the Houston Texans.

 The Game:

Miami began with a 52-yard kick return by Mark Duper. The Texans showed their resilience by shutting down Miami for the first time this season, and the first time in a long time for the Dolphins, on four consecutive plays, forcing the Dolphins to turn the ball over to the Texans at the 34-yard line of Miami. But even with star running back Ron Dayne, the Texans could not capitalize, and they missed the field-goal after being shut down themselves. With 3:04 remaining in the half the ball went back to the Dolphins. Lots of respect to that resilient Houston line. They stopped Miami again!MIAMI2(3).thumb.jpg.be9ca32b4b04e2988ed2fcc1a7b66b21.jpg

In 15 minutes of football, for the first time this season, nobody scored. This was a battle of will between the Dolphins defense and the Texans defense who rose to the occasion. Texans lineman JJ Watt and tackle Mike Brisiel led the way. Brisiel had three tackles. He ran over both AJ Duhe and Manny Fernandez, two very respectable players. Players do stand out when there's no score, especially when they're making big plays. Ron Dayne and coach Levi Vick was totally stumped by the Dolphins defense. They were forced to pass twice for the first time this season. What a tough defensive battle with 12:13 left in the game and the ball belongs to the Dolphins.

Houston showed Tremendous resilience.

The defenses for both of these teams spoke as the game went on in the clock ticked, and with 4:52 remaining in the game there was still no score. On third down Mark Duper fell short of a first down and the Dolphins had a big decision to make because with the time left. Going for the first down on the run would be too risky for Miami, and Billy O'C's passing rate is shaky. If the Dolphins went for it on 4th down and didn't make it the Texans would get the ball back in Ron Dayne's hands and the Dolphins just couldn't risk that. Coach Billy O’C made the decision to kick the field goal, 3-0 Miami!MIAMI3ART(1).thumb.jpg.3557b6e25682c0e614514dbaff4ed17a.jpg

When the Texans got the ball back Miami stopped them on a first down pass attempt by Levi Vick with seconds left in the game, and the Texans ran out of time and short of field goal range. I don't think this league has ever seen Ron Dayne held under 150 yards. Dayne had four touches for 37 all-purpose yards with zero touchdowns. Miami has a drought on offense. Dolphins running back Mercury Morris was no better. The speedy Morris had 10 touches for 30-yards with zero touchdowns. Even Duper only had 69 yards on two kick returns. Miami won 3-0!

By the second game of the season coaches have to take a stand for their team like in any League. Since it's a seven-game season they have to rise to the occasion early to build the momentum. The best thing any team can do is win on the road.

How could Houston get so beat up in Week #1 and then come back and play one of the best teams in the league and battle like this in Week #2 and told them to three points? That is how the Texans have to fight the rest of the season! It is a testament to good coaching and preparation. 

The Texans (0-2) are at New Orleans (0-1) in Week#3 and Miami goes to Cleveland (1-0) to face Jim Brown, Mike Pruitt, and a tough Browns defense in a rematch of last season's AFC Wild Card Game, which the Dolphins won 38-34!


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers come in hot after a big win in Week #1 and the Vikings will be tough to beat on their home turf, but a win on the road for Tampa Bay would be a huge pivot for them in the competitive and steamy NFC South Division.

The Game:

On the opening kickoff Vikings star Adrian Peterson returned the ball 61- yards, but the Vikings couldn't move the football against the overbearing Buccaneers Frontline led by Leroy Selmon and Warren Sapp, who have been trouble for offensive opponents thus far. The Vikings were held to a field goal to give them the lead 3-0!

Watch out! Bucs LIEFL All-Pro and last week’s star, Jimmie Giles, is on fire opening up the game just like he did last week with a stunning 100-yard kick return for a touchdown, carrying over on his 448-yard performance last week against the Lions in the Bucs 31-28 victory! 7-3 Bucs, with 7:34 to go in the half!BUCS1(1)art.thumb.jpg.bff990e846192f34ad8768e10e56a0bf.jpg

It's hard to measure the heart of a plastic player!

After a 52-yard kick return Adrian Peterson had runs of 5, 10, 3, and 7 yards to the Tampa Bay 22-yard line as the first half closed. 

That Buccaneers defense stormed through the Vikings front line with Minnesota losing 15-yards in the running game. Warren Sapp played like a beast! Tampa Bay stopped the Vikings again with the score still 7-3, Tampa Bay in the lead.

On Tampa Bay's first possession after stopping and stuffing Minnesota, the Buccaneers drove 54 yards downfield on a Dave Moore catch to set up the final score of the game. Tampa Bay kicked a 33-yard field goal after losing 15 yards to the Vikings defense, ending the game 10 3 and the Buccaneers go 2-0!

