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Long Island EFL 2023 Week #1 Scores

Long island EFL

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longislandelectricfootballleague2020logo.jpg.b90b1e19da73a4533b5e238a19b6018f.jpgCHIEFS BEAT BILLS IN GAME OF THE WEEK 38-35! RECORDS SET BY BUFFALO'S JAY BROWN WITH FOUR 100-YARD TOUCHDOWNS!


Buffalo's Jay Brown set a LIEFL super record with his four 100-yard touchdowns for touchdowns in the Game of the Week! What a game it was against the defending Super Bowl XVII Kansas City Chiefs who won the game 38-35 in a high-octane game! 


Week #1 Summary by Levi Vick and Joey Pizz.

Coach Ed Viggs won his 400th!

We made a pact to play until 2025!

The Long Island Electric Football 67-Big Man League kicked off its exciting 2023 seventh consecutive seven-game season after ten years of 14-game seasons.

We have some touchy coaches who have a hard time accepting when they lose, just as they did as athletes, so it makes for a more exciting season when people with the same passion play for money. Coach Billy O’C said, “It’s just a game.  This year's payout will again be $3,200 dollars to our Super Bowl finalists. That may increase through our sponsor.”

 This season it will take us two weeks to finish one week of play with two games scheduled per night leaving one day where we play three games. Some weeks will go faster as the schedule frees up for everyone. This year's games are being played at Johnny Freeport and Patty Branigan's who have made two stadiums. We alternate back and forth where we play. This league has 10 game boards, but this year we will use two, possibly three.

 The league expects to reach new heights this season with amazing competition and a proven track record through its annual draft, which keeps teams at peak performance ability. The LIEFL saw 26 fiercely competitive teams up until the final week of the season in 2022, so we are ready to rumble.

 The two top coaches last season were Matt Zoo York who took his Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs all the way with a 47-37 victory over defending Super Bowl Champion coach Ed Viggs who rallied his high-powered San Francisco 49ers into Super Bowl XVII after Viggs 49ers went winless in 2020 with San Francisco. 

Rookie coach Bobby Biggs will be under the microscope just like third year coach Levi Vick was when he first entered the league. Biggs may learn that he will have his hands full as an outsider coming into the fast-paced competitive league with rules to adapt to. We don’t do other leagues rules. We do what works for us. The coaches in the LIEFL all played organized sports, so we in this league, like most leagues developed combined best practices and rules suitable for our league several years ago.

Each week the league will provide game-by-game summaries, standings, and league leaders in rushing, kick returns, all-purpose yards, and receiving yards for all of our 32 teams. In addition, cool photos will be transformed in the spirit of the league and coaches. Also, feel free to check out the history of our league.  

We play all of our games in scheduled order and will feature the Game of the Week first.


Chiefs 38-Bills 35 LIEFL GAME OF THE WEEK!

In the game of the week, it was a huge rematch between Buffalo and Kansas City, which lived up to its billing becoming one of the best games in the history of the league! Right from the outset the vibe was explosive!

 What a way to do it on the opening day for both teams. Repeating a Super Bowl is a huge challenge, but what we can expect from the Chiefs is to fight hard every game and the same for the Bills. Both have won a Super Bowl in this league, and both are powerhouse offenses with cutting edge coaches, but the edge has to go to Coach Matt Zoo York, the South Bronx Native in this one.

What an opening kickoff. Tyreek Hill blazed 73-yards to the Buffalo 27-yard line on the opening kickoff. It only took one play for LIEFL All-Pro and Super Bowl XVII MVP Priest Holmes to rumble 27-yards into the end zone, 7-0 Chiefs! Statement made and a continuation of the AFC Divisional Championship Game that saw the Chiefs Beat Buffalo 56-52, to advance to the AFC Championship Game last season.1hillkcart.thumb.jpg.2e47367aedfd424652b95517ba297a23.jpg

Buffalo wasn't having it as third year kick returner Jay Brown ran back a blazing 100-yard touchdown to tie the score at 7-7, with 11:38 left to go in a half and the fireworks began! The Chiefs and Bills came to play, and they fell right into the groove!

In this one the coaches were on their feet as Super Bowl XVII co-MVP Tyreek Hill, and not to be outdone by Brown. Hill returned the favor to Buffalo with his own 100-yard electrifying touchdown to put the Chiefs up 14-7, with 10:09 left to go in the half! It's going to be a big year for both of these highly elite and competitive teams right down to the finish line.

No way! Do we have a game? Jay Brown did it again running back his second consecutive 100-yard kick return for a touchdown! Game tied,14-14, with 8:31 left to go in a half! Wow!

It is hard to explain the excitement in the room. Long Island Electric Football League Superstar Tyreek Hill ran back a 57-yard return on the ensuing kickoff followed by another huge run by Priest Holmes for his second touchdown of the game as Holmes scampered around the left side of the Bills defense for a 43-yard touchdown run to put the Chiefs up 21-14! This is a game!

1jaybrownart(2).thumb.jpg.14a690363ca5e5b02080f098fc40cc75.jpgThe Bills made a statement of their own to begin the season, that they wouldn’t be intimidated by anyone in the league. Buffalo fired right back at Kansas City as Bills return man Jay Brown hit the record books with his third straight 100-yard kick return for a touchdown to tie the score at 21-21 in an incredible game! Brown, another great Draft pick, separated himself from the pack with a sensational run. He had just 6 touches for 345 yards with two touchdowns in 2022. Billy O’C went wild with Brown’s runback watching him make a name for himself in the early season! The league has been put on notice!

It was evident that there would be no stopping either of these teams as Priest Holmes answered for Kansas City with his third touchdown of the game behind that enormous Kansas City front line led by LIEFL All-Pro Willie Lanier to make the score 28-21, with 1:14 left to go in the wild half!

On the Bills next kick return, He almost did it again! Jay Brown ran back a 95-yard play and three plays later, Bills running back OJ Simpson topped it off with a 4-yard run to tie the game 28-28! Weapons are being launched for these two teams, and you can almost sense an AFC Championship Game feeling between the two, but the mountain to get there is tall!

