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2022-23 LIEFL NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME San Francisco 49ers (6-3) vs. New York Giants (7-2) UNBELIEVABLE!

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857558854_longislandelectricfootballleague2020logo.jpg.6c9f30259291c78602534546d2b5901b.jpg                   San Francisco 49ers (6-3)49ERS.jpg.c808f994bb38f031820319c118390022.jpgvs. New York Giants (7-2)giants-clipart-27.png.7109fa782d77dd75d816e5087cee563f.png

81653286_OIP(3).jpg.c21ebd457458ffe1ddcf24778cc13ec6.jpg                                                               NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME JANUARY 17, 2023



NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Jerry Rice (#80) nearly set a new LIEFL record four 100-yard touchdown runs in a game, but on this play Rice exploded for his third of the game as the West Division Champion San Francisco 49ers took it to the New York Giants in last night's 51-44 beating of the NFC East Champs! San Francisco (7-3), will face the powerhouse Kansas City Chiefs (7-3) in LIEFL S U P E R  B O W L  X V I I on Sunday!



(Long Island Electric Football League, Long Island NY.) Everybody in the league is still talking about Tyreek Hill's 750-yard four touchdown performance against Miami in the AFC Championship Game. "That may never happen again, but at least we got to see it," said Long Island Sports Hall of Fame Inductee, Andrew Slawson. Hill was Zoo-York's #1 pick in the LIEFL 2020 Draft, but at that time he was using Priest Holmes to return the ball and the Chiefs were mostly a running team until Zoo unleashed Hill. Who knew that that player base would be the diamond in the ruff? Coach Matt Zoo-York who has been the hottest coach in the league this season. Zoo is (18-14) this season.

The Tudor Games player base quality is the key. We don't mind paying the price when a product is high quality. We bought a few hundred player bases in that 2020 Draft, and the results have changed the offensive threats in the league for many teams. Being a product of that draft, Hill became an overnight sensation in the league judging by the damage he has caused in the playoffs. In three games the Chiefs have dismantled three teams, the Tennessee Titans 42-31, the Buffalo Bills 56-52, and the record setting game with the elite Miami Dolphins 58-77, with Hill going on an absolute record-setting rampage in the process, no matter who's defense they are up against. He has 24 touches for 1465 all-purpose yards with five touchdowns, four of them 100-yard kick returns! He would be a star in any league! The 49ers have a similar playing style to the Chiefs. They unhinged both the Atlanta Falcons 37-31 in overtime, and they beat the number one seeded defending LIEFL Super Bowl Champion, Green Bay Packers 38-35! 

You could not find a better matchup for a championship game. The San Francisco 49ers and New York Giants have similar players who obviously helped get their team to this point. Another product of the draft for the San Francisco 49ers is Jerry Rice. Rice has been explosive, taking the NFC by storm with Rice blowing up defenses! His laser sharp running has been hard to prepare for if you are the defense because the "Master of Preparation" Coach Viggs uses a dynamic playset and high aptitude for the offensive game.

Before today's game against the Giants, Rice has 14 touches for 825 yards with three touchdowns, one of them a hundred yard scamper. LIEFL Commissioner Billy O'C, whose Dolphins were eliminated by the Chiefs said, "Rice is down right dangerous! The Giants are going to have to pull out the weapons to beat the 49ers." With Offensive Player of the Year, Ahmad Bradshaw, the Giants are not worried about their return game. Bradshaw has 14 touches for 675 yards with three 100-yard touchdowns, his 9th 100-yard kick return of the year! Big Blue has Saquon Barkley to back up their talk in the running game. Barkley has 20 rushes for 302 yards with four touchdowns, one of them a 60 yard scamper in these playoffs! Two star players on the same team is enough to deal with. The Giants and 49ers are great defenders, so this ought to be a great war! Bradshaw does not have the speed that Rice has, but  nevertheless, he's an electrifying player.

When they took the field for the Long Island EFL NFC Championship Game all the coaches in the league came to watch at Joey Pizz place because they didn't want to miss this one. This playoff season was the best ever in the league, a league that keeps getting better! In electric football, just like life, everything is relative. On Sunday we will play our Super Bowl!  We have a sponsor who bought the two plane tickets to paradise 5 months ago, to St. Pete, Florida, same place as last year's Super Bowl.

