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2022-23 LIEFL AFC DIVISIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME Buffalo Bills (5-3) vs Kansas City Chiefs (5-3) HUGE GAME!

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1938136352_LIEFL495LOGO.png.7c9e60d681326d4bb38348d132b96d1e.png                   BILLS.jpg.7d4b220f8192cefcad5285b14aab79f8.jpgBuffalo Bills (5-3) vs. Kansas City Chiefs (5-3) 2130699831_OIP(2).jpg.064c428fa5a3e53d7762ab212bd19853.jpg

800px-American_Football_Conference_logo_old_svg.png.7bd39e49f042ba094e2808aa170c7ef9.pngAFC DIVISIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME JANUARY 13, 2023



The 67-Big Men version of the Kansas City Chiefs lit the fire with 56 points in the AFC Divisional Championship Game as running back Priest Holmes does an end-around for one of four touchdowns Holmes had in the game. Holmes rushed 14 times for 177 yards in the game as the Chiefs produced 26 touches for a total 754 yards with seven touchdowns in the game!



(Long Island Electric Football League, Long Island, NY January 13, 2023). Preserving history is a beautiful thing, especially after this game regardless of who reads our league page! For Billy O'C's (17-14), Buffalo Bills (5-3), they have to put on a show and take it to the evolving Kansas City Chiefs (5-3). Buffalo's notorious OJ Simpson has had some of the biggest games in this league, but today the Bills face an unpredictable team in the Chiefs and the Bills have to let loose and contain Kansas City's running game in order to beat them. Anything can happen in these 60-minute playoff games.

We have been averaging close to 50 plays per game with each team getting two timeouts per half, but this game stole the prize with 108 points, with 14 touchdowns between the two teams in a historic LIEFL score, tying our 2000 record in the classic NFC Wild Card Game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Atlanta Falcons which Dallas won, 56-52! We walked away clapping after watching one of the greatest games in our history with both the Chiefs and Bills leaving it on the field! Kansas City is going to the AFC Championship Game for the first time in team history to play Miami!

We repeat this for new readers who may be following our league. While it may mean nothing to our readers, the LIEFL has come a long way in terms of competition, structure, and record-keeping. We have computers now, something we didn't have in the 1970's, but we preserved every game played on paper in this league, and we converted all of our documents to the computer, it's astonishing! It makes the game more exciting because we have a historic database of records dating back to when we started the league, and it's crazy to see our handwriting as kids, and how our league at that time had the savvy to keep the records, which we have stored in one large bin. We love looking back to trace our roots playing the hobby. 


Once we rebooted the league in 2008, Commissioner Billy O'C started the LIEFL Draft, that was the key to where the league sits today. Billy O'C said, "To us this is the tournament of tournaments and the money is on the line. It is a great tournament for sure this season because everyone I thought I'd be facing has now been eliminated."

The Dolphins are hungry for their 7th Super Bowl title in this league, but it won't be easy. Coaches Johnny Freeport Chucker, Paddy Brannigan, Levi Vick, and even our number one Coach Ed Viggs, have all bowed out of the tournament. There is a $3200 dollar payout to the winner and runner up! So it's Billy O'C's Bills and Dolphins, Matt Zoo-York (16-14) with his Chiefs and now Ed Viggs 49ers because he played them against Green Bay, and Joey Pizz' Vikings Giants who are still alive in the tournament. Pizz made a gametime decision that his pal and second year LIEFL Coach Levi Vick, will play with his Vikings! If Zoo wins with his Chiefs, he said he wants to give Viggs his 49ers back so that Viggs can knock Billy O'C out of the picture. It's a dirty game.


chiefs.png.242b2a0c02862b6cf81e65dc114343d6.pngKansas City Chiefs Coach Matt Zoo-York, said "How are you? Meet the Chiefs, who just played the greatest game of their career against the Buffalo Bills in an offensive war right till the final seconds. This one will die in the archives of the LIEFL when we go too, but the finish and play-calling was spectacular! It's the best game I have ever been involved in!" 

The Chiefs have not seen a playoff game since 1982-83, when they were crushed by Miami, 28-3. Kansas City went (7-7) that season and they currently have an all-time LIEFL record of (73-91) ranking them #19th in the Long Island EFL. They are a far better team now then they were back in 82-83. Two key players for the Chiefs have to come up big against Buffalo, Tyreek Hill, and Priest Holmes. Holmes has been a steady force this season for the Chiefs ranking him number #2 in the AFC, and 5th in the LIEFL in rushing with 47 carries for 618 yards with ten touchdowns, one of them a 60-yarder! The Kansas City defense will be led by lineman Buck Buchanan and tackle Damion McIntosh who are formidable. Billy O'C has to put a good defensive game plan together to stop these Chiefs because they are motivated after beating up on Tennessee. The Chiefs dominated!