When two teams go 100% and leave it all on the table, it opens eyes. Priest Holmes rushed for his fourth touchdown run after Tyreek Hill ran back a 37-yarder. These guys have become premiere players. The Chiefs pressed forward to make the score 35-28! What a battle! Magic is in the air.1holmes.thumb.jpg.e108f5cb3a5736d3ec863ea7df248812.jpg

On the next kick return Jay Brown set a new LIEFL record with his fourth 100-yard kick return for a touchdown in the game, tying the game at 35-35! What an explosive run with 6:33 left to go in the game in one of the best ever! The excitement is incredible on an amazing run cut up the left side of the field to through weak side of the Kansas City defense.

The record for all-purpose yardage in an LIEFL game in the regular season, in a 30-minute game was set by Miami’s Mercury Morris in 1978 when he had 530 total yards against Atlanta in a Miami 42-14 romp!

Most coaches in the league never thought somebody would or could break that record, but Jay Brown came so close. He would fall just short of breaking a 45-year-old LIEFL record! He finished the game with a whopping 495-yards! Brown needed just one more runback for the record, but it didn’t happen.

On the Chiefs last drive after a 39-yard return by Tyreek Hill, Kansas City took that chance away from Brown. Three runs by Priest Holmes for the Chiefs sealed the deal as they ran out the clock, finishing with a 37-yard field goal to win the game 38-35 in what will be the game of the week and one of the greatest LIEFL games ever played. Even though Jay Brown didn't break the record in his blockbuster performance, he had four 100-yard kick returns for touchdowns and then a 95- yard return setting a new record in the league. That’s two amazing games between this hot contested matchup.

And that's not all. Priest Holmes exploded for AFC record breaking 211 yards rushing with four touchdowns on 10 touches, surpassing Miami’s Mercury Morris’ 200-yard game against the Patriots last season! There were 73 points scored in the game. Between the two teams there was 1,065 yards and 10 touchdowns on 22 touches miraculously in a 30-minute game! What is their destiny and who can match these two teams in the AFC? The Bills (0-1) are at home against the Raiders (0-1) and the Chiefs (1-0) are at the Lions.

Ravens 21-Steelers 14

The opening game for Week #1 in the LIEFL against the revived Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens rivalry was intense on the path to Long Island Electric Football's Super Bowl XVIII in the kickoff game! This week #1 took longer than usual with people out of town as the summer comes to a close. But, we will speed up the season after this.

RAVENSART.thumb.jpg.936a0e4bdb97dd1bf2f273eaaa43244c.jpgThe Ravens knocked the Steelers out of the playoff run in the last week of the 2022 season, but Baltimore showed promise in the countdown.

Baltimore started the game with fireworks on an 88-yard kick return by LIEFL five-time All-Pro Derek Mason who finished the 2022 season 10th in AFC All-Purpose yards with 22 touches for 1,052 yards with one touchdown, 100 yards. Mason's return was followed by a 12-yard touchdown scamper by Baltimore running back Jamal Lewis who put Baltimore ahead, 7-0. Ravens coach Johnny Freeport began his trash talking from the outset. "Looks like it's going to be another long year for you and the rest of the League this year especially in this division, my Ravens are going all the way in the division" he bragged to coach Paddy Brannigan. Johnny also complained that the loser of the Super Bowl shouldn't receive a penny. The money should go all to the winner, he argued, wasting time.

The Steelers rallied right back with a Lynn Swann 66-yard opening kick return followed by a Steelers 34-yard touchdown run by the "Bus" Jerome Bettis. With all the changes that the Steelers have made in the draft, they have to put it all together and become cohesive.

On the Ravens next possession, it was Jamal Lewis again taking a 37-yard pass into the end zone to put the Ravens ahead, 14-7. Lewis ranked 9th in AFC for Baltimore in rushing last season, with 39 touches for 487 yards with eight touchdowns.

swammmmmmart.thumb.jpg.3ca384d67387d5968be016a5565ed801.jpgPittsburgh came storming back with their own 37-yard touchdown catch by Lynn Swann to tie the game at 14-14. Swann came on strong at the end of last season finishing 11th in AFC all-purpose yards with 21 touches for 894 yards with four touchdowns. 

With 38 seconds left to go in the game coach Johnny Freeport Chucker screamed every yard of the way as Derek Mason sealed the deal with a crushing 100-yard kick return for Baltimore as the Ravens won the opener 21-14 in this division battle! Just what Chucker needed to ignite him.

Pittsburgh coach Paddy Brannigan walked off in complete disgust. 

REDSKINS(1).thumb.jpg.8878b211e614ea5f378ee592264e2d7e.jpgRedskins 17-Giants 6

The NFC East featured this high-powered division matchup with the Giants beating the Redskins three times last season. Big Blue LED the league in offense in 2022. Starting the season on the road is always a huge challenge because the home team gets the ball first in 30-minute regular season games with playoffs 60 minutes, but the teams that are great in the league have to be able to win on the road. Coach Joey Pizz did a phenomenal job getting New York to the NFC Championship Game last season. But the Redskins have made big changes this season and plan to be spoilers to the NFC East.

Surprise! On the opening kickoff coach Viggs and his Washington Redskins scored an electrifying 100-yard kick return trumped by LIEFL All-Pro Tony Green who sliced and diced through the Giants defense ... blazing through the middle of the field in 14 seconds to give the Redskins lead, 7-0!  Don't forget, Green was the #2 All-Purpose player in the LIEFL NFC in 2022, with 67 touches for 1,538 yards including nine touchdowns, two of them were 100-yard kick returns! Green finished 9th in 2022 NFC rushing with 44 touches for 379 yards with seven touchdowns for Washington. 

On the Giants first possession last year's offensive player of the year and last week's Hall of Fame Game MVP, Ahmad Bradshaw, who finished #4 in All-Purpose Yards with 21 touches for 1,457 yards with seven touchdowns, six were 100-yard kick returns, but Bradshaw was the #1 Kick-Return leader in the league with 17 touches for 1,379 yards with six 100-yard touchdown returns. Bradshaw took the opening return 72 yards, and four plays later the Giants were shut down by a much-improved hard-hitting Redskins defense who held New York to a field goal, score 7-3, Washington while chewing up the clock in a fast-paced game!

GREENLIEFL.thumb.jpg.efa495486ca77be424c30295aa244684.jpgOn the Redskins second drive it was all Tony Green again who muscled through the Giants defenders, returning the ball 30 yards on the kick return. After a big gain, and yard first down, two plays later Green exploded 60-yards into the end zone to put the Redskins ahead, 14-3. Wow! The Redskins picked up four player bases in the draft and coach Viggs' choices are paying dues. This team will compete hard this year for their coach. 

