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2022-23 LIEFL AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME Kansas City Chiefs (6-3) vs. Miami Dolphins (7-2) UNBELIEVABLE!

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                       AFCCG.jpg.b1e448b4d2eaafc1bc06ee0c6ce5e1cd.jpgAFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME                    JANUARY 16, 2023 

1192450718_AFCEAST.jpg.979b325c3add178d00fc18b757484b33.jpg1c8cbaf3c93acd5009c237d9615fda3c.gif.d7552f0d8e52b98b50f39f369968ab69.gifMiami Dolphins (7-2) versus  1723448012_AFCWEST.jpg.1de49769995d816d2ae9f162be554449.jpg 225902252_OIP(2).jpg.1564816812aebd4639917fec0b4b7200.jpgKansas City Chiefs (6-3) 



AFCCG.jpg.b1e448b4d2eaafc1bc06ee0c6ce5e1cd.jpgAFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Kansas City Chiefs Tyreek Hill set a new record 11 touches for 750 all-purpose yards with three block-busting blazing 100-yard kick returns for touchdowns!  Unbelievable! The Chiefs haven't seen the playoffs in the LIEFL since 1982-83 when they lost to none other than the Miami Dolphins, 28-3! Hill earned the AFC Championship Game MVP sending the exciting Chiefs to its first ever Super Bowl in the Long Island Electric Football League!

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abhellLIEFL.jpg.0468e8075a4c2194727a6b8ff32eac92.jpgWelcome and thanks for visiting our Forum page! 

Wow! Hooyah! They had to be sensational today to beat the defending AFC Champion Miami Dolphins, and the Kansas City Chiefs were nothing less, dethroning Miami in a record-setting historic Long Island Electric Football League game 58-57!  We cannot tell you how honored we are to share this game with the Electric Football Community!  We thought we had seen the greatest game played when the Kansas City Chiefs rose to the occasion to beat the Buffalo Bills 56-52 in the AFC Divisional Game, but Kansas City entered unchartered waters against Miami on the Dolphins home turf! The Chiefs finished a (4-3) team, but they taught the league what wins and losses mean in the big game scoring at will on the best AFC team in the league, making it look easy with a massive offense line, incredible special teams, and a balanced running attack! 

Talk about draining every ounce of offense and energy poured into one of the greatest games our league has ever witnessed, the coaching was superb. We couldn't have asked for a more competitive AFC Championship Game, it topped them all. It was better than the Buffalo 49-48 stunning win over the Chargers and even the Kansas City win over Buffalo 56-52 because it was Miami! Billy O'C is eliminated from the playoffs!  It's going to be Matt Zoo-York flying down to Coquina Key over the weekend to play the winner of Coach Ed Viggs San Francisco 49ers or Joey Pizz New York Giants!

Coach Matt Zoo-York has been the hottest coach in the league this season. Both Zoo and Billy O'C have outstanding skillset! Both of these teams have become scoring machines, which may look like they did the impossible which is only possible in electric football! The teams' combined for 115 points in the game, amassing 1929 yards, and 15 touchdowns, and 17 tackles between the teams! Miami never quit and neither did Kansas City, the game was "all that". There were six 100-yard kick returns for touchdowns in the game, three by Kansas City's Tyreek Hill who set records and Miami's Mark Duper and yes, only in electric football, but we've been at this game as long as anyone in the history of the game, and this game between Miami and Kansas City was one, we'll never forget!  Two top coaches, and one team with a proven track record in Miami with over 150 career wins, and the other in Kansas City who stormed into these 2022-23 AFC playoffs with a coach who has utter determination in Matt Zoo-York! 

Kansas City has the most explosive emerging offense in the AFC! Chiefs coach, Matt Zoo-York said, "This is a fiercely competitive league and it's war! I worked hard with this team to get to where they are and Tyreek Hill has become an overnight sensation." It's not like the Chiefs played just anybody. Miami has been trying for three straight seasons to win their 7th LIEFL Super Bowl and they've won two consecutive AFC Championships, only to be denied again, this time by Kansas City! Coach Johnny Freeport Chucker said, "Amen, bye bye Dolphins! Out with the old and in with the New! It is so awesome that Kansas City is going to the Super Bowl. Zoo-York will win it! He's been the hottest coach of the year."

