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2020 Long Island EFL Week#4 Buffalo Bills (1-2) vs. Las Vegas Raiders (1-2)

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LAS VEGAS RAIDERS Allegiant Stadium

Is a domed stadium located in Paradise, Nevada, United States. It serves as the home stadium for the National Football League's Las Vegas Raiders and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Rebels college football team. It is located on about 62 acres of land west of Mandalay Bay at Russell Road and Hacienda Avenue and between Polaris Avenue and Dean Martin Drive, just west of Interstate 15. Construction of the $1.8 billion stadium began on November 13, 2017, and its certificate of occupancy was issued on July 31, 2020.

THE COUNTDOWN: September 17, 2020. Las Vegas, Nevada.
An explosion of the Long Island Electric Football 2017 Super Bowl XIII Champion Buffalo Bills this season, has yet to come. One of the premiere ultra-teams of the AFC, or better known as the "Pretty-Boys" of the AFC, is the Bills, but with this tough schedule, they have not fared well at (1-2), including losing a home game to the NFC West two-time defending Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams. Coach Billy O'C said,"That pretty-boy status fades fast in this league because in this jungle, there is no place safe to hide. The great coaches expose our weaknesses. Mine is passing, so I am coming at you with the "kitchen-sink" and I will give up the pass and win and lose by the run. I know my limitations, but the Bills are still the best team in the AFC. Today, we are going to take a stand and play like Champions against the Raiders. OJ Simpson and the Electric Company will be back in force. I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in this team, but it isn't entirely their fault. We have to play Buffalo Bills dominant football. I have rookie Ray Brown who's a heck of a future player. He will be a little more involved today."

The Las Vegas Raiders and that whole move has lifelong fans of the Raiders disgruntled. One of those people is Raiders Coach Kevin "Mac" Maloney. Maloney said,"I am not getting the feel for the Silver and Black of Las Vegas that I felt in Oakland. It isn't the same, and I want to trade someone in this league who can love them the way they should be loved. I know it might not matter because these are plastic player figures, but the performance my top guy, Dave Casper is having, is a huge concern for us. He was the AFC kick-return winner last year with 1323 yards on 15 carries and he had seven 100 yard touchdown runs, a career high for him. He has mustered up only 343 yards on 6 carries, with only one 100 yard touchdown run."

THE PLAY-BY-PLAY: Buffalo Bills (1-2) vs Las Vegas Raiders (1-2).

There is no doubt that the Buffalo Bills are not yet finished this season. They're going to continue to battle for first place in the AFC East and try to secure a playoff spot. They have been in this position before in 2017, when the Bills won four games and then dismantled every single team in the playoffs as a Wild Card Teams, including crushing the NFC Champion Detroit Lions in LIEFL-Super Bowl XIII, 49-35. Buffalo's All-Pro running back OJ Simpson broke a number of Long Island Electric Football League records in that game, rushing for 205 yards and Simpson scored seven touchdowns in the game! He may have slowed up a bit, but understand, the league has caught up very fast.  That is what is happening here with great draft-picks, and the coaching has been competitive as heck!

Last season Buffalo beat the Los Angeles Chargers 49-48 on a controversial play with 11 seconds left to go in the game and a dispute over the clock ensued with lots of arguing, but Buffalo had their way with Billy O'C as coach. That dispute will carry over next week when Buffalo plays Los Angeles again in Week#5! The Bills season last year surprisingly ended on a sour note. They were beaten by the Miami Dolphins 31-21 the AFC Championship Game!

This battle with the Raiders, who also were a playoff team last season is going to be a huge challenge for Buffalo on the road. For the Raiders coach "Mac" Maloney said that, "Dave Casper has to have a huge day and set us up with great field position. Bo Jackson and my offensive line will do the rest. We are really on the fence this season as I'm seeing Casper slow up a bit after having five amazing season.
The problem for Buffalo is that the Raiders play awesome at home. But between Bruce Smith and Marcell Dareus, the Raider front-line will have their hands full.
And on the opening kickoff Dave Casper exploded for 52-yards, tackled by the Bills, Andre Reed to the Buffalo 48-yard line in this very exciting match-up! On Las Vegas' first run running back Bo Jackson suffered a huge loss of yardage as the Bills pound the Raiders for a 22-yards loss by a swarming Buffalo Bills defense!

