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797263525_OIP(2).jpg.3daa16f76e3c3b4e8914d3128f520b37.jpgCOLTS AND PATRIOTS DOMINATE CHRISTMAS EVE SPECIAL! GO TUDOR GAMES!821391192_COLTS3ART.thumb.jpg.1aa4f677a65be48e0c8faf139c819c7b.jpg

In Game 1 of our Christmas Eve Special Edition, Indianapolis Colts running back and league superstar Joseph Addai, AFC leader in rushing, all-purpose, and kick returns took this one 30 yards into the endzone in the Colts win over the Raiders 17-10!

2117720158_longislandelectricfootballleague2020logo.jpg.0f6818a4d7f06a2139a907dc92f16f7f.jpgLong Island Electric Football League December 24, 2022. Welcome to our Forum page and Special Christmas Eve Edition featuring the RED-HOT Raiders against the Indianapolis Colts in the LIEFL’s Week#6 action. Let the drama begin, the trash-talker gets going, and the players make the action! This is our 50th year in the hobby and our league is well documented. We also encourage you to check out the National Electric Football Game Museum.

 2117720158_longislandelectricfootballleague2020logo.jpg.0f6818a4d7f06a2139a907dc92f16f7f.jpgLAS VEGAS RAIDERS VS INDIANAPOLIS COLTS


The Raiders may be playing on all cylinders but Colts Coach Billy O’C will be slipping a monkey wrench into the Raiders hot streak by weeding out their desire for success in this huge game. Las Vegas is (3-2) and Indianapolis is (2-3). O’C said before the game, “I love the Raiders, but I don’t enjoy losing to them at all. My Colts lost three straight games in the past 5 weeks, so we know that’s not us. Bad breaks can break a team. We won’t be broken, and I believe my Colts belong in the playoffs, just for Joseph Addai who is in my mind the best player in the league.” Addai at the moment leads the AFC in Rushing, All-Purpose, and Kick return yards!

1278493236_COLTS2ART.thumb.jpg.3ad666386e1968ec5355b99fb173c039.jpgThe Colts LIEFL All-Pro star Joseph Addai returned a 44-yard kick return to open the game. With runs of 12, 21-3,13, and finally, with a 15-yard touchdown run, the Colts took the lead and never looked back. They controlled the clock, the ball, and the Raiders front line.

If there were any doubts around the league about Billy O’C’s coaching and about his Indianapolis Colts being contenders for the playoffs, rest assured they are alive and well. These tough guys manhandled the Las Vegas Raiders who have been red hot in the league and they couldn't stop Billy O'C's "Box-Style" offense. The Colts defense held Dave Casper to two touches for 114 yards on special teams and that was the key proving that when Casper is taken out, the Raiders struggle to win. In this league you have have a triple-threat to win. The Colts defense led by linemen Bubba Smith, Elmer Collett and Linebacker Robert Mathis completely shut down Bo Jackson and the Raiders offensive line. While the Raiders played competitively for Coach Mac, it was the Colts who dominated! The Raiders biggest play of the game was Bo Jackson's 67-yard catch which brought the Las Vegas within three yards and that's what set up Tim Brown's touchdown rocket pass for a touchdown from 3 yards away. But in the running game Jackson was held to just three carries with no yards rushing for Las Vegas. Colts running back and league leader in Rushing, all-purpose yards and kick returns LIEFL's  Joseph Addai had 12 touches for a total 278 yards with two touchdowns. He had 117 yards on the ground rushing on 9 carries and three special teams runs totaling 161 yards on special teams.

The Colts are now (3-3) battling for the division and a shot at the Wild Card Game. They may celebrate their Glory for today, but the season finale against Jacksonville at the Jaguars will be the reality check!

Billy O’C said, “These Colts are a good team. We lost three big ones, all close and all my fault. We lost at Tennessee 24-21 in a stunner, and we kept the game close. Then what unhinged us was losing to the Patriots 21-17 at home. That one hurt but let me tell you New England is going to surprise people in this league, you watch. Levi Vick has them playing at a high level. These losses are not representative of the talent this team has. The last one we lost was also on the road. We lost to Arizona in a 24-21 battle, and that was a great game! Don’t count us out yet!

“Just remember, I am the guy in this league of trash talkers who took a Wild Card team to a Long Island EFL Super Bowl and won. Buffalo was 4-3 that season and we crushed every team in our path in this league," said Billy O’C.


