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Tudor Games Electric Football Tournament

Event details

TOEPRO Football Advanced Gameplay may have a great place to show up. 


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Keep the questions coming about the February 4-5 Tudor Games Tournament. 

From the Coaches:
-No additional weights allowed 

Tournament team configurations?
-Yes (offense in dark; defense is white) 

Will we be tweaking bases at the event?
-Bring your team tweaked and ready for play. 

Will bases be available for purchase by then?
- Bases on order and arriving soon. 

Are the only authorized figures Haiti Repros (currently) or will big man figures be allowed?
- Haiti Repros and Tudor 67 Big Men figures only

Are the only authorized teams NFL?
- Paint your favorite team. 

Where exactly is the tournament being held?
- Coastal Delaware

I’m handling the Rules/Tournament format questions. 
👉🏾TOEPRO Football TGV-Advanced Gameplay Rules (completely inside 15 yard offense setup depth)
👉🏾16 TOEPRO Football Ultimate Fields
👉🏾40 Coaches (Conference/Divisions assigned) 
👉🏾3-4 Regular Season Games (10 PPQ)
👉🏾16-Post Season (Top 2 in division; 10 PPQ)
👉🏾Final four on Sunday 

Doug had a question about the TTQB modifications. 
🏈The kicker and punters will be available in the form of TOEPRO PAKs.  Other modifications by Coaches are allowed provided the TTQB is complete (leg attached) and are consistent with TOEPRO Football Manual Rule 5 specifications.

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