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2020 Long Island EFL Week#1 Miami Dolphins vs. New England Patriots

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Long Island Electric Football League: #1 All-Time Ranked-Miami Dolphins (167-34) vs. #24 All-Time Ranked-New England Patriots (62-76).

Last year's Long Island Electric Football League's The AFC Champion Miami Dolphins met on the New England Patriots home turf and they dominated the Patriots 17-10! The Dolphins raced to LIEFL Super Bowl XV last year and put up a fierce battle against the two-time super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams 44-41 in OT, showing the league that the six-time LIEFL Super Champion Miami Dolphins are back! This Dolphin team with their new Total team control bottoms have built a powerful offensive line of Jason Taylor, Larry Little, and Bob Kuechenberg, making them a complete team again, ready to compete and perform.  Miami's Mercury Morris was the AFC's leading rusher with 693 yards and 13 touchdowns, but it didn't come easy for Miami. The three seasons before, they added on the losses, losing 18 games and winning only three. They made out big in the 2017 Draft, rebuilding to where they are today. Where they are today is competitive!

This game started with a beautiful 42-yard kick-return by Rob Gronkowski. The Patriots ran the ball on five straight plays, with Patriot running back Laurence Maroney, gaining only 15 yards and then losing the 15 yards he gained to Miami's Jason Taylor!  The Dolphin defense stuffed the Pats on fourth down. When Miami got the ball, they managed to score on a field goal on their first drive as New England matched them on defense.
On the kick-off, Gronkowski bullied the ball back 60 yards and on their first play from scrimmage, the Patriots got pushed back again on a run and two plays later Maroney found himself in a one-on-one situation with Dolphin Linebacker Brian Cox, beating Cox to the end-zone with a beautiful 55-yard touchdown pass from Patriots QB Tom Brady, making the score New England 7-3 over the Dolphins.
Miami stormed right back with a Mark "Super" Duper 78-yard return, and one play later Mercury Morris took the ball in for a 40-yard touchdown making the score 10-7, Dolphins!  The Dolphins again stopped the Patriots on their next drive and got the ball back with Mercury Morris scoring on another 12-yard touchdown run set-up by a super kick return by Duper. Miami took the lead 17-7! On the Patriots last drive they flat out, ran out of time after Rob Gronkowski returned the ball 85 yards to the Dolphin 15 yard line as the clock ticked down, forcing the New England to kick a field goal making the final score 17-10, Miami! wins the game. It was Miami lineman Jason Taylor, the rising star who made the difference in the game. Taylor finished with five huge game stopping tackles in the game and he ran all over the Patriots. Her put on a defensive show today, shutting down New England running back, Laurence Maroney, holding him to only 15 yards rushing.
The Dolphins made big plays the entire game on defense. On the other end of the spectrum for Miami Mercury Morris, had five carries for 64 yards rushing and two touchdowns, one of them a 40-yarder! Mark Duper the #2 return man in the AFC behind Las Vegas' Dave Casper set up Morris for the short-yardage touchdowns behind a wall of Miami Dolphin blockers. The Dolphins were very impressive in their opening day game, but their colossal rematch next week against Buffalo should be a great war. Miami came up big in the AFC championship game last season beating the Buffalo Bills 31 21, and shutting down super-back OJ Simpson's electric company on offense.
With this win, the Dolphins have positioned themselves for a great season with a strong schedule ahead facing Buffalo, Jacksonville, Seattle, the New York Jets, New England and Buffalo again!

New England goes back to the foundation after that Super Bowl XII loss to Detroit in 2016, and they must find a way to finish strong in this exciting AFC East!


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