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Long Island Electric Football DRAFT update ... Finding the new beast, boom, or bust!

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Long Island Electric Football League February 3, 2023. Long Island has many legendary coaches of electric football and there is plenty of competition here. You don't have to be in the news to be a great coach. If you do important Draft's in your league, we understand why. Investing in the league, the teams, the boards, and quality rules is of paramount importance in our league. We are traditional and we keep it simple.
There was a lot of wheeling and dealing between coaches in the Long Island Electric Football League this weekend. It seems some teams will have some excellent improvement. When the draft picks help their team forge into the wild playoff season in the Long Island Electric Football League next season, we will reflect back on the magnitude of the draft. The draft results, while promising, are totally unpredictable until the going gets tough. That's when we will realize the payoff and in this league we keep it moving and improving!
The New Orleans Saints, who went (1-6) in 2022, walked away with five, yes five number one draft picks to fill the player slots of Jeremy ShockeyMarcus Colston, defensive end Tim Smith and offensive tackle William Ruff, instantly improving their team. The biggest name who shows the most promise from the draft is ... Colston, and our newest Rookie Coach Bobby Biggs tested the player bases himself with anxiousness. Again, we do several tests to vet the new player bases. Colston's base ran back 10 more consecutive hundred yard runs with blazing speed, a clear reminder of just how critical it is to spend the time necessary to rebuild teams through the draft. After all, what is a league with the same team winning all the time? 
Coach Ed Viggs said, "Biggs  won  big! He's running his mouth already without playing a single game in the Long Island EFL.I love it!"
Biggs said, "Y'all better be ready cuz I'm coming for you and I'm going to start putting some whippings on people in this league.  I am extremely satisfied and confident with my picks. To get a lineman, a tackle and two fierce receivers is awesome for me because I can go on a passing attack," but they have to earn respect in a tough division. Coach Levi Vick said, "Bobby is a fierce competitor, the kind who can win a Super Bowl in his first year in the league."
We have not seen a NFC South Super Bowl winner in this league since the Saints won it, back in 1992. Biggs said, "I've played against a lot of competition, way better than the LIEFL, and I don't get intimidated by anybody. I am way better than these guys so it's great they added me because I will stir the league up!"
SAINTS.png.b24744df8084475ecdf324d4a1a2b79d.pngCommissioner Billy OC said, "It ought to be interesting with Johnny Freeport Chucker and his Atlanta Falcons going at it with Biggs in the NFC South. Biggs is just the kind of guy we need in the league to put the pressure on the coaches to perform. I like his fire and confidence, and I would love to see him bring the Saints to a different level. New Orleans has made it to two Super Bowls, winning one of them, and I have no doubt that this coach will bring back the pride. I'm expecting big things from the Saints and as long as they can compete with Carolina, Tampa Bay and Atlanta. It's going to be a great season in 2023-24."
Coach Kevin Mac said, "The New Orleans Saints cleaned house getting the top five draft picks in the overall draft. They replaced Jeremy Shockey with a speedy player base who can also block. Marcus Colston is going to be a beast he was the fastest player in the draft who ran back twenty 100-yard returns with lightning speed. If rookie coach Bobby Biggs plays his team correctly they might surprise teams in the NFC South.  They also put a speedy player base on running back Darren Sproles. Sproles may split responsibilities with Reggie Bush, according to new coach rookie coach Bobby Biggs. In addition, Tim Smith was replaced with a beast of a player base along with linebacker Ricky Jackson." The Saints should be exciting with their five changes in the lineup and with Reggie Bush playing the way he does with a proven track record, the Saints could be very dangerous. There are huge expectations for this team but the one thing holding them back is their size. They seem to be a little undersized for 67 big men. But they have lots of speed. Biggs said, "The coach who used to coach these Saints has a lot to learn from me. I refuse to let this team lose three games this year."