This years' playoffs has been sensational, competitive, and intense. The AFC Championship Game features LIEFL Coach Matt Zoo-York's Kansas City Chiefs (6-3) versus Coach Billy O'C's Miami Dolphins (7-2). Kansas City started the season with three wins and no losses until they lost for the Los Angeles Chargers 21-7, after they beat the Charger the week before. The Chiefs got here to the AFC CG by crushing the Tennessee Titans, who Miami lost to, and then Kansas City beat Buffalo in a historic win 56-52!  They have used their weapons in running back Priest Holmes and kick returner Tyreek Hill. What they've done in the playoffs has been nothing short of spectacular. The Chiefs have played BIG, way beyond what anyone in the league expected with a (4-3) finish in the AFC West.  The best move Matt New York made this season was giving the ball back to Priest Holmes. Holmes had an offseason last year, but he's back as one of the premier running backs in this league. He is a very unorthodox style Kansas City uses a natural delay play that allows the line to do its job, and then suddenly you see Holmes emerging down the sidelines like a DRAW play.
Tyreek Hill has been a breakout player this year. He opened eyes in the first two playoff games with 16 touches for 723 kick return yards with a 100-yard touchdown, but he's critical in setting up the Chiefs run.  The LIEFL has to now consider him a top level player after helping to bring the Chiefs to the AFC Championship Game. It won't be easy for the Chiefs. They're facing the two-time back-to-back AFC Champion Miami Dolphins (7-2). They might be the team to beat Miami after the rampage they've been on. All the seeding stuff went right out the window in the playoffs cuz the Dolphins crushed the Chargers 42-35 and with that front line of Jason Taylor Larry little and Bob Kuechenberg, the Chiefs are in for the game! 

661256428_DOLPHINSTD.png.c34fa9cd4cf6208c9fe7aeb7272b6171.pngIt was a great intense feeling in the air with this game considering what the Chiefs have done in the tournament and on the opening kick off Mark duper returned the football 66 yards until Damian McIntosh clobbered him at the 34 yard line of the Chiefs. Duper just missed 100 yard kick return to open the game. Miami was stopped on the first run, and on second down Mercury Morris ran for 14-yards to pick up the first down. On the next play he was in the end zone with a beautiful end around sweep for a 20-yard touchdown run to give the Miami the lead 7-0, with 9:12 left in the first quarter! It was time to see what the Chiefs had left after that stunning defeat over Buffalo in the AFC Divisional Game.