New England Patriots LIEFL All-Pro Rob Gronkowski slices through the middle of the Jacksonville Jaguars defense for a 100-yard kick return into the endzone in the Patriots 17-14 victory over the Jaguars in Week#6 action and our special Christmas Edition played earlier this evening.

Written by Kevin "Mac"

2117720158_longislandelectricfootballleague2020logo.jpg.0f6818a4d7f06a2139a907dc92f16f7f.jpgJACKSONVILLE JAGUARS (2-3) VS NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (3-2)

In Game #2 of LIEFL Christmas Eve Special it was Coach Levi Vick's revived New England Patriots who took on his own team with LIEFL Alternate Coach Joey Bino sitting in for the competitive Jacksonville Jaguars. That means Vick will get a win and loss against his coaching record in the game. It's safe to say that Vick's New England Patriots are one of the hottest teams in the league right now with four straight wins! Vick turned return man and tight end Rob Gronkowski into a star in the LIEFL too!

"Gronk" and Lawrence Maroney went hard today with a relentless Patriots front line led by Vince Wilfork's explosiveness in the trenches. Coach Vick said, "I love days like this because it brings me back to when I was a child and my parents were still alive. They always had a single surprise for each of us. We didn't get much but whatever we got we appreciated. I will never forget the first time I received an electric football game, I was mesmerized, and from there I couldn't get enough.  When I used to read the Miggle Toys newsletters years later, I was in disbelief that the hobby had evolved, but I was ecstatic. I thought to myself, these guys aren't necessarily the best coaches in the world featured in Miggle, they were the best of the small number of people invited to play, but still they were great because they were like me, like us, guys who keep the game alive. We all tweak bottoms, we are all experts coaches in our own way, we are all paintmakers, and we all love the hobby! That invariable and small select group Miggle picked statistically, is actually a negatively skewed invariable because the entire populous is a much larger unknown group. Tournaments don't settle the score either because there are different rules people play by and I don't think we'd ever agree on consistent rules. There's nothing wrong with guys getting press, we love it, but there is a whole world of electric football out there including great solitaire leagues that I've read about because Tudor created this forum. There are guys in this league and my Nassau league that play fierce competitive games with established teams in an incredible league just like all these other leagues, and the beauty is again, the hobby is vibrating! I often times thought, Wow … These other guys from Miggle are missing out on some awesome competition. I've played tens of thousands of hours of electric football just like so many hobbyists, and when these guys in the LIEFL call it quits I will probably go back to my old league."

The dream is still alive for Vicks Cinderella Patriots. It wasn't easy for New England but Moroney hasn't run like this since the 2016 season when he was both feared and respected. Tonight Maroney had six carries for 80 yards rushing following his 180 yards rushing last week in New England's 21-17 victory over Buffalo. On special teams the Gronk was electrifying, which is the best word to use because Jacksonville just couldn't keep up with him. He had 198 all-purpose yards with a nifty 100-yard touchdown return cut right through the center of the field. Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss added to the offense with a beautiful 20-yard touchdown catch to give New England the edge!

tayl1art.thumb.jpg.19e1f1634136ce5517f89cacadd9c153.jpg(PHOTO: Jacksonville's Fred Taylor breezes into the end zone for the touchdown). 

The Jaguars played hard and kept the game close with their star player Fred Taylor who finished the game with nine touches and a total 198 yards with a gorgeous 100-yard kick return down the right sideline for a touchdown, Taylor's 8th of the season. Taylor wouldn't be outdone by Gronkowski, but in the end the home field advantage for the Patriots gave them the edge in their 17-14 victory!

The Patriots are moving within close distance of the playoffs to secure an AFC Wild Card spot as they face the two-time consecutive AFC Champion Miami Dolphins, in the season finale at Miami. The Dolphins are currently (5-0). What a task at hand for this blue-collar Patriots team. If they lose they have to deal with the reality that the New York Jets also in the race who beat the Patriots in Week #2, 21-10!  The Pats are a different team now, the battle to the end will be interested to say the least!  The Patriots are currently ranked #24 in the LIEFL with a career record of (64-82). With all the different strength and strategic additions Coach Vick has made to his Patriots, the Dolphins are in for a showdown.
If Miami loses to Tennessee this week, New England comes closer to clinching a possible Wild Card position in the AFC. That loss to the Jets may end up being very costly for New England. 




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