The place is wild tonight with the buzz that this matchup between the San Francisco 49ers (6-3) and the New York Giants (7-2) is going to be a great one. South Bronx native Matt Zoo-York, was the alternate coach picked by Coach Viggs to play with Viggs 49ers in the NFC Divisional Championship, which Viggs Packers lost, so since Zoo's Chiefs won, he gave the 49ers back to Viggs, and here Viggs is playing Coach Joey Pizz "red-hot" Giants! If you've never been around a group of New Yorkers, you have to know it's going to be very loud. 

The San Francisco 49ers Rank #17 all-time in the LIEFL with a record of (72-79) and the New York Giants Rank #9 at (90-75)!  


Both of these teams have come a long way to get to where they are today, especially the 49ers. In the season that the Long Island Electric football league had before the pandemic the Giants lost in the last game of the season which eliminated them from the playoffs. The 49ers didn't win the game but they had lots of bad breaks and overtime games in 2020. 

NYGTD.png.21fc7cd727b2e23f1e86991a4a635869.pngThe opening kick off was anticipated with great excitement! San Francisco came up huge on the first set of downs, stopping the Giants running game, to take the ball back after Ahmad Bradshaw returned the football 36-yards on the kick return. Not a good start for New York. The Giants front line could not get anything going against this determined 49ers defense. 