chiefs.png.d50668c9059bbd57917d79a3c572d3f5.pngOn the opening kickoff, rising star in the LIEFL Tyreek Hill, exploded for 47-yards, tackled by Miami's Mark Duper. The offensive line for the Chiefs wasted no time as Priest Holmes detonated on an end-around the left side of scrimmage 53-yards into the endzone to tie the score at 7-7, with 6:27 remaining in the quarter! If there is any way to answer Miami's high-octane offense, its have your own explosive offense. The Chiefs have that and then some!ZZZZZZ2ART.thumb.jpg.e8586825f68c486f7cb65ec19f67b432.jpg
661256428_DOLPHINSTD.png.c34fa9cd4cf6208c9fe7aeb7272b6171.pngOn the Dolphins next kick return, Mark Duper burst for a 93-yard return to the 7-yard line of the Chiefs. One play later, Mercury Morris ran in from seven yards for his second touchdown of the game to make the score 14-7, with 3:13 remaining in the quarter with the clock running! As a spectator the intensity of the game was phenomenal!ZZZZZZ3ART.thumb.jpg.005f2dc48a68ddb1945d687b2732b29e.jpg
chiefs.png.d50668c9059bbd57917d79a3c572d3f5.pngTyreek Hill returned a 39-yard kick return, but he was hit hard again by the same guy Mark Duper. And on first down the Chiefs nearly repeated what they did last time the massive offensive line of Buck Buchanan, Willie Lanier, and John Alt, tore a hole in the trenches of the tough Miami Dolphins defense for a steady feeding of running back Priest Holmes who broke-out for a 43-yard end-around run, bringing the ball to the Miami 18-yard line as the first quarter came to a close.
After stopping Holmes for the first time in the game, Zoo-York was forced to pass on third down where he found an open Tyreek Hill on broken coverage by Larry Csonka for a 30-yard touchdown play to tie game 14-14, 9:43 remaining in the half!
661256428_DOLPHINSTD.png.c34fa9cd4cf6208c9fe7aeb7272b6171.png As expected these two teams have delivered on performance. The Dolphins switched it up and Mark Clayton returned a 50-yard kickoff. On the very first play from scrimmage Mercury Morris ran for his third touchdown of the game with 6:51 remaining in the half and the Dolphins score the go-ahead touchdown making the score, 21-14! 
chiefs.png.d50668c9059bbd57917d79a3c572d3f5.pngTyreek Hill blew-up for a  52-yard kick return, landing at the Miami 48-yard line. The Chiefs line is playing spectacular. They opened up the entire left side of Miami's defense for Priest Holmes for a 39-yard first down to the Miami nine yard line. Holmes already has 149 yards rushing in the game. One play later, the Chiefs running back was in the end zone for his second touchdown of the game to tie the game at 21-21, with the 2-minute warning sounding off! What a game!ZZZZZZ4ART.thumb.jpg.20b5ae3bfd708941089507c6574f3c30.jpg
661256428_DOLPHINSTD.png.c34fa9cd4cf6208c9fe7aeb7272b6171.pngThe Mark's Brothers Clayton and Duper have played BIG in the playoffs. Tyreek Hill is as dangerous as both of them! On the Miami return, Clayton with blazing speed, nearly broke 100-yard kick return but Kansas City linebacker Derrick Thomas saved the day, tackling Clayton at the 39-yard line for a 59-yard kick return by Miami. What a play, and the Chiefs call their first time out! The Mark's Brothers came to play today.
Miami tried to run on first down to kill the clock, but Mercury Morris was met by a wall of Chiefs defenders, losing 12-yards on the play. The Dolphins then called time out.
