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2022-23 Long Island EFL Schedule Week#5 Schedule and Coaches Corner

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WEEK 5 OF 7 * INDICATES 2020 Playoff Team

67. 49ers (2-2) at Titans (3-1)

68. Browns (3-1) at *Packers (3-1)

69. *Colts (2-2) at Cardinals (1-3)

70. *Lions (2-2) at Falcons (3-1)

71. Buccaneers (1-3)  at *Panthers (3-1)

72. *Ravens (1-3) at Bengals (1-3)

73. *Chargers (3-1) at Texans (2-2)

74. *Rams (2-2) at Vikings (1-3)

75. Bills (2-2) at Patriots (2-2)

76. Jaguars (2-2) at *Jets (2-2)

77. Giants (3-1) at Eagles (2-2)

78. Bears (2-2) at *Seahawks (0-4)

79. Steelers (2-2) at Chiefs (3-1)

80. *Broncos (1-3) at Raiders (2-2)

81. *Redskins (1-3) at *Cowboys (1-3)


82. *Miami Dolphins(4-0) at New Orleans Saints (1-3)



2022-23 LIEFL SEASON $3200 on the Line!





Matt “Zoo-York” Eagles, Panthers, Chiefs, Browns



1976 Merged Leagues with Viggs and O’C to form the LIEFL

One Time NFC Champion 1995 Philadelphia Eagles

(LIEFL RECORD: W-243 L-271)

Billy O’C

Dolphins, Bills, Colts, Rams




1972 Founder with his mother Sylvia an International Athlete from Cuba.

(Six-Time LIEFL Champion)

(LIEFL RECORD: W-403 L-286)

Eddie Viggs

Redskins, 49ers, Chargers, Packers



1976 Merged Leagues with Billy O’C and Matt-Zoo

Three-Time LIEFL Champion 1984 Washington Redskins, 2019 LA Rams 2020 Green Bay Packers

(LIEFL RECORD: W-380 L-325)

Joey “Pizz”

Jets, Vikings, Giants, Buccaneers



1978 Merged his teams with Billy O’C, Matt-Zoo and Eddie Viggs “The Originals” 2008 NFC Champion New York Giants

(LIEFL RECORD: W-322 L-345)

Kevin “Mac”

Saints, Cardinals, Raiders, Titans



The folded Connetquot League Joined in 2000—Been with LIEFL since.

Two-Time LIEFL Champion. New Orleans Saints 1995, Oakland Raiders 2008

 (LIEFL RECORD: W-322 L-338)

Johnny “Freeport Chucker”

Falcons, Lions, Ravens, Bengals



Joined in 2016.

One-Time LIEFL Champion 2016 Detroit Lions

(LIEFL RECORD: W-211 L-265)

Levi Vick

Cowboys, Patriots, Jaguars, Texans




2020 Invited by Joey Pizz to join. This is Vick’s second season. 2020 1st Round Qualifier Dallas Cowboys

Won two Titles in his Nassau League.


Paddy Brannigan

Steelers, Bears, Broncos, Seahawks



Since 1978. Merged with Billy O’C, Matt-Zoo, Eddie Viggs, and Joey Pizz.

One-Time LIEFL Champion. 2000 Chicago Bears

(LIEFL RECORD: W-335 L-306)

Joe Bino

Has played with all the teams.



Bino had his own league in 1976. Joined the LIEFL as the Alternate coach in 1984.

Bobby “Biggs”

Proposing takeover of Buccaneers, Jaguars, Seahawks and Saints



Considering and Voting on Brannigan’s friend in January 2023. On the sideline waiting to possibly merge his 67 Big Men Teams. 

No Decision made by league at this time.

Everything is voted on in LIEFL. Majority Rules.

Entry into League fee $500 with $250 annual dues.

The league is locked. All rules and regulations are voted on in this league. The majority rules and the alternate coach has a vote. League Collected $2,000.00 for 2022-23 season, all transparent within league. The winner of Super Bowl XVII will earn $1,800.00 and the runner-up will earn $1,400.00. Up for Vote in January is to vote Bobby Biggs and the no-stop pass rule again.

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