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2020 Long Island EFL Week#4 Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1) vs Tennessee Titans (1-2)

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September 12, 2020. Memphis, Tennessee.
THE COUNTDOWN: Long Island Electric Football League's Paddy Brannigan is on a roll! He just shut down the undefeated Miami Dolphins 14-10 with his Seahawks playing on the road, in Miami! Then, his sizzling hot Bears beat the undefeated Colts on Patriot Day, and today he has another great match-up with his Steelers (2-1) against the Tennessee Titans (1-2), and Coach Kevin "Mac" Maloney, two best friends, until they compete. Brannigan has been laying low-key as he has opened many eyes with his strong draft choices and great coaching this season. Both of these guys have won two LIEFL titles each!
The Titans have had a really challenging schedule. They are a very competitive team with threats on offense in All-Pro Brandon Jones and emerging contributor Enron Kinney. Anyone would want to have these speedsters on their team, but the road games for Tennessee have compromised, losing to Denver and Minnesota. A great team has to be able to win on the road. Brannigan's Steelers are going to have to keep this one close and do their best to push the game to overtime because the Titans can be unpredictable and they can also light up the scoreboard fast.
THE PLAY-BY-PLAY: Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1) vs. Tennessee Titans (1-2)tita3art.thumb.jpg.3451690f8a4e820804a07925fe91b186.jpg
On the opening kickoff All-Pro return-man for the Titans Brandon Jones, returned the ball 63-yards when Jerome "Bus" Bettis made a touchdown-saving tackle on Jones to save the Steelers from 100-yard touchdown against them at the 37-yard line of the Pittsburgh.
The Steel-Curtain shut down Tennessee running back Eddie George on his first two runs, losing 13-yards and getting pushed back to the 50-yard line at midfield. Then on third down, quarterback Ryan Tannenhill passed a rocket to Enron Kinney who exploded for a 26-yard gain and a Titan first down with 9:42 left to go in the half. On the next play, George exploded to the left side of the Titans line for a 24-yard touchdown run making the score 7-0, Tennessee in the lead with 8:29 left to go in the half.  Great run by George!
Pittsburgh tried to get receiver Lynn Swann involved in the game as Swann came up with a 19 yard kick return. Bettis had several runs, but the Titans defense put up a wall! The Steelers were forced to pass on third down. The connection from quarterback Terry Bradshaw to Swann was a perfect play as Swann dashed for 65-yards, bringing the ball to the Titan 18-yard line with the clock running out of time in the first half!
Brannigan's  Steelers really struggled in the second half after that 65-yard reception by Swann. Pittsburgh ran the ball two times and then they passed for a no-gainer, stopped again by Tennessee's relentless defense, which forced a Pittsburgh fourth down. Brannigan decided to go for it on forth down and the Titans stuffed Bettis in the back-field. They went for it and they ended up losing yardage and turning the ball back over to George and company at the Tennessee 28 yard line, with 9:15 left to go in the game!
The game turned into a defensive game as the Steeler defense kept them in the game.The Steelers could not stop the Titans on the next set of downs as they simply ran out of gas. Eddie George had a 12-yard run for a first down and then Tennessee and Tannenhill decided to air it out, hitting wide receiver Brandon Jones who took the pass 46-yards for the first down! From 16 yards away George ran into the end-zone to make the score 14-0, with 1:55 left to go in the game with the aggressive Tennessee Titans dominating the tough Pittsburgh Steelers who made many sloppy mistakes that cost them good field position. 
With the time running out, the Steelers last hope was Lynn Swann, but Swann could only manage a 25-yard kick return for the Steelers as Paddy Brannigan looked exhausted from his second game today. The Steelers (2-2) lose 14-0, to an unpredictable but very challenging Tennessee Titans (2-2) football team! Tennessee plays their biggest game of the season next week at division rival Indianapolis Colts (3-1). That will be a super game! The Pittsburgh Steelers play their biggest game of the season at home in Pittsburgh against the first place Baltimore Ravens (3-1)! Great coaching by Kevin "Mac" Maloney as Brandon Jones went 2-109-0, but he carried the team on the set-up for George!




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Look at 27 making a run for it....Titans are the champions!!! Hang in there Paddy Brannigan Make sure you get the kids to school because it’s going to be p******** and raining..... 😋

LI EFL 4 evaaaaaaaaaa 🏉🏉🏉💗💗💗💗💗🏉🏉🏉🏉🏉🏉💥💥🏉💗💥💥💗🏉💗image.jpeg.5127d28d665257f2c0ec7ebc51f2189a.jpegimage.png.5c429683fac17df4c697e4c3e87ec14c.png

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