On second down, Billy O'C connected with Mark Clayton who broke free on the left side of the field for a 53-yard touchdown run to give Miami the lead 28-21 with 1:21 left to go in the half, and the Chiefs called their last time out of the half!
Clayton might be the fastest player in the league. He literally was hyping up and down going into the end zone with that blazing speed.ZZZZZZ5ART.thumb.jpg.9f90e35ffd9af297409b9edfad0aac7d.jpg
chiefs.png.d50668c9059bbd57917d79a3c572d3f5.pngThe Chiefs took a huge risk with no timeouts remaining in the half. Tyreek Hill returned the ball 46-yards and the Chiefs were able to set up for a passing play but the Dolphins defense came up huge and stop them, shutting down that last attempt with a half coming to a close in Miami in the league 28-21. Instead of kicking the field goal, Coach Zoo-York went for it all
chiefs.png.d50668c9059bbd57917d79a3c572d3f5.pngThe start of the third quarter was exciting. For a minute it looked like Miami could capitalize on Matt Zoo-York's choice to go for the touchdown to end the half, but anything he was unsure about was certainly corrected on the kickoff to open the third quarter. Tyreek Hill returned an electrifying 100-yard touchdown run to tie the game score at 28-28, with 14:43 left to go in the third quarter on an absolutely amazing kick return. We have some real speed in this game!ZZZZZZ6ART.thumb.jpg.55b64975ba638efb04fc3b7c2c33c073.jpg
661256428_DOLPHINSTD.png.c34fa9cd4cf6208c9fe7aeb7272b6171.pngMark Clayton returned the ball 58-yards on the ensuing kick return. The Chiefs defense really came on in the second half and Mercury Morris could not move the ball. Morris was stopped on the first two runs and on third down Billy OC passed to Mark Duper who came up two yards shy of a first down after the Dolphins lost 20 yards to the Kansas City defense. The Dolphins had to settle on 4th down for a 33-yard field goal, to make this score 31-28, with 5:21 remaining in the third quarter, Dolphins in the lead with no stopping in sight for the explosive Kansas City offense.
chiefs.png.d50668c9059bbd57917d79a3c572d3f5.pngTyreek Hill ran back a 42-yard kick return to set up Priest Holmes who was stopped on his first running attempt. But on second down, Holmes ran for 13 yards to the Miami 45-yard line with the two minute warning sounding for the third quarter to close down. The intensity and anxiety is building and you can see it on the coach's faces.
As play resumed he did it again, Priest Holmes ran on another end-around  for a 45-yard touchdown play to give the Chiefs the lead 35-31, with 1:41 left in the third quarter!ZZZZZZ7.thumb.jpg.e672780c42584a78074171c5f16b623f.jpg
661256428_DOLPHINSTD.png.c34fa9cd4cf6208c9fe7aeb7272b6171.pngThe room exploded as Mark Duper ran back 100-yard kick return for the touchdown, putting Miami ahead 38-35 as a third quarter came to a close
What a run by Duper!
chiefs.png.d50668c9059bbd57917d79a3c572d3f5.pngOkay wish we could make this up, but Tyreek Hill ran back a 100- yard kick return, his second of the game for the Chiefs to put the Chiefs up 42-38 to start of the 4th quarter. Nothing but fireworks and heavy artillery offense by both teams! What a touchdown run for Hill! This room is wild! (PHOTO BELOW--OUR PHOTOS ARE NEVER DOCTORED--IT IS THE ACTUL PLAY AS IT IS HAPPENING)

