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2020 Long Island EFL, Week #1 Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions (Write-Up)

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Long Island Electric Football League #4 Ranked Chicago Bears (94-67) vs. #16 Ranked Detroit Lions (67-72) 

It's no secret that the three-time NFC Finalist and winner of LIEF Super Bowl XII, beating AFC Champion New England Patriots 42-17, the Detroit Lions come to play! These two teams the Lions and Chicago Bears in most electric football leagues are a historic match-up. In the Long Island Electric Football League when these two teams meet, it is usually a destiny to a collision course of of fierce competition, especially when Coach Eddie Viglietta and Coach Billy O'Connell rival.  Today's game was no different, loud, intense, passionate, and explosive! This grudge match goes back to 1984 when Viglietta's Washington Redskins romped O'Connell's Miami Dolphins 34-31 in (OT) to win LIEFL Super Bowl VII!

This superb rivalry usually turns into an event because of the players themselves on these two teams are matched by coaching talent. This game usually brings a defensive battle. Today's game was different and opposite of the norm. This one was an offensive display of incredible skill by both teams and the electric "vibe" of the game brought the intensity and speed of professional electric football, just like in your league's around the country. Between LIEFL Hall of Fame legendary Running Back Dexter Bussy, and Chicago Bears Willie Gault the two teams' totaled 904 all-purpose yards with 9 touchdowns, and three 100 yard kick-returns in a 30 minute 7-Game Season Regular Season Game. Incredible!

Detroit has been involved in a number of historic games (see attached) in the Long Island Electric Football League and this one is going to go into the record books as well. It seems that in the big games, Detroit's Dexter Bussy is on the receiving end of the spectrum as the "go-to guy" who is basically unstoppable. 

The game started with a 62 yard kick-return by Dexter Bussy, and two plays later Bussy rolled into the end-zone behind bruising lineman, Al "Bubba" Baker for a 38-yard touchdown, 7-0 Lions! Chicago's Willie Gault was explosive in the game. He had spectacular plays of 43,46,47, a 54 yard-touchdown catch in addition to a huge electrifying 100 yard-touchdown in the game.

On the ensuing kickoff Gault returned a 43-yard kick, but the running game was dead against the Lions defense. Chicago's Walter Payton ran the ball four times for zero yards. The Bears were forced to air it out. Tight End Mike Ditka had his biggest game of his LIEFL career, catching his first of two touchdowns on the Bears drive to tie the game at 7-7. Ditka scored two touchdown passes to ignite the Bears offense, the second was a 59 yard touchdown!

Detroit set off the bombs in the second-half, and Chicago matched them! Bussy would drive downfield with a 55 yard kick returned by Bussy's Lions, with three consecutive runs of 25, 3, 7 and finally, a tear around NFC Starting All-Pro Tackle, Lomas Brown for a 9 yard touchdown to make the score 14 -7 Lions. On the next kick-off, Willie Gault had a spectacular 47 yard kick return which set-up a first down pass to Mike Ditka who scored his second touchdown pass of the game from Jim McMahon, 14-14 game!

Bussy, then took back an incredible 100 yard kick-return for a touchdown making the score 21-14 for the Lions. Gault was not finished yet! He  had more business to take care of as a rising star in this division. He ripped a 46 yard return and on first down, Gault caught a 54 yard spectacular touchdown, showing his blazing speed as he ran in to the end-zone to tie the game 21-21. With the game tied at 21, these 2020 Bears were about to back down from Detroit.  

The Lions showcased and matched the talent as Superstar Bussy, on the next kickoff took it right back for another 100 yard return for a touchdown making the score 28-21 Detroit! It was Bussy's second 100-yard return in a row! And, Willie Gault and the Chicago Bears answered with their own spectacular 100 yard kick-return on the very next play tying the score at 28 with just three seconds left and out of time in regulation.

This has to go down as one of the top 10 or 15 games of all time in the Long Island EFL season opener! The Lions won the coin toss in overtime, and they wasted no time. Bussy returned the ball 35 yards and on first down he ran for 15, then 49, and finally, from one yard out he stormed in for his 5th touchdown of the game to give the powerful Detroit Lions (1-0) a 34-28 victory in four minutes overtime! What an amazing game for two historic teams.

The Lions playoff hopes were crushed last year by the Bears, but the Bussy finished with 9 runs for 147 yards with three touchdowns rushing, and he had an electrifying 5 for 352 yards and 2 x 100 yard kick returns for touchdowns, totaling 499 all-purpose yards! ALL RECORD HOLDERS SEVEN GAME SEASON AS OF JULY 28.pdfChicago's Willie Gault had 4 kick-returns for 236 yards and a 100 yard kick return for a touchdown along with a 54-yard touchdown catch, giving him 290 all-purpose yards in the day with two touchdowns.


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