Tampa Bay goes back home to face the high-flying Falcons (1-1) in a war! Minnesota (0-2) put themselves in a poor position. The Vikings need work. They play the Lions at home next week facing a red-hot Dexter Bussey and coach Johnny Freeport.


Beating coach Ed Viggs wouldn’t be easy, but it is possible.

We knew from the start this would be a big game with the Eastern Division Champion New England Patriots playing the Western Division Champion Los Angeles Chargers. There is a lot to prove between these two teams. Transfer coach Levi Vick (2-3) handed coach Ed Viggs (5-1) his first loss 10-7, as the Patriots continue their winning streak at home during the regular season at six! It was a war between two elite teams and as usual in these big games it comes down to strategy. Vick killed the clock and kept the ball out of LaDainian Tomlinson’s hands.


PATRIOTS1(2)best.thumb.jpg.2ff8569ffe69fc5386dc432f45965bd4.jpgPatriots running back Laurence Maroney ran four times for 10, 11, and 5-yards, and then New England was slammed by that Chargers defense led by Los Angeles LIEFL defensive end Earl Faison. But on third down Randy Moss IS BOSS, broke Free for a 35-yard touchdown catch to give the Patriots the lead 7-0, with 6:29 remaining in the half! Moss has his second huge play of the season. Last week Moss broke free for a 63-yard touchdown catch against Miami. He's quickly becoming this year's LIEFL's star receiver.

The Chargers wasted no time. 2022 leading LIEFL rusher, LA running back LaDainian Tomlinson returned the ball 45-yards on the kickoff. Two plays later Tomlinson revved the Chargers offensive engine with a 44-yard touchdown run to tie the game at 7-7, with 2:27 remaining in the half! From that point on, it was an aggressive defensive battle. We noticed early on in Week #1 that so many teams have improved with the Draft last February.

New England did a super job killing the clock with key first downs by Laurence Maroney. He had three first downs in a row which brought the Patriots to the 28-yard line where they kicked the game-winning field goal 10-7! Maroney finished the day rushing 11 times for 52 yards. New England’s defense held LaDainian Tomlinson to 55-yards rushing with one touchdown. Tomlinson only had 45-kick return yards, and 100 all-purpose yards for the day.CHARGERS1(5).thumb.jpg.af50f25a73bdcaf163875dbf3e904ea7.jpg

Levi Vick said, “That’s the only way to beat Viggs and his teams … ball and clock control.” Viggs said, “Levi can play, and he is learning the importance of a solid running game and defense.  I think I pass more than anyone in the league. The Patriots made key plays against us, but as the season gets into playoff mode, we will be ready.”

Coaches in the league thought the Chargers would beat New England on the Patriots home turf. They forgot that this is the same team that beat Miami at Miami in the season finale to win the AFC Eastern Division title. And Miami beat Los Angeles in the playoffs.

The Chargers (1-1) go home to play the defending Super Bowl XVII Champion Kansas City Chiefs in what will be a highly anticipated battle between Coach Matt Zoo-York and Ed Viggs. New England (1-1) faces Coach Billy O’C’s Bills at Buffalo to face the current top dog in the league Jay Brown, in what could be a huge divisional matchup!


We're still waiting to unpackage Bobby Biggs coaching skills and the New Orleans Saints five new draft picks. They were put to the test in this game against Coach Paddy Brannigan’s Week #1 winning Chicago Bears and the explosiveness of Willie Gault. Biggs claims he had plenty of guys like that in his old League that he came over from, and we're happy to hear it because that means he's a competitor and he can be the judge of the competition. But not so fast. Biggs is not ready to give the LIEFL any credit yet. Rather Biggs (1-3), is in the hunt to unhinge the historic league by proving he can be a rookie Super Bowl Champion!  LIEFL Commissioner Billy O’C said, “Nothing is impossible. Biggs is a great coach who is great for the league and the competition. The road to a championship most likely will go through coach Ed Viggs. We all want to beat Viggs.”


SAINTS1ART.thumb.jpg.0fbc68059a86f2ffaf00e4a4bc8693c9.jpgThe Chicago Bears stuffed Reggie Bush after his 52-yard kick return. The New Orleans offense was unsuccessful in four straight plays at midfield. When the Bears got the ball, running back Walter Payton exploded for a 47-yard run to the three-yard line of New Orleans. On the next play Payton ran in a 3-yard touchdown run to give the visiting Bears a 7-0 lead, with 2:19 left in the first half! Bobby Biggs rebuilt the Saints the way he wanted them. The offensive line showed promise at times powering their way through a gritty Bears defense. Chicago had the #1 defense in the NFC last year with 83 points allowed, and they were #2 in the LIEFL. The Saints were tied for 11th with Green Bay on offense.