Biggs finished by saying, "My teams are not going to be pushed around like they were in the past." Actually, the Saints were not pushed around at all, said Johnny Chucker. "Bobby Biggs likes to talk a big game and he'll learn real quick about the competition in this league, so let him run his mouth all he wants. I had no problem voting him into the league. We rejected five or six people in the past couple of years. The one thing about Biggs is he is a great fit for our schedule which did not conflict with our playing times and days. Let's see where his big bad Saints are at the end of the season next year when he is playing against legendary players in the division like Gerald Riggs of the Falcons and Jimmie Giles of the Bucs, and DeShaun Foster of the Panthers. It's a big mistake to treat us like we are the rookies, especially for a guy who's coming from a pivot League, which is a joke and unrealistic, and a two or three stop passing league. Let's see him manage our new 35 seconds rule to set up (LOL), he's in for a rude awakening. Guys like Bobby Biggs are a dime a dozen, expert this expert that. Bring it on baby! Until you get on the field and earn that respect you're still a rookie in a league that has a proven track record for performance my man."
As for Biggs draft picks, Colston ran back an impressive twenty total 100-yard returns in the LIEFL Draft. Any smart coach would use Colston in the right position. It's all about winning games and the reality is the Saints need to improve. In the past four seven game season's New Orleans have had the top draft picks but they managed to lose 21 games with only seven wins.
BEARSTD.png.0683845486775cced147923ed76d8426.pngThe Chicago Bears landed a new lineman to take the place of Richard Dent and the Bears will hold on to his player base in the event they need it for something else. They also replaced Steve McMichael. It's exactly what the Bears needed to propel Walter Payton.
SEATTTD.png.edd81c16c10052efc75198334fb82ca1.pngOne of the teams that were on the verge of making the playoffs for the second year in the row was the Seattle Seahawks who showed the most improvement towards the end of the season along with Minnesota. The Seahawks are one or two players away from being a major contender. The Rams in the NFC West are two time Super Bowl Champions for two consecutive years in this league, but the league has caught up at warp speed in two seasons through the Draft, that's how much we have improved! The Seahawks upset the Rams in 2020, who were chasing their third Super Bowl in a row. The Rams didn't even make the playoffs this past season, winning just two games.
545954246_BROWNSTD.png.fb1d003329e866edd10ef2142577efa3.pngIn the AFC North the Cleveland Browns had a great season last season and many thought they could go far in the playoffs. Coach Matt Zoo York had his Browns playing some top football with Clay Matthews leading the way on defense who was recognized as an All-Pro. Both Mike Pruitt and Jim Brown were fantastic keeping the Browns in some big games. They played a historic game against the Raiders on December 2nd, beating the Las Vegas 31-28, with a total 914 yards in the game and 59 points scored. The Browns won their 75th game of their franchise history in the LIEFL. They lost two very close but tough road games to the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers, both 14-10 games. Perhaps the biggest eye opener was keeping it close against Miami 38-34 in the AFC Wild Card Game. LIEFL All-Pro Jim Brown went 24 for 1116 with five touchdowns, four of them 100-yarders in 2022! The Browns added a big time linebacker in the draft because they waived their number #1 in 2020. Tae Davis will be a rookie in the league, and he will play a central role in opening up the middle for Mike Pruitt as a bodyguard of sorts. The Browns are for real and they will contend in 2023! They think their draft choice will get them to the next level. Battling Miami was a great way to end the season for the Browns even though they lost, they're on the radar.
768466417_BENGALSCD.png.60a74aa5db16fd3b9868efe241b4f2d1.pngCincinnati Bengals (3-4) LIEFL Rank (57-88-1)
The Bengals had a good season in 2022, with Anthony Munoz leading the Way with eight tackles right next to him is LIEFL All-Pro Brian Blados who had five tackles, but Blados has been a force on defense for the Bengals, dominating on the line. Running back Icky Woods had five touchdowns and Chad Ocho-Cinco Johnson had two touchdowns. The Bengals had some close calls and they lost their season finale to Cleveland 10-0, which eliminated them from the playoffs. Most of their offense came on kick returns by Ocho, who had 892 all-purpose yards. The Bengals have to add more threats to their offense. They moved around and shuffled the line a little bit and they put a new player base on lineman Levi Brown through the Draft.
