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2020 Long Island EFL Week#2 Buffalo Bills (1-0) vs Miami Dolphins (1-0)

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Miami star, Mark Duper returns a 92 yard kick with 8 seconds left in the game to give the Dolphins the win over tough division rival Buffalo Bills, 17-14 on a field-goal!

August 17, 2020. Miami, Florida. This field is special to the Miami Dolphins after making it back to the Granddaddy of them all last season in the Long Island Electric Football League's Super Bowl XV. This rematch is a war between fierce competitors Miami Dolphins versus Buffalo Bills, but also between coaches Billy O'C and Joe "Bino" Cerbaino. After all the Draft picks in the league over the last two seasons Buffalo has been challenged every step of the way after winning the Superbowl in 2017 and dominant fashion against the Detroit Lions. That greatness that they found in that season, we now understand, it is "rare" to be that good consistently.

They may not have lost to the defending Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams 44-41 in OT, but the LIEFL #1-Ranked Miami Dolphins (167-34) did beat this Buffalo Bills team 31-21, in the AFC Championship Game to stun Buffalo, and make it to the Super Bowl for the first time in 20 years. The Bills are still a super team.  They won LIEFL Super Bowl XIII in 2017, in one of the most dominant performances in the history of the Long Island Electric Football League with Bills All-Pro running back OJ Simpson scoring an incredible record-setting seven touchdowns in the game, beating the defending LIEFL Super Bowl XII Champion Detroit Lions 49-35!  The Draft brought incredible competition, completely transforming this league with strong signs of improvement every year since 2008 to the point that no team is safe on Sunday's.

Since coach Billy O'C owns both teams, this season's alternate coach Joe Cerabino or Bino, will play with the Buffalo Bills (1-0), Coach O'C will play with his unbeaten Dolphins. O'C said, "Man I was embarrassed for three or four seasons losing like 18 games during our rebuilding of the league and my Dolphins. All of my great players from the past are now running backs around the league. With the rookie bases, we just could not compete against everyone's TTC player bases. It was humbling watching my team's dynasty crumble. To me the sign of an excellent league is 32 teams who can all win! But we are back! I have Jason Taylor and Larry Little leading the way, and AJ Duhe has come up big at tackle for us.  But, the biggest addition to my team is Mark Duper who I won in the draft!  This guy is a tremendous set-up specialist for Mercury Morris, who is again at the top of his running game.  Duper gives and gives to this team. He is a dangerous and respected player in the league. He was the #2 kick-returner in the LIEFL last season, so I expect big things from him. He performed in the Super Bowl against the Rams with 500 all-purpose yards. We have to focus on OJ though to win this game by keeping the ball out of his hands, and keeping our offense on the field. Bino is a great coach so it should be a great game." Bino said, "Bring the Dolphins on. I always want revenge against them because they beat my Eagles in a tournament 3-0, on a field-goal in 1978. Today, if OJ gets the juice going it will be a long day for Miami. I watched the film of the Super Bowl XIII win with the Bills on YOU-TUBE, when they kicked Detroit's butt, so I am psyched to play with them. OJ is literally a "beast" and we have a lot to prove, and I have no attachments to any of the teams, so I am going to play to win in a big upset to fight for the division title! At the end of the day, the way I think about it is, I may be the alternate coach in a Super Bowl that could win me $750! There is a great chance that O'C may have two of his teams in the Super Bowl like last season. That means I am alternate coach."The Buffalo Bills will be sporting brand new uniforms throwback style, and they look gorgeous.


The excitement was tense in the build-up to this rematch and on the opening kick-off return specialist LIEFL All-Pro Mark Duper ran the ball back 41 yards. Buffalo looks gorgeous, sporting brand new uniforms throwback style and they look gorgeous. After all the new draft picks in the league over the last two seasons Buffalo has been challenged every step of the way after winning the Superbowl in 2017 and dominant fashion against the Detroit Lions. That greatness that they found in that season is "rare" to be that good consistently.

Duper returned the opening kick-off 41-yards for the Miami Dolphins (1-0). On the Dolphins first run of the game Mercury Morris took the ball 20 yards to the Bills 41-yard line on an explosive run by Morris around his favorite guy, AJ Duhe. One play later Morris ran around the left side again for a 31-yard pick up to the Buffalo Bills 10-yard line, putting the Dolphins in scoring position with 10:10 left to go in the first half. After a great tackle and loss by great Buffalo Lineman Marcell Dareus, the Dolphins were pushed back to the 22-yard line. But on the very next play Miami quarterback Dan Marino aired it out to "Super Duper" for a 22-yard blazing touchdown down the sideline of the Buffalo Bills to make the score 7-0, Miami!
At 4:49 to go in the half the Bills lost much of the first half chasing Morris around. Buffalo running back OJ Simpson ran a 18-yard run on first down, and then Simpson burst straight up the middle on a draw-play for a Buffalo Bills 29-yard touchdown right through the Miami defense tying the score 7-7 with 1:27 left to go in the half.
Duper's 33 yard ensuing kick-return ran into a defensive wall by the Bills. Miami was stopped on the first few runs and on 3rd down,  Dan Marino aired it out to Mercury Morris for a tremendous 67-yard touchdown down the left side of the field to give the Miami Dolphins the lead 14-7, with 11:11 to go in the game! The Bills drove downfield with six consecutive runs by OJ Simpson who finally ran in for a 2-yard touchdown to tie the score at 14-14, with 58 seconds left to go in the game. This was a clock-eating game by both coaches, almost to perfection.
The game was a nail-biter! On the kick return with the clock running. Miami's hero, Mark Duper came up big for the Dolphins with a super 92-yard kick-return leaving Miami at the 8-yard line with 8 seconds left to kick the field goal and win the game in dramatic fashion 17-14!  What a game by both coaches as they shook hands and are on to the next one!  Miami's Mercury Morris ended up with 119 all-purpose yards and a 67 yard touchdown, and Mark Duper blew it up with 188 yards, a touchdown and the game winning set-up for a field-goal! Buffalo's OJ Simpson is unstoppable. He ran for 93 yards and two touchdowns, totaling 182 yards with two touchdowns! 
Coach Billy O'C said, "When the going get tough, I rely on Duper to get the job done. You always have to have a player that can rise to the competition, and Duper and Morris are those guys. Duper got off to a rough start but once he got warmed up, it was lights out." Coach Bino said, "Buffalo is a great team, and if we were in Buffalo, the outcome would be reversed.  The last run my guy got turned in and missed the tackle and that cost us the game.  You can't make mistakes against O'C because that will be the difference between winning and losing the game.  I think the coaches in this league are just that good!"
What a week next week for Buffalo (1-1). They play the defending two-time Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams (1-1) at home, and Miami heads to Jacksonville to play the Jaguars (0-2).


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