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Quick look at TVESFL rules

Quarters are 15 plays.

We use pass simulation, AKA passing sticks.   We also use the Pressure rule that I created to enhance pass simulation.

tackles are “any touch”.

Spacing is 1 base width.

No stacking is allowed except QB under center.  RBs can be aligned behind a lineman but the RB must be one base length behind the lineman.


Offense sets up its formation.

Defense sets up its formation.

Offense now declares whether they will pass or run and may now pivot up to two players.  The Center  can not be pivoted.  If it is a run the offense may free pivot the QB to get him out of the way.

The defense decides whether to use standstill bases and either adds them or removes them. The defense may only use up to two standstill bases each play.

to be continued 


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