The number one Giants offense of last season was stopped on their next drive and held to another field goal to make the score 14-6, Washington. Coach Viggs Redskins came to play!

On the Redskins last possession field and were running out of time so they settled for a field goal to win the game 17-6, in dominant fashion and for this week they Schooled the New York Giants shutting down both Bradshaw and Barkley.

Is there a new sheriff in town? Coach Pizz said, "I was in shock that we couldn't get anything going, not even the pass. We looked great against Miami in the Hall of Fame Game, so we have to go back to the drawing board and not let this season get away because it's only a seven-game season." Viggs said, "Pizz is a great coach, but I've been working with these Redskins, and after losing three in a row to the Giants last season, I was determined to get it right. We got the slingshot ready to pick everybody off who stands in our way. This is a hard-working football team and Tony Green is underrated. Behind this front line this season we should do well with what we got in the draft."

Elite coach, Ed Viggs won his 400th electric football game in the league! Viggs has been a staple in the league with his sportsmanship and play calling. In high school the now Wall Street Guru Viggs played for the two-time Rutgers Cup Champion at Bay Shore High School, where he also played lacrosse. 

In 1976, Viggs Merged Leagues with Billy O’C and Matt-Zoo Four-Time LIEFL Champion. His proven track record as a competitor is awesome. 1984 LIEFL SUPER BOWL VII CHAMPION! Washington Redskins beat Miami 34-31 in (OT)! 2018 LIEFL SUPER BOWL XIV CHAMPION LA Rams beat LA Chargers 31-28! Viggs played with Billy O’C’s Rams and Beat Billy O’C again in 2019 when in LIEFL SUPER BOWL XV, the LA Rams beat the Miami Dolphins 44-41 in (OT)!

2020 LIEFL SUPER BOWL XVI Green Bay Packers beat Miami 52-49! Played many tournaments in Nashville TN. Lost Super Bowl XVII Chiefs 44- 49ers 37!

Washington looked fabulous! Never underestimate coach Viggs. It's week 1, but the Redskins will be a contender winning their 110th game in the Long Island Electric Football League. Congratulations to Viggs! Anyone who can shut down the #1 offense in the 2022 New York Giants will open the eyes of other coaches in the league. It won’t get any easier with the tough schedules they have. The Giants are home against the hot LA Rams (1-0) and Washington plays Arizona in Washington.

Browns 17-Bengals 14

Johnny Freeport and last year's Super Bowl champion Matt Zoo York faced off in a tough division rivalry. Johnny Freeport started the trash-talk the minute he put his Bengals on the field. "This guy never should have won a Super Bowl in this league because he's just an average coach, and it's time to unleash the beast and win some early going football games here," Johnny said. Matt answered, "We'll see about that and don't forget I beat you guys in the last game of the season." Game on!brownsorigart.thumb.jpg.5e691a8984bd5e84e0dbb6b2d2232291.jpg

Zoo's Cleveland Browns came out fighting on their first possession, but so did the Cincinnati Bengals in a fight for the division this season. The battle on the front line was real between the two teams with the slight edge going back and forth to each of them. Cincinnati was left with a sour taste in their mouth to end the 2022 season when the Browns beat them 10-0, knocking Cincy out of the playoffs in the final game of the season.

 It took the Browns four plays to get in the end zone after a 71-yard kick return by LIEFL All-Pro Jim Brown followed by three plays, one of them a 43-yard touchdown reception by Brown to put the Browns ahead 7-0! Big things are expected from the Browns who earned one of the top draft picks at linebacker in Tae Davis. The Bengals kept Davis contained and he was no threat in this game.

Cincinnati impressed after a 48-yard kick return by last year's team return leader Chad Ocho- Cinco Johnson. It was all forward motion for Cincinnati. After a fast four yard run and then a 15-yard run, Cincinnati running back Icky Woods broke Free for a blistering 33-yard touchdown scamper to tie the game at 7-7! With 2:45 to go and a half the Browns got the ball back.

Running back Jim Brown set fire to the offense after a 61-yard kick return. One play later Brown took the ball into the end zone on a 39-yard explosive run to put the Browns ahead 14-7, with 14 seconds left to go in a half!

Wow! On the next kick return Cincinnati answered as return specialist this season Chris Collinsworth, returned a stunning hundred-yard touchdown run to tie the game at 14-14, with 14:11 to go in the game! These Bengals this year have a different look than last season with a powerhouse Frontline and a revived running game.

This year's draft picks have been impressive thus far.

The Browns drove down field in six plays chewing up the yardage and the clock, forced with 14 seconds to go in the game to kick a field goal from 37 yards to win the game in dramatic fashion 17-14! 

Johnny Freeport Chucker ran his mouth, saying, "Zoo is in for a rude awakening when we play in a few weeks against each other again." Matt Zoo York walked away with the win against the most disliked coach in the league, making no comment.

Cleveland's Jim Brown finished the game with six impressive touches and 254 yards with two touchdowns as the Browns started the fire in the AFC North. Jim Brown will never die as a legend in The Long Island Electric Football League because he is a big part of Long Island sports history. In real life, Brown attended Manhasset high School here on Long Island in Nassau County.  Brown earned 13 letters playing football, lacrosse, baseball, basketball, and running track. 

Dolphins 17- Patriots 14duper(2).thumb.jpg.beb6d1b025393027d044dd1966b4e681.jpg

In a highly anticipated game New England finished strong in 2022. The Dolphins impressed also with their third straight AFC championship appearance, but can they change their course of direction this season and win It all?

An exciting and electrifying opening kickoff Mark Super-Duper took the kick return 100 yards into the end zone to put Miami ahead 7-0.

Rob Gronkowski returned the ball for the Patriots 46 yards followed by two failed runs out but then on third down with 10 men on the field for Miami, Randy Moss took a 63-yard pass Play into the end zone to tie the game at 7-7!

The Dolphins came storming right back with a Mark Duper 44-yard kick return. Miami Running back Mercury Morris ran for 13-yards and then it was stopped by a tough Patriots defense. But on the second play Morris ran a 43-yard touchdown scamper right through the left side of the field to give the Dolphins the lead 14-7, with one minute and 30 seconds left to go in a half!

The Patriots game storming back with the Gronkowski 43-yard return. The Patriots battled and were forced to pass on third down when The All-Pro Gronkowski took a 53-yard reception to the 5-yard line of Miami. One play later Laurence Mulroney ran in a 5-yard touchdown play to tie the score at 14-14, with 8:14 remaining in the game! 