After a 33 yard opening kick return by Tyreek Hill, Hill was turned around by his own man, Derrick Thomas at the 33 Kansas City. The Chiefs had a settle at their own 33-yard line to start the game. On the first play of the game from scrimmage Priest Holmes exploded for a 44 yard first down to the Buffalo 23 yard line. After two stuffed runs by the Buffalo defense led by Bruce Smith, Tony Gonzalez was wide open on a third down play for Zoo York and Gonzalez ran 48 yards downfield into the end zone, after they lost the yardage to the Buffalo defense. Kansas City takes the lead 7-0 with 7:07 remaining in the first quarter.

BILLSTD2.png.46959c947cde3d03bf06ad37cbd235e0.pngOn the kickoff Buffalo's speedy Jay Brown ran to midfield behind Bills lineman Darryl Williams, and Brown scooted right and made an incredible turn right into the end zone for a hundred yard kick return to tie the game at 7-7, with 5:51 remaining in the first quarter on a spectacular play!yyy6art.thumb.jpg.a12c39a6c116b1eda5e5abefa4d10ad2.jpg
chiefs.png.242b2a0c02862b6cf81e65dc114343d6.pngKansas City came storming right back with a Tyreek Hill 46-yard kick return to set up running back Priest Holmes. Holmes was stopped on the first two runs. But, on third down Coach Matt Zoo-York then connected with tight end Tony Gonzalez again on a 73-yard explosive touchdown to give the Chiefs the lead 14-7 with the first quarter coming to an end.
BILLSTD2.png.46959c947cde3d03bf06ad37cbd235e0.pngThe Bills fired right back at the Chiefs with a 42-yard kick return by return man Jay Brown. On the first play from scrimmage OJ Simpson busted loose for a 32 yard run to the Kansas City 26 yard line. One play later Simpson was in the end zone with his first touchdown of the game at 11:19 in the second quarter, Buffalo ties the game 14-14!
chiefs.png.242b2a0c02862b6cf81e65dc114343d6.pngTyreek Hill exploded for 56-yard kick return after Buffalo scored, but the Chiefs could not get anything going on the ground on 1st and 2nd down.  Kansas City's relentless combination of five runs from Holmes and the offensive line led by Chiefs linemen Willie Lanier, Buck Buchanan, and John Alt were an equal match for Buffalo's trenchmen. Holmes then ran the ball to the 28-yard line with the two minute warning sounding off. It's been an amazing line battle between Willie Lanier and Marcell Dareus.  On 3rd down Priest Holmes broke Free from 26 yards making a nice catch and running into the end zone to put the Chiefs ahead with the touchdown, 21-14 with 1:38 remaining in the half as Buffalo calls their first time out!yyy2art.thumb.jpg.03c5d48725f2189f4b9f07cfd85eba33.jpg
BILLSTD2.png.46959c947cde3d03bf06ad37cbd235e0.pngWhat an exciting first half of electric football. After a 50-yard kick return by Jay Brown Buffalo had no time to waste after calling their second time out. Billy O'C set up in 22 seconds and connected with Brown who broke Free at the 50 yard line on a great pass by Billy O'C with Brown tying the game at 21-21 with 57 seconds left to go in the half. Coach Zoo-York Kansas City called their first of two time outs.
The Bills get the ball to begin the third quarter, so that makes Zoo York's play calling even more important right now because at 21-21, the Chiefs need to get at least a field goal going into the third.
chiefs.png.242b2a0c02862b6cf81e65dc114343d6.pngWhat a wild half! Zoo's Chiefs are on fire! Tyreek Hill made two huge plays for the Chiefs running the kickoff back 53 yards. Kansas City called their last time out with 33 seconds remaining in the half. Zoo-York then found a wide open Tyreek Hill for a 47-yard touchdown catch to give the Chiefs a screaming 28-21 lead as the first half comes to a close in a tremendous game with 49 points scored between these two teams to end the first half! Wow!yyy3art.thumb.jpg.358c9087b0855ba9438d9ebabe822a85.jpg
In the third quarter of the Buffalo Bills will receive the football
BILLSTD2.png.46959c947cde3d03bf06ad37cbd235e0.pngIt took Buffalo Bills Jay Brown just 13 seconds of the third quarter to run back his second electrifying 100-yard kick return of the game to tie the score at 28-28! These Bills and Chiefs are scoring machines! 
chiefs.png.242b2a0c02862b6cf81e65dc114343d6.pngAfter a 43-yard kick return by Tyreek Hill, Priest Holmes ran for 8-yards to the Buffalo 49. On the next play with that trap play that Zoo-York uses Holmes blew through the right side of the trenches 49 yards downfield for a touchdown, his second of the game. The fireworks aren't stopping in an awesome display of quality electric football! Kansas City takes the lead 35-28, with 10:51 remaining in the third quarter and there is no stopping these two offences now. It's a classic matchup!yyy7art.thumb.jpg.8cc78f9c61a309d5c49f7bbbed83ee20.jpg
