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2020 Long Island EFL Week #4 Denver Broncos (2-1) vs. New York Jets (1-2)

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September 8, 2020. Meadowlands, NJ.


 It’s like a shark versus a Dolphin this Long Island Electric Football League match-up between the Denver Broncos (2-1) and the New York Jets (1-2)! Will the shark get vicious or will the Dolphin outsmart the shark in its territory? The Broncos have been on the move for the past two seasons in the league and Coach Brannigan feels that Terrell Davis will lead them to the playoffs this season. After all he’s the #1 guy in the LIEFL stat department. That's not enough, said Sawson's Corner's Andrew Slawson. "In this league and any league around the country a team has to develop the skill to win on the road. That is where the Broncos are lacking. They need at least one road win to show what they are made of. Stats don't always win games!"

Davis has the best numbers in the league. In fact, he is on fire! He has 845 all-purpose yards with 7 touchdowns, three of them for a hundred yards! Coach Brannigan agreed with Slawson. "We know he is multi-diverse, but in rushing TD has produced 186 yards. In other words, we are explosive, he said! Slawson said again, “I am not convinced yet by the Broncos.  When they win a few games on the road then we can talk about these Broncos. No doubt they are tough, but they haven’t played many tier-one teams yet. They lost 14-13 to the Chargers in the last game of the season under pressure. That cost them a playoff run.”

Denver play the Saints next week, the Bills and the Raiders in the season finale.


THE PLAY BY PLAY: Denver Broncos (2-1)(LIEFL-Ranked#3/104-61-1 All-Time) vs. New York Jets (1-2)

Terrell Davis touched the ball three times for 240 yards with two touchdowns, and Shannon Sharpe scored a 60 yard touchdown, but it wasn't enough to beat the red hot, sizzling New York Jets coached by Joey Pizz! But really, it was teamwork that impressed most for the Jets offense as they sent the AFC a HUGE message today in Week#4 of the Long Island Electric Football League! They are going to fight to the finish! 

Denver's Davis became our first player to join the 2020, 1,000 yard club! One thing for sure is the Long Island Electric football League remains unpredictable from week-to-week. We never know what to expect from any team. The Jets faced their toughest opponent of the season in the Denver Broncos. The Broncos are not the same team as last year or the year before. They're a team that has a revived explosive running game. The one thing you can Bank on for the Jets is unpredictability!

To start the game Wesley Walker took back a 43-yard kick return. Bruce Harper has had a decent year thus far, but Coach Pizz told us that he is determined to work his team into the game by moving the ball around to different weapons in order to keep the Broncos fogged! Harper ran for 23-yards on his first two runs as the Jets opened up the whole left side of the Denver left side of the line right past All-Pro Karl Mecklenberg. Coach Pizz put his former All-Pro Tackle in the middle and for today, that changed the entire game plan for the Denver defense as Hill controlled the trenches! As Hill led the way up the middle, he also pulled right and left the entire left side open as Marty Lyons busted his way through both Andy Muaer and All-Pro Rubin Carter. Lyons has been a noticeable Jet star this season. Coach Pizz moved the line around a bit, but his offensive strategy was brilliant! He got all of the play-makers involved and they made BIG plays. 

