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2020 Long Island EFL WEEK #3 San Francisco 49ers (0-2) vs. New York Giants (1-1)

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August 24, 2020. Meadowlands, NJ. The initiation process for any rookie coach in any league can be a challenge. The Long Island Electric Football League has a competitive league with coaches who have nearly 50 years each of experience in the hobby. For San Francisco 49 Coach Levi Vick, it has been rough.  He is (1-10) in his rookie season so far, but he is far from a quitter. Vick took a tough 49er team on the road for back-to-back weeks and suffered back-to-back losses to the New York Jets, and the New York Giants. 

This game was a spectacular Long Island Electric Football game between two great friends. In fact, if it wasn't for New York Giants Coach Piz, Vick would not have been in this League. Coach Pizz said, "Levi is not inexperienced.  He is learning his players and doing the best with what he has.  It's the first time we have had a new coach in our league and I hope he stays committed. Nobody likes to lose, especially guys like Levi. The guys have all been welcoming towards him, but when it comes to game-time, all bets are off. That $1500 prize is looking great right now, and my Giants have been there before, and I think this might be a great year for them."

The New York Giants played some great playoff-style football today, and their offensive line played an awesome game with some serious intensity as the Giants battled for every inch of the board against the 49er defense who gave up 93 yards rushing to New York running back, Shaquon Barkley. 

Last week Coach Pizz promised to get Odell Beckham Jr., or OBJ, more involved and in doing so he felt Beckham could be a huge contributor in his third season. When he first came into the league Beckham's biggest game was a win for the Giants as he single-handily beat the Minnesota Vikings in a huge game in 2017. 

The game opened up with a 40-yard kick-return from OBJ, giving the Giants a great boost from the offensive line. Then New York Giants sensation Barkley took over with four straight runs of 10, 2, 6, and 12 yards before scoring on a 30-yard touchdown run to make the score 7-0, New York! 

The 49ers wasted no time on the kick return as the great Jerry Rice took it back for an explosive 64 yards. Coach Vick's 49er offense offense came to play today and two plays later San Francisco's Ricky Watters, last year's leading rusher in the Long Island Electric Football League, scored from 30-yards out to tie the game at 7-7! 

This defensive battle was beginning to build up between the two teams but the running game is what really controlled the clock with Coach Pizz giving the ball to Barkley 13 times, wearing Vick's defense down as Vick tried to figure out how to stop the Giants running game. New York ran the ball around the 49ers ends for another five runs from Barkley. Finally, on third down, Giants quarterback Eli Manning lobbed a sweet pass to an open Aman Bradshaw, who saw limited action today because of an ankle sprain, but Bradshaw went in for a 29 yard touchdown to help put the Giants ahead, 14-7! 

The 49ers were running out of time with 2:25 left in the game as Jerry Rice returned a huge run for 74-yards to set the offense up with a first down passing situation. One play later, Rice broke loose from a Giant defender and caught a rocket from 49ers quarterback Joe Montana for the touchdown to tie the game at 14-14, ending regulation time on the clock. Rice dominated with 138 yards in the game!

As luck would have it for New York, the Giants won the coin toss in overtime.  But, this one would end in a sensational run-back from OBJ into the end-zone for a 100-yard touchdown in OT giving the Giants their second win, 20-14!  What a thriller! OBJ finished the game with 168 yards!

This game was a terrific thriller! The Giants(2-1) hit the road next week on to play the two-time LIEFL defending Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams (1-1),  coached by Billy O'C in what will be a fantastic match-up! For the 49ers, life gets a little better as they will play home against the tough Matt "Zoo-York" McQueen's high flying Eagles and Harold Carmichael! 


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