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2020 Long Island EFL Week #3 Miami Dolphins (2-0) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-2)

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August 21, 2020. Jacksonville, Florida. After a long losing streak by the Miami Dolphins during the league's transition to the seven game season format in 2008, the Dolphins went back to the drawing board after 18 losses to get several huge first round draft picks that Coach Billy O'C won. Jason Taylor, AJ Duhe, and the superstar Mark Duper have transformed the Miami Dolphins organization in the Long Island Electric Football League, back to being a winner! The old player bases are no longer part of the team as they were generously distributed throughout the League and are now running backs. O'C said, It was the right thing to do.  I donated the bottoms to the worst performers in the league,and now they uplifted the coaches and the other teams. 

These Dolphins are predicated upon a very strong trench-group of players who will not waver when the going get tough . They've played three games this season, two of them have been on the road. The sign of a very good team is one that can win on the road in this League. 

For Coach Levi Vick, this game might be the Jacksonville Jaguars biggest challenge yet facing an undefeated Miami Dolphins team early on in the season. There may be no turning back if they lose this one to Miami. The Dolphins defense has played every down in the last two games as though it is their last of the season. Coach Billy O'C is determined.  He said, "After winning the big Kahuna six times in this league with Miami, this may be a new Dolphin era, but we are here to battle and even if we lose I have my guys motivated, especially in the road."

After a 42-yard kick return by Fred Taylor it took Jacksonville 8 plays to drive 58-yards downfield, where Taylor caught a 40-yard touchdown pass from Mark Brunell, eating up most of the clock for the first half with one minute left to go 7-0, Jaguars strike first!
The Dolphins had a beautiful kick-return by Mark Duper 55-yards at the Jaguar 45-yard line. Miami running back Mercury Morris, took over with three straight runs of 9, 8, and 10 yards to bring the ball to the Jaguar 17-yard line with 9:44 left to go in the game. After a three yard gain, Morris tore into the end-zone for a 14-yard touchdown run to tie the game at 7-7!
On the kick return Fred Taylor brought back 37 yards for the Jaguars and on the first two runs the Miami defense came up big as defensive tackle Manny Fernandez took down Fred Taylor behind the line of scrimmage for a 5-yard loss making it third down. For the second time on third down the Jaguars could not get the first down. Rookie fullback Connor Slomka fell just short of the first down, forcing the Jacksonville to kick a field goal to make the score 10-7, Jaguars, with one minute left to go in the game.
The Dolphin special teams unit came prepared. On the Miami's last kick return of the game with less than a minute Super Duper brought the ball back to the 30-yard line on a blazing 70-yard kick return to the Jacksonville 30 yard line where Miami kicked the field-goal to tie the game and send it into overtime.
Coach Billy OC's 2020 Dolphins have luck on their side as they won the coin toss it overtime! Miami got the ball back to fight for their third-straight win to keep them undefeated. Coach Vick played frantically to save his team from embarrassment and drowning for the remainder of the season as the LIEFL whipping boy. There is always one each year. Coach O'C's Miami Dolphins played that role for three straight seasons. 
In overtime Miami's star, Duper, took the ball back 70-yards on the kickoff on an explosive return setting up Mercury Morris on the offense from 30-yards away. On 1st down Morris was stopped on a hard hit by Rob Meier, a big-time tackle who leads the league with seven tackles this season giving him his seventh tackle of the season. Meier is yet to be stopped by anyone in his first three games of the season.  Coach Vick thinks Meier is looking at some awards this year because nobody has been able to stop him. He's been like Jason Taylor of the Dolphins.
Coach Vick said, "If we just go back to those last two plays by Duper, he single-handily pulled off 140-yards in two plays. We cannot afford to allow that. With those kick returns Miami showed how explosive they can perform. Duper performs the way in Al-Pro should perform, carrying the team with his leadership." Vick said you cannot make any mistakes against Coach O'C.
As the Dolphins line swung left Mercury Morris took it to the right side on a game winning 25-yard touchdown as the Dolphins defeated the Jaguars for Miami's third straight victory 16-10, in 5:35 of OT!  Duper was the star!  He had 195 yards, and Morris rushed for 74 yards with two touchdowns!  Miami (3-0)goes back home to battle against the Seattle Seahawks, for their 4th straight win next week, and Jacksonville (0-3) is on the road against Cincinnati (1-1)




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