STEELERSTD.png.b25d69edd11fd0563ed9bc64283b7119.pngThe Pittsburgh Steelers (3-4) look very good in the upcoming 2023-24 season. Steelers invested in a player bases for Mike Webster and also Greg Llyod, two key components to their offensive line. The Steelers will compete tough with their triple threat offense. These two draft picks will really help this Steelers team battle for the North.
The goal of the league is to continue to improve each team.
RAIDERSTD.png.c0905379fec476d539fa589fbb152388.pngIn the AFC West the Las Vegas Raiders picked added player bases for tackle Art Shell and lineman Lyle Alzado in the Draft. Shell looks great and Alzado will toughen the line to help get the Raiders running game back to where they need to be.
JETSTD.png.d6af8c56b1fc9a6ebcf7ca3fe660b7d5.pngThe AFC East New York Jets picked up two player bases for lineman for Winston Hill and Mark Gastineau. They will again compete hard and work on their ability to finish strong. The Jets folded after their loss to Tampa Bay. People claim it's the wrath of the Buccaneers who've cursed teams who were expected to beat them. Like Pirates of the Caribbean, watch out for the Bucs this year. Greg Buttle at linebacker was also replaced. Three changes could make a big difference for the Jets in an already highly competitive division.
PATSTD.png.5fff950e8e979ed67d512a7fe9e23b27.pngThe playoff contending New England Patriots picked up a tackle in Tony McGee, but they are still looking for that tough lineman base in the Draft. The Patriots had a great season last year winning five straight games and they will continue to improve throughout next season.
122420764_CHARGERSTD.png.0834f9d462d37400f80c2b53f19bf12e.pngThe Los Angeles Chargers have had three straight six win seasons and they will continue to be the team to beat and the AFC West. LaDainian Tomlinson has proven to be a force in the AFC, but can this team win a LIEFL Super Bowl? The Chargers need to add more force in the trenches in order to get to the show. They bring back LIEFL Defensive Player of the Year in Earl Faison who will lead the way.
1474395757_DOLPHINSTD.png.7b28bdb04035eae7f4d0273df38b0588.pngLosing 58-57 in the AFC Championship Game to the Kansas City Chiefs was their fate this past season. The Miami Dolphins made no changes in the Draft. Bob Kuechenberg is aging so next season Miami will look for a lineman in the Draft. The Dolphins are a powerhouse! They discovered that Mark Clayton and Mark Duper are game changers who can be huge super players against any team. The combination of Morris, Clayton and Duper make the Dolphins very dangerous in the AFC East. It's unlikely they won't contend for a championship after making the AFC Championship game three straight.
MINNTD.png.c9f144faa2134130a8fa6d9d1747e42c.pngThe Minnesota Vikings (4-5), added some extreme speed at wide receiver in rookie player base Draft Justin Jefferson, who will might be as good as the Saints Draft. They improved at linebacker and tackle as well. The Vikings played great in the playoffs upsetting the Carolina Panthers, but then losing to the Giants in a close NFC Divisional Championship Game. They'll be back stronger than ever making out big in the Draft! Coach Joey Pizz made some great choices.
WASHTD.png.e8d219f482c24d46509cc8bbf1dd671e.pngThe Washington Redskins made four changes, two on the line, one at linebacker and another at tackle. Look for them to have a big year in 2023-24. Coach Viggs is bringing the pride back to Washington and LIEFL All-Pro running back Tony Green is a great player.
RAMSTD.thumb.png.311f65f6f6f31a69bc06d1fb35d71c2c.pngBilly OC's Los Angeles Rams (2-5) picked up a new player base for Eric Dickerson who is a rare starter. With the speed that Dickerson has he might be the new starting running back for the Rams who had a subpar season last year. The Rams are still searching for a tackle and a defensive lineman which they will Draft before the season begins in August. The Rams have a quadruple threat on offense with Wendall Tyler, the Reverend Isaac Bruce and speedster Rickey Prohel.
SFTD.png.33269e68177f2855ca872c8ff87bee8c.pngThe San Francisco 49ers (7-4), after their Super Bowl XVII loss to Kansas City, made few changes. At interior lineman they replaced Randy Cross's player base.
... Stay tuned!




















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