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2022-23 LIEFL AFC DIVISIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME Miami Dolphins (6-2) vs Los Angeles Chargers (6-1) "Rematch"

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675362439_longislandelectricfootballleague2020logo.jpg.1dd99c30c7e2ea66aa9a6ba859faacb2.jpg        1c8cbaf3c93acd5009c237d9615fda3c.gif.6d2f7081ee5f7d81d60eb7e1b6f868b2.gifMiami Dolphins (6-2) vs. Los Angeles Chargers (6-1)chargers.gif.ce3982160ea15abf595065c668e423d6.gif

346935529_AFCOFF.jpg.14b7921c6b82d1ad37ac237188ca42a0.jpg                   AFC DIVISIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME JANUARY 12, 2023





In the AFC DIVISIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME between the Los Angeles Chargers and Miami Dolphins, the rematch was an exciting game filled with offense. Mark Duper runs a 100-yard kick return for Miami, one of three on the day that the Chargers couldn't keep up with. 


(Long Island Electric Football League. January 12, 2023). Just before the we cancelled our 2021 season due to the ongoing Pandemic in 2020, the Miami Dolphins beat the Los Angeles Chargers 32-27 in the AFC Championship Game, but judging by this season's incredible Long Island EFL Super Bowl XVII Tournament, there is a feeling of uncertainty in the league, considering the way the tournament is going, bound by more than one upset! It's a terrific rematch of last year's AFC Championship Game between Billy OC's  Miami Dolphins (6-2) and Ed Viggs Los Angeles Chargers. Coach Viggs 49ers are now in the hands of Matt Zoo-York to play Viggs Packers so it is a big risk if Viggs losses with the Pack in the NFC, he losses all of his playoff opportunities if he loses this game and then the Packers-49ers game. 

There is a long list of heavy hitting players in this game, but both teams have a great balance between offense and defense. Miami's All-Pro's Jason Taylor and Larry Little are a force, and the Chargers equally match Miami with LIEFL Defensive Player of the Year Earl Faison leading the way for Los Angeles. Chargers Coach Ed Coach Viggs said, "This is a long awaited game because Miami and these Chargers are the competition in the AFC, and it's terrific to have a rematch because I thought we were the better team the last time we played, we just didn't prove it. Miami is tough and Coach Billy OC is a great coach. We just have to execute and keep the ball away from Duper and Clayton, but that's the thing about Miami, they are a quadruple threat with Csonka and Morris too." 
Coach Billy O'C said, "Viggs is the best so if you want to win in this league you have to beat the best. I might get not one chances, but two chances, but I think Miami will put on a great game today. I practiced yesterday with my guys on trap plays and defense. I think Buffalo may also be tough enough to put up a great game against the Chiefs. If my Bills beat them, I will give Viggs the Bills to play against my Dolphins if we win today. The Chiefs were very impressive against the Titans and they dominated them, 42-31. It's like any other game, when Viggs is playing, you never know what is going to happen."
The tension was buzzing before the kickoff between these two elite teams!
K I C K O F F!

