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2020 Long Island EFL Week#3 Kansas City Chiefs (1-1) vs. Baltimore Ravens (2-0)

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September 8, 2020. Baltimore, Maryland.

COUNTDOWN: We finally made it to the end of Week#3 in the Long Island Electric Football League with a dynamic match-up between the rebuilding Kansas City Chiefs (1-1) and the defending AFC North Champs, the undefeated Baltimore Ravens (2-0), but the biggest question is, what happened to Kansas City running back, Priest Holmes? We turned to our Big-Time professional analyst, Andy Slawson for that answer.

Slawson's Corner Analyst and Long Island Sports Hall of Fame Inductee Andrew Slawson, said of Kansas City running back Priest Holmes, "We can't ignore the numbers on Holmes productivity because the numbers speak volumes about a productive team in this league, obviously. You know Matty "Zoo-York" McQueen is a very good coach, but I have to hold him accountable for the sudden collapse of the Chiefs and here’s why. In 2018, the Chiefs went (4-3), and they were looking like a team who might be a serious playoff contender in 2019, but that never happened, they fell apart. Maybe Matty-Zoo has some big plans for the Chiefs, but he cannot ignore the numbers on offense. Slawson rattled off the top of his head just how important Holmes has been to the Chiefs. Listen again, in 2018, he was the 2018 AFC Offensive Player of the Year. Holmes was the #3 rusher in the AFC totaling 545 yards with 11 touchdowns, but more important he was the #1 all-purpose player in the Long Island Electric Football League, with an AFC record-setting 1942 yards with 16 touchdowns. Not even OJ could do that! Then, last season, Holmes worked twice as hard, as the Chiefs went (1-6). Holmes managed to rush for 567 yards with 9 touchdowns, and he had 1318 all-purpose yards with 10 total touchdowns on a team with six losses. The league is getting more and more competitive with strong drafts and it's evolving too with high-level, high-performing coaching skills. My prediction: Look no further, if McQueen doesn't get Holmes involved in this game, it's lights out for Kansas City." Coach McQueen said, "This is a big game for us tonight. We have to get back to the basics and get the running game going as well as play some serious defense against an excellent team. We watched the Texan game that the Ravens won 14-13, and I think we can keep it close. I am sure as Chucker tries to get under my skin, I will find a way to force this game into overtime and turn things around here. There is a lot of pride in Kansas City Chiefs as we improve, and I just have to get the guys to bring it all together. We think the Ravens really haven't played anyone and we think we can figure out their soft-spot. If you make the playoffs in this league, you have a darn good football team." 

We are completing Week#3 of the LIEFL schedule, and Priest Holmes has just 51 total yards. It doesn't take much to figure out the trouble Kansas City is in, but there have been some bright signs as well.  They have shared responsibilities and moved the ball around with rising star receiver, Tyreek Hill.  There is a little tension in this game and it’s always animated because these two coaches played each other in LIEFL-Week#1 when the Chucker’s Ravens beat Zoo-York’s Cleveland Browns 17-7, so Zoo knows what to expect!

The Ravens, Jamaal Lewis has 170 total yards with three touchdowns. His running ability is as exciting as the damaging Baltimore front line led by Yanda, Anderson, and Ogden and we cannot underestimate the magnitude of this game because it is a chance for the Chiefs to make a huge statement if they want to remain competitive and reach the top in this league. They have to surprise the Baltimore Ravens, coached by the loudest coach in the league, Johnny "Freeport-Chucker" LaFramboise.  As he walked in the room for today's game, Chucker said, "Let's get ready to rumble" man!  Ready for a beating, he said to McQueen. How do you like my Ravens? And the Chucker continued. This is like a mini-war.  People think we don't think of our teams much during the week, but this is the best hobby with incentive, so I am always watching other coaches on YOU-TUBE to pick up things that may help me, but the league-rules really favor the coaches in other leagues, with two-stops, sticks for passing, changing player directions by stopping the game, and timer countdowns. No sir, that would never happen in this league. The pressure is forced on us to perform in the strict time rules allotted in our league, with more of a live action effect to the game. There are no sticks, no turns, no time stops and countdowns, just pure intense non-stop action!  If they did all those stops in the NFL, the game would take forever. I always feel the pressure in this crazy league!  Even the most competitive guys out there would love this league, and trust me, you'd feel the pressure and intensity. As they say, 'There is always someone better.' There is always a lot at stake in this league. The money is real, the prestige is real, and playing in this league is like playing under tournament pressure in every single game. Newsday, will be doing a special on this league next year as we celebrate our 50th year! We win on mistakes and calculations, and miscalculations. I love it!" 

