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2020 Long Island EFL Week#3 New York Jets (1-1) vs. Indianapolis Colts (2-0)

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August 31, 2020. Indianapolis, IN.
PREGAME SHOW: Week #3 continues to press on in the Longs Island Electric Football League as the New York Jets (1-1) and Coach Joey Pizz met with his rival, Coach Billy O'C and his undefeated Indianapolis Colts (2-0). It's hard in this league when every single game you play is a huge battle, but we believe we have made this league incredibly lifelike so that our coaches feel the stress of being a coach and a player at the same time if that makes sense. That's our love for the game and we are sure that everybody gets that same feeling, but when you're in a league with so many people it really makes for a purposeful experience. Each coach grows to playing at different levels beginning with painting the team, professionally decaling the team, and finally, winning your players in a draft which is ongoing every year. That's what makes the league so exciting, not to mention there's a bonus at the end if you can win it all.
The Jets had their run in 2008, when they won a 32-team New York City tournament by beating the LIEFL's opponent's New York Giants, 7-0!. Here we are in 2020, and the transitioning Jets have only seen the playoffs one time since 2000. This year after winning a number of players in the draft, the Coach Pizz' New York Jets have come alive with a tremendous defense and a stable offense. Where the season takes them nobody will know until the end.
The Indianapolis Colts on the other hand have been built with greatness. Running back Joseph Addai had an amazing season last year. He led the Colts to the AFC Wild Card Game where they were upset by the then Oakland Raiders 38-34!  The Colts fell short again of their goal of winning the AFC championship. Being undefeated at the moment has its advantages. It gives Indianapolis a little flexibility to try new things, and you can bet Coach O'C is going to open it up on New York and Pizz. Raymond Berry has become a big star over the last few seasons and he does it silently, when the Colts need him. Let's see what happens in today's game as it should be a fierce battle!
The Game: New York Jets (1-1) vs. Indianapolis Colts (2-0)
The Colts came out on fire as a Addai returned a 48-yards blastoff! The offense kicked in Immediately as Addai pushed forward behind a very tough offensive line gaining another 8-yards before scoring on a 45-yard touchdown blast through the left side of the Jets line to make the score 7-0 Colts, with 7:13 left to go in the half.
The Jets took over on a kickoff return by Wesley Walker who ran back a beautiful 57-yard scamper to the Indianapolis 43-yard-line. And the action for the  New York offense stopped right there as the Colts defense, led by Bubba Smith put the Jets in a third-down situation after stopping Bruce Harper on two consecutive running plays. On third-down Raymond Berry saved the day for the Colts nearly tackling quarterback Sam Darnell at the 28 yard-line for the sack, but instead Darnell threw the ball away, forcing a fourth-down and a 45-yard field goal attempt through the upright to make the score 7-3 Indianapolis, with 5:22 left to go in the half!
And after an explosive yard kick return by Addai, he busted loose for an electrifying 60-yard touchdown scamper right down the middle of the field to make the score 14-3, Colts. Addai had a huge day! These Colts are for real! They came out here from the get-go to make these tough Jets pay!
The Jets on their kick-return came right back with a stunning Wesley Walker 92-yard kick return with 1:43 left to go in the half. On the first run Bruce Harper lost 32 yards to a ferocious Indianapolis Colts defense led by defensive lineman Bubba Smith The Jets ran into a dead-end and a crippling defensive wall by Indianapolis as New York lost 10 more yards. The Jets were pinned against the wall on 3rd down as the Colts made them pay. Coach Billy O'C kept forging ahead, playing an exceptional football game. If Indianapolis plays like this for the rest of the year they're going to be very dangerous team in the playoffs! And on another fourth down defense rose to the occasion nearly sacking quarterback Sam Darnell in the backfield, but Darnell threw the ball away before the Colts could make the tackle in the backfield.
The Jets kicked a 55-yard field goal to make the score 14-6 Colts, with 12:38 left to go in the game. The Colts were relentless as Joseph took back a 47 yard kick-return. Addai and the Colts offense stayed on the attack, rushing forward with a 5-yard and 13-yard run for a first down at the jet 35-yard line with 7:24 left to go in the game with time running down out for the Jets. Addai broke free on the Colts next play with another 21-yard first down right through the left tackle and right past New York Jets tackle Marvin Powell, to the New York  9-yard line with the clock running out at 4:53 remaining in the game.
Joey Pizz' Jets defense hung tough as tackle Marty Lyons came up with a big play at the 23-yard-line, stopping Joseph Addai behind the line of scrimmage, bringing it to 3rd down for the Colts with 2:10 remaining in the game! The Jets held back Addai from scoring again to their credit, as the Colts turn a (3-0) record into one of their best season's to date beating the New York Jets (1-2), 17-6, in a very good game by both teams! 
Indianapolis All-Pro Joseph Addai broke loose for 14 carries with 302 all-purpose yards with two touchdowns!  He keeps getting better as the season progresses. What a game next week in Week#4 as the undefeated Colts play Coach Paddy Brannigan's  high-octane red hot Chicago Bears (2-1) in Chicago at historic Soldier Field! That will be a full-house on hand to watch that game!  The Jets face the Denver Broncos at the Meadowlands in another great match-up as the Long Island Electric Football League heats up!

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