ZZZ5ART.thumb.jpg.3ff3393b1a1826d2adf82ccc3667c936.jpg2112502454_CHARGERSTD.png.9b3f1271b53484bb3a9451f65bf0fce8.pngLos Angeles Chargers Super back LaDainian Tomlinson returned the football 34-yards untouched as he ran out of bounds. On the first two runs that Miami defense led by Jason Taylor and surprisingly Manny Fernandez came up huge on the first drive forcing a pass play with Coach Viggs going to the air early on. Viggs connected with receiver Lance Alsworth for a 45 yard first down, which brought the ball to the 19-yard line. Viggs then handed off to the big guy LaDainian Tomlinson who ran outside for a 15-yard first down, bringing the ball to the four yard line of Miami. On 1st and 2nd down Tomlinson was stopped and hit hard by Dolphins defensive tackle Manny Fernandez, who made his third tackle of the game. The Chargers used up the clock with 4:12 remaining in the first quarter. It's third down. Coach Viggs lobbed another pass to Alsworth for the first score of the game as the two minute warning sounded off, 7-0 Chargers take the lead!
1676664187_DOLPHINSTD.png.356c92391c3dda6b3f85a709051f9e32.pngOn the Dolphins kick return Mark Duper exploded for an electrifying 100-yard kick return into the end zone to tie the game with 1:44 remaining in the first quarter on a spectacular run, 7-7 game, BOOM!ZZZ4ART.thumb.jpg.a351205c6900a0a1514abf906ef3caff.jpg
2112502454_CHARGERSTD.png.9b3f1271b53484bb3a9451f65bf0fce8.pngThe Chargers decided to give the ball to Kellen Winslow Sr., on the kick return and he returned it on a speedy 51 yard play crashed head-on with Zach Thomas as the first quarter came to a close! After two more big defensive stops by the Dolphins on third down Viggs put it up in the air again, this time to Chuck Muncie for a 42-yard touchdown catch to put the Los Angeles ahead 14-7, with 10:07 remaining in the half!
1676664187_DOLPHINSTD.png.356c92391c3dda6b3f85a709051f9e32.pngOn the ensuing kickoff "Super Duper" returned a 40-yard kick return, and he was hit hard by Chuck Muncie who just made the touchdown for the Chargers on the previous play. On four straight plays the Dolphins out played the Chargers front line in the trenches. Miami's line were the boss with runs of 10, 11, 13, and 24 yards by running back Mercury Morris who took the ball all the way to the four yard line as the two minute warning sounded in the half. Miami is giving Los Angeles all they can handle in a great battle in the trenches. Billy O'C is played focused football, All four runs the Dolphins ran away from Earl Faison, LIEFL Defensive Player of the Year. On the next play Morris ran the ball in from four yards away with Faison just missing the tackle and Morris blazing by for the touchdown, tying the score at 14-14 with the Chargers calling a time out with 1:04 remaining in the half!
2112502454_CHARGERSTD.png.9b3f1271b53484bb3a9451f65bf0fce8.pngOn the Chargers kick return Kellen Winslow Sr., was turned around at the 30 on a bad luck play for the Chargers. They failed to execute in that 1:04. On a Coach Viggs pass attempt, nobody was open and Viggs took the risk and threw a 70-yard pass that missed Tomlinson as the Los Angeles Chargers and Miami Dolphins are tied at 14-14 going ending the second quarter going into the half.
Third quarter action:
1676664187_DOLPHINSTD.png.356c92391c3dda6b3f85a709051f9e32.pngMiami will get the ball on the kickoff to start the third quarter
ZZZ2ART.thumb.jpg.f178813e39fa45f6935c8e2874a41bd1.jpgMiami's Mark Duper returned the ball 40 yards for the second straight time to begin the third quarter. And that Miami Dolphins front line competed heavily with the Chargers as Mercury Morris ran for 6, then15 yards. On second down, Morris ran for another first down to the 30 line of Los Angeles as the Dolphins unleashed a fierce attack on their next run by Morris with a 30-yard scamper into the end zone followed by a wall of white jerseys as the Miami takes command 21-14, with 7:12 remaining in the third quarter! The Dolphins used up more than 7 minutes of time on the clock.
2112502454_CHARGERSTD.png.9b3f1271b53484bb3a9451f65bf0fce8.png Kellen Winslow Sr., returned the football again for the Chargers, this time to the 48-yard line setting up LaDainian Tomlinson for a big 21-yard run on first down, with the two minute warning sounding off in the third quarter. It's been a fierce battle in the trenches with both teams equally matched and balanced. Both teams have been able to establish a good running game. The Chargers let off one more run and the Dolphins stopped them in their tracks as the third quarter came to a close. Still Chargers ball!
To start the fourth quarter LaDainian Tomlinson ran in his second touchdown of the game this time from 17-yards away to tie the game at 21-21 with 12:57 remaining in the game!ZZZ10ART.thumb.jpg.53944f65a9729cb97e5051746062ba88.jpg