On the ensuing kickoff, Reggie Bush returned a 60-yard kick on the ensuing kickoff. Bush was just getting revved up and four plays later he ran a 27-yard touchdown to tie the score 7-7 with 9:42 remaining in the game!BEARS2(1)ART.thumb.jpg.f4f1001cd46c7018b07fff41f48e9221.jpg

Willie Gault buzzed an electrifying kick back 70 yards and Gault was hit hard by Saints lineman Bruce Clark at the 30 yard-line. In the final minutes of the game there was lots of back and forth. Gault exploded for a 30-yard touchdown run after a nice pass by Paddy Brannigan, to put the Chicago Bears up 14-7! 

Bobby Biggs’ (1-3) last ditch effort to manage the clock seemed almost impossible. Biggs dropped another game, this time to the tough and gritty Chicago Bears (2-0), who put in a valiant effort. Chicago faces the undefeated Packers at home next week, and New Orleans must again fight for their season. They face the winless Texans at home next week.

Bobby Biggs seemed very frustrated and would make no comment. 




















The Buffalo Bills are coming off of a tremendous game against the Kansas City Chiefs which was the game of the week last week. The Chiefs may have won that game but in that game Buffalo's kick returner Jay Brown made his name known throughout the league last week with his 495 all-purpose yards and his four historic 100-yard touchdown returns. Coach Billy O'C expects more out of Brown in today's matchup. It didn't take long for the Bills to score in this wild offensive shootout with Las Vegas. 


BILLASARTOJ.thumb.jpg.43c4ddfe86460c39582d1a603a02e662.jpgLast Week’s LIEFL Player of the Week Jay Brown ran back a 48-yard kick return and was hit hard by Raider’s lineman Gene Upshaw. It only took one play, a 52-yard run into the end zone for OJ Simpson to give the Bills the lead 7-0, with 12:41 remaining in the half!

Las Vegas star Dave Casper ran back a 94-yard kick return for the Raiders to open the Raiders first drive. The Buffalo defense stopped the Raiders on three straight plays undoing Casper's Good return. It's evident the Raiders had issues on offense for coach Kevin Mac. The Raiders running game has been stuffed two straight games. Bo Jackson had 41-yards rushing against Denver last week, and this week he carried the ball two times, but Jackson was unsuccessful gaining a single yard. They had to settle for a field goal with 6:31 remaining in the half, 7-3 Buffalo!

Wow! Buffalo's Jay Brown ran back an electrifying 100-yard kick return for a touchdown, Brown’s fifth 100-yard kick return of the season with Dave Casper running right next to him, to put the Bills ahead 14-3 with 5:28 remaining in the half. The Buffalo offense is on fire!BILLS2(1).thumb.jpg.f253e385ff15311b04d3436ced404def.jpg

The Raiders wasted no time. Dave Casper ran back a 60-yard return and Marcel Darius made an incredible open field tackle saving the Bills from a certain 100-yard return. Running back Mark van Egan got open on first down for a 40-yard touchdown for the Raiders, 14-10 Buffalo, with 1:27 remaining in the half!

Jay Brown ran another speedy 43-yard return to set up the Buffalo offense. OJ Simpson ran for a first down and then one play after that Simpson exploded for a 47-yard touchdown into the end zone! The Bills put the AFC on notice, Watch out! Simpson already has 108 yards rushing in the game with 12:59 remaining!

Unbelievable! The Raiders special team unit does it again with Dave Casper running back his first hundred-yard kick return of the season to make the score 21-17 Buffalo, with 11:42 remaining in the game. That's the Raiders we're used to!

RAIDERS1ART.thumb.jpg.dcb0a96b85067c1d238f3dd74cd579fa.jpgThe Buffalo Bills offense is relentless. After a short kick return by Jay Brown, Bo Jackson made a great play for Las Vegas, and the Bills were held to 26 yards on the play. That didn't stop OJ Simpson who drove 76 yards downfield in five running plays into the end zone for his third touchdown of the game to make the score 28-17 Buffalo had the lead with 2:44 remaining in the game, and what a game it's been! Coach Billy O'C has these Bills in playoff form!

The Raiders used their time wisely after a 62-yard kick return by Dave Casper. Casper then on the next play quarter 38-yard touchdown pass with time running out. Buffalo walks away with the victory in a great game 28-24, and the Raiders turned it around in the second half to keep it close!

