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2020 Long Island EFL Week#4 Minnesota Vikings (1-2) vs. Houston Texans (0-3)

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September 8, 2020. Houston, Texas.

THE COUNTDOWN: Win or lose the Houston Texans have played in some close games, but they came out on the wrong end of the "W" column. It's been a very tough year for the rookie Coach Levi Vick in his inaugural Long Island Electric Football League. Vick, who won the Super Bowl in another Long Island League last year, came over through Coach Pizz to fill an opening we had for someone who had Covid-19 in our league. For the most part the rookie coach has performed decent. He is (3-11) on the year, but what is important is that he has not quit!  We respect that. When our other coach returns, both he and Bino, our alternate coach, will take on teams with each coach losing a team, or some will lose more than one team. Changes are coming in 2021, including huge sweepstakes!

The Texans are (0-3), but that does not limit them from being a decent football team. Houston can compete in any League and that is said with confidence because with Houston running back Ron Dayne in the backfield, he has been the one consistent Force in the Texans ability to stay in the game. Today, Dayne has a chance to get things started for the Texans and just because they are (0-3), doesn't mean they're going to lay down and quit.

The Minnesota Vikings have to get things going here too in order to stay in the competitive race in the highly competitive NFC North Division, with the Packers (3-0), the Lions (2-1), and the Bears (2-1), Minnesota cannot afford a loss. The re-surging Green Bay Packers have been flawless, and the Lions and Bears have been super!
Long Island Sports Hall of Fame Inductee and analyst of our Slawson's Corner said, "I really like the Texans because I like Ron Dayne and he seems to be able to just do it all, but if the Texans start to think about next year they have to think about putting together a different front line because if you don't put bodies in front of Dayne, it limits him. What he would do if there was better blocking is blow teams away. On the special teams unit he is explosive, but with blocking, we would be looking at a team with a triple-threat with Griffin and Johnson." 
THE PLAY BY PLAY: Minnesota Vikings (1-2) vs. Houston Texans (0-3).
The LIEFL National Football Conference has proven to be a tremendous enemy and very difficult obstacle for AFC opponents. It's hard to figure out who's got the best defense in the NFC, but the Vikings will run right through a decent Houston Texan Front-line when push-comes-to-shove.
Houston's Ron Dayne opened the game with a nice 36-yard kick return, but he had a head on collision with Minnesota's Chuck Forman. On first down, Dayne ran for a quick 6-yards, but the Vikings put up a wall of resistance. The Texans on third down were forced to pass as they tried to figure out the Minnesota defense. Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson threw a great sideline pass to receiver Andre Johnson for the catch. Johnson took the ball 40-yards downfield for the first down to the Minnesota Vikings 16-yard line with 9:32 left to go in the half!
And after two consecutive failed runs by the Texans, Watson hit tight end Ryan Griffin for a 15-yard touchdown pass as the Texans take the lead 7-0, with 4:12 left to go in the half! The excitement began in this tremendous Week#4 event!
On first down for the Vikings after a 50-yard kick-return by Adrian Peterson, Peterson then exploded right through the core of Houston's front three for a 50-yard game-tying 7-7 score, with 2:07 left to go in the half!
On the next kickoff, Texans running back Ron Dayne brought the ball back 34-yards and he was crushed by Minnesota defensive lineman Jim Marshall on the play as the first half came to an end. The Texans moved the ball. Ryan Griffin caught a beautiful 33-yard pass from Watson to bring the Texans to the Minnesota 33-yard line for a huge first down! On the Texans next run, Dayne ran into a wall for a 12-yard loss as he was hit hard by Vikings defensive end, John Randall. On second down, Watson aired out a terrific pass to Andre Johnson who reached out for a 47-yard touchdown catch to make the score 14-7, Texans in the lead with 8:41 left to go in the game! This one is a nail-biting thriller with two very focused coaches!
On the next kickoff return Adrian Peterson exploded for a rumbling hundred-yard touchdown return, igniting the Viking offense and tying the score 14-14, with 7:17 left to go in the game! Peterson and the Vikings offense came alive! This was Peterson's best game of the season to date! 
And on the very next play Ron Dayne answered the Vikings with a blazing hundred yard kickoff return of his own, back-to-back touchdowns between Minnesota and Houston as Dayne put these Texans ahead 21-14, with 6:21 left to go in an electrifying game! 
Dayne ran that hundred yard return in between two blockers, John Randall and Carl Eller. What a spectacular skill play!
Adrian Peterson took the next kick-off return back 75-yards for Minnesota! These two teams are on fire!  And, on his first run from scrimmage with 3:53 left to go in the game, Peterson barreled his way through the outside of the Houston line for a 25-yard touchdown run, his third of the day! The game was tied at 21-21, with 3:53 left to go!
Everyone was holding their breath as Ron Dayne returned a scorching 54-yarder with 2:28 left to go in the game. The Texans wasted no time. They went right back to Andre Johnson until they drained the clock, enough to keep the ball away from Peterson. The Texans kicked the field-goal from 46 -yards to win the game 24-21 in a great finish for the Texans as they win their first game in Week#4! 
Both offensive weapons had spectacular games. Houston Ron Dayne totaled 234 yards with two touchdowns on 10 carries as the Houston Texans (1-3) face a red-hot Detroit Lions team next week in Week#5. The Minnesota Vikings have a lot to be proud of in this road game. Adrian Peterson tore up the Houston Texan defense with 5 carries for 300 total yards and three touchdowns. Peterson rushed for 75 yards in his most impressive outing of the year for coach Pizz as the Vikings (1-3) to play the Panthers, the Bears, and then they finish the season at Detroit to play the division rival Lions.










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Wow look at the color of those uniforms!! A majestic blue for the Texans! I hope that coach feels better and wish him a quick recovery from the Covid-19! High strategy game well played coaches!!

LIEFL 4 EVAAAAAA ❤️❤️❤️🏉🏉🏉❤️❤️❤️💥☄️🏉❣️❣️❣️image.jpeg.b7cad3aa72b8f2fc531b710efe25a1d7.jpeg


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