1676664187_DOLPHINSTD.png.356c92391c3dda6b3f85a709051f9e32.pngThe intensity is mounting and the tension is building. Both coaches strategically trying to gain the edge. Billy O'C decided to switch kick returners because he had great success with Mark Clayton and Mark Duper sharing kick return responsibility. On the return, Mark Clayton with blazing speed ran an amazing return right past Chargers defenders into the end zone for 100-yard kick return to put Miami ahead 28-21, with 11:13 remaining in the game with Billy OC going wild! Wow! That was electrifying!
2112502454_CHARGERSTD.png.9b3f1271b53484bb3a9451f65bf0fce8.pngThe war again in the trenches continued with Miami stopping the Chargers on two runs. Viggs decided to waste no time and air it out again. After two failed runs, on third down Viggs found a wide open LaDainian Tomlinson, who broke free from the backfield to tie the game with a 26-yard touchdown 28-28, with 2 minutes remaining in the football game!
1676664187_DOLPHINSTD.png.356c92391c3dda6b3f85a709051f9e32.pngHoly cow Clayton did it again! The "Super Duper Mark's Brothers" are a force. Unbelievable! Mark Clayton returned his second consecutive 100-yard touchdown run, the Dolphins third of the game, to give Miami the lead 35-28, with the Chargers calling a time-out with 1:36 remaining in the game! Wow!ZZZ8art.thumb.jpg.52fa6100c4a8ab152a92da5797a398b6.jpg
2112502454_CHARGERSTD.png.9b3f1271b53484bb3a9451f65bf0fce8.pngOne can never underestimate the determination of Coach Viggs, so Billy O'C played the kickoff by strategically placing his fastest runners on the frontline on the kickoff. Chargers returner Lance Alsworth has had a great game. Alsworth returned a speedy 57-yards switching it up, only to be tackled hard by Mark Duper. What a game! The Chargers use their last time out with 1:23 remaining in the game.
Both of these teams have played a perfect game with this game coming down to clock utilization. They both ran the ball, passed, and the biggest difference has been on special teams for the Miami special teams unit who have been flawless. Guys stepped up to move the football when they needed to. On first down, the Chargers passed a 42-yard bomb for Lance Alsworth who scored his second touchdown of the game to tie the score at 35-35! No way! There is just 1:13 left to go in the game, and Coach Viggs took risks. His Los Angeles Chargers are out of timeouts, thinking he could get this game to go to overtime. Miami called their first time out with one remaining.
1676664187_DOLPHINSTD.png.356c92391c3dda6b3f85a709051f9e32.pngWhat incredible game! This game is as great as the last time these two teams met for the AFC Championship Game. The excitement is overwhelming!
Coach Viggs held his breath as he watched Mark Clayton prepare for the kickoff. Clayton with his sudden 200 yards and two 100-yard kick returns has been the difference in the game. Clayton returned the ball back 57-yards this time, to seal the deal as he's tackled by Chargers tackle Corey Clark with 1:03 remaining with Miami using their last time.
And on first down Mark Duper broke Free for a 43-yard touchdown catch crushing Coach Viggs Chargers hopes for a second trip to the LIEFL Super Bowl, yet again by these Miami Dolphins, losing 42-35! The Miami Dolphins (7-2) win a wild one in Los Angeles, and for the third straight year Billy O'C's Dolphins will go to the AFC Championship Game to face the winner of the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills in a fierce matchup! The excitement is tremendous! Billy O'C will have to decide who he will play with in the Miami AFCCG after he plays his Bills against the Chiefs. ZZZ1ART.thumb.jpg.a533c66d89c445c816884eedfca0d5b2.jpg
Unbelievable job by the Mark's Brothers! Dolphins win 42-35 upsetting the Chargers for the second straight year! The story of the day is Mark Clayton and Mark Duper who crushed the Chargers! Miami had just 16 touches in 60 minutes, but they did a lot of damage with 573 total all-purpose yards with five touchdowns. Duper had four touches for 223 yards with two touchdowns, and Clayton had three touches for 257 yards with two touchdowns! The Chargers simply ran out of answers for the high-powered Miami offense. They are a force!
Los Angeles Chargers leading rusher in the AFC LaDainian Tomlinson was held to 82 yards rushing while receiver Lance Alsworth  totaled 213 all-purpose yards with two touchdowns, including 119 kick return yards and 94 yards receiving. The Chargers had 25 plays for 492 total yards with five touchdowns. What a game!
                                              L O N G  I S L A N D  E F L  LIVE UPDATE

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