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2020 Long Island EFL Week #5 Carolina Panthers (2-2) vs Minnesota Vikings (1-3) September will be Gale Sayers Month in LIEFL!

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1293302750_OIP(2).jpg.0504eaceb60d21b2b12e03a67d72e50a.jpgSeptember 29, 2020. Minneapolis Minnesota. 

Today's Long Island Electric Football League game pits the Minnesota Vikings (1-3), against the two-time consecutive NFC finalist Carolina Panthers (2-2)! The Vikings struggled this year on offense until last week when Minnesota running back Adrian Peterson exploded for 300 total-yards in the game against Houston, with three touchdowns. That is the kind of performance Coach Joey Pizz wants to see from his veteran, who has been lackluster at best the past two seasons. Minnesota's defensive game has been right on point! Coach Pizz, who has played terrific in the past two weeks said, "It has been a nice five-day break in the league, and I have been practicing with my Vikings team, constantly finding ways for them to improve. Today, my team has to battle to the last second in order to win this game. We have to breakout the receivers to win the game because the Panthers are one of those teams we cannot fall asleep on. This game can keep us in the playoff hunt, but we need to improve on offense."

This Vikings defense has kept them in the game for nearly every game this season. And today, they're going to need that defense now more than ever playing against a very feisty Panther team. The Panthers have a chance to capitalize on the Falcons 24-21 overtime loss to the Raiders yesterday. The two time NFC finalists have the opportunity to make their move into first place in the NFC South for the third straight year but it won't be easy, as nothing is easy in the LIEFL when it comes to winning. Panthers Coach McQueen said, "With a team like the Vikings, it's not just the team, it's the great coaching they have. I expect my team to come out and do some damage and put this Viking defense to the test. We have had a rough schedule, but we have performed well."

Wow! The fireworks started right from the beginning of the game, as Adrian Peterson's exploded for an opening kickoff return for a hundred-yard touchdown! Vikings took the lead, 7-0! Beautiful run by Peterson! The Vikings needed to get that offensive going tonight and it appears they have!

The Long Island Electric Football League announced that September will be Gale Sayers month as the LIEFL continues discussing the National Dialogue on Race, making a difference in our World, and the world of electric football!

On the opening kickoff for Carolina, fullback Greg Jones ran into a brick wall, met by a tough Vikings defense! Alan Page made the tackle at the 37-yard line of Carolina for Minnesota. The Panthers were stopped on three straight running plays by the Vikings, with Alan Page again, making the tackle with John Randle leading the way for the Vikings, forcing a fourth downplay! 
On fourth down Keary Colbert took a Cam Newton touchdown pass 66 yards into the end zone to tie the game 7-7, with 5:34 left to go in the half! Incredible excitement!
Adrian Peterson picked up exactly where he left off this time for a 62-yard kick-return, giving the Vikings beautiful field position at the 38-yard line of the Carolina Panthers. In these last two games Minnesota has looked outstanding and we can't help but reflect on their defense and the fact that they're playing the Panthers the way they are has opened eyes! On offense, the Vikings ran the ball hard on first down with Adrian Peterson ran for four yards.  On the next play, Peterson ran a 17-yard run right up the middle with some amazing blocking by the Vikings who took the ball to the 17-yard line of Carolina, bringing the first half to a close! Coach Joey Pizz has a motivated Vikings team playing playoff style football!
On the first play of the second half Adrian Peterson scored from 17 yards away to make the score 14-7, with 14:02 left to go in the game and the Vikings take the lead! Peterson is on fire! That motto, "True Champions Never Quit" stands true for this team, even with their record, and at this very moment, the season appears far from over for these Vikings, as the NFC North heats up!
The league has finally figured out Carolina fullback, Greg Jones kick return techniques, as he returns to ball 36-yards. Jones would be a starter on any team in the Long Island Electric Football League. There is talk by Coach Matt Zoo-York McQueen that he may shop Jones out and give up a few first-round draft choices for him. Jones would be worth it and the Panthers would consider a blocking back tyo block for All-Pro running back DeShaun Foster. Holy cow! What a run! On first down Foster blasted around the right side of the line of scrimmage for a scorching 64-yard touchdown run for a huge touchdown run with 11:13 left to go in the game to tie the score at 14-14!
Adrian Peterson is tearing it up in the last two games, this time against a very impressive Carolina Panther team as Peterson returns the ball in the kickoff 70 yards. On the next play Peterson ran for a 20-yard first down to the Carolina 10-yard line with Page, Randle, and Marshall leading the way, with 7:39 left to go in the game. The Panthers were "handled" by this tough Viking team. It is hard to believe that a team as good as Minnesota is (1-3). We have not seen the Panthers get pushed back like this all season long.  The Vikings have come very much alive in Week#5, and it all began last week. They may have lost to Houston 24-21, but they put up a huge battle! And on second down, Adrian Peterson barreled his way through his line scoring his third touchdown of the game from 7-yards out to make the score 21-14, in an unbelievable game, with 4:37 left to go with the Minnesota Vikings in the lead!
Greg Jones took the ball back 55-yards on the kick-return with time running out in regulation. On first down Jones caught a nice pass from Cam Newton, bringing the ball 35-yards to the Vikings 10-yard line. On the next play, a wide open Jeff King roped in a beautiful pass for 10 yards and a Panthers touchdown to tie the game Panthers 21-Vikings 21! Another spectacular Week#5 overtime game!                                                                 
Wow! The Panthers win the overtime coin toss in an unbelievable turn of events! Coach Pizz had his heart drop as the Vikings put on their most impressive performance of the season, only to lose the coin toss in overtime in an absolutely incredible game! 
In overtime, Greg Jones took the ball back 39 yards for Carolina. DeShaun Foster took over and in a single play Foster took a blazing run, exactly like his first 64-yard touchdown, this time taking the carry 64-yards into the end-zone, game over! The Carolina Panthers are in first place in a comeback victory 27-21!
This is what happens when a winning team in this league, who played in the NFC championship game two years in a row, plays this type of playoff caliber football. This Panther team is unbelievable! We wish you were here to watch it! What an upset!
Coach McQueen said, "The Vikings played a heck of a football game and I have to tip my hat to Coach Pizz. He's an amazing coach and we just happened to get the better of him today!"  Pizz said, "You can't make mistakes against a team like the Panthers. The way Foster ran around the ends that fast into the end-zone.  It made my heart come out of my chest as I watched my team lose a game that they should not have lost."
This game was a very special game for the second week in a row Adrian Peterson had 300 yards and three touchdowns, but this time it was against an outstanding football team. Peterson had 232 yards in kick-returns, plus a hundred yard touchdown run.
The Carolina Panthers gave us a taste of what it's like to be in the heart of a championship type team as they come back to win the game in overtime 27-21, with DeShawn Foster the hero! Foster had two enormous runs, almost identical, finishing the day with five rushes for 126 yards, with two touchdowns! Greg Jones had 168 yards in kick-returns as the Panthers win the game in 1:26 of overtime!
Minnesota faces the Chicago Bears in a division showdown in Week#6! And Carolina, who suddenly finds themselves at the top in the NFC South, plays
the undefeated Green Bay Packers in a rematch of last year's Wild Card game. The Packers lost that game to a Panthers team that dominated Green Bay 42-20!






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