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2020 Long Island EFL Week#5 Miami Dolphins (3-1) vs New York Jets (2-2)

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September 24, 2020. Meadowlands, New Jersey. 

WEEK#5 THE COUNTDOWN: People not from the New York Metropolitan area should know that where the Jets play is a long ride to nowhere, the Meadowlands. It is no meadow that for sure. And because of the heavy traffic in this area we Long Islanders would not regularly travel to New Jersey to watch a football game.

In the Long Island Electric football league when it comes to the Miami Dolphins (3-1) and the New York Jets(2-2), it's always a game with lots of fireworks. Over the years the Dolphins have had a seesaw battle with the Jets, but this year's Jets have opened some eyes. They did lose their first game of the season to Buffalo 14-7, then they beat a struggling San Francisco 49ers team 14-10, and in Indianapolis they lost to the Colts 17-6, convincingly. Last week they played an amazing game against Denver beating the Broncos 24-21 in overtime, and that is the magic Jets Coach Pizz hopes to get back after his last upset late last night when his New York Giants beat the Cincinnati Bengals in OT 27-21, in a historic game. Coach Pizz is on the rise!

So far this season the Jets have not lost a home game, so we expect their defense to play hard against a powerful Miami offense, even though the Dolphins are (3-1), they have struggled a bit. But, Miami has to watch out for Wesley Walker who has 10 carries for 443 yards with one touchdown. New York has not been able to pose a strong offensive threat. Sometime two seasons ago Bruce Harper started to struggle after having a stellar career. We're not sure why he's playing the way he's playing but he's only been able to muster up 264 total yards this season on a limited basis. LeVeon Bell will have to make up for a lost offense.

For the Dolphins it's been all about defense. As a team, they have 25 tackles and seven touchdowns, with Mercury Morris owning six of them. Miami All-Pro lineman, Jason Taylor has been a beast! Between Taylor and right guard Larry Little, the Dolphins have been able to remain stable. Miami started off the season great. They beat New England on New England's home turf 17-10, then they beat Buffalo 17-14, and in Week#3, they won on the road against Jacksonville 16-10 in overtime! It all looked great for Miami until Seattle came into town and beat the Dolphins in a huge upset last week 14-10, and that's where they stand today. Dolphins tailback Mercury Morris' biggest day was 74-yards against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The guy who's done most of the work is All-Pro Mark Duper. Duper has 10 carries for 603 yards on kick returns, and he's been the guy who's been able to launch the offense for Miami.
This will be a huge game for both of these teams because it has playoff implications and the Jets have an opportunity to tie for first place in the division, something they haven't done in their history. In 2016, New York beat the Pittsburgh Steelers the AFC Wild Card Game, in a huge upset 34-31 in overtime, eventually losing to the AFC champions, New England Patriots 35-31, in the AFC Divisional Championship Game! In 2016, the Jets with Coach Pizz, won a huge metro-area New York City 32-Team Throwback Tournament! It made us so proud!
THE PLAY BY PLAY: Miami Dolphins (3-1) vs New York Jets (2-2)
The opening kickoff was amazing as New York's Wesley Walker ran the ball 93-yards to the Miami seven-yard line. And one play later, Jets running back Le'Veon Bell exploded around defensive tackle Marty Lyons for the Jets first touchdown of the game as the Jets took the lead 7-0, with 12:57 left to go in the half on a beautiful play by Bell!
The Jets were so pumped-up and Coach Pizz was on his feet! 
Miami All-Pro Mark Duper had a weak return for 36-yards, and three plays later the Dolphins started moving the football as running back Mercury Morris was stopped on the first play, but the second play he had 14-yards, and then the third run he had another first down for 13-yards, bringing the ball to the New York Jets 33 yard-line with 6:56 left to go in the half! On first down Jets defensive lineman Winston Hill made a really nice tackle on Morris. On the next run, Hill came up big again with his second tackle of the game, stopping Morris at the line of scrimmage. Winston Hill when he started with the Jets he was a tackle, and Coach Pizz moved him to the line because at that point he was already at two-time All-Pro. Hill opened eyes last week at center. After two-weeks playing the Nose position, he has brought some respect back to this New York Jets front line, as Miami is forced to pass on third down. With 4:17 left to go in the half, Miami receiver Mark Clayton blazed down the left side line for a 36-yard gain, to the New York one yard line! On the next play Mercury Morris tied the game with a one-yard touchdown run 7-7, as the first half came to a close!
On a spectacular kick return is second of the half, Wesley Walker opened with an amazing return. He was tapped on the sideline inbounds by Winston Hill and turned Walker towards the center of an open field for a hundred yard kick return for a touchdown! New York earned the lead 14-7, with 14:41 left to go in the game! What a sensational play!
On the Dolphins next kickoff Mark Duper ran the ball back 45-yards and he was hit by hard by Jets linebacker Greg Buttle!
On Miami's first down, Mercury Morris brought the ball to the 50-yard line at midfield as he was brought down by defensive tackle Marvin Powell for the Jets. On the next play, Morris exploded for a 27-yard run up the middle to bring the ball to the Jets 23-yard line with the Dolphins on the move. Morris ran for seven-yards, but was tackled again by Marvin Powell with Miami coach Billy O'C acting as a "clock-hawk" managing the time in the game with 7:53 and running. One the next play, Morris ran a 17-yard touchdown into the end-zone to tie the game at 14-14, with 7:16 remaining in the game, and the excitement began!
This time on the kick return the Dolphins stopped Wesley Walker for a 36-yard return with 5:20 left to go in the game!
With the Jets playing burn the clock LeVeon Bell ran for 11-yards and another first down for the Jets. Miami didn't seem to be able to stop them, and if the Jets win this game they are tied for first place! On first down the Dolphins blitzed and the Jets lost 16 yards on the play, pushing the ball back to the New York 29-yard line, as Jason Taylor and Larry Little dragged down Bell for no gain on the pass! As the clock came to the end, we are going into overtime! The Dolphins defense came up huge on that play!
And the New York Jets win the coin toss in overtime!
Holy cow! What a week of football! In a thriller to end the game the magic of the Jets watches  Le'Veon Bell in overtime, run back a hundred yard kick return to win the game for the Jets! Oh My! The New York Jets (3-2), play a spectacular game to beat the defending AFC Champions, Miami Dolphins! Try to imagine the excitement in the room! In this league when Miami loses there are roars! They ruled the league for so long that it is a duty to beat them for every coach in the LIEFL!
The Jets have an uphill battle to climb. Victory is great for today, but New York is on the road for two straight games, so they are at a disadvantage, and Miami (3-2), has it no better. They face New England at home next week, and then they are at Buffalo for the season finale. Wesley Walker slammed Miami with 4 carries for 229 yards with a 100-yard touchdown, and LeVeon Bell carried the ball five times for 118 yards, with two touchdowns!




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