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2020 Long Island EFL Week#5 Washington Football Team (3-1) vs. Dallas Cowboys (2-2)

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THE COUNTDOWN: Thank you Tudor Games for providing this informative link to our United Brotherhood for Electric Football! 

Eight of us access this page because eight of us have to write articles using the league page! We have so much rich history, we do not think we'd have enough allotted space by Tudor to fill the Forum. We have every game, every record, every tackle, and every yard all in folders, stored in a storage bin! It is amazing, what we have saved. We even have an EFL Hall of Fame! We care! 

Two of the best Long Island Electric Football League team's with a history take the field today in Coach Eddie Viggs Washington Football Team (3-1) vs rookie Coach Levi Vick's Dallas Cowboys (2-2)! This will be a close game with both teams featuring some serious caliber players in Washington's LIEFL-Player of the Week last week, Tony Green. Green had 332 yards last week with two touchdowns in Washington's beating of the undefeated Baltimore Ravens, one of the best defensive teams in the AFC! The Cowboys have played outstanding in the past two weeks, beating both Seattle and Cleveland.

Just as Washington has Tony Green, Dallas has the #5 rusher in the LIEFL-NFC, Emmitt Smith.  Smith has carried the ball 22 times for 290 yards rushing, with five touchdowns behind a huge Dallas front line! Terrell Owens is dangerous too! He can change a game fast. Owens has 659 total yards, with three 100-yard touchdown returns! 

Long Island Sports Hall of Fame Inductee and Sports Historian Andrew Slawson, our Analyst said, "Dallas needs to get the jump early on Washington to win this game. But, Dallas plays sporadic football, and that is because the coach crumbles under pressure. He is a rookie getting schooled. Yeah, he's been playing a long time, but not against these big boys. These coaches bragged about his play in his league he came from, but here, he has been humbled.  I did talk to him one on one and told him it's nothing personal. It's just that maybe he has the jitters and is putting too much pressure on himself. Nice guy, but can't play in this league. The truth hurts!" Vick was asked about the nervousness, the jitters, and the other league. He said, "When I lived in Texas I played in a really nice league, the guys were great competitors, but seriously, these guys here match them and are even better. They know football. I have learned a ton! Slawson thinks I am horrible, and he told me I have no game under pressure. I asked to critique my play and give me tips. He said, no tips, but certainly criticism!"

THE PLAY-BY-PLAY: Washington Football Team(3-1) vs. Dallas Cowboys (2-2)

The excitement for the kick-off between these two teams was looming in the room with a full house to support Levi Vick, win or lose as we enjoy the last day of the weekend with some exciting games with great Brothers! 
On the opening kickoff Terrell Owens took a 43-yard return back for Dallas. The Cowboys went to work. Emmitt Smith peaked through a few holes, but never made it out of them on his first two runs as the Washington defense came up big with Charlie Taylor tackling Smith in the backfield for a 3-yard loss forcing a third down for the Cowboys! Dallas quarterback Zach Prescott hit Terrell Owens wide open for  a nice 39-yard first down, bringing the ball to the Washington 23-yard line, with 9:20 left to go in the half! Beautiful job by coach Levi Vick executing that play! He really knows his Cowboys!
Washington's defense played Dallas very tough as they forced another third down with four yards to go for the first down! On third down Michael Irving broke free from Washington's Art Monk to score the Cowboys first touchdown of the game 7-0 Dallas, with 4:19 left to go in the half! Dallas plays great at home!
On the kick return Tony Green got hit by Chris Hanberger and Green got spun around at the 35-yard line, stopping the play right there as Washington stared 65-yards down field at the end-zone, with 2:55 left to go in the half. Washington running back Tony Green took his first run for a 13-yard gain and a Washington first down! On second down Green headed toward the sideline and he ran out of bounds for a loss of three as the first half came to a close.
To start the second half, Green ran a trail-blazer around the right end for 17-yards with Randy White chasing him! White made a great tackle, his second tackle of the game! Washington's frontline looks pretty potent! After a 5-yard pickup Larry Allen, Leon Lett, and Ed "Too-Tall" Jones pushed Washington and Green back for a 9 yard loss on the play as Randy White made his third tackle of the game. What a year White is having with 11 minutes left to go in the game!  On the next play, quarterback Dwayne Haskins tossed a beautiful pass to the athletic speedster Art Monk who took a spectacular 44-yard touchdown into the end zone crossing to the center of the field and into the end-zone for the touchdown 7-7, tie game with 8:32 left to go in the game! Dallas did a great job holding back Tony Green.
Washington couldn't say the same as on the very next play Terrell Owens distanced the game with an explosive hundred-yard kick return into the end-zone for a Dallas Cowboy touchdown making the score 14-7 Dallas, with 6:54 remaining in the game! What an electrifying play by Owens and the Cowboys!
One play later Tony Green took the ball back 57-yards and was crushed by Larry Allen at the Dallas 43-yard line! Beautiful run by Green!
The Cowboys continued to come up big as Terrell Owens made a huge play on Green, who was just about to break away for a touchdown, stopping him at the 47-yard line of Washington, forcing a third down play with 2:32 remaining in the game, with time running out! Washington failed to execute the first down on a third down play, and they are forced to go for it on fourth down with 36 seconds left to go in the game! Washington decided to kick the field-goal to earn the points in the event that points become a tiebreaker in the division.
The Dallas Cowboys come up big! They win the game 14-10 in a spectacular finish for Levi Vick and his Cowboys! Vick played a perfect game as Dallas (3-2), are now tied with Washington(3-2), for second place! The Philadelphia Eagles move into sole possession of first place!
The Cowboys won there 84th game in the Long Island Electric Football League today!
The Dallas Cowboys has a chance to get to the playoffs if VicK plays his cards right,  but it won't be easy in the NFC-East, and never count Coach Viggs out! Viggs said, "Coach Vick's Cowboys played an awesome game. We'll be back strong!" Vick was very happy, winning his sixth game! Vick said, "I just have to keep working hard. I am a blue-collar guy, so hard work is what I am about."  Really, it was Terrell Owens's play that won the game for the Cowboys, and Dallas did a great job holding Washington running back Tony Green to 127 total yards without a touchdown! For the Cowboys Terrell Owens had 3 carries for a total of 188-yards, with a hundred yard touchdown return! Dallas plays the winless San Francisco 49ers in Week#6 in Dallas!  Washington faces Seattle at home!  What a week it will be.







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