What an exciting division rivalry between coaches Levi Vic and Billy OC.

It was Mark Duper running the ball back 44-yards on the kick return on the ensuing play. Mercury Morris then had five runs of 12 yards 7 yd 4 yd and he was stopped twice at the 43-yard line with the Dolphins running out of time, forced to kick the game winning field goal to beat the Patriots,17-14! Miami strikes first this time and New England looks strong.

Cowboys 34- Jets 28 (OT)

In what would become a sensational game between two excellent coaches, Levi Vick’s Cowboys are back in force!

smithART.thumb.jpg.9719f5a6250e693b1db55e4041760b24.jpgThese two teams don't often meet so to watch them play a historic game with more than 60 points scored and 904 yards with eight touchdowns in the game, that qualifies this amazing game as a historic game which will go into our record books. Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith exploded for 193 yards rushing, with 15 touches and three touchdowns making that the best performance since 2020, when Los Angeles Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson rushed for 197 yards against Kansas City. Smith runs behind an enormous front line led by Larry Allen.

The New York Jets picked up a couple of draft picks and Dallas replaced Harvey Martin's player base. The Cowboys had a freak (2-5) season last year after earning a playoff berth in 2021. But it appears the Cowboys are back!

Both of these teams came with some serious intensity. Wesley Walker returned a 51-yard kick to open the game and it only took the Jets one play, a 49-yard run by an emerging LeVeon Bell to give the New York a 7-0, lead. Coach Levi Vick's Cowboys were armed and ready as star kick returner Terrell Owens brought it back 48-yards on the kick return. Three plays later it was Emmitt Smith's smart running through the left side of the Jets to tie the score at 7-7, with 7:06 remaining in the half!

bell1art.thumb.jpg.472664cb389d9bd56a63fa78478d24fe.jpgThe next kickoff was returned by Jets return Man Wesley Walker for 55 yards. One play later Le'Veon Bell exploded again, this time for 45 yards into the end zone to put the Jets ahead 14-7, with 4:22 left to go in the half. Bell and Smith are putting on a show!

It took Dallas five plays to tie the score 14-14 with Emmitt Smith running in his second touchdown of the game and the Jets just could not stop this offensive line. 

Instead of collapsing under pressure Wesley Walker returned a very nice 49-yard return on the ensuing kickoff. One play later, it was Le'Veon Bell again with a 51-yard electrifying touchdown for the Jets to give them the lead 21-14, with 7:30 left to go in the game! Coach Joey Pizz and his Jets fought for every yard!

Unbelievable! After a 38-yard return by Terrell Owens, it was Emmitt Smith who ran two times for 17 yards and then he escaped around the right side of the Jets defense for an explosive 45-yard touchdown run to tie the score at 21-21, with 3:10 left to go in the game!

The Jets decided to give the ball to the reliable Don Maynard who ran back an explosive 100-yard kick return for the touchdown to put the Jets ahead 28-21, with 2:12 remaining in the game and what a game it is with both coaches erupting in week 1 action!

Cowboys Terrell Owens returned the ball 62 yards to give Dallas great field position. One play later Owens starred again with a 38-yard touchdown catch to tie the game 28-28, sending the game into overtime! Wow!

The Cowboys won the coin toss in overtime, and it was once again, Terrell Owens who got the football. Whoever loses this game will be a terrible heartbreak, but what a week one matchup. Nobody expected this game to be this close. We thought Dallas would overpower the Jets.

After an 82-yard kick return by Terrell Owens the Cowboys and Emmitt Smith fought their way down field to set Dallas up with game-winning field position, but the Jets refused to back down. It's an unwritten League rule to never quit on your team no matter what, obviously.

The Cowboys came up huge and upset the Jets in 9:34 of overtime 34-28 in a stunner as Michael Irvin took in the game winning touchdown from 8 yards away on a rocket by Troy Aikman, giving Dallas the victory on the road. Coach Vick clenched his fist together and Coach Pizz shook his hand and walked off dejected! Every game is a war with the competitive teams in this league!

For New York, Le'Veon Bell ran for a career high 145-yards with three touchdowns for the Jets, Wesley Walker had 155-yards in kick returns, Don Maynard had a hundred yard touchdown return, and for the Cowboys Emmitt Smith bullied his way on the gridiron for an amazing 193 yards with three touchdowns going into the Long Island Electric football league history books, and All Pro return specialist for the Cowboys Terrell Owens, stole the show, with 303 all-purpose yards! So far, one of the best games of the season is making this a historic game!

Broncos 17-Raiders 3

Last season when these two teams met the fireworks went off early. There are several players between the two teams who have star status. Dave Casper is a seven-time All Pro and one-time Super Bowl MVP. Denver's Terrell Davis has been on the rise for the last three seasons as one of the leaders in all-purpose yards and kick return yards and the Long Island Electric football league.

bigd1art.thumb.jpg.7e78df4bf4e1220909f013558a92c467.jpgDavis has finished in the top five each season and this year the Broncos hope to get back into the playoffs after making their first playoff appearance and more than 30 years back in 2020.

On the opening kickoff Denver running back Terrell Davis earned 41-yards. And seven plays later the Broncos scored on an end around to Davis from 12-yards, 7-0 Denver in the lead, with 5 minutes left to go in the half.

The Raiders Dave Casper returned Las Vegas first kick for 46-yards as the half closed. Bo Jackson was held to zero yards on his first two carries and the Denver defense delivered big. Las Vegas struggled to run the ball on offense.

The Denver defense stopped the Raiders on 4th down and handed the ball back over to the dangerous Terrell Davis who in two plays ran 45-yards into the end zone to make the score 14-0, Denver in the lead!

Opposing teams can't make mistakes against the fierce running attack of Terrell Davis. It's going to cost them every time. Lots of frustration for the Raiders coach Paddy Brannigan. The three draft picks that Las Vegas earned, and this year's draft are a bust with 10:14 left to go in the game.

The Raiders drove to the 23-yard line, but they couldn't score a touchdown. Las Vegas killed the clock, but they just couldn't muster up an offense to get into the end zone. Denver took full advantage and unleashed Terrell Davis who masterfully returned the football 76 yards on their last kick return of the game after the Raiders kicked a field goal.

