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2020 Long Island EFL Week#3 Houston Texans (0-2) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1)

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August 25, 2020. The STEEL City, Pittsburgh, PA. Long Island Electric Football League Coach Paddy Brannigan's Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1) came out in force looking for their second win in three games as they try to build momentum to get this Steelers team back on track and into the playoffs after a season of rebuilding through the Draft  They may never have won an LIEFL title, but they are a tough group of player figures. Rookie Head Coach Levi Vick of the Houston Texans (0-2) has Ron Dayne. Dayne can single-handily beat almost any team if he gets hot, but the Texan's line has failed them so far. "Ultimately these loses fall on me, but I  feel I can really work with this team.  I have never lost so many games, and I am a bit embarrassed, but it is what it is, and I have to work through the growing pains because I love the teams and the league is absolutely worth fighting to be in. I think I thought too far ahead.  The guys even let me use my player bases from my All-Star teams in my previous league, but that was a risk I regret," said Vick.  

On the opening kick-off "The Bus" Jerome Bettis  ran a 42-yard kick return for Pitsburgh. Bettis is taking over all of the offensive duties because both Swann and Stallworth have injuries, but they will slowly get the ball more. Coach Brannigan has these Steelers on the run doing blue-collar stuff! The Steelers on third down pulled a Terry Bradshaw quarterback-sneak on rookie coach Levi Vick for a Bradshaw gain of 26-yards to the Texans 17-yard line setting up the Bus for a touchdown run on the very next play for the game's first score 7-0, Steelers in the lead!

Houston's Ron Dayne finished 5th last week in the LIEFL AFC statistics with 293 kick-returns yards. Dayne returned a beautiful run 75-yards to the Steelers 25 yard line. The STEEL Curtain showed up and shut down Dayne and the Texans running game on their first set of downs, forcing them to pass on third down. Steelers linebacker Jack Lambert couldn't match Texan running back Ron Dayne's speed as he caught a pass for a 19-yard gain after two loss of yardage plays in a row. The Texans were forced to go for it on 4th down or punt. They decided to run the ball.  It was a huge gamble for the Texans as Steeler All-Pro tackle John Kolb came up with a huge hit stopping Dayne in his tracks at the 25 yard-line, Steelers ball!
The 12:51 second half "Bus" arrived for a 23-yard gain!  The Steelers offence advanced for a first down to their own 48-yard line, almost to midfield! Pittsburgh had two more runs with the Bus leading the way for 23, and 10 yards gain until they came to a sudden halt by the sleepy Houston defense who kicked the energy level up a notch forcing a third down with 8:15 left to go in the game! Pittsburgh's Rocky Bleier made an 11 yard catch, but the Steelers came up short of the first down and were forced to kick a field-goal to make the score 10-0, with 7:05 left to go in the game!
Houston's Dayne took the ball back 46-yards in heavy traffic with 5:19 left to go in the game! On the next play, Dayne exploded to the left side of the Steelers defense for a 16-yard run and a first down! The Texans offense decided to kick it up a notch as Ron Dayne took it around the left side of the field for a 38-yard touchdown run to make the score 10-7, Steelers with 3:44 left in the game!
With the Bus, the Steelers offense ran down the clock but not before kicking a field-goal to make the score 13-7, Steelers!  Pittsburgh Coach Brannigan said, "Levi Vick is a very good coach.  He did everything right and we like his style and believe that next year his given teams will re-energize. What we would like to see is Levi finish strong and show some will."  Next week, the Steelers go to Tennessee and then they are home against the Ravens for the war of the 2020 North Division season between Brannigan and the Freeport-Chucker! The Chucker is already talking smack.
Houston's season is in severe trouble at (0-3) as they Minnesota (0-2) at home next week and then they travel to Detroit. Jerome Bettis had ten carries for 111 total yards with one touchdown, and Houston's Ron Dayne was nine for 205 yards with a touchdown!

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