Coach Billy OC's defense came to play today as Jackson and the Raiders get pushed back for another 12 yard loss on second down, making it third and 32 yards to go for the first down for Las Vegas. The Raiders seemed to be in trouble until Raiders quarterback David Carr hit tight end Dave Casper for a huge 76-yard play and a first down! Casper took the ball to the Buffalo 4-yard line!  What a play by the Raiders! So much for the pre-game controversy surrounding Casper, with 9:20 left to go in the half! On the very next play, Carr went to Casper again, as Casper got turned around at the line of scrimmage and swung back to the opposite side of the field to catch a 4-yard touchdown pass to give the Raiders the lead 7-0, with 7:31 left in the half!
On Buffalo's first kick return OJ Simpson exploded for an sizzling 89-yard kick-return as Raiders linebacker Ted Hendricks saved the day, making tackle at the 11-yard line for Las Vegas! On the very next play Simpson ran in the one yard touchdown to tie the score 7-7! As the first half came to a close Dave Casper returned a 37-yard kick when Casper was slammed to the turf by Simpson on a great tackle.
The Raiders were not able to get anything going on the run, losing another seven yards to this Buffalo high-pressure defensive line. The new Bills uniforms look spectacular. Coach Billy O'C did a beautiful job and so did the Buffalo Bills on the next play as they stopped Jackson again, forcing the Raiders to pass on third down. Thus far, the Raiders had four runs for zero-yards. And on third down on a great play by Buffalo defensive tackle Darryl Williams, Williams stopped Raiders receiver Tim Brown for five-yards, cutting the Raiders short of a first down as Las Vegas is forced into a fourth down situation. Las Vegas was in a very tough spot. Coach Maloney decided to go for it, which seemed like a crazy move against this Buffalo defense. And on fourth down, Buffalo rookie, Ray Brown came up with a huge hit in the Raiders backfield, tackling Jackson for the loss! The Bills took over at the 30-yard line of Las Vegas!
The speed and energy of this Buffalo team was eye opening as they intensify their desire for success. Maybe they have learned lessons, maybe Billy O'C is feeling the Bills energy, but one thing is for sure, they man-handled Las Vegas in dominant fashion!  On Buffalo's first down OJ Simpson did what he does best, he took control of the offense, barreling his way 21-yards for the first down, with 6:45 left to go in the game! On the next play from 9 yards away, Simpson scampered into the end-zone through a beautiful hole opened up by his front line to give the Buffalo Bills the lead 14-7, with 5:30 remaining in the game! Buffalo is on fire!
This was the Raiders last hope to tie the game. There is nothing wrong with Dave Casper! On the returning kickoff, Casper ran back 48-yards and was tackled by Bills lineman Darryl Williams again, with 4:10 left to go in the game. The Raiders do not have much time and will be forced to go in the air it out in order to at least attempt to tie the game. And one play later, Dave Casper just shut everybody up with his second touchdown of the game, this one for 52-yards to tie the game 14-14, with 2:06 left to go in the game with the clock running and time running out for Buffalo! What a game!
OJ Simpson took back a 76-yard kick return to the Raiders 24-yard line with one minute left to go in the game. The excitement was building to a dramatic finish as both teams hurried to set. Simpson had a 16-yard run, forcing the Bills to kick the game winning field-goal from the 7-yard line to win the game 17-14, in a dramatic spectacular finish!
Buffalo (2-2), takes back the road tying the New York Jets (2-2) for second-place in the race for first place in the AFC East!
OJ Simpson expanded his yardage today running all over the Raiders just as Dave Casper expanded his running all over the Bills in a tremendous finish! Simpson finished the day with 222 yards and two touchdowns with an 89-yard kick return on seven carries. Dave Casper quickly quieted the critics with six carries in 270 total yards, with two touchdowns, including a 76-yard pass reception! What a day for Casper!
For the Buffalo Bills (2-2), it's do or die next week as they head to Los Angeles to play a rematch of the AFC Divisional Championship Game against the red-hot Chargers (3-1), for the game of the year for both teams in their quest for an AFC title. The Raiders (1-3) are starting to fade. They play at Atlanta next week to face the Falcons (2-1).







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