Denver also ran out of time kicking their own field goal to win the game 17-3, in a very impressive first outing for the Broncos. The Raiders have to regroup for Coach Brannigan. The undersized 67 Big-Men of the Las Vegas Raiders have a challenge ahead of them.  

Jaguars 17-Titans 14

Rookie coach Bobby Biggs came with an attitude against Kevin Mac’s 2022 playoff Titans. Biggs was victorious in his first ever Long Island Electric football game! For the first game in the LIEFL Biggs did outstanding taking the Jaguars into 6:02 in OT! 

It took Bobby Biggs Jacksonville Jaguars just five plays to get in the end zone on a 57-yard pass reception for a touchdown by Jags receiver Alan Hurns to make the score 7-0, Jags.

The Titans brought back their power from last year when they made their playoff run. This was a tough back and forth battle. Titans second year running back and last year's rookie of the Year Derrick Henry, is one of those pesky running backs and a challenge for a coach in Biggs, who knows nothing about him. Biggs was totally shocked at 4:57 remaining in the half when he saw Henry run a 58-yard and around down the sideline into the end zone, tying the game at 7-7 with Biggs yelling “No, it can’t be, how on earth …” But Biggs quickly recovered and focused.

Biggs Jaguars showed resilience. Jacksonville never quit and neither did their much-improved defense.

jag1art.thumb.jpg.d535b70d7c407fcd9d4c10c450120f2f.jpgAfter a 64-yard kick return by Freddie Taylor the Jaguars were shut down and had to turn the ball back over to the Titans offense. Tennessee could not get the ball going either, and they were stopped dead in their tracks and forced to punt the ball back to Jacksonville with the score tied 7-7, with 6:40 remaining in the game. On the punt return Taylor exploded for 82-yards to the Titans 18-yard line. On the next play Taylor scored on an 18-yard scamper, 14-7, Jaguars in the lead again.

 After a 57-yard kick return by Tennessee’s Brandon Jones, the Titan came storming back with a Jones 22-yard touchdown catch to tie the game at 14-14, sending the game into OT! The Jaguars and coach Bobby Biggs won the coin-toss and Freddie Taylor ran back an electrifying 70-yard kick return to set up the game winning field goal, beating the 2022 South Division Champion Tennessee Titans 17-14!

Rams 14-Eagles 7

The fireworks started early in this one with the Rams coach Billy O’C’s Reverend Isaac Bruce opening the game with an electrifying hundred-yard kick return for a touchdown 7-0 Rams with 14:44 to go in the half.

 abruceart.thumb.jpg.1cdadb9c99a9ea4bbf398996c7ceae17.jpgWith that high powered offense of the Eagles the real question is are the Rams ready to return to another Super Bowl. It won’t be easy putting a stop to Keith Byars, but very early on the LA defensive Fab-Five held Byars to one yard rushing in the first half. The Eagles could not score even after an 80-yard kick return by Harold Carmichael.

Los Angeles drove the football behind the fabulous-five of Chris Long, Jackie Slater, Rosey Grier, Merlin Olsen, and Deacon Jones, and tailback Wendell Tyler led the way rushing and he teamed with Ricky Proehl for a 42-yard touchdown pass to put the Rams up, 14-0. The Rams are back in order!

 The Eagles would come back but too late on a 45-yard touchdown catch by Irving Fryer who blazed into the end zone. Coach Billy O’C and his Rams walked away with the victory against the tough Philadelphia Eagles!

 49ers 14-Seahawks 7

In a highly anticipated game between Coach Ed Viggs and rookie Coach Bobby Biggs, surprisingly Biggs was not talking, rather he was focusing on the gameplay and studying coach Viggs. The two have never played against each other. Biggs doesn’t want to be called rookie coach at all, but in this league any first-year coach in the league is considered a rookie coach. That doesn’t mean we disrespect Biggs at all. He’s a beast who knows this game well!

Coach Viggs took his 49ers to Super Bowl XVII last season losing to Kansas City 47-37, but he is known as the master of the big game. Coach Biggs is in uncharted waters, but by now he's practiced with the Seahawks enough to realize that after studying all of last year’s statistics, this is an impressive team that can play with anybody in the league. It's not always all about the guys out there, it's about the coaching.

Jerry Rice was uneventful in his season return after a spectacular 2022 season. Rice was held to 90 yards in the game. It took San Francisco nine plays to score touchdown on an 8-yard touchdown pass to Dwight Clark, 7-0, 49ers in the lead!

49ers1(1)art.thumb.jpg.d5a7f4d570790e388ae46291715263ba.jpgBobby Biggs and LIEFL All-Pro Marshawn Lynch match perfectly. Lynch was ranked #3 in all-purpose yards in the NFC in 2022, with 61 touches for 1,475 yards and 13 Touchdowns, including two 100-yard kick returns for Touchdowns. He is a tough unfazed back who ran back the first kick 53-yards and was smashed by Roger Craig to close the half! The defenses of both teams limited the offense, but the 49ers had a slight edge.

It didn't take the Seahawks long to score, just three plays on a pass to Marshawn Lynch who broke free into the open field for a 59-yard touchdown to tie the game 7-7, with 12:43 remaining in the game!

The 49ers finished with 19 plays in the game driving downfield to the 12-yard line with the game on the line on 4th down where Viggs connected with Roger Craig to seal the deal for San Francisco, 14-7! Coach Biggs seemed dejected but shook Viggs hand.

The feeling is these two may be meeting in some big games this season. 49ers Running Back Rickey Watters finished the day as the workhorse with 14 touches for 98 yards rushing, and Marshawn Lynch finished as the leader of the game with 162 all-purpose yards, and a 59-yard touchdown reception for Seattle.

In Week #2, San Francisco (1-0) hosts the Dallas Cowboys (1-0) in a huge game, and Seattle (0-1) travels to Pittsburgh (0-1).

Panthers 14 Cardinals 13

Somehow this Panthers 2022 team missed a memo in the first round of the NFC Wild Card Game when they were upset by the rising Minnesota Vikings 31-24! That doesn’t sit well with coach Matt Zoo-York. Zoo is all game today in this matchup against coach Kevin Mac and his Cardinals.

