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Ohio Comets at Texas Tornadoes

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Hi Coach Carl. Thanks for posting the entertaining game. 😃👍 I enjoyed the previous game that you posted also. My HMEFC is composed of fantasy teams also.

I watched your AEFL Solitaire Rule Set Series, part 1, and I really like that you set four goals right from the get-go. I play solitaire and I set goals for my rule set also.

The first goal of easy set up intrigued me. I believe you said the offense always sets up in the middle of the field and you use the same offensive formation for each snap. The decision to run or pass is left up to a roll of the dice. For your next custom field cover you should have one hash mark right down the middle. That would make set up very easy. 

I'm the other side of the coin when it comes to your first goal. I use the hashmarks to spot the ball. Also, I have 5 formations with 5 offensive blocking schemes for each formation. I must admit your way is certainly easier so you've accomplished your goal. 😃👍

I'm curious about your experiences that led to your fourth goal, that is, your skill level is a non-factor. It seems to me that in solitaire both teams are the beneficiaries of your skills. Why would one team have an advantage? 🤔 

Enjoy the journey.   T43.   🏈♾️


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Coach Terry and Coach Shawn, thank you for watching! I also really dig the content that both of you bring to these forums, lots of great ideas and creativity from both of you! Coach Terry to answer your question about my fourth goal, that was specifically aimed at why I don’t use the TTQB and kicking figures. You’re right when you say that my skill or lack thereof would even out between the teams but (as crazy as this sounds) I didn’t want even the chance of any sort of bias on my part effecting the outcome of a pass with the TTQB. Of course that’s not the only reason I don’t use the TTQB, it’s mainly due to wanting the defense to be able to play the ball when using sticks. I hope that explanation makes sense! I also am not knocking the use of the TTQB btw, just a preference on my part  to let the base talent do all the talking.

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2 hours ago, Carl said:

my fourth goal, that was specifically aimed at why I don’t use the TTQB and kicking figures

I don't use the TTQB for the same reason. 😃👍 I believe Passing Sticks are a much better option, but I use dice. 🎲🎲  Receivers make such improbable catches (Lynn Swann's Kangaroo catch and Levitating Leap in Super Bowl X; David Tyree's Helmet catch in Super Bowl XLII; and the Immaculate Reception just to name a few) that dice seems to be the only way to capture the spontaneity and thrill. At least for me. 😃👍 Dice also captures that "When you're hot — you're hot; and when you're not — you're not," roller coaster ride that QBs experience.

Once again, Thanks for posting your game.

Enjoy the Journey T43.   🏈♾️

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