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Double Elimination Tournament Redux


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Hi. Just finished game 8 of my second Necromonger double elimination tournament. Necromonger is from the Science Fiction movie Chronicles of Riddick. Necromongers have a code: "You Keep What You Kill," ☠️ which is appropriate for this season because in the Second Round the winning team gets to keep all the best players from the losing team. The remaining players and bases return to the spare parts boxes and wait for the next tournament.

So, in Game 7 the Christmas Spirit killed and took the best players of the GTO. In Game 8 the Metallians will take the best players of the Valkyries. In my role as the Necromonger Lord Marshall (commissioner?) this is my second favorite part of the hobby. Playing the game with such high stakes is my favorite part.

To start this tournament I bought 10 bags of Tudor Red Convention bases (TTC and Rookie bases) and created seven teams. They are the Big Horn Rams (last years Necromonger champion) Christmas Spirit, GTO, Buccaneers, Polaris, Sirens of Titan, Valkyries, and Metallians. The Metallians won the Heavy Metal Double Elimination Tournament.

Each team has twenty players. The only tweaking I did was to make sure the prongs were tilted back. Then I figured out what positions the players naturally played. I didn't add any weight.

Here is my 2012* Necromonger Double Elimination Tournament bracket.  (* 2012 because I've missed a few seasons for little things like graduate school 👨‍🎓, moving across the country 🚚, and Tudor going out of business. 🚷. Thanks for reading. Cheers. 🍺


2012 EFL Necromonger Season 2 Schedule .pdf

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