This was a tough game going into it, but the Cardinals shined after a 39-yard kick returned by LIEFL All-Pro Mel Gray. Arizona running back OJ Anderson ran for 12, 18, and 9 yards after finally being stopped and pushed back for a 10-yard loss on second down by the Panthers defense. It was Gray who struck first on third down catching a 36-yard pass connection to make the score, Cardinals 7-0, with 7:07 left to go in the half!pan1art.thumb.jpg.6290dcba55ec94874e21db4f088b4ff0.jpg

The Panthers impressed as usual on offense with DeShaun Foster #2 in 2022, with 48 touches for a whopping 639 rushing yards with 12 touchdowns, including a 72-yard touchdown run, leading the way for Carolina.

After settling for a field goal to make the score 10-7 Arizona, the Cardinals came up with a huge play on special teams stopping Panthers return man Greg Jones for a 30-yard return. But one play later it was Foster who shook up the Cardinals defense with an explosive end-around on the right side of the field, 70-yards downfield to give the Panthers the edge 14-10, with 3:02 left in the game on a spectacular electrifying run. Foster’s run is the longest from scrimmage in week #1.

The Cardinals ran out of time, but they had enough time to kick a 40-yard field goal to make the final score 14-13, Panthers! Carolina plays the Packers at Green Bay next week in a huge rivalry, and Arizona (0-1) is at Washington (1-0) to face the rising Redskins.

Buccaneers 31-Lions 28 (1:00OT)

Between LIEFL All-Pro’s Dexter Bussey of the Lions and Jimmie Giles for the Bucs, this game was a primetime showdown. Both teams have made lots of changes through the draft. With LIEFL great players there is always a game! Originally rookie coach Bobby Biggs was to have the Bucs, but Joey Pizz wasn’t ready to part with the team just yet.

2gilesart.thumb.jpg.c4ed0bc2fd9d62740194ae8d8fde8d45.jpgDexter Bussey will never be an average player in this league. His more than 45-year-old player base is still performing at peak levels. The base still has blazing speed, and we are sure you have all experienced the feeling that these players come to life!  All of the coaches in this league respect what Bussey has accomplished in the league. Bussey has been involved in some of the most exciting games in LIEFL history. Before the season Bussey’s numbers speak loud and proud, with 11,163 yards and 78 career touchdowns, Bussey is nothing short of electrifying! The league is tenfold better than when we played in the 70’s because of the Draft system in 2008, and Bussey is still doing the same magic even with all the powerhouse changes, it seems he keeps getting better.

In 2022, Bussey ranked #5 in NFC all-purpose yards with 76 touches for 1,336 yards with 8 touchdowns, including two 100-yard touchdown returns! Bussey would be a major star in any league with his proven track record. One thing is clear, opponents have to change the way they play when Bussey is on the field.

For once, Coach Johnny Freeport said little before the game.

1gilesart.thumb.jpg.f9a40047f40be48e463f83fadc84e14c.jpgJimmie Giles has been incredible for the Bucs, carrying the team at times for coach Joey Pizz. Giles was super in 2022. He ranked #9 in all-purpose yards with 19 touches for 1,138 yards with four 100-yard touchdown returns! He is one of the biggest threats in the league.

What a way to start a game for Tampa Bay as we watched Jimmie Giles explode in 13 seconds running 100-yard touchdown into the end zone to open the season for Tampa Bay, 7-0 Bucs!

The Lions roared right back with Dexter Bussey returning the favor with his own 100-yard touchdown run to tie the game at 7-7, with 13:04 remaining in the half! We have a game!

It was Tampa Bay's turn again to get the ball and Jimmie Giles returned the football 50-yards. Tampa Bay could not get the running game going with running back Ricky Bell, so on third down it was Giles again who soured! Giles caught a rocket over the center of the field and stormed 50-yards into the end zone to make the score 14-7 Tampa Bay!

We all know in this league that Dexter Bussey rises to the occasion. On the ensuing kickoff he ran back his second 100-yard touchdown of the game to tie the game at 14-14, with 8:47 to go and a half!

The Buccaneers were relentless! They fought their way to the 45-yard line of Detroit after two stopped runs. And Bucs Tight End Dave Moore broke Free for a 45-yard touchdown catch to put Tampa Bay ahead, 21-14 with 9:08 remaining in the game!

Dexter Bussey returned the ball 68-yards on the next kick return. On third down, Lions receiver Herman Moore broke free at the 35-yard line to catch a touchdown pass by Johnny Freeport to tie the game 21-21, with 4:30 remaining in the game!

With the score tied at 21-21, it was Jimmie Giles returning the kickoff to 52-yards to bring it to the Lions 48 yard-line. Joey Pizz wasted no time and decided to hit Ricky Bell on a pop-pass and Bell slipped through the middle of the field to put the Bucs ahead 28-21, in a nail biter! These Bucs ruined the Rams and Jets season’s last year with huge upsets!

The place got very loud when coaches watched #24 Dexter Bussey run back his third 100-yard touchdown of the game to tie the score 28-28, with 1:07 remaining in the game with the clock ticking! Bussey just ran for his 81st career touchdown!

Detroit’s William Gay stopped Jimmie Giles dead in his tracks at the Tampa Bay 35-yard line on a hard-hitting open field tackle by Gay, and the Bucs ran out of time sending the game into overtime in a thriller! Wow! 

The Buccaneers won the coin toss in overtime and it's going to be Jimmie Giles again with the football.

Unbelievable! Jimmie Giles took the kickoff 95-yards just missing his second hundred-yard kick return of the game! The Buccaneers set-up for the game-winning field goal in one minute of overtime. Tampa Bay won their first of the year in a tremendous game 31-28, against the Great revived Lions team! Johnny Freeport was so competitive in this game but obviously upset with the loss, his second of the season. 

Jimmie Giles went on a rampage with the high-speed board! He had a career game high, 8 touches for 448 all-purpose yards with two touchdowns. He was absolutely explosive just as Dexter Bussey was! Bussey had a great day with four touches for 368 all-purpose yards, including three 100-yard kick returns for touchdowns for the LIEFL Superstar!

Week #2 has incredible matchups, considering the summary of this weeks play. We can’t wait! The (1-0) Kansas City Chiefs and Coach Matt Zoo-York will meet league loudmouth, the 6’4 250-pound Johnny Freeport Chucker’s Detroit Lions (0-1), in what promises to be a high-octane offensive game! Tampa Bay (1-0) will play at Minnesota. That game will be explosive! The LIEFL is just getting started with more fierce competition!