BILLSTD2.png.46959c947cde3d03bf06ad37cbd235e0.pngThe Bills Jay Brown ran back another spectacular run 81-yards, nearly breaking free to the end zone on an amazing run! He was turned slightly, enough for him to go out of bound instead of running for his third hundred yard touchdown of the game. On first down OJ Simpson picked up 10-yards to the 8 yard line on a power run from that offensive "Box-Set Offense" Billy O'C uses. On second down Simpson, who's been unstoppable, ran it in to tie the score at 35-35, with 6:40 remaining in the third quarter in an enormous game!
chiefs.png.242b2a0c02862b6cf81e65dc114343d6.pngThe Chiefs return the football 39-yards. Tyreek Hill was hit hard by Bills tackle Richie Incognito, who made his third tackle of the game. One play later Priest Holmes was stopped at the 39-yard line. On the next play Holmes took it around the left side of the field for a 61 yard touchdown run with this place going crazy in disbelief as the Chiefs retake the lead 42-35, with the two minute warning sounding and the third quarter!
BILLSTD2.png.46959c947cde3d03bf06ad37cbd235e0.pngJay Brown returned the football for 43-yards and on first down OJ Simpson ran to the 47 of the Chiefs for the first down to start the 4th quarter.
Simpson had three first downs in a row with runs of 10 to 8, 15, 13, and finally he ran 9-yards for his third touchdown run of the game to tie the score at 42-42, with 7:32 remaining in the game on a big hit by Chiefs linebacker Derrick Thomas at the goal line!yyy9art.thumb.jpg.ca247c1b0e94fa3796b507705d1287d5.jpg
chiefs.png.242b2a0c02862b6cf81e65dc114343d6.pngNot today! On the kick return Tyreek Hill ran a hundred yard return back for a touchdown! The room going crazy with nothing less than a stellar performance by both teams as the Chiefs take the lead 49-42, with 6:53 left to go in the game!!!
BILLSTD2.png.46959c947cde3d03bf06ad37cbd235e0.pngIncredible! Jay Brown answered with a Buffalo 65-yard kick return and just one play later OJ Simpson ran his fourth touchdown of the game, a 35-yard run into the end zone on a beautiful trap play coach Billy O'C with 3:27 remaining in the game!
Buffalo Bills 49 Kansas City Chiefs 49!
chiefs.png.242b2a0c02862b6cf81e65dc114343d6.pngThis game is on a record-breaking pace with two minutes left to go in the game. Tyreek Hill ran back his eighth kick return of the game to midfield and the ball is back in the Chief's hands to control the clock. It seems no matter what Buffalo somehow has been involved in some of the greatest games that have ever been played in the league. With 1:39 remaining in the game, the Bills call their first time out. They have one more remaining as the lineman Dee Hardison makes a big stop on priest Holmes for an 8-yard loss!
With time running out Kansas City used their last time out! On the follow up play Priest Holmes wasn't finished. Holmes unleashed a 50-yard touchdown explosion on a HUGE fourth down play, making the score 56-49, Kansas City in the lead with 50 seconds to go!!! Buffalo calls their last time out!
BILLSTD2.png.46959c947cde3d03bf06ad37cbd235e0.pngAbsolutely incredible on the last play the game Jay Brown nearly broke another 100 yard touchdown play running the ball back 73-yards until he was tackled by Kansas City defensive tackle Damien McIntosh to end this historic game for both of these teams with Kansas City winning the game 56-52! For first time in team history, the Kansas City Chiefs (6-3) are on their way to Miami to play the Dolphins (7-2) for the AFC Championship! 
The Buffalo Bills had some impressive numbers with OJ Simpson running 12 times for 168 yards rushing with four touchdowns. Jay Brown exploded on 7 carries 481 yards on special teams with two 100-yard touchdown returns, and Brown also had a 58-yard touchdown reception! His numbers were huge, eight touches 539 all-purpose yards with three touchdowns! The Bills offense produced 707 yards with seven touchdowns in the game!
Those numbers are record-breaking numbers!
Priest Holmes rushed the ball 14 times for 177 yards with three touchdowns, including a 61-yarder. Holmes finished the game with 16 touches 213 yards and four touchdowns! The second half Kansas city's Chief Holmes exploded on Buffalo and that was the key to the game with great kick returns from Tyreek Hill. Everybody was clapping at this game because both teams played sensational. Tyreek Hill exploded for 420 all-purpose yards on eight touches with 100-yard touchdown as the Chiefs produced 754 yards with seven touchdowns on 26 touches! Just Wow! Miami will have their hands completely full with these surging Chiefs. Sometimes all it takes is games like this to roll to the top.  The Coaches were speechless!
                               L O N G  I S L A N D  E F L  L I V E  U P D A T E     JANUARY 13, 2023

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