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24 of the 32 NFL teams compete in the league of 2 conferences and six divisions.
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  2. WR Fred Biletnikoff reaches the ball on a simulated touchdown pass that gave the Raiders an 11 to 8 lead over the Cowboys.
  3. The Raiders Marcus Allen (32) gave the Raiders an opportunity to put the game out of reach with a 37 yard run before being stopped by the Cowboys Mel Renfro.
  4. The Raiders Jack Tatum could not catch Cowboys Robert Newhouse as he scores on an 80 yard play action pass from QB Troy Aikman.
  5. The Cowboys secondary couldn't keep WR Cliff Branch (21) from sealing the victory for the Raiders after catching a 10 yard pass from Stabler
  6. Raiders QB Kenny Stabler gets the time needed thanks to the protection of #64 Bob Brown and Steve Wisniewski.
  7. Cowboys HB Robert Newhouse (44) barely escapes the Raiders Mike Haynes. Newhouse breaks free with Jack Tatum in pursuit.
  8. Bo (34) don't know electric electric football after getting pancaked for a fumble by Cowboys #52 Dexter Coakley.
  9. Aikman #8 eyes Robert Newhouse #44 for a play action pass that would lead to an 80 yard touchdown giving the Cowboys an 8 to 0 lead early in the second quarter
  10. #91 Chester McGlockton slipped through the Dallas OL to sack QB Troy Aikman (8). The Raiders defense became twice as stubborn in the second half to hold off the Cowboys 19 to 8.
  11. The inaugural first season of my National Solitaire Electric Football League (NSEFL) kicked off at AT&T Stadium with the Cowboys clashing with the Raiders. It was a defensive battle until the second quarter when Troy Aikman found Robert Newhouse for an 80 yd play action pass that led to a TD. The Raiders offense came to life in the third quarter. Two touchdown passes from Ken Stabler to Fred Biletnikoff and Cliff Branch would put the game out of reach as the Raiders take down the Cowboys on their home turf, 19 to 8.

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