OJ Simpson rushed for 183-yards with three touchdowns and Jay Brown added 217 yards on kick returns and 100-yard return. OJ had 194 yards rushing against Dallas on November 6, 2019, adding this one to the record books of the LIEFL best rushers in a 7-Game Season. 

Dave Casper exploded on the Buffalo defense with six touches and 363-yards with two touchdowns, including 100-yard kick return for a touchdown! When Casper gets hot, the Raiders streak! The Jets are at Las Vegas next week in Week #3, and the Patriots face Buffalo at Buffalo in a huge match up!


After Coach Pizz Week #1 loss to Washington 17-6, Pizz had to regroup with his Giants so that they don't let the season get away. Anything can happen in what is beginning to become a very intense league much earlier than we expected.

On the opening kickoff Giants LIEFL All-Pro Offensive Player of the Year in 2022, Ahmad Bradshaw returned the ball 60 yards. New York need Bradshaw at his best! The Giants earned every yard from there with running back Saquon Barkley running for 4, 31, and 4-yards into the end zone, Giants 7-0 with 10:14 remaining in the half!

RAMS1ART.thumb.jpg.6b8be928adf18bf5ac0d92c50ab82a5d.jpgThe Giants defense stepped up huge against the Rams after the Reverend Isaac Bruce returned the 76-yard kick return. The Giants defense came alive and stomped down the Rams offense, forcing them to kick a field goal 7-3, Giants in the lead.

On the ensuing kickoff, Ahmad Bradshaw ran back an electrifying 100-yard kick return, his first of the new season, to give the Giants the lead 14-3, with 2:08 remaining in the half! The Giants came to play today against Billy OC's Rams.

After a speedy 39-yard return by Isaac Bruce for Los Angeles, Rams running back Wendell Tyler exploded for a 61-yard touchdown run up the middle, making the score 14-10 Giants, with 14:20 remaining in the game! Tyler ran a spectacular run. Is the Giants center vulnerable? We’ll find out.

GIANTS2ART.thumb.jpg.d9fbef096fa7bb9ff951fa3ccefc6ad1.jpgOn the Giants next possession, Ahmad Bradshaw returned the ball 32-yards. Four plays later, on runs of 4, 20, and 44-yards, it was Shaquon Barkley getting into the end zone celebrating Barkley's second touchdown of the game to make the score 21-10 Giants, with 7:41 remaining in the game!

The Rams never gave up. They finished the game with an 8-yard touchdown pass to Eric Dickerson with the Rams losing in a close one 21-17! 

When the Giants have Bradshaw involved in the game they win. Bradshaw had 192 yards on kick returns, plus a 100-yard touchdown run. To perform at the same level as he did last season might be too much to ask, but Pizz is confident that Bradshaw will remain consistent. Barkley rushed for 107-yards with two touchdowns, including a 44-yard touchdown run. For the Rams Wendell Tyler had six touches for 105 yards and a 61-yard touchdown run. Isaac Bruce was his consistent self with 166 yards on three kick returns!


The Jets played a great game last week against Dallas. Their offense was explosive. Coach Joey Pizz said that he needs a win, and he need to get into a rhythm like he did last week with his Jets. Running back Le'Veon Bell had 145-yards rushing with three touchdowns against a premiere Dallas defense.

On the Jets first possession Jets kick returner Wesley Walker returned the kick 53-yards to set up Le'Veon Bell. Bell and the Jets offense continues to impress as Bell ran a 47-yard touchdown run on his second try against a swarming Jaguars defense, 7-0 Jets with 11:55 remaining in the half!JETS1ART.thumb.jpg.af5988f6b269f45223d294ad6ee07d63.jpg
It didn't take long for Jacksonville's LIEFL All-Pro Freddie Taylor to get back at the Jets. Taylor busted out for a 68-yard kick return and then he had runs of 6, 25, and a 2-yard touchdown run to tie the game at 7-7!
On the ensuing kickoff Wesley Walker ran back at 37-yard run. Then he came up huge on 3rd down for a 47-yard pass reception to bring the ball to the Jacksonville 32-yard line. One play later, Le'Veon Bell exploded for his second touchdown of the game from 32-yards with 10:53 remaining in the game! Both teams are very impressive!
Jaguars Freddie Taylor answered with a terrific 100-yard kick return to a wide open left side of the Jets defense to tie the score 14-14 with 9:20 left to go in the game!
The Jets used Don Maynard again like they did in Week #1 when Maynard ran back a 100-yard touchdown against Dallas. This time Maynard was clobbered after running the ball back 38 yards by Jacksonville lineman Abry Jones.
The Jets earn their way to the 2 yard line but could not score on the run. They kicked a field goal 17-14, and the Jaguars had one last run by Freddy Taylor for 47- yards but it wasn't enough, the Jets win their first game at home 17-14 over a fierce Jaguar defense.



