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2020 Long Island EFL Week#3 Dallas Cowboys (0-2) vs. Seattle Seahawks (1-1)

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September 3, 2020. Seattle,Washington. (Pre-Game) On any given week in the Long Island Electric Football League, the excellent coaching and calculation is important, just as it is in most leagues with our EFL brothers united in the hobby around the world. We can expect almost anything to happen regardless of a team's record. With all the turmoil and crisis going on in Seattle and throughout the country these days, electric football is a way to bring calm to get away from the stress of watching the news. It's crunch time however, in the Long Island Electric Football League 2020 season as we approach the midway point to the Granddaddy of them all, LIEFL Super Bowl XVI, to be held in Tampa December 15, 2020, with big prize winnings!

The post-season picture, as to the 12 teams who will compete for the trophy is becoming a little more clear, and for Coach Levi Vick's Dallas Cowboys, they most certainly will not be one of them. They may end up 3-4 or 4-3, but the intensity of the NFC East may get the better of them as this game with the Seattle Seahawks (1-1) happens today. 

To start the season 0-3, is next to impossible to come back from. Everyone in the division would have to have the same close records in order for Dallas to see the post season in 2020. Vick said, "We have one of the toughest schedules in the league this season, the battle is real and the bottom line is, I need to perform and so do the Cowboys. I just have to keep pressing on and make good choices for the Boys. Terrell Owens will have a big day today and I still believe in my front line!" Owens has totaled 334 yards with two touchdowns already in two games, so Seattle must rattle him early or the game could be closer than Seattle Coach Brannigan thinks it will be.

Seattle Seahawks Marshawn Lynch has 449 total yards with four touchdowns in two games for the Hawks, 257 of the yards are rushing yards against Atlanta and New England, so his ability to perform against a rough Cowboys defense is crucial today.  Last week Lynch ran for 139 yards with two touchdowns, and he set this year's longest run record thus far with his 76 yard touchdown run against New England. Coach Paddy Brannigan said, "I feel a blow-out today! When we play our home games, it's our bread-and-butter, and I actually practiced this week in my down time from the craziness in New York City theses days. I am unleashing the BEAST today and giving Lynch full range of the field, but watch out for Joey Galloway too. We can't stand the Cowboys so this one will be a big game for us. Coach Vick is coming along, but with Lynch, watch-out!" If the Seahawks win today, they tie with the Rams and Cardinals for first place in the toughest division in the LIEFL, the NFC West.

THE GAME: Dallas Cowboys (0-2) vs. Seattle Seahawks (1-1)

On the opening kickoff Dallas defensive end Leon Lett made a tremendous high-impact hit on Seahawks All-Pro running back Marshawn Lynch at the 29-yard line to start the game. That hit could sends chills down the back! Cowboys Coach Levi Vick sent a silent message that he has his unpredictable Cowboys ready for the challenge today. 

On the first set of downs, Seattle's front-line kicked in as Lynch ran for 10, 10, and 6 yards, as Seattle battled for a first down. The Cowboy defense hit hard and fast as they forced Seattle to pass on third down. Lynch could only get 1 yard on the third down pass reception as a slew of Cowboys made the tackle, forcing a 4th and 3 play for the Seahawks with 6:41 left to go in the half!  On fourth down defensive tackle Randy White came up huge with his third tackle of the game at the 50-yard line for a 7-yard loss for the Seahawks. Coach Brannigan's play calling on this run could be costly for Seattle. Seriously, one play can cost a team a season!

On the Cowboys first play from scrimmage running back Emmitt Smith picked up a 17-yard gain with a lot of pushing and shoving  of the men on the field as things are not quite going the way Coach Brannigan had planned. The war is on between the two coaches, and the will to win may turn into a break out day for LIEFL rookie coach Levi Vick. In one play, Vick's Cowboys line and Emmitt Smith burned the Seattle defense with a big 33-yard run into the end-zone for the first score of the game Dallas 7-0, with 2:43 left to go and a half! Brannigan kept edging Vick on into a war of words, but Vick stayed focused on the game and said, "Just play the game and look at the scoreboard." 
Coach Levi Vick studied Seattle very carefully obviously, as Randy White came up huge on defense beating both Seattle tackles Joe Nash and Garry Gilliam off the ball, crunching the tackles with his speed and power. Each time White set up, Seattle avoided his side on the run.  The Seahawks were very successful running the ball to the opposite side of White though. On first down from the 50-yard line, Marshawn Lynch unleashed an incredible 50-yard touchdown run, slicing a hole right through the middle of the Cowboys front three to answer by tying the score 7-7, with 14:42 remaining in the game!
After a nice kick return by the Cowboys Terrell Owens for 41-yards, Emmitt Smith ran a busting 44-yard run to the Seattle 15-yard line to set up the next Cowboys score!  Suddenly, these Dallas Cowboys have found their heart on the road in the city as the momentum has turned around with the Cowboys chasing the lead with 11:35 left to go in the game. One thing for sure is that these Cowboys are not ready to lay down their season for anybody, as they suddenly have a will to win the game. Levi Vick is also showing his coaching skills coming over from another League. Vick showed true character in this game as he commits to working through the growing pains withstanding the competition in a very positive way. 
There's no stopping Emmitt Smith in big games and on the Cowboys next play, Smith scored his second touchdown of the game on a 4-yard run, every inch of it earned, as the Dallas Cowboys take the lead on the road in a hostile territory 14-7, with 6:55 remaining in the game!
The Seahawks went back and forth on the kick-returns getting both Joey Galloway and Steve Largent involved in the game. On this return Largent set-up Lynch at their own 45. On another explosive run on first down, Marshawn Lynch took a 56-yard run through the middle of the field to tie the game at 14-14, with 3:48 left to go in the game, and what a game it is turned into!
Oh my God! As if the game was not exciting enough, kick-returner Terrell Owens with blazing speed got a little help from Bob Lilly at the 45-yard line to turn Owens across the field as Owens turned it up, running the ball in for a hundred yard touchdown on an absolutely amazing run! Dallas took the lead 21-14, with 2:20 left to go in the game as the clock was running out on the Seahawks!
And on the last two plays of the game Seattle's Steve Largent brought the ball back 45-yards on the kick-return. Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson, faded back on first down in a race against the clock to complete a pass to tie the score at 21, but he was denied as the ball fell just short of receiver Joey Galloway as Paddy Brannigan's  Seattle Seahawks (1-2) lose in a major upset to the Dallas Cowboys 21-14, giving the Cowboys their first win of the season!

What a game!  Dallas Terrell Owens raised his game with 141 yards and the game winning touchdown! Running back Emmitt Smith had 105 yards rushing with two touchdowns, and Seattle's Marshawn Lynch had 161 total yards, 132 of the yards from rushing!  Seattle goes to play the undefeated 2019 AFC Champion, Miami Dolphins next week in week#4, and for Dallas, suddenly, they could turn their entire season around as they play Cleveland, Washington, and San Francisco in Dallas until finally, they head to the Meadowlands in New Jersey to play what might be the biggest game of the season against Coach Joey Pizz' New York Giants!  Boy did they get this one wrong in the Pre-Game write up!
Coach Levi Vick said, "Don't count me or my teams out of any race.  I read what was written before the game that, the battle for the trophy is becoming a little more clear, 'and for Coach Levi Vick's Dallas Cowboys, they most certainly will not be one of them.' They really got that wrong! And, don't forget we have Owens and Smith who are tearing it up in the league so we are not going out without a fight, or without ruining other team's playoff hopes. I don't mind being the underdog!"


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