661256428_DOLPHINSTD.png.c34fa9cd4cf6208c9fe7aeb7272b6171.pngThis action-packed game has been one second of breathtaking plays electric football after the next. Miami's Mark Duper then returned a 71-yard kick return. Mercury Morris then ran the ball three times for 17 yards, but Miami couldn't forge forward on the run, suddenly Kansas City got their second wind, and the Dolphins were forced into a third down pass situation with nobody open but Larry Czonka in the end zone. Billy O'C fired away, but missed the target, bringing up fourth down from the 26-yard line of the Chiefs! The Dolphins failed to execute again, and they had to kick a field goal from 26 yards away to make the score now Chiefs 42 - Dolphins 41, with just 4:50 remaining in the game!  Incredible, this one is going to be a battle to the finish until the last man is standing!ZZZZZZ8ART.thumb.jpg.fc1237691d3d8cbaa0e11ab8d975f712.jpg
chiefs.png.d50668c9059bbd57917d79a3c572d3f5.pngThis game is beyond a nail-biter, and the anxiety is rolling as the two minute warning sounded off with Tyreek Hill nearly running for his third hundred yard touchdown, but he stopped short at the 4 yard line where he went out of bounds almost as if it was on cue. On first down, Priest Holmes ran for one yard, taking the ball to the Miami Dolphins three yard line. Miami could not stop Holmes as he ran in for another touchdown from three yards, his fourth touchdown of the game! The Chiefs went for the two-point conversion to try to seal the deal for Kansas City.
Holmes was wide open to make the catch at the two yard line and the Dolphins and Coach Billy O'C finds his team cornered with the score 50 to 41 Kansas City with the lead, with 1:25 to go and Miami called a time out!
661256428_DOLPHINSTD.png.c34fa9cd4cf6208c9fe7aeb7272b6171.pngUnbelievable! Boom! These Dolphins refuse to quit as Mark Duper ran back his second hundred yard touchdown of the of the half in a sensational run right through the center of the field! Kansas City 50- Miami 47! The Dolphins will go for the two point conversion, but it won't be enough to tie the game!ZZZZZZ10ART.thumb.jpg.f6123405c685f0df857095bf02515e87.jpg
What a finish for both of these teams with the coaches again clapping for the production on the field!
Miami's season is going to come to a close to these sensational Kansas City Chiefs who came out of nowhere to beat a great team, and really Tyreek Hill had an incredible game and the Dolphins just could not stop him. He was just more than they could handle today, and we have to tip our hat to the Kansas City Chiefs defense for stopping Miami, holding them on 3rd down forcing two field goals in this game. The Miami Dolphins were shooting for their third consecutive AFC championship, but today its the Chiefs going to the show!
There was still over a minute left in the game, and the Chiefs wanted to make a final statement going back to the fact that they have not been to the playoffs in this league in 40 years, but Matt Zoo-York has grown 40 years older with his club. On a quarterback sneak the Dolphins went in for the two point conversion to make the score 50-49, Chiefs in the lead! Kansas City called a timeout and they are not finished they're trying to make history here. They already have, for the first time ever in the Kansas City Chiefs organization, they are going to LIEFL Super Bowl XVII, thanks to an incredible draft!
chiefs.png.d50668c9059bbd57917d79a3c572d3f5.pngWith 58 seconds left to go in the game Tyreek Hill gave this Miami Dolphins football team a parting gift of another 100-yard kick return for a touchdown, his third hundred yard touchdown run of the game!!! No way! How on Earth did this Kansas City Chiefs do this? Two straight games of 56 points! That is a league record going into the history books! Again! What words do you use to describe the best game we've ever watched? OMG! Miami called their final time out!
ZZZZZZ11ART.thumb.jpg.e2f7a72e83bcd15f19a52c6897d98643.jpg661256428_DOLPHINSTD.png.c34fa9cd4cf6208c9fe7aeb7272b6171.pngNo Sir, Said Miami's Mark Duper! On his last return, Duper now ran back a hundred yard kick return his third hundred yard touchdown of the game!!! These playoffs have left us without words!  The game, it's just unreal with the score now 58-55, the Chiefs call their last time out!
And folks, this is a write-up on the greatest game ever played to date breaking every point record we have. Kansas City broke their own point record last game which tied the all-time LIEFL Most Points Scored in a game with 56, and who knows what's going to happen on this last play by Tyreek Hill!
There's nothing more to be said about this incredible game. We just wish you were all here to watch the game, that's how great a game. Champions never die in electric football!
Mark Clayton caught the two-point conversion for Miami to make the score 58-57, Chiefs in the lead with 24 seconds remaining in the game. Miami still has a timeout. Coach Matt Zoo-York and Coach Billy O'C have no quit!
On the final return, Tyreek Hill ran the ball back 98-yards. Miami calls their last time out with 11 seconds left. Hill has over 500 yards just in the second half and we believe he broke several records! And on the last and final play, the Dolphins were not allowing Priest Holmes to go into that end zone one more time. It's the West Division Wild Card team, the Kansas City Chiefs winning the AFC championship 58-57, in a stunning victory for their first time ever!
The Dolphins need to do nothing except for play hard again next year. Miami made it all the way to the AFC Championship for the third straight year! That's quite an accomplishment for an electric football team as Kansas City waits for the outcome of the San Francisco 49ers and New York Giants game. Matt Zoo-York, the South Bronx kid has entered into the money round regardless of whether or not he wins or loses. Zoo could win $1800 dollars! 
Billy OC is eliminated!
O'C said, "That was the greatest electric football game I ever played in and Zoo York deserves it. He hung with me the entire time and I can't say enough about his Kansas City Chiefs and what he's done with this team. Keep in mind that I beat the Chargers, but this guy came out here to play today and set all kinds of records and technically speaking even though he had three 100-yard kick returns for touchdowns, Hill nearly had two more. I'm just astounded by what Tyreek Hill did today. He's not real, but damned near seemed it! That might be the greatest single player performance that I've ever seen in all of my years playing this game."
We are looking through the records, but at the moment it looks like is the first time ever in the history of the Long Island Electric football that there were six 100 yard touchdown runs in a game, six! 
Miami's Mark Duper finished with seven touches and 560 yards with three 100-yard kick returns for touchdowns!
Sounds crazy but Tyreek Hill set or new record the old record for total all purpose yards in a game by a player. OJ Simpson in 2017, in LIEFL Super Bowl XIII, had 623 yards with seven touchdowns! Today, Tyreek Hill return the football 10 times for 750 total yards, with four touchdowns, three of them 100 yard kick returns!
Just as it's hard to ignore what the Chiefs of accomplished in this postseason, it's hard to ignore Mark Clayton and Mark Duper. They have been super! These two guys are quickly making a name for themselves in the league and the Dolphins are becoming feared again. They have three legitimate threats in Mercury Morris, Mark Clayton. and Mark Duper. 

wild card january 15.jpg

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NFC CG2.jpg

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