Packers 17-14 Saints

Rookie Coach Bobby Biggs (1-1) takes on the veteran Ed Viggs (2-0), in a highly anticipated matchup, the second time this week the two have met. We will see what the rookie coach learned in the first game against Viggs. You can bet Viggs has a game plan with his Packers.

The league has New Orleans under the microscope and excited to see what New Orleans will do with five new player bases they earned in the Draft. They weren’t a terrible team before the draft. Saints running back Reggie Bush was ranked #8 in the NFC in 2022 with 64 touches for 1,265 all-purpose yards with seven touchdowns, including a 100-yard run back. Bush had 303 yards rushing with three touchdowns.

The Packers were LIEFL Super Bowl XVI Champions in 2021. Sterling Sharpe is their man, but Green Bay was cut short last season by the rising 49ers. Sharpe touched the ball just 20 times last season, ranking him #12 in the NFC, but he did a lot of damage with his 1,013 yards with six touchdowns, three of them 100-yark kick returns! Green Bay has to improve the running game this year to be relevant. There are so many great teams and great players that anything can happen.

The Green Bay Packers wasted no time. Coach Ed Viggs put Packers running back Terdell Middleton to work early on to try to establish a running game for these Packers, and whatever he did worked because the Packers rolled right down field after a 44-yard kick return by Sterling Sharpe. In three plays Middleton was in the end zone with runs of 30, 11, and finally, a 15-yard run for a touchdown to give the Packers the 7-0 lead!

The New Orleans Saints tried something new by seeing Marcus Colston return a 50-yard kick return. The Saints went with the run to running back Reggie Bush who had three runs totaling 16 yards, but then on third down the Saints fired away with a Biggs to Colston connection for a 35-yard touchdown pass to tie the score at 7-7, bringing the first half of football to a close.

1sharpe.thumb.jpg.7f4088cf27499d67132e1bf7c0422598.jpgOn the ensuing kickoff Packers All-Pro Sterling Sharpe ran back 38-yards on the return. The Packers front line brought a charge and Terdell Middleton was impressive. Middleton ran for 40, 10, and 6-yards until on 3rd down after being pushed back for a 15-yard loss. It was Sterling Sharpe who whipped around the right end and into the end zone on a beautiful 25-yard touchdown connection to give the Packers the lead 14-7 with 9:16 remaining in the game.

The next series for the New Orleans Saints would prove to show their worth from the draft. After a 34-yard kick return by Reggie Bush who helped himself to four straight plays after being stopped on the first run. Bush then ran for 10-yards, 6-yards, and he had an amazing momentum switch moving from right to left on an electrifying 50-yards sprint down the sideline to tie the game with a beautiful touchdown 14-14, with 2:42 remaining in the game! Bush has blazing speed!

As the time ticked away on the clock coach Bobby Biggs New Orleans Saints sure did play hard against one of the top teams in the league in the Green Bay Packers. Sterling Sharpe had a weak kick return day considering the caliber player he is with a 31-yard return in poor position. On the next play Green Bay running back Terdell Middleton slipped through the cracks with a 42-yard pass reception for a first down with just enough time to kick the field goal from the 28-yard line. The Packers walked away with their first win 17-14, against the rising Saints!

1middleton.thumb.jpg.794c13c2eab2b8710166e20e57373042.jpgViggs has beaten Biggs twice in Week 1.  All-purpose yards are critical in this league. Terdell Middleton finished the day with nine touches for 154-yards with one touchdown for the Packers. Sterling Sharpe had an off day with four touches for 138 yards with one touchdown.

Bobby Biggs said, “It will take a bit to adjust to the speed of the game, the players, the competition and the coaches, but I can beat Viggs, I just have to not lose focus. I will keep studying his play, and I can tell you I am not going away. Eventually I will succeed and take this league by storm.” Coach Viggs, who usually has no comment, encouraged Biggs by saying, “Bobby can play. He’s smart, knows football, and he is a great passer. I have a lot of respect for him as an E-baller.”

Bears 27-Falcons 21 (OT 1:44)

2gaultart.thumb.jpg.b9c86d1516541f5dfa4a7a6a3c91b504.jpgWhat a matchup between the 2022 playoff Atlanta Falcons and the rising Chicago Bears! These are two raging teams with excellent coaches who are loud and proud!

Bears speedster Willie Gault looked back in form pre-pandemic opening the game with a stunning 100-yard kick return for a touchdown in 15 seconds to give Chicago the lead 7-0, with 14:45 left to go in the half! Gault finished 2022 ranked #16 in the NFC with 16 touches for 836 with three touchdowns! His performance went down last year, but boy was he a beast today!1gaultart.thumb.jpg.e350d6328d91075a25cd85b778623c7c.jpg

The Falcons lost to San Francisco 31-24 in OT in the NFC Wild Card Game, but they are back strong.

LIEFL All-Pro sensation Gerald Riggs returned the Falcons first kickoff with a 38 yarder. After a two-yard run, Riggs ignited for a 60-yard touchdown scamper to tie the game at 7-7! BAM!

On the ensuing kick return, Willie Gault ran back a 40-yard return, The Bears could not get anything going on the run, and on third down Tight End Mike Ditka broke free from defenders exploding 79-yards into the endzone to give Chicago a 14-7 lead with 3:44 left in the half! We have a game!

On the Falcons next possession, Gerald Riggs ran his second straight 60-yard touchdown to tie the game at 14-14 with 1:03 left to go in the half! What an explosive game with two very exciting teams!

The Bears offense came to play today, and they aren’t backing down to Falcons coach Johnny Freeport Chucker’s high-octane offense! Chicago had trouble getting the running attack going so on third down Bears Coach Paddy Brannigan threw a great pass to Willie Gault who took a 39-yard pass reception into the end zone to put Chicago ahead 21-14, with 5:59 remaining in the game!

3gaultart.thumb.jpg.a65fef974b744bdee516bae2c0d8e0fb.jpgIncredible! After three runs by Gerald Riggs on 4th down with just 25 seconds left to go in the game Falcons fullback Jamaal Anderson caught a pop-pass over the left side of the field to tie the game at 21-21, to send the game into overtime!

In a shocking turn of events and overtime the Bears won the coin toss and then scored on the first run from scrimmage 65-yards as we watched Walter Payton bolt over the Atlanta defense to win the game 27-21, in 1:44 of overtime! Payton becomes the game winning hero!