SFTD.png.b04478c8323e4449c7b2c09587706bfa.pngOn the 49ers first running attempt by running back Ricky Watters, the Giants defense came out slugging as defensive tackle David Diehl made a big hit on Watters. The defense for the Giants has to shut down Coach Viggs rushing and passing attack to win this game. But the Giants had another thought, completely shutting down the 49ers running attempts and passing on this set of downs. The other defensive tackle for the Giants, Osi Umenyiora sacked the quarterback at the 40-yard line of the Giants! Huge plays!
On 4th down San Francisco kicked a 40-yard field goal to make the score 3-0, 49ers with the lead in the first quarter with the 2-minute warning blowing! It has been some week of electric football.
zzzzzzzz1art.thumb.jpg.9c8968d33310b21c69e0d3cef34439d1.jpgNYGTD.png.21fc7cd727b2e23f1e86991a4a635869.pngOn the Giants next kickoff, Ahmad Bradshaw worked his magic! Bradshaw ran back an incredible 100-yard touchdown, his 8th of the season, to put the Giants ahead 7-3, with 1:45 left on the clock raising the stakes by New York! What a run!
SFTD.png.b04478c8323e4449c7b2c09587706bfa.pngWith seconds remaining on the clock, Jerry Rice returned a thriller to the New York special teams, as they watched Rice whiz by for his first 100-yard kick return of the game for the touchdown to make the score 10-7, San Francisco retakes the lead with the first quarter coming to a close!
Giants football to open the second quarter.
NYGTD.png.21fc7cd727b2e23f1e86991a4a635869.pngOn the ensuing kickoff, Ahmad Bradshaw ran 53-yard kicks to the 49ers 47 yard line. One play later, Saquon Barkley exploded for a 47-yard inside run for the touchdown to give New York the lead 14-10, with 12:54 remaining in the half! Barkley and the Giants line has been doing this all year as the Number #1 offense in the league wins the battle in the trenches on this one.
zzzzzzzz3art.thumb.jpg.c3105e56a25c196d9edc122660d0e5a2.jpgSFTD.png.b04478c8323e4449c7b2c09587706bfa.pngThe 49ers didn't waste any time Jerry Rice ran back a 44-yard kick return to set up the San Francisco net set of downs. On first down Ricky Watters ran for six yards, but Watters was stopped on second down. Coach Viggs decided to put it up in the air to an unexpected recipient,  Roger Craig on 3rd down. Craig caught a hard pass for a 44-yards 49ers first down, taking the ball to the News York 8-yard line! On the next play Ricky Watters ran in for the touchdown to make the score 17-14 49ers, with 3:28 remaining in the half!
NYGTD.png.21fc7cd727b2e23f1e86991a4a635869.pngOn another electrifying kick return Ahmad Bradshaw went 89 yards to the 49ers 11-yard line to set up the Giants running attack. One play later, Saquon Barkley ran it in from 11-yards to give the Giants the lead 21-17, forcing a timeout for the 49ers with 1:32 remaining in the half! Coach Pizz jumped in the air! What a war!
SFTD.png.b04478c8323e4449c7b2c09587706bfa.pngIn the LIEF, we've learned never to get to excited when playing Coach Viggs. Holy cow! Jerry Rice answered that Giants touchdown with Rice detonating his second 100-yard touchdown run of the game! Unbelievable! The 49ers retake the lead  24-21, with 1:20 still remaining in the half! The Giants use their first time out! WOW!zzzzzzz1art.thumb.jpg.540ead014334f17b6092f6ed55267237.jpg
Like sitting on eggshells you don't know what's going to happen next, what makes for exciting professional electric football! Jerry Rice has 244-yards and two touchdowns already!
NYGTD.png.21fc7cd727b2e23f1e86991a4a635869.pngNo way! Bradshaw returned the gift with his own hundred yard touchdown! OMG! Wild is the scene! We can't talk about Jerry Rice without talking about Ahmad Bradshaw! These two are having a spectacular first half and a Giants retake the lead 28-24, with the 49ers taking a time out with 1:08 left in the half.
The special teams units in the Long Island Electric football Rock! Deja vu? This game has a feel like the AFC Championship Game.
SFTD.png.b04478c8323e4449c7b2c09587706bfa.pngIn what seemed like the never-ending first half of electric football, Jerry Rice was stopped at the 41-yard line by Giants end Mark Bavaro, who hit Rice hard with the half coming to a close. As the clock reached seconds, the 49ers kicked a 59-yard field goal to make the score 28-27, New York Giants in the lead as the first half came to a close!
At the start of the third quarter Jerry Rice will run back the ball. It's unbelievable! The game is filled with action-packed excitement.
SFTD.png.b04478c8323e4449c7b2c09587706bfa.pngThere are no words to describe the competition. Jerry Rice started the third quarter with yet another 100-yard kick return, already his third of the game! Rice smoked the defense blazing past them as if he was waving into the endzone! What a performance by Rice! We can't even make this stuff up! This place is going berserk with excite with excitement!!!zzzzzzzz4art.thumb.jpg.709ac10f113a4b84eaa8df0caf115b6c.jpg
The 49ers went for the 2-point conversion and Dwight Clark scored to put the 49ers ahead 35-28! We've played on many game boards, but these older electric football games are the field of choice for most of the people we know who play the game.
NYGTD.png.21fc7cd727b2e23f1e86991a4a635869.pngGiants football with Bradshaw running a 42-yard kick return. New York's next five plays tore the clock up before Mark Bavaro bulled his way for a 22-yard first down. Four plays later, Saquon Barkley ran the ball all the way down to the 26-yard line of San Francisco and the two minute warning sounded with Jerry Rice having a spectacular game making the tackle on defense behind the line of scrimmage for a 9-yard Giants loss! 