When we saw this game on the schedule, we knew that this was a showdown game between the defending LIEFL Super Bowl XVII Champion Kansas City Chiefs on the road against Dexter Bussey and the Detroit Lions. But not so fast in who's better on the metal gridiron. That's coach Matt Zoo York for the Chiefs and the mouth of the league Johnny Freeport with his beloved Lions who definitely have improved their defense. 

Tyreek Hill is right up there with the best of them in this league and the Chiefs will not be intimidated by the Lions. In fact, the Chiefs defense is ready.


On the opening kickoff, Lions star Dexter Bussey ran back a 61-yard kick return followed by runs of 10, 16, 1 yard, and then Bussey had a 14-yard touchdown pass to give Detroit the lead 7-0, with 6:25 remaining in the half.

Kansas City wasted no time, with Tyreek Hill blazing a 50-yard run to set up running back Priest Holmes and the Chiefs offense. In one play, Holmes ran a 50-yard touchdown breaking through the left side of the Chiefs defense behind Detroit tackle Lomas Brown, into the end zone to tie the game 7-7 with 602 remaining in half.

LIONS2ART.thumb.jpg.cb0a3eca142b44f0bdac5d49a56bbf72.jpgOn an unbelievable kickoff return for the Lions, Dexter Bussey buzzed down field for an amazing 100-run for the touchdown to give Detroit the lead, 14-7.

Kansas City came right back. Tyreek Hill returning the ball 35-yards and five plays later Tight end Tony Gonzalez caught a terrific 51-yard pass for a touchdown to tie the score at 14-14, with 11:07 remaining in an intense game!

Dexter Bussey ran back a 51-yard kick return on the ensuing kickoff. On first down Bussey ran a gritty 20-yard first down, and the Lions are coming for the Chiefs.

Detroit couldn't get it done on offense. The Chief answered the call to toughen their grip defensively, and they forced the Lions to kick a field goal after falling short of the first down. Detroit took the lead, 17-14.

CHIEFS2ART.thumb.jpg.3e6bf8c0d89cd99754f6f600196ef43f.jpgThe Chiefs came charging downfield, but Tyreek Hill was destroyed in the backfield by Priest Holmes, returning the ball 22 yards. On the next play it was Tony Gonzalez again, who exploded for a 68-yard first down to the seven-yard line where the Chiefs kick the field goal to tie the game at 17-17!

We are going into overtime with the Lions winning the coin toss!

In overtime, Dexter Bussey ran for a 35-yard kick return on his final kick off of the game. Bussey then ran off tackle Lomas Brown for 15-yards after being stopped on two runs. Johnny Freeport then threw a bomb to Herman Moore who caught a 50-yard touchdown pass in 3:33 of overtime to give Detroit the victory 23-17, over the Almighty Kansas City Chiefs!

What a game! Johnny Freeport was running his mouth and wouldn't stop. "You better watch out Zoo, Chucker is winning this year's Super Bowl. You are overrated," said Johnny Freeport. There was no response from Matt Zoo-York.

Lions superstar and LIEFL All-Pro Dexter Bussey, who is one of the greatest backs in the history of the LIEFL, finished the game with  13 touches for 323 all-purpose yards with two touchdowns, including a 100-yard kick return! Bussey is hot! That's his second straight 300-yard game, giving him 19 touches for 691 all-purpose yards with five touchdowns, including four 100-yard kick returns for touchdowns this season. With two LIEFL Super Bowl's to Detroit's credit, Bussey has 11,163 career all-purpose yards with 78 touchdowns before the season started. 

Detroit heads to Minnesota next week to face the (0-2) Vikings in a huge division game for both teams. Historically slow starters, coaches are baffled with the Vikings play. After making it to the NFC Divisional Game last season, they have had a rough start this year. Kansas City played great against these Lions and they just didn't have the luck-of-the-draw. Chiefs Tight end Tony Gonzalez had a Big day catching two passes for 119 yards with one touchdown. Kansas City plays a huge divisional game at their rivalry Los Angeles Chargers (1-1)! 










MIAMI 2 (2)ART.jpg



ATLANTA 1 (1)ART.jpg





PATRIOTS1 (3).jpg

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