For our readers who might wonder how we type these little journals of the league so fast, we have a "Voice dictator" in our Word program which can type. Then we just read what was written, and we have to check for spelling etc., and of course we make mistakes, but we do our best to write fluent, informative articles.

THE GAME: Kansas City Chiefs (1-1) (LIEFL RANK-#18/ 67-84 All-Time) vs. Baltimore Ravens (2-0) (LIEFL RANK-#28 /31-28 All-Time)

The time had come to put up or shut up now for the Coach Johnny LaFramboise, aka the Freeport-Chucker! On the opening kickoff Ravens All-Pro Derrick Mason flew downfield with blazing speed for a hundred yard kick return as the Ravens make an opening statement and the Chucker just jumped up in the air as Baltimore took the lead 7-0 with 14:45 left in the half! That kick return took Mason 15 seconds to go 100 yards!

On the Chiefs kick return Tyreek Hill ran back a 38 yard run into the "Goose" Tony Siragusa, the Ravens tackle. On the first two plays Kansas City running back Priest Holmes announced he was back as he took a slicing run 12-yards for the first down. Coach McQueen's Chiefs let the Ravens know that they're here to play! Looking back at that touchdown by Derek Mason his speed and his versatility are what make him one of the best players in the Long Island Electric Football League. He's been doing it for five straight seasons!
The Kansas City Chiefs front line started to really surge forward on the Ravens defense as Preist Holmes chipped away at the Raven front line as he ran for another first down. Holmes put together 24 yards in four runs, quite a contrast from what he's produced in the last two games, but Coach McQueen said is determined to get this Holmes back to his playing standard, and vowed to give him the ball more with 5:33 remaining in the half as the Chief steamroll ahead with another 6-yard run on first down!
And a Chiefs line blew open a hole on the right hand side of the line as Holmes practically walked into the end zone 33-yard touchdown, untouched to make the score 7-7, with 2:05 left to go in the half as the clock winds down on the Ravens kickoff when Derek Mason took the ball back 58 yards to the Chiefs 42-yard-line. On their first running play the Chiefs defense stuffed Ravens running back Jamal Lewis of the at the line of scrimmage on a great tackle by Bobby Bell as the first half comes to an end with the score tied at 7-7!
As the Ravens front-line pushes forward on third down Jamal Lewis ran for five yards to the chiefs 20-yard line to pick up another first down on a huge play for the Chucker with 10:34 left to go in this fast moving game. The defense for the Kansas City Chiefs came up big on first down for a 15-yard loss as the Ravens were pushed back to the 36-yard line. McQueen had his team ready as the Chiefs defense really came alive pushing the Ravens back another 10 yards, stuffing Jamal Lewis to the ground on a heavy tackle by Chiefs defensive end Willie Lanier at midfield, forcing a third down for the Ravens with 7:43 left to go in this exciting game! On a the next play, quarterback Lamar Jackson threw a great fade pass to Raven tailback Mark Ingram who blew the doors off of the Chiefs defenders as he took it in to the end-zone for a 48 yard touchdown up the left side of the Chiefs sideline to score the touchdown making the score 14-7, with 5:40 left to go in the game as the Ravens take the lead!
On a quick kick-return by Tyreek Hill for 38-yards, he was plastered by Ravens defensive tackle Tony "The Goose" Siragusa with 4:33 left to go in the game! On second down Priest Holmes busted out with a 62-yard touchdown run on second down, silencing a shocked group of EFL onlookers! What a play to tie the game 14-14,with 1:55 left to go as the clock wound down fast!
When the job absolutely, positively, must get done the Ravens give the ball to their number one guy, Pro-Bowler Derek Mason, who returned the ball 66 yards to seal the deal for Baltimore as these Ravens kicked a field-goal as they let the clock run down at 33 seconds left to go in the game. The Ravens walked off the field undefeated as they pull off a 17-14 victory as the Chucker jumped in the air screaming, "Yeah baby!" After the game, Coach McQueen said, "I got to hand it to Derek Mason he single-handily beat us today, but I saw a lot of great things from my team too in our loss.  We showed a lot of progress. We got our running back involved in the game and I really think we're going to be okay." The Chucker said after the game, "How about them Ravens? I told you I know the weaknesses of every coach in this league and beating the Chiefs brings us just one step closer to the goal for my team. As I always say, don't take it personally we're here to win!" 
The Baltimore Ravens (3-0) head to Washington and then to division rival Pittsburgh.  Derrick Mason shook the Chiefs with 3 returns for 224 yards and a touchdown! The Chiefs will go back to Kansas City to play the hot New England Patriots. Priest Holmes busted out with 125 rushing yards, two touchdowns, and a gorgeous 60-yard touchdown run!








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