With the third quarter coming to a close Barkley ran a 26-yard touchdown right through the middle of the trenches, his third touchdown of the day to tie the score at 35-35, and the Giants will go for the two-point conversion. Barkley caught the pass for the two yard conversion to make the score 36-35, Giants with the third quarter lead, which ended the third quarter! 15 minutes to go in the game!zzzzzzzz12art.thumb.jpg.0dc502eeeb6ee8b53f4cee660d79f91b.jpg
In this intense nail-biter, Coach Pizz had done a great job coaching his Giants and Viggs has been perfect! It is going to either be a mistake or out of time that will win this game. Jerry Rice is looking for his fourth 100-yard kick return of the game. Nobody has ever done that in this league. Rice would be the first ever in LIEFL history to run back four 100-yard touchdowns if he could do it.
SFTD.png.b04478c8323e4449c7b2c09587706bfa.pngJerry Rice Blew by defenders and ran back a 50-yard kick return, almost breaking Free. On the first two plays from scrimmage San Francisco running back Ricky Watters, was stopped on both attempts by the Giants defense led by All-Pro George Martin and Lawrence Taylor. The Giants defense has held the 49ers to just 14-yards rushing on seven attempts. On second down, the 49ers needed a big play. They have lost 18 yards, pushed back to their own 32-yard line with third down coming up.
It's been an intense strategic game. On third down, Coach Viggs aired it out, connecting with who else? Jerry Rice for a 69-yard touchdown reception with Rice blasting off into the endzone, his fourth touchdown of the game! Unbelievable! The 49ers go for the two-point conversion with a quarterback sneak to take the lead 43-36, with 6:50 remaining in the game! Viggs is unreal! You can prepare for his teams but you can't prepare for him! That's why we can't believe his Packers lost to the very team he is playing with, the 49ers! Sometimes these games get personal. Pizz and Viggs just look at each other and take a deep breath.
NYGTD.png.21fc7cd727b2e23f1e86991a4a635869.pngIt's New York's football but, Jerry Rice makes the news again! With a wide open field in front of him, Ahmad Bradshaw was hit hard when out of nowhere Rice clobbered Bradshaw zzzzzzzz13art.thumb.jpg.a42799590dccc5a6d828c7400ab269aa.jpgat the Giants 34 yard line, with time running out in the game. The Giants drove the football all the way to the 26 yard line. Saquon Barkley ran in his second 26 yard touchdown of the game as the two minute warning sounded off! The Giants scored on the two-point conversion. With the score 44-43 New York in the lead, with 1:45 remaining in the game, San Francisco will get the ball and put it in Jerry Rice's hands! The 49ers call their first time out!
SFTD.png.b04478c8323e4449c7b2c09587706bfa.pngIt's a stretch, but in the back of Coach Viggs mind, he has to be thinking about Rice. Jerry Rice can make history and on the kick return.
Running on the edge of Long Island Electric Football history, Jerry Rice ran the ball back 98 yards, just two yards shy of the record with 1:23 left to go in the game! San Francisco is at the two yard line!
On San Francisco's first play, Ricky Watters ran to the left side of the line and into the end zone tackled by Giants tackle David Diehl, and the 49ers go for the two-point conversion with 1:11 left to go in the game!
NYGTD.png.21fc7cd727b2e23f1e86991a4a635869.pngThe Giants are out of timeouts, so now more than ever, they need Ahmad Bradshaw to work his magic! He's been the clutch guy all year for the Giants, with two hundred yard touchdowns in the game already! 
With the game on the line Bradshaw ran the ball back hard, but he couldn't make it happen, running out of bounds at the 34 yard line as Coach Pizz puts his hands on his head watching the clock run out of time!
The San Francisco 49ers (7-3) are the 2022-23 NFC Champions and they are on their way to their second LIEFL Super Bowl! What a season it's been for the 49ers, beating the Giants 51-44 in a thriller!
What a matchup between San Francisco and Kansas City! The Giants played a great game, they just couldn't get it done as we watch coach Pizz with a face of dejection, but it was a great run for the Giants! Pizz said, "We just couldn't get the job done, and the first drive of the game was the end result.  You can't make mistakes against Viggy." Viggy came over and said, "Wow, what a game. Those Giants are badass. I thought it was a great game!" Viggs has a home in Florida and he will be there for the Sunday game!
With these two explosive offenses between Kansas City and San Francisco there's no telling what records will be broken, but it sure promises to be our most exciting Super Bowl yet! It's anyone's guess!
The NFC Championship Game MVP is Jerry Rice! Rice exploded for seven kick returns for 602 all-purpose yards, with three 100-yard kick returns for touchdowns, plus a 69 yard touchdown! Way to go! New York Giants superstar Ahmad Bradshaw had 8 returns for 499 yards with two 100 yard touchdowns! Saquon Barkley added another 156 yards rushing on 14 carries with four touchdowns! 
            2022-23 L O N G   I S L A N D  E F L  S U P E R  B O W L X V I I




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