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2020 Long Island EFL Week#4 New Orleans Saints (1-2) vs. Detroit Lions (2-1)

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September 9, 2020. Detroit, Michigan.


The New Orleans Saints (1-2) and the Detroit Lions (2-1) will be one heck of a Long Island Electric Football League game today. The Saints are beginning to lose that BAD BOY image they earned last year as the spoilers of playoff hopes.  The Lions are coming off of a tremendous road win over the undefeated Arizona Cardinals who they beat in overtime last week, 20-14! Lions Superman running back and LIEFL PLayer of the Week in Week #1 Dexter Bussy, had over 200 yards in the game against Arizona. Bussy is having a tremendous season, but he's playing against an excellent defense today in the New Orleans Saints who are all riled up. Coach Kevin "Mac" Maloney said, "I know Slawson is going to count us out, but I have a few surprises up my sleeve to slow up Bussy." Maloney's Saints face the loudest guy in the league in Johnny Freeport-Chucker LaFramboise, who has been involved in winning some incredible games this season. The league Bad-Boy has out-coached and improved his game and skills. Chucker said, "We are ready for New Orleans just like we were ready to give Arizona a beat down last week. Nobody is stopping Bussy in case you all haven't noticed. Keep counting me out and making me the underdog. I am okay with it, but this is a message for Mac, 'You can't beat me.' The Saints are overrated, and the coach is stagnant! This isn't just about winning for me. This is about making my time a historic team with a winning tradition so that when we step on the field against any opponent, we get respect. We made three straight NFC Championship Games in the past four seasons, and in this league, that should say something, especially with the Drafts and the constant improvement of the league." 

The Saints have given up only 38 points after three games and they have the 4th best defense in the NFC behind Green Bay, Washington, and the New York Giants. None of that seems to matter when it comes to Bussy as he has tallied up the yardage this season and it seems we say this every year, but this might be one of his best seasons ever! He is playing at a record-breaking pace. Bussy has totaled 814-yards with seven touchdowns against a particularly challenging schedule. The Lions beat the Bears, lost to the Packers, and they beat the Cardinals.

Long Island Sports Hall of Fame inductee Andrew Slawson of Slawson's Corner said, "It is too soon to tell, but the Lions are without a doubt going to make the playoff unless something crazy happens, like they lose the last three games, but the last three out of four games they play are at home. I say they go (5-2) and bull their way into the second or third seed in the playoffs. New Orleans is finished this season. They were supposed to be on the rise, but to me, they have not played well at all. Even their defense is suspect, and against the great one's like Bussy, one mistake could mean lights out. If you haven't watched the highlight film after each week, just see the damage Bussy can do. It is like he is alive."

THE PLAY-BY-PLAY: New Orleans Saints (1-2) vs. Detroit Lions (2-1)

It didn't take long for the Detroit Lions to show the New Orleans Saints who's boss! Detroit running back Dexter Bussy came out like lightning and fire to open the Lions home game with a 93-yard kick-return to the Saints 7 yard line, WOW! Two plays later Bussy ran in a touchdown from 17-yards away after being pushed back 5 yards by the Saints defense. Detroit scores first 7-0, with 11:30 left to go and a half!

On the New Orleans kickoff Reggie Bush took it back 46-yards. Bush had five yards on his first run, but on his second run, he was stopped hard by a swarming Lions defense forcing a third-down for the Saints as Drew Brees faded back and threw a quick dart to his favorite receiver Jeremy Shockey, who picked up 19-yards and a first down as New Orleans brought the ball to the Detroit 38-yard-line with 6:05 remaining in the half!

Detroit's defense stopped the Saints again on the run, but on third down Reggie Bush took a 45-yard touchdown run into the end zone on a rocket from Drew Brees to tie the score 7-7, with 1:34 left to go in the half! 
As the clock ran down in the half, Dexter Bussy exploded for an amazing hundred-yard touchdown run to put Detroit on top 14-7, as time ran out in the half in an incredible game!
New Orleans came storming right back with a 30-yard kick return from Reggie Bush! The Saints made their move and drove 70-yards downfield in six dramatic plays, with Bush running for 8, 25, 3, 16, 12, and finally a 5-yard touchdown run as Bush sped into the end zone tying the score 14-14 with 5:42 left to go in the game with everyone on their feet!
On the next kick return Dexter Bussy stunned New Orleans by taking his second incredible kick return back. As ran downfield he got turned at the 30-yard line as he was going out of bounds both Herman Moore and then Doug English gave him another amazing turn to make way for another hundred yard touchdown run in an amazing game by Bussy. He was almost magical on this kick return, doing things noone can do!  21-14 with 4:30 left to go in the game, the Detroit Lions take the lead!
As time ran low on the clock, Reggie Bush ran back a 40-yard return and Lions defensive end Bubba Baker slammed him at the 40!
On first down tight end Jeremy Shockey caught a side-winding pass from quarterback Drew Brees as Shockey ran the ball 32-yards to the Lions 28-yard line for a first down with 1:21 left to go in the game, with the clock running! The Chucker is on a roll!  As he clinched his fist in the air with a smirk, he said, "You gotta believe" and when you do great things happen. I feel it."
And on the last play of the game Darren Sproles came up just short of tying the game as the Detroit Lions win in dramatic fashion 21-14!
What a dramatic ending!  The Detroit Lions are (3-1). All-Pro Dexter Bussy has ignited the Lions! Bussy totaled 300 yards with three touchdowns, two of them hundred yard returns! Unreal!  The Lions play the Houston Texans (1-3) next week. New Orleans played a fantastic game. Reggie Bush totaled 235 yards, 74 rushing, 45 receiving, and Bush had 116 yards on kick-returns with two touchdowns. The Saints remain dangerous as they play the Denver Broncos (2-2) in Week#5!




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