The Jets were not backing down to the Broncos and after a 19-yard run by Harper, quarterback Sam Darnell faded right and tossed a pass to Le'Veon Bell for the first score of the game making the score 7-0 Jets, with 7:06 left to go in the half!
On the Broncos first possession Terrell Davis ran an electrifying and explosive run with blazing speed on the left hand side of the field for a hundred yard touchdown return to tie the score 7-7, with 5:48 left to go in the half! Davis has been the best runner in the league thus far.
When the stunned Jets got the ball back, Le'Veon Bell returned the kick 34 yards. Bruce Harper took over, but the Denver defense denied Harper any yardage and instead, the Jets lost 20-yards, bringing the ball back to the Jets 15-yard line as that tremendous defense of the Broncos started to rev-up their engines with 2:30 left to go in the half! The Jets decided to switch running backs and give the ball to Bell, who on second down ran an amazing 56-yards up-field to the Bronco 28-yard line! What a tremendous play by the Jets making this one very exciting as the first half came to a close!
After the Denver defense stopped the Jets on two runs, Darnell threw a pop-pass to tight end Don Maynard who took it to the two yard line for a first down for the Jets with 11:14 to go in the game. Maynard had a 33-yard pass play from Darnell as we watch Coach Pizz' Jets distribute the ball evenly getting the whole entire offense involved. The Jets are looking like a first-rate production here in New York against one of the best teams in the AFC! In Week#4, when things tend to happen in this league the players get used to each other and the coaches start to understand the big picture and they play at a playoff pace, and that's what we have right here. The intensity is growing! 
On that first run the Jets get pushed back to the 18-yard line for a 14-yard loss. The second play was unbelievable! Don Maynard broke Free from Rob Lytle's coverage at the 18-yard line as Maynard went in for an 18-yard score making the score 14-7, Jets with the lead, with 6:35 left to go in the game in a tremendous turn of events!
Unbelievable! Terrell Davis returned his second hundred yard touchdown of the game making the score 14-14 with 5:23 left to go in the game! You would have to be here to believe it! That's Davis' 5th hundred yard touchdown in four games!
On New York's kick return with time running out, Wesley Walker returned the kick return 36-yards, and then on the first down, Darnell threw a missle-strike to Wesley Walker, who ran 64-yards into the end zone to put the Jets ahead 21-14, with 2:14 left to go in the game! Brannigan looked on in shock as his Denver Broncos desperately need the game tying touchdown to possibly get the game into overtime.
What a game! With 14 seconds remaining in the game, Broncos quarterback John Elway, faded back and threw a beauty to Shannon Sharpe for a 60-yard touchdown pass to tie the game 21-21, and the game is goes into overtime! WOW!
As luck would have in the BIG-APPLE, the Jets remain in a New York State of Mind, winning the coin toss in overtime! What excitement! The game the room was going crazy on this one as we all witnessed the making of an upset! The Jets stood their ground and the person who's indirectly going to receive this statement is the Miami Dolphins who face the Jets in week five! On second down, the New York Jets kicked a 48-yard field-goal! Suddenly, the New York Jets have become a contender as they defeat the Denver Broncos in 5:28 of overtime 24-21, in one of the most incredible displays of teamwork!
The Jets are finally learning to put it together as a team beating a very respectable 2020, Denver Bronco team at home. Let's not forget that Terrell Davis had an explosive 240-yard day, but the star of the day became New York's Le'Veon Bell who had 136 total yards, and a touchdown along with Wesley Walker's 64 yard touchdown play! New York plays Miami (3-0), in a huge showdown next week and Denver play New Orleans (1-2) at Mile High in Denver! Coach Pizz said, "The Jets are going to play you to the very last second and that is how we win.  We mixed it up and confused Brannigan enough that he couldn't set-up fast enough to think through the play. It's the league, and it's the time. You need to be able to do it all in this league. The clock is an effective way to win games. It isn't like other leagues with all these clock-stops, turning players, and other stuff like passing sticks. In this league it is more realistic and game-like situations that we have a second to react to." 





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I had to read this while hyperventilating into a paper bag....and then the JETS WIN??? My bag popped. Come on Broncos Are you serious get your act together you’re not going to win super bowls losing to the Jets!!!! I don’t care if they were home you have to be in it to win COME ON NOW GIDDY UP AND GET YOUR BUTTS IN THE GAME 



LONG ISLAND E F L 4 EVAAAAAAAAAA 💖☄️☄️☄️💥🏉🏉🏉🏉💥💥💥❣️❣️❣️❣️💥❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️image.png.5508326b2f5dfe062c52ab58a0589056.png 


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