This game was such a thriller! Johnny Freeport got into a verbal trash-talking battle with Coach Paddy Brannigan as the taunting went back and forth!

Chicago’s Willie Gault had five touches for 269 all-purpose yards with two touchdowns while Atlanta’s Gerald Riggs exploded ten times for 278-yards with two 60-yard touchdown runs! Riggs had 140 yards rushing!

Philadelphia (0-1) plays at Atlanta (0-1) next week in a huge war, and Chicago (1-0) plays at New Orleans and Bobby Biggs Saints (0-1)! In this league each win is critical!

It has been an exciting Week#1!

Chargers 17-Vikings 10

Another great matchup between two LIEFL Top Ten Teams in the Los Angeles Chargers #6 (93-75) and the 8th Ranked Minnesota Vikings (91-87).

Coach Viggs has his Chargers primed for a 4th straight run at getting back to the show. With Chargers running back LaDanian Tomlinson, the AFC’s #3 all-purpose player on his team, Viggs LA Chargers will be tough to stop. Tomlinson touched the ball 83 times for 1,624-yards with13 touchdowns, but he was the #1 rusher in the LIEFL with 55 rushes for 743-yards, with 12 rushing touchdowns! LA is a combined 28-9 since 2018, winning 76% of their games, including four consecutive playoff appearances and a LIEFL Super Bowl XIV loss to the LA Rams 31-28!

In 2019, the LA Chargers didn’t quit. They lost to the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Divisional Championship Game in a heartbreaker 49-48! Then in 2020, LA lost to rival Miami 32-27 in the AFC Championship Game, but last season in 2022, the Chargers suffered a loss as the #1 Seed in the AFC. They lost their second consecutive AFC Championship Game to Miami 42-25, in a major upset! There is no end to the Chargers’ persistence. With all of the talented teams in the AFC, the Chargers will face their biggest challenge in their own division, and that is against the LIEFL Super Bowl XVII Champion Kansas City Chiefs!

The Vikings stunned everyone last season, beating the Carolina Panthers 31-24 in the NFC Wild Card Game. Vikings running back Chuck Foreman out of nowhere, had three touchdowns! Adrian Peterson has been a rock, carrying the no-name Vikings as the #7 all-purpose in the NFC guy with 71 touches for 1,275 yards with eight touchdowns including four 100-yard touchdowns! This season the Vikings will only get better! They picked up several player bases in the draft at linebacker and receiver and Minnesota will be dangerous.

1charge.thumb.jpg.06402f1f0b0bf7f0b53b9de004750387.jpgWe expected Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson to return the opening kickoff, but Coach Viggs switched it up with Kellen Winslow returning a 52-yard opening kickoff! On the first offensive play from scrimmage the Chargers took it to a tough Minnesota defense, looking for a weakness in the Vikings front line. LaDainian Tomlinson ran for seven, and then he was stopped twice by LIEFL All-Pro Carl Eller who dominated the playoffs last year.

And on third down LA receiver Lance Alsworth exploded 53-yards on a great pass by Viggs, as Alsworth scored the first touchdown of the game, 7-0 Chargers with 9:20 remaining in the half on a spicy play!

The Vikings stormed right back with a 75-yard kick return by Adrian Peterson to the 25 of LA. Three plays later, Chris Carter dropped to the right side in the slot and caught a 33-yard touchdown pass streaking down the sideline breaking Free from defenders to tie the score at 7-7, tie game!

The Chargers switched it up again, with LaDainian Tomlinson returning a smoking 54-yard kick. One play later Tomlinson ran in from 46 yards on a scorcher through the left side of the line to make the score 14-7, Chargers lead to end the first half!

Vikings rookie playmaker Justin Jefferson ran back a 38-yard kick return, but the Vikings could not get anything going from scrimmage, and on 3rd down playoff hero of 2022 for the Vikings Chuck Foreman took a 23-yards, just short of the first down, forcing the Vikings to kick the field goal to make the score 14-10, Chargers in the lead. Vikings defensive star LIEFL All-Pro Carl Eller made his third tackle of the game stopping Los Angeles’ turnover touchdown drive at the 17-yard line after a 47-yard kick return by Tomlinson. Los Angeles settled for the field goal as they ran out of time, winning the game 17-10 in the season opener! LaDainian Tomlinson had 8 touches for 228 all-purpose yards with one touchdown!

Colts 24-Texans 14

This division rivalry is stacked with hope for the Houston Texans as they picked up four player bases in the draft, but it didn't go as they planned because the Indianapolis Colts showed up big on defense led by Elmer Collett and hard-hitting Bubba Smith.

Texans star running back Ron Dayne pushed his game to the limit when his line failed him. The tough Dayne, who finished #4 in AFC all-purpose yards in 2022, with 72 touches for 1,590 with 15 touchdowns, including two 100-yard touchdowns, had nowhere to run against this Colts defense, forcing the turnover to the Indianapolis offense and the #1 rated AFC all-purpose offensive player Joseph Addai!  Addai was in beast in 2022, touching the ball 73 times for 1,730 yards with 15 touchdowns! On the turnover by the Texans, Addai and company took full advantage in two plays, with Addai blasting through the Houston defense for a 15-yard touchdown run, 7-0 Indianapolis!

On the ensuing kickoff for the Texans, Ron Dayne took a 60-yard kick return to the Colts 40-yard line, but the Texans offense struggled to move the football. On third down second year Tight End Ryan Griffin caught a 53-yard rocket into the endzone to tie the game 7-7, to end the first half!

1addai.thumb.jpg.74cea0e133e22e0ac4a152c6e59f4a9e.jpgColts running back Joseph Addai answered by returning a 99-yard kick return, and one play later Addai ran in one-yard for his second touchdown of the game 14-7, Colts beating the Texans with 13:14 left to go in the game.

Houston answered BIG! After a 36-yard kick return by Ron Dayne two plays later Dayne blasted through the Colts defense with a 64 yards TD scamper into the end zone to tie the game at 14-14, and the Texans are on the mend.

Whipping his way down the right side on the ensuing kickoff with blazing speed Joseph Addai had an electrifying run down the right sideline for a a 100-yard touchdown return to make the score 21-14, Indianapolis over Houston with 7:21 remaining in the game and an explosive game!

The Texans could not score on their last drive turning the ball over after four failed plays. The Colts kicked a field goal from 46-yards away to win the game 24-14 in week 1! The Texans draft picks need some work! Great game by the rising Colts!












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