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2022-23 LONG ISLAND EFL S U P E R B O W L X V I I San Francisco 49ers (7-3) vs. Kansas City Chiefs (7-3) PRE GAME

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163104083_longislandelectricfootballleague2020logo.jpg.8a195f3d7c70b16dcdd840adfb34cdd3.jpg2022-23 LONG ISLAND ELECTRIC FOOTBALL LEAGUE   

                                        S U P E R  B O W L  X V I I    January 22, 2023

49ERS.jpg.b9b6b0cbd24aaf4e2b2d67d4bbffd5e3.jpgSan Francisco 49ers (7-3)81653286_OIP(3).jpg.c21ebd457458ffe1ddcf24778cc13ec6.jpg vs 515074267_OIP(2).jpg.dd2956aa647e758604a2f6bb997fb134.jpgKansas City Chiefs (7-3)800px-American_Football_Conference_logo_old_svg.png.225d7a351b53f436c1ef4aa55371eda1.png



abhellLIEFL.jpg.390ac98af443c59d37d7f420b922efb9.jpgWelcome readers! The excitement of the Long Island Electric Football League was overwhelming on Sunday! Two great coaches towed their Championship teams to Florida to play in a war!  

The Kansas City Chiefs (7-3) uprising started two seasons ago in 2020, when they drafted the player base for Tyreek Hill. Chiefs Coach and Bronx, New York native Matt Zoo-York, as we call him because the South Bronx is one of the toughest communities in the country, took this team from a (2-5) record in 2020, to where they are today by making tremendous draft picks. Hill saw little action in the 2020 season, but naturally when you put the ball in a player's hands consistently, they earn the opportunity to perform. That's when the Chiefs called on Tyreek Hill, when they needed him most. Priest Holmes had 1,942 all-purpose yards in 2018 with 16 touchdowns, and then the Chiefs forgot how to block.

Tyreek Hill blew up defenses in the league with his speed. He had the performance of the year, an astonishing 720 yard game against the top team in the AFC, the Miami Dolphins. We doubt this record will be broken in our league. Hill had three 100-yard touchdown returns against Miami, and it sent a clear message of how important it is to do NFL-like drafts in electric football because teams should constantly improve. The only way to do that is to be unbiased and not favor any teams. Take the worse record teams in the league and give them the best player bases from the draft with the number #1 picks going to the losing record teams in order. It is beyond exciting! That's what we have done in the LIEFL and the vibe of the league has been sensational. That is where Matt Zoo-York proved the importance of the draft, in how far he has brought Kansas City in just a few seasons. 

Historically, we Traced the Chiefs record back to the 2008 draft, and the rebuilding of the Chiefs were revived in 2016, when the league made a comeback, and it was the 2008 Draft, that started to evolve a different LIEFL with fierce competitiveness. The results have been awesome! This year, all of those draft picks that Zoo-York picked took them from the gutter of the league to where they are at this moment. The player bases like Damien McIntosh, Derrick Thomas, Willie Lanier, and Buck Buchanan changed the way coaches had to play against the Chiefs. The draft started to pay off for the Chiefs and many other teams, taking the Chiefs from (1-6) in 2019, and (2-5) in 2020, to becoming an AFC Wild Card team at (4-3) this season. It's the first time Kansas City has made it to the playoffs since 1982. They have dominated in these playoffs averaging 52 points per game! No team in the history of this league has ever done that and that's what makes them special. 

Kansas City took second place in the division to the AFC Western Division Champion Los Angeles Chargers. In the AFC Wild Card Game, the Chiefs beat the tough Tennessee Titans 42-31. Then in the AFC Divisional Championship Game, Kansas City beat, who we would consider another elite team in the Buffalo Bills 56-52. Buffalo won the LIEFL Super Bowl XIII in 2017, then they unhinged Miami 58-57, in the AFC Championship Game, recording the highest scoring game in the history of the Long Island Electric Football League. There isn't a coach in the league who expected the Chiefs to be where they currently sit, in S U P E R  B O W L  X V I I!
Chiefs Starters
Buck Buchanan-L
Willie Lanier-L
John Alt-L
Damien McIntosh-T
Herb Taylor-T
Bobby Bell-LB
Derrick Thomas-LB
Priest Holmes-RB
Larry Johnson-RB
Tony Gonzalez-TE
Tyreek Hill-R
Coach Ed Viggs, the Wall-Street Guru won the LIEFL Super Bowl in 2020 with his Green Bay Packers. The Packers drafted Sterling Sharpe, and the team became an instant threat to opposing defense's. The 49ers had a rebuilding year in 2017, but they lost to the Detroit Lions 21-20 in the NFC Divisional Game. In 2019, the 49ers lost to divisional rival Los Angeles Rams 38-34 in the NFC Divisional Game, and they showed progress and promise. But, while coach Viggs worked on his Chargers and Packers, this 49ers team didn't get the attention he felt they deserved, and after going (0-7) in 2020, it was back to the beginning for Viggs who started over. He received one of the top picks in the Draft and along came a new Jerry Rice! Rice has been a beast to defenses! 
San Francisco has played like champions in the postseason as the NFC Western Division Champions. They are a perfect match for the Chiefs, but many in this league think that the Giants would have been a better matchup because of the season LIEFL Offensive Player of the Year has had, if you follow the league, but you can't control who's going to win a game. When the 49ers beat the Giants in the NFC Championship Game 51-44, all bets are off as to who will win the matchup between Kansas City and San Francisco. Jerry Rice had 533 all-purpose yards in the game with three 100-yard touchdowns! In the 60-minute games Rice has been perfect in the three games in the playoffs totaling 22 touches for 1,427 yards with seven touchdowns, four of them 100-yarders! 
49ers Starters
Fred Dean-L
Charles Hayley-L
Randy Cross-L
Harris Barton-T
Ronnie Lott-S
Ken Norton-LB
Rickey Watters-RB
Roger Craig-RB
Jerry Rice-R
Dwight Clarke-TE
Sunday January 22, we will hold S U P E R  B O W L  X V I I, in Coquina Key, Florida for our second consecutive year. The San Francisco 49ers (7-3) will battle the Kansas City Chiefs (7-3) for a pay pool of $3200 dollars! That's as real as it gets!  




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