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Most people have never heard of this legendary player who was selected by the coaches of the Long Island EFL, but suffice to say what we did in our league because of the extensive process that goes into painting and decaling teams, we thought it was best for each coach to pick the Legends of the Game when it comes to who will make an 11-man roster slewed with talent. It would be too much work to change decals and do repairs each year so we went all out and spent weeks before making our final all-time team rosters decision in preparation for purchasing, decaling, and reinventing our league to be the 67-Big Men league. We made thousands of dollars selling our old league so that we could purchase the new figures for this league back in 2008. Please give a hand for the man of the hour. He my be plastic but he is a plastic warrior!

This is yet another difficult decision to make when it comes to this award. We are talking about from 352 players in the league there was a nomination from the AFC and NFC. The player MUST be a force, must stop the great players, must be the backbone in the trenches, must have opened eyes in the league and talked about, not as an average player, but a warrior who we believe in when the game is on the line, when your team is down and you need one yard to go for a first which is the difference between winning and losing, and that player from the AFC to win Long Island Electric Football's Player of the Year is two-time Defensive Player of the Year, #86 Earl Faison, Lineman.

earlart.jpg.411aa61716afb8cf2eee931156521d0a.jpgIn real life, Earl Faison was a member of the Chargers Hall of Fame. He was also inducted into the Indiana University Hall of Fame in 1990. In his post-playing career, Faison briefly dabbled in acting, including Kolchak: The Night Stalker and a pair of appearances in The Beverly Hillbillies. He then returned to California as an educator and football coach, and while at Lincoln High School, he served as head coach during the era of future Pro Football Hall of Famer Marcus Allen before eventually serving as the school's principal. He later coached P.E. at Muirlands Junior High School in La Jolla. It was there that he coined the term "grabasser" for unruly students. Faison later went on to become the Vice Principal at University City High School in San Diego. At 6'5" 270 pounds, Mr. Earl Faison passed away on June 16, 2016 at the age of 77.

Faison is the key to the Los Angeles Chargers (6-1) season. The Chargers are the only team in the LIEFL to win six games, and that's three consecutive seasons they have accomplished that honor, there is a reason for that. Faison starred on both offense and defense. He is the lead guy that has been the powerhouse in front of running back LaDainian Tomlinson's rushing success earning two straight rushing titles.

Along with All-Pro Ernie Ladd, the Chargers have won 28 games with only 4 losses since 2018. Their biggest losses came to the Los Angeles Rams in 2018 LIEFL Super Bowl XIV 31-28, and then in 2019 the Chargers lost to Buffalo 49-48 in the AFC Divisional Championship Game in a major upset. In 2020 Los Angeles lost again to the two-time defending AFC Champion Miami Dolphins in a 32-27 war! 

Los Angeles will face the winner of the AFC Wild Card Game between the Cleveland Browns and Miami Dolphins!

Congratulations to Chargers Coach Ed Viggs on this great achievement.

abcd.jfif earl.jfif

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