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2022-23 Long Island EFL PRO BOWL GAME

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abhell.jpg.3cc52d038b0a887b848ffdad04574bdb.jpg1842510639_LIEFL495LOGO.png.19ff8d103c797a1931ab5e6798e2f747.pngLIEFL PRO BOWL "Where men become boys again.": NFC'S BRADSHAW STEALS SHOW TO WIN PRO BOWL!


NYGTD.png.21b07e330f9e22fbfd3e4f2fc8ddf59c.pngHe did it again! It was the NFC and New York Giants Ahmad Bradshaw who stole this year's Pro-Bowl show in the NFC's right to brag by beating the AFC All-Stars 17-14!


1842510639_LIEFL495LOGO.png.19ff8d103c797a1931ab5e6798e2f747.png(LONG ISLAND, NY JANUARY 4, 2023). A few weeks before our LIEFL Super Bowl and playoffs, we traditionally play our Pro-Bowl. The new stadium main field buildout is incredible. The Roman columns arrived, (see below) and we made the field ambience look amazing. We have vintage posters hanging behind the main field which adds to the backdrop. The coaches are going crazy about it! It is like Gladiator Coliseum, fit with advertisements, Roman columns throughout, palm trees and a real vintage feel to it. It is the perfect stadium to transport to Florida to play a Super Bowl in. Retired Coach Johnny Freeport Chucker finally did something productive with his time by building this stadium. abuildart.thumb.jpg.1d036000854a0cdc47581459662722af.jpgWhen we play a game we sit next to each other rather then across from each other when playing at Pizz and Chucker's house.

Once the Pro Bowl game began, it was all business for the two coaches playing each other. Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw set the tone for a tough NFC team returning the opening kickoff 46 yards. The NFC All-Stars took charge handing the ball off to Philadelphia Eagles running back Keith Byars three times for 11 yards, but he was stopped on his third run attempt. The tough AFC line made their adjustments to stop the run with Miami Dolphins lineman Larry Little making two tackles. As soon as they did that, NFC Coach Joey Bino decided it was time to give the ball to the big man, Atlanta Falcons Gerald Riggs. Riggs will be under the microscope when his Atlanta Falcons play San Francisco in the NFC Wild Card Game tomorrow. That NFC front three of Atlanta's Bill Fralic, Green Bay's Willie Davis, and  Carolina's Kawaan Short opened a tiny hole only to be shut down by LIEFL Defensive Player of the Year AFC Los Angeles Chargers lineman Earl Faison, who stuffed the run. Bino spread the offense and decided to run in the opposite direction towards the weak side. His strategy worked with Conrad Doebler at tackle opening a lane. Riggs ran right through it with intensity and the high speed and pace of the game with runs of 8, 2, 17 and a 16-yard touchdown run to put the NFC ahead 7-0!

agriggsrt.thumb.jpg.ec673ba4d01620968e82465f31dc6a7f.jpgNew England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski got the AFC off to a great start with a 54-yard kick return. On the first set of downs the NFC stars played hard. It was Arizona Cardinals tackle Conrad Doebler who had 10 tackles this season, who made a big hit on Los Angeles Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson and the AFC found themselves in trouble real quick trying to earn a first down. On third down AFC Coach Levi Vick threw a rocket to Gronkowski who showed blazing speed as he cut into the middle of the field and ran 46 yards for the touchdown, 7-7, game tied!

The second half was owned by Ahmad Bradshaw who opened the second half with an electrifying 100-yard touchdown to put the NFC ahead 14-7! What a run! The AFC wasn’t having it and the other star, Las Vegas Raiders return man Dave Casper, the seven-time LIEFL All-Pro, blazed across the right sideline on the ensuing kickoff, then to the center of the field for a 100-yard touchdown! Coach Levi Vick screamed, “Bring it on baby as the excitement drew a loud response!” Casper has been consistently sensational as a player base in the Long Island EFL. He is the first guy that changed the game in 2008 when he beat the New York Giants and Coach Joy Pizz in 2008 Super Bowl XI 27-21 in OT! It was Casper's speed and directional that impressed everyone, and that was the beginning of the LIEFL Draft system that changed every team playing this game in this league.

Former football lineman and All-County Wrestler from Bay Shore High School, and Long Island Sports Hall of Fame Inductee, Historian Andrew Slawson said, " I love watching and analyzing the big games and I've gotten to understand the league, and I find it incredible that something like this exists for grown men to do. Billy O'C's innovation paved the way for every coach in this league. It has made this a highly competitive league because once a guy is weak, he's fired and on to the next one." Coach Joey Pizz said, "O'C said he will search high and low for the best possible player bases that fit into the league's Draft until we find the best of the best to compete on the field. The method is proven and the league is becoming elite so that when we decide that our playing days are over we can donate an elite league to someone. That's what I would like to see happen. Pass it forward to a responsible worthy group. Our safekeeper of the league isn't going to just let go of part of our childhood history without being responsible."a87caart.thumb.jpg.7880c1bdfe2cd662dd717b6aaf081fa6.jpg

With time running out on the clock in the game, Giants star Ahmad Bradshaw returned another kick but he was hit hard by Denver Broncos tackle Andy Muear for a 29-yard return. The NFC left their last bit of running for Washington’s Tony Green who had runs of 6, 7, 10, and 5 yards until 1 second remained on the clock when the NFC kicked the game winning field goal as the NFC wins the 2022-23 Pro-Bowl, 17-14!

New York Giants star Ahmad Bradshaw went from winning this year's LIEFL Offensive Player of the Year to showing us why he is that go-to guy in the big spot! Bradshaw won Pro-Bowl MVP for his three touches for 175 yards and one 100-yard touchdown run in the game! Atlanta’s Gerald Riggs finished with 43 rushing yards with a touchdown.

As for the AFC it was Patriots star Rob Gronkowski who had a super performance along with Raiders Superman Dave Casper who ran back the 100-yard kick return for a touchdown. Gronk finished the game with 100 all-purpose yards for this AFC All-Star team!

It's on to the LIEFL Playoffs!

You can check out our Pro Bowl Game History at this Tudor Link. https://forum.tudorgames.com/files/category/47-long-island-efl-pro-bowl-history/




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