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2020 Long Island EFL Week#4 Cleveland Browns (1-2) vs Dallas Cowboys (1-2)

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AT&T Stadium


Roof Stadium
AT&T Stadium, formerly Cowboys Stadium, is a retractable roof stadium in Arlington, Texas, United States. It serves as the home of the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League and was completed on May 27, 2009. It is also the home of the Cotton Bowl Classic and the Big 12 Championship Game. The facility, owned by the city of Arlington, can also be used for a variety of other activities such as concerts, basketball games, soccer, college and high school football contests, rodeos and motocross and Spartan races. It replaced the partially covered Texas Stadium, which served as the Cowboys' home from 1971 through the 2008 season.


The Long Island Electric Football League Dallas Cowboys have been slow to get going the past two seasons and it has cost them, but this season Rookie Coach Levi Vick, has been at the center of controversy, more than his team. In these articles we write, it is always the losing team who has to write the article. Vick has written twelve of them, and he's done a great job with them, "better than he does playing", said our Slawson's Corner Sports Analyst Andrew Slawson.  

Vick has finally responded to all of the league criticism regarding his play-calling by saying, "Hey they don't mix up words in this league and I really respect that. They run it like a REAL league. This is a hobby. It is fascinating to me, the stats and records that this league has. That is a treasure! These guys go back in time through many generations. Here's the deal, I am the new generation of electric football. My league I played in were amateurs compared to this level of play. The guys take real care and pride in how the players appear, the player bases, the uniforms, it's like being in a real organized league. There is a standard in this league, no over-sized player figures, just the Tudor Games, 67' Big Men, unmatched from my experience in all the leagues I have competed in. The league is really tough, but I am not a quitter. I am a study of the team, the coach, the rules, and the field.  The rules allow coaches to play with serious intensity. You have to be able to think fast or you blow the game with mistakes because these coaches know your every move. I may have lost many games, but I am not worried about winning, but I will say winning and losing can become a habit. I am the underdog of the league. When Jimmy Johnson helped rebuild the Cowboys, he had to start somewhere. Some of my teams have issues.  I have gotten much better. My championship team I carried over from my other league, I put on Jacksonville, and now I know that isn't going to work in this fiercely competitive league. The team was amazing in my league. Here, I haven't won a single game with them. I got my butt handed to me. It's like being in a city that is dropping bombs on your troops day and night with no place to run. That is hard to manage." 

July 29, 2020 BROWNS (0-1) at Baltimore (LOST 17-7)

August 9, 2020 Cincinnati at BROWNS (1-1) (WON 14-3)

August 24, 2020 Washington at BROWNS (1-2) (LOST 10-0)

The Cowboys have two great offensive players and a huge line with Matt "Zoo-York" McQueen's Cleveland Browns rolling into town. Dallas running back Emmitt Smith has rushed for 273 yards with five touchdowns. He's the #3 rusher in the NFC and Terrell Owens has done a great job setting him up with 475 yards and three 100-yard touchdown returns, nothing to laugh about if you are the coach trying to defend that. Vick has done a great job with Dallas considering they beat Seattle on the road last week. 

August 3, 2020 COWBOYS (0-1) at Los Angeles Rams (LOST 17-14)

August 16, 2020 Atlanta at  COWBOYS (0-2) (LOST 27-21) (OT 12:35)

September 3, 2020 COWBOYS (1-2) at Seattle (WON 21-14)

This is a big game for both teams given their records. The Browns will be no walk over. 2019 LIEFL-All-Pro Jim Brown is a power-back who doesn't go down easy. Coach McQueen has focused on defense too. They did lose to NFC East's Washington Football Team last week 10-0. Brown was held to 132 total yards in the game with zero touchdowns. The Browns have to refocus on offense with that tough DOG-POUND line they have led by 2017, 2018, All-Pro lineman, Kam Wimbley. Wimbley was not nominated AP last season, so that was something McQueen wasn't happy about.They need a quick slot-back runner to do the day-to-day running, and Jim Brown will be the set-up guy. "Listen this guy Wimbley is one of the better linemen in the league. I take great pride in some of my guys being voted on as All-Pro because it is a reflection on my coaching in making these plastic figures work for respect. We are not the NFC. Literally all 16 NFC teams are monster competitors in the LIEFL-NFC. The AFC isn't there yet, we are 13 or 14 strong. I would say every game is a war, but my guy Wimbley is better than most guards in the league. We will see today when he faces Larry Allen," said McQueen. 

dal6art.thumb.jpg.c86e5967e42f11dc0f4ff7ff9bc21973.jpgTHE PLAY-BY-PLAY: Cleveland Browns (1-2) vs Dallas Cowboys (1-2)

The Cowboys wore their dark jersey's for a change, and Coach McQueen's Browns are an amazing real-feel white with the orange old-school throwback Browns look.

On the opening kickoff Cowboys star receiver All-Pro Terrell Owens, got tripped up for 31-yard kick return. The first running play the game Cleveland made their statement with a 17-yard loss for the Dallas Cowboys, bringing the ball back to the Dallas 14-yard line as Dallas suffers a huge loss! Cleveland lineman Kam Wimbley went right through Larry Allen and Leon Lett to make the stop. One thing the Browns might have trouble doing is stopping Cowboys defensive tackle Randy White. White has been noticeable in his defensive play this season.  the defensive tackle for Dallas

Dallas Coach Vick made quite a few adjustments after the first play, and the Cowboys were able to get back that 17-yard loss plus another seven as they came to third down. And on third down, Dallas quarterback Zach Prescott threw a sweet pass to Terrell Owens who exploded with blazing speed for a 64-yard touchdown play down field, with 8:31 left to go in the half Dallas takes the lead 7-0! The excitement in Coach Levi Vick's face set it all that his Cowboys are here to play!
On the Browns first two possessions, Cleveland fullback Jim Brown ran a 55 yard kick back for the Browns first possession. Brown then ran  for two short yards and was forced into a third down situation as Matt "Zoo-York"McQueen put an odd formation in and set up quick to see how Levi Vick and the Cowboys would adjust and react to offense. We saw two running backs in an arrow formation and tight end Ozzie Newsome alongside receiver Kellen Winslow Jr (See Photo) setting up on the right side of the ball. Browns quarterback Baker Mansfield threw a nice pump fake pass to running back Mike Pruitt who took the ball 21-yards up-field for a huge first down for Cleveland! The Browns changed the running back to give the ball to Pruitt in the running game, and Brown will do the kick-returns for Cleveland in a feisty decision from Zoo-York. The first half came to a close as Mike Pruitt gained zero yards on first down!
On the first play of the second half, on an amazing play Pruitt was spun around by Cleveland's tackle Jerry Shirk as Pruitt ran through an open hole right down the center of the field for a beautiful 20-yard touchdown to tie the game 7-7, with 14:13 remaining in the game!
When Dallas got the ball back, Terrell Owens ran head on into Browns tight end Ozzie Newsome who stopped Owens with a huge hit at the 39-yard line of the Cowboys with 12:38 left to go in the game. Emmitt Smith ran the ball 17-yards on the first play after the kickoff, down to the Cleveland Brown 44-yard line as Coach Levi Vick moved personnel around the field to make the necessary adjustments for the Cowboys.
It's was a very intense battle in the trenches as Cleveland's Kam Wimbley made his position known as he and Cowboys linemen Larry Allen and Ed "Too-Tall" Jones went at it in a great match-ups as the Cleveland Browns defense came up big after the short gain by the Cowboys.
The Cowboys ended up losing 10-yards and they were pushed back to the 50 yard line and they're forced to pass the ball. This Cleveland defense is no joke!
On third down, Prescott hit Dallas receiver Terrell Owens with another blazing touchdown play, this time for 50-yards to put the Cowboys ahead 14-7, with 5:36 remaining in the game. What a beautiful play by Owens!
Jim Brown was hit hard by his own man, Kam Wimbley, at the 44-yard line on the ensuing kickoff and actually knocked off his feet with 4:11 left to go in the game.  The offense took over for Cleveland. Mike Pruitt smoked the Cowboys with a 26-yard run to the Dallas 30-yard line with 2:11 left to go in the game as the Cleveland Brown offensive line performed for Pruitt. Pruitt showed himself to be very valuable, taking over the running attack for the Browns. Coach McQueen promised to transform his running game, and it looks like he is keeping that promise. 
With seconds to go in the game, Dallas came up huge and stopped Browns quarterback Baker Mansfield on third down forcing Cleveland to kick a field-goal on the last play of the game. Coach Levi Vick went wild! He grabs his fourth win of the 2020 LIEFL season as Dallas wins 14-10! What a day!
Dallas Cowboys Terrell Owens had a humongous day. His lightning speed and 184 total yards outplayed the Browns tough defense. Owens had 114 yards receiving, and 70 yards returning the ball with two-touchdowns. That is a monster day! Dallas (2-2) plays division rival Washington (3-1) next week as the battle for the NFC East heats up! Levi Vick had no comment after the game. He just yelled, "Yeah, Baby!"
Cleveland goes to (1-3) and they head to Jacksonville to play Levi